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op THE 


leverett S. Stackpole. 




Chapter Page 

I. Origin 9 

II. The Stackpoles in Ireland 26 

III. The Stackpole Coat of Arms 30 

IV. Pedigree of the Clare Co. Stacpooles 32 

V. James Stackpole, the Emigrant 45 

VI. Family of James Stackpole, the Emigrant 54 

VII. Lieut. John Stackpole of Biddeford and Family 63 

yC\ VIII. Lieut Samuel Stackpole and Family 70 

' • IX. Descendants of Joshua Stackpole Jr 82 

X. Descendants of Charles Stackpole 87 

XI. Descendants of Ebenezer Stackpole 98 

\ XII. Descendants of Otis Stackpole loi 

XIII. Descendants of Tobias Stackpole 103 

XIV. Descendants of James Stackpole of Thomaston, Me 109 

XV. Descendants of William Stackpole of Boston 119 

"> : XVI. Descendants of John Stackpole of Durham, Me 132 

XVII. Descendants of Absalom Stackpole 158 

■.XVIII. Descendants of Stephen Stackpole 165 

Descendants of Capt. James Stackpole of Waterville, Me. . 183 

Descendants of Andrew Stackpole of Biddeford 198 

Descendants of Joseph Stackpole of Augusta 201 

The Stackpoles of Pennsylvania 207 

Unclassified Stackpoles 212 

Military Record 215 

College Alumni 223 

The First Reunion 225 

Index 229 



The Stack Rock Frontispiece 

Stackpole Court Opposite page lo 

Church of Stackpole-EHdyr " 

Sir Richard Stacpoole 

Approach to Stackpole Court " 

Post-Office at Stackpole, Wales " 

Sir Elidyr Stackpole " 

Coat of Arms " 

John Stacpoole of Cragbrien " 

Edenvale, Ennis, County Clare, Ireland " 

Charles Harper Stackpole " 

George Dallas Stackpole " 

Paul Augustine Stackpole, M.D " 

Lorenzo Stackpole " 

William Stackpole " 

Joseph Lewis Stackpole " 

Joseph Lewis Stackpole " 

Joseph Lewis Stackpole " 

John Ward Gurley Stackpole " 

David Dunning Stackpole " 

Samuel Owen Stackpole " 

William Stackpole " 

Charles Henfy Stackpole " 

Everett S. Stackpole " 

Everett Birney Stackpole " 

George F. Stackpole " 

Edward James Stackpole " 







Few words are necessary to explain the plan of this book. 
The first three generations of the Stackpoles in America are 
summed up on page 69. The different branches of the family 
tree are then shown in successive chapters. The names of all 
persons who bear the surname Stackpole are printed in small 
capitals, and the surname is added in some cases for clearness or 
by special request. Roman numerals prefixed indicate the first 
generation of the chapter ; Arabic numerals, the second ; capital 
letters, the third : small letters, the fourth ; small letters in paren- 
theses, the fifth. The usual genealogical abbreviations need no 

Fulness and accuracy of dates have been sought. Saving a 
few typographical errors, there is good evidence for every date 
given. The records of many towns and churches have been 
searched. Wills, deeds and public documents have yielded as- 
sistance. Hundreds of letters have contained items of informa- 
tion. Only a few persons could not be prevailed upon by the 
utmost diplomacy to answer repeated inquiries. Any reader 
who notices an error or can furnish further information is 
requested to notify the author. The first publication of a work 
of this kind is necessarily incomplete. It brings to light facts 
that otherwise would remain hidden. The author suggests the 
printing of an annual report of the Reunions together with cor- 
rections, additions, and such historical facts of interest as the 
future of the family may develop. Thus an edition in some 
future year may be more complete. 

If this book lead the youth who bear its name to a just 
amount of family pride and so become an incentive to broad 
education, earnest endeavor, sympathetic helpfulness, and noble 
living, the aim and wish of the author will be realized. 


The southwestern part of Wales has long been called "Little 
England." It was conquered soon after the invasion of William 
I. and settled by Normans and Flemings, who drove out the 
primitive Welsh. Pembrokeshire is its extreme western county. 
On its southern shore there is a columnar mass of limestone 
called the "Stack Rock," laid down on the Chart of Govern- 
ment Surveyors, near the mouth of a wide estuary or pool, some- 
times called Broadhaven. It evidently gave its name to the 
little harbor, and the place was anciently called Stack-pool. The 
name is variously spelled. A spelling older than 1300 A. D. is 
"S-t-a-k-e-p-o-1." A Welsh spelling of about the same date is 
S-t-a-c-k-p-w-1, where w is sounded like 00. In harmony with 
the genius of their respective languages the Normans would spell 
it without a k and the Saxons without a c. In process of time 
the two were combined as analogously in sack, back, etc. One 
letter is superfluous, yet modern English employs both in a large 
number of similar words. Many descendants of the family have 
always omitted the k in spelling the surname. Since the old 
Saxon name for a pool of water was pol, pronounced like pole, 
and since the fashion of Norman French was to write a silent 
e at the end of many words, it is easy to see how Stack-pool 
became Stackpole. It may be said, too, that stake and stack 
have a common origin. 

There is a tradition that GUILLAUME de MONTVALAI 
came over in the train of William the Conqueror and was 
assigned an estate at Horsham, Sussex, not far from the battle- 
field of Hastings. His son Richard was knighted by William I. 
and settled in Pembrokeshire, near Stack-pool. The latter part 
of the tradition, at least, seems to be well founded, as will soon 


be shown. Before the Conquest no surnames existed in Eng- 
land. They were just beginning to come into use in France. 
Many surnames arose from the name of the place in which a 
family lived. In a very old Roll of Knights the name is found 
"Sire Richard de Stakepol," i. e. Sir Richard of the place called 
Stackpool, making due allowance for Norman mode of spelling 
Saxon words. Such is the origin of the family name, and it 
dates back certainly to the end of the eleventh century. Very 
few surnames are as old. The historian Freeman smiles at the 
claim of some families in search of an ancient ancestry to a sur- 
name dating before the Conquest. 

A recent historian says, "The name Stackpool was at first the 
designation of the inlet near the Stack, a projecting rock at its 
mouth, and the first Norman settler, Sir Elidur, called himself 
De Stackpool. The speUing Stackpole is incorrect and mislead- 

He says again, "On a creek, sheltered and woody, Stackpool 
Court, on the site of a castle founded by the Norman, Elidur 
de Stackpole, eleventh century, formerly belonging to the Lorts, 
now to the Earl of Cawdor."* 

The description given by Richard Fenton in 1810 is so inter- 
esting that it is here copied at length. In a footnote he adds, 
" Notwithstanding the modern spelling of the name I have taken 
the liberty to write it as above on the authority of the MS. 
referred to, and the most ancient documents I have consulted." 
His description is as follows : — 

"Stackpool Court, the elegant seat of Lord Cawdor, 
undoubtedly took its name, and so I find it noted in a MS. I have 
had access to in the Bodleian Library, from the Stack rock at 
the mouth of the pool or estuary of Broadhaven, at the head of 
which it stands. The house is situated on the western side of 
the water, on a fine eminence at the edge of a bold declivity, and 
before it yielded to the present noble edifice, had partly a castel- 
lated form, though it had been for a century before, by every 
addition and alteration it experienced, gradually losing its 
ancient and honorable baronial character, and moulding itself 
to the fashion of the times. However, there can be no doubt 

*Annals and Antiquities of Counties and County Families of Wales, 
by Thomas Nicholas. Vol. II, pp. 897, 836. London, 1875. 


of its retaining much of its castle strength and massiveness at the 
time of the civil wars, as it was fortified and garrisoned for the 
king: for in the account given by the parliamentary forces of 
the siege they say, "The walls were so strong that the ordnance 
did but little execution." It surrendered on quarter, and sixty 
soldiers completely armed were found in the house. 

The mansion now occupying the same site, of wrought lime- 
stone, was built by the grandfather of the present noble posses- 
sor who was son of Sir Alexander Campbell, of Cawdor Castle 
in Scotland, the first of the name who settled here, by marrying 
Miss Lort, the sole heiress of this great property. Though there 
have been objections to the heaviness of its architecture, it is 
a large and magnificent pile and well adapted to its site. It has 
two fronts, the principal facing the pleasure grounds and the 
grand approach ; the other looking over a fine piece of water at 
the foot of the slope it stands on to the park. You enter the 
latter from a terrace of great breadth, extending the length of 
it, and after descending a flight of steps, continued on a lower 
level the whole length of a spacious conservatory, furnished with 
a choice collection of the rarest shrubs and plants. On the 
opposite side is the park, of great compass and well stocked 
with deer. The hills skirting the lake by the house and form- 
ing its boundary are richly wooded in every direction, as are 
the pleasure-grounds and shrubbery in front, beyond which, but 
completely hid, are the gardens, including the hot-houses, on 
an immense scale. A charming piece of water admirably 
planned now fills the vale under the house, which, till this 
change of late years took place, crept an inconsiderable stream, 
checked with reeds and osiers all the way to the place where it 
felt and was lost in the tide. The dam for altering the level, 
necessary to unite the water, is happily hid under an elegant 
bridge of eight arches, connecting the grounds on the side of 
the mansion with the park. The lake is most abundantly 
stocked with aquatic wild-fowl of every sort, if wild they may be 
called that collect at a call and come in flocks to dry land to be 
fed like barn-door poultry. 

The house is distributed into a number of very noble apart- 
ments, and the library is large and well furnished. In one of 
the rooms, hung round with family pictures, there is a portrait 


whole length of Lord Cawdor, by Sir Joshua Reynolds, and of 
Lady Cawdor by William Breechey ; and in an adjoining room 
an original portrait of the late Lord Holland. The offices are all 
well arranged, and the stables forming a detached quadrangular 
building are in a style of princely pretension. Of Stackpool, 
without straining compliment, it may be safely said that there 
are few places which display more magnificence \yithout or more 
sumptuous hospitality and elegant comfort within. 

This, like all baronial residences in the country, had its mill, 
an inseparable appendage on the little stream below it, though 
long since swept away ; but of which Giraldus has left a memor- 
able record, as connected with a most ludicrous story he relates. 
But to sum up the importance of Stackpool it stands in the 
midst of a contiguous property of fifteen thousand acres of the 
most valuable land without the intervention of one incapable of 

The first possessor of Stackpool we hear of was Sir Elidur 
or Leonard de Stackpool, who stands at the head of all pedigrees 
of his name ; the same whom Giraldus mentions and who, no 
doubt, took the cross at the time Baldwin made his transit 
through this country preaching the crusade. From him not 
more than two descents were cast before the great possessions 
of this family fell amongst daughters, the co-heiresses of Sir 
Richard Stackpool, one of whom, Joan, who had Stackpool to 
her share, married Sir Richard Vernon of Hodnet in Stafford- 
shire. While the estate remained in that name I do not find any 
of them residing in the old baronial mansion, nor do we find it 
regularly inhabited again till after the year 1536 (for then the 
Vernons owned it), about which time the Lorts got possession of 
it, but whether by marriage or purchase I know not. In the 
family of Lort it continued till its union with that of Campbell, as 
I have said before, in the person of Sir Alexander Campbell, 
w^hose great grandson Lord Cawdor, now enjoys it. 

A younger son of this house, most likely a brother of the 
crusader, was one of the adventurers who joined Strongbow on 
his expedition to Ireland ; and settling there laid the founda- 
tion of a family of some rank m the county of Clare, where his 
descendants still continue, and by one of whom Lord Cawdor's 
grandfather was presented with two prints, one of a warrior 
taken I suppose from some monument ; the other of a dignified 


clergyman of the same family, with some short account of it 
since its migration from Pembrokeshire. 

Cross the bridge to the park from which you have a delight- 
ful view of the house, as in the annexed plate, from the elegant 
pencil of Lady Cawdor, appears. A pleasant ride along the 
park brings me to the respectable village of Stackpool having 
its cross, where the ancient Lord's vassals resided, within the 
reach of his arbitrary call in war or peace to render their services, 
and where the present Lord's happier tenantry live in habita- 
tions that bespeak a degree of comfort and independence, which 
can not be felt and enjoyed as it ought but by a contrast with 
the humiliating picture of the feudal age. 

Hence I descend to a vale on the right, where a private gate 
was unlocked, leading through a woody avenue to the church 
of Cheriton, or as it is sometimes called Stackpool-Elidur from 
its founder, which stands at the head of this sequestered dell. 
The church is a plain building, but with a tower, consisting of a 
nave and chancel, having two small aisles on the south side, one 
occupied by the family pew, and the other entered from the 
chancel the family burying place ; and on the north side of the 
chancel, under a wrought canopy of stone, lies a cross-legged 
knight, his right hand on his sword and his left bearing his 
shield, evidently once painted over with his arms ; and there can 
be no doubt of its representing Elidur de Stackpool. The sides 
of the tomb are in compartments, each compartment containing 
a figure, but so disfigured by white-wash with which the cham- 
pion of the cross, as well as every other part of the monument, 
has been so plastered and replastered, that nothing of their 
character or design can be made out. On the south side of the 
chancel, but not under a canopy, is the efitigy of a lady, well 
executed in a hard yellowish stone, in a very singular costume 
particularly the headdress. In the family mausoleum are two 
monuments of a more recent date ; and in the belfry aisle two 
effigies, with the clerical habit and tonsure, one uninscribed and 
the other with an inscription too illegible to identify the dead."* 

*The above citation is from a "Historical Tour through Pembroke- 
shire" by Richard Fenton, Esq., F. A. S. London, 1811. Printed for 
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, &c. It is illustrated by engravings of 
Stackpool Court and of the Tomb of Sir Elidur Stackpool, made in 1810 
and 1809. 


In this citation from Fenton allusion is made to a ludicrous 
story told by Giraldus Cambrensis or Gerald the Welshman, 
sometimes called Gerald de Barri, who accompanied Archbishop 
Baldwin of Canterbury through Wales in 1188, when Baldwin 
preached the crusade led by Richard the Lion-Hearted, and 
wrote in Latin an account of the Itinerary. The story is of in- 
terest and gives positive evidence by a contemporary historian of 
the existence of Sir Elidur and of Stackpole Court in the twelfth 
century. He says, "In the province of Pembrokeshire another 
instance occurred, about the sam.e time, of a spirit's appearing 
in the house of Eliodorus de Stakepole, not only sensibly but 
visibly, under the form, of a red-headed young man, who called 
himself Simon. Seizing the keys from the person to whom they 
were entrusted, he impudently assumed the steward's ofitice, 
which he managed so prudently and providently that all things 
seemed to abound under his care, and there was no deficiency in 
the house. Whatever the master or mistress secretly thought of 
having for their daily use or provision, he procured with wonder- 
ful agility, and without any previous directions, saying you 
wished that to be done and it shall be done for you. He was also 
well acquainted with their treasures and secret hoards, and 
sometimes upbraided them on that account ; for as soon as they 
seemed to act sparingly and avariciously, he used to say, "Why 
are you afraid to spend that heap of gold or silver, since your 
lives are of so short duration and the money you so cautiously 
hoard up will never do you any good?" He gave the choicest 
meat and drink to the rustics and hired servants, saying that 
those persons should be abundantly supplied by whose labors 
they were acquired. Whatever he determined should be done, 
whether pleasing or displeasing to his master or mistress (for as 
we have said before he knew all their secrets), he completed in 
his usual expeditious manner without their consent. He never 
went to church nor uttered one Catholic word. He did not 
sleep in the house, but was ready at his office in the morning. 
He was at length observed by some of the family to hold his 
nightly converse near a mill and a pool of water, upon which dis- 
covery he was removed. Simimoned the next morning before 
the master of the house and his lady, and receiving his discharge 
he delivered up the keys which he had lield for upwards of forty 



days. Being earnestly interrogated at his departure who he 
was? he answered that he was begotten upon the body of a 
rustic in that parish by a demon in the shape of her husband ; 
naming the man and his father-in-law then dead and his mother 
still alive ; the truth of which the woman upon examination 
openly avowed."* 

It will be observed that the name is spelled variously. It 
seems to be of Welsh origin. It is found in an old Heraldic 
Visitation of Wales written Syr Elidir Ystackpwl. The Latin- 
ized form of Giraldus is Eliodorus which is anglicized as Elidur, 
Elidore, and Elidyr. Observe, too, that Giraldus spells the sur- 
name Stakepole, which in his day meant Stackpool. The com- 
mon spelling is good enough, if its original meaning is remem- 

Fenton errs in the statement that all the old pedigrees of the 
Stackpole family begin with Sir Elidyr. Indeed if he had more 
carefully examined the old print, which he says was presented to 
the grandfather of the then Lord Cawdor, he would have found 
underneath the portrait of the knight in Norman armor the fol- 
lowing bit of ancient history : — 

jSir I^ichard jStacpoole of Pembrokeshire 

Wlc\o ^t^as Kriigt\ted by Williair\ tY\e Coriqileror. Tt\e 
different "Wels]:\ Historiar}s ar|d t]\e old Records of tl^at 
Priricipality rr\eritiori t[irr\ arriorig tl[e ir\ost respectable 
Kei\ iri tY\e Year orie t]:\oilsar|d arid r)iriety-or|e, beirig tl^e 
fourtli year of t]\e reigr] of Kirig Williarq Riifils. He 
ir\arried Margaret, secor\d Sister of Sir Ricl^ard Txirber- 
ville, Lord of Coyty, dT[d died ^itljoilt issue. Robert, 
t]\e 0T[ly Brottier of Sir Ric]:|ard Stacpoole, ii\arried a 
daUq]\ter of Sir Jotm Sitsylt or Cecill, ancestor to Sir 
William Cecill, Lord Burgl|ley, ar|d Lord Higl\ Treasurer 
of Eriglarid it) tl\e Reign of Queen Eli2abetl\. Sir Willianq 

*See the Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales, A.D. 
MCLXXXIII by Giraldus de Barri. Translated by Sir Richard Colt 
Hoare, Bart. Vol. II., pp. 205, 206. London, 1806. 


Stacpoole, tlis oldest Sori, Tc\arried a DaUqliter of HoiAiel 
dp Ittiel, Lord of Roos arid Ryiloriioc, r[0^ Der\big]:\lar\d. 
Said Sir Williarq l^ad a Corqrqarid iri ari flrn\y raised iri 
tt\e Reigri of Kirig Step]:\er\ against David Kirig of Scots, 
but died young, leaving t]:\ree Sor|s arid orie Dailgliter, 
His oldest Sori, Sir Ricl^ard Stacpoole of Stacpoole ir\ 
ttie Coiirity of PerqbroKe, rqarried a dailgl^ter of Sir 
Heriry Yerrior\ of Haddori ir| t]:\e PeKe. No n\eritiori is 
ir\ade of l:\is secorid Sori, but Robert tlie youngest, 
encouraged by l|is Cousiri Robert Fitz Stepl\er[, \^erit 
over to Irelarid \^itl| Rictiard Earl of Strigule XrioiA^r\ by 
tlie r|an|e of Strongbox, ar\d v^as a Captairi of flrcl\ers 
ii) tl\at Division of t]\e flrrqy ^t[icl\ Fitz Steplieri coir\- 
n\ar[ded Under StrongboiAi, in tl|e Year eleven tiundred 
and sixty-eigl|t, being tlie fourteentl) Year of King Henry 
ti\e second. Said Robert afteriAiards settled in Ireland, 
and frorn liirn tl\e Stacpooles of tl\e County of Clare are 
descended. Tl|e old Mansion of StacKpole Court and a 
large Estate in PernbroKesl\ire descended to a Grand- 
daUgt^ter of tl\e second Sir Ricl\ard Stacpoole and is 
noiAi tl\e Property of tl\e Son of tl\e late Pryse Cainpbell, 
Esq. ^t|o vv?as MeEr\ber for tl\at County." 

The "dignified clergyman" mentioned before by Fenton was 
no other than John Stacpoole Esq. of Cragbrien Castle in the 
County of Clare, Ireland. Under his portrait it is recorded that 
he "departed this life the eighteenth of April 1771, at the 
advanced age of Ninety-Seven, retaining to that late Period the 
most eminent Abilities, joined to the greatest Philanthropy of 
Heart, so that it remained a Question whether he was most Be- 
loved or Admired, and though His Mansion was the Seat of the 
most unbounded Hospitality, His CofTers ever open to the Indi- 
gent and Deserving, and His Indulgence to a numerous Ten- 
antry seemed more like the Parent than the Landlord, to the 
establishment of many Families ; yet He increased His Patri- 
mony to that degree and purchased so many and extensive 


Tracts of Land, as to leave behind Him one of the Largest and 
best Circumstanced Estates in Ireland, and so far was He from 
taking advantage of any One's Distress, that All who ever dealt 
with Him acknowledge Him as the Fairest and most Liberal 
of Purchasers. 

If Learning, Eloquence, and Graceful Ease, 
Sense to advise and sprightly Wit to please, 
And every Innate Virtue Heaven e'er gave. 
Could make Immortal, He had escaped the Grave." 

This fulsome praise reminds one of the old adage, De morhiis 
nil nisi bonum. It doubtless proceeded from the pen of Count 
George Stacpoole. There lies before me the first little volume 
of a work in four parts, entitled "Some Short Historical Anec- 
dotes, with Remarks Relative to Ireland," dedicated to John 
Stacpoole, Esq. of Cragbrien by his most dutiful nephew George 
Stacpoole and published at Corke in 1762. About this time 
George Stacpoole was trying to establish his claim to the extinct 
baronage of De la Zouche, and in 1776 he had a Genealogical 
Table prepared of the old Stackpole family of Pembrokeshire 
with the varied coats of arms of families related by marriage. 
It seems that it was drawn up by the College of Heraldry, and 
while it confirms much in the account given above, it differs in 
several particulars. Both accounts spell the old name Stacpoole, 
though it is confessed that the second o crept into the name in 
Ireland as late as the year 1700. The older spelling is here 
restored. The accoimt is as follows : — 

R Geriealogical Table of XYye Farr\ily of STHCKPOLE of 
StacKpole iiy XY\e Coilrity of PenqbroKe. 

H STACKPOLE, of StacKpole, ir) tY\e Hundred 

of Castle Martir), iri t]\e Coiirity of PenqbroKe, l:|ad t^^^o 
soris. T]:\e elder, Sir Riciiard StacKpole, Kt., livirig 4 
Williarri Riifus H.D. 1091, iriarried Margaret, second 

dail. of Williarri Ber^ro-Wls Kt. by P]:\elice, dail. of ■ 

de Yere, Earl of Oxford, arid died lA^itlioilt issue. 

Robert StacKpole, brott^er and ]:|eir of Sir Ricl:\ard 
StacKpole, Kt., rqarried dan. of Sir Jol^ri Sitsyll, 


Cecil, flr\cestor to tl[e Cecils, Earls of Salisbury arid 

Sir Williair\ StacKpole of StacKpole, son ar\d. l^eir of 

tt^e precedirig, iT\arried dan, of Ho\^el ap ltl[\el, 

Lord of Roos RyoriiocK, arid l^ad t]:|ree sor|s ar[d a 

Robert StacKpole, tl)e t]:|ird sori, ericoiiraged by ]n,is 
coilsiri, Robert Fitz Stepl:\eri, lAiertt ir|to Ireland ^it]:\ 
Ric]:|ard Strorigbo^w, Earl of Strigiile, ir| t]\e XIY. of Her). 
II. fl.D. 1168, arid froir\ Ijiiri tlie Stacpooles of tlie Cour^ty 
of Clare are descerided. 

Sir Rict|ard, eldest sori of Sir Williairi StacXpole, ir\ar- 
ried Margaret, eldest daiig]:\ter ar|d cot^eir of Sir Payrie 
Tiirberville of Coity Kt,, flricestor to tlie Noble Fair|ily of 
Talbot, Earl of Sl:|reiA;sbiiry, arid l:\ad a sor|, 

Ricl^ard StacKpole, "Wlrio iT\arried Isabell, dailgl^ter of 
■ Lailridry, ar|d l|ad a daUql\ter, 

Isabell StacKpole, Vi)Y\o vJas t]\e secor|d "Wife of Rice 
ap Griffit]:\. Tl^eir daiigl^ter arid sole l\eir, 

Joari, rqarried Sir Ricliard Yerriori of Haddori, ir| tlrie 
Coilrity of Derby, Kt., arid died 41 Edward III. 1376. 
Tlieir sori, 

Sir Ricliard Yerriori of Haddori, Treasurer of Calais, 
iriarried Bermet, daUglriter arid Iieir of Williarri LudloiA^. 

Frorri tliis Sir Rict|ard Yerriori of Haddori descended 
tlie preserit Barori Yerriori of Kiridertori, arid froiri a 
FeiT|ale of t]\e sairie Fairiily is descerided also tlie 
present DuKe of Rutland, botlri ^wliicli Fairiilies Quarter 
ye Hrnis of StacKpole.* 

*References, Ancient Records of Wales, Dr. Powell's History of 
Wales, Dugdale's College of Arms, Vincent's Wales College of Arms, 
p. 779, Edmondson's Peerage. 

The above named engravings and Genealogical Tables are mentioned 
in Granger's Biographical History of England. Vol. IV, p. 359, pub- 
lished in 1779. 


Additional historical light may modify also the statements of 
this Table. It is certain that Joan Stackpole, who married 
Richard Vernon, was sister, not daughter, of Isabell. In an 
Inquisitio post mortem Laurentii Berkrolls militis taken at Newn- 
ham. County Gloucester, 23 Nov. 141 1, it is stated, that "Sir 
Laurence held the castle, manor, and lordship of Coityf, and the 
manors of Newcastle, Newland, and Lanhary in the county of 
Glanmorgan, as one of the heirs of Richard Turberville, on 
whose death the inheritance of the same devolved on Sir Lau- 
rence as the son of Katherine, one of the sisters of the said Rich- 
ard ; on Isabella, daughter of Richard Stakepole, son of Mar- 
garet, another sister ; on John de la Beer Knt. whose descent is 
not stated ; and on William Gamage, son of Sarah another sister 
of Richard Turberville. The jurors then state that Joan, late the 
wife of Sir Richard Vernon, is the nearest heir of Isabella, being 
her sister and upwards of forty years of age.* 

Burke's Hist, of the Commoners says that "Sir Pain Turber- 
ville, Knt. of Coyty Castle, married Gwenllian, dau. of Sir 
Richard Talbot, Knt. and left issue, Gilbert Knt. of Coyty, d. s. p. 
Richard d. s. p. ; Catharine, m. to Sir Roger Berkrolls, Knt. ; 
Agnes, m. to Sir John de la Bere, Knt. ; Sarah, m. to Sir William 
Gamage, Knt., who became Lord of Coyty ; and Margaret, m. to 
Sir Richard Stackpole, Knt." 

Burke's Peerage (p. 1430 Ed. of 1895) says that "Sir Richard 
de Vernon, Knt. of Haddon and Ilarleston, b. 1370, m. Johanna, 
second dau. and heiress with her sister Isabella of Richard Stack- 
pole. (After her sister Isabella's death, who was widow of Rice 
ap Griffith, sh.e became possessed of the Griffith and Somerville 
estates.) Sir Richard Vernon died in 1401, leaving two sons 
and two daughters." 

As to the correctness of these pedigrees of the early Stack- 
In the Table the name of the second son of Sir William is not given. 
The opinion has been stated that this was Sir Elidyr, the crusader. His 
daughter's name is not given. About this time a Mary Stackpole mar- 
ried Richard Champney, Esq., whose ancestor is found in the Roll of 
Battle Abbey. — Burke's Hist, of the Commoners. Vol. III., p. 556. 

*Et dicunt quod Johanna que fuit uxor Ric'i Vernon chivaler est pro- 
pinquor heres predicte Isabella, vid'l't. filia predicte Ric'i Stakepole filii 
predicte Margarete, et est etatis XL annorum et amplius. See Topog- 
rapher and Genealogist Vol. i., pp. 534-5. London, 1846. 


poles of Pembrokeshire, there is reason to beheve, from informa- 
tion at the Herald's College at London, that old MSS. are there 
preserved on which the pedigrees are founded. That they are 
not based on imagination is also proved by the fact that the mis- 
take concerning Joan, wife of Sir Richard Vernon, is based on 
the authority of the Harleian MSS. which contain the two fol- 
lowing entries : — 

" Richardus Vernon de H addon, mil. m. Jennefta filia Richardus 
Griffith, militis, consanguinico ct hccres Rich. Stakcpoole, niilitis." 

"Sir Richard Vernon of the Peak m. Jone, dau. of Sir Ric. 
Grififith by Isabel, dau. and coheir of Sir Ric. Stackpole." 

Dr. Powell's translation of Caradoc's Plist. of Wales, editions 
of 1774, 1812 and 1832, gives Stackpole pedigrees agreeing in 
the main with the above, and evidently derived from them, since 
the pedigrees are not found in his editions of 1584 and 1697. 

There were two extinct baronages of De la Zouche, and 
Count George Stacpoole, above mentioned and to be further 
mentioned in the next chapter, laid claim by mistake to the 
wrong one. Among some papers at Cragbrien was found a 
translation of a French Document by M. Manguen, who was 
legal agent in the suit of the heirs of Count Stacpoole, which 
states that "George might have become Lord de la Zouche 

Codnor and Ashby His rights, which are proven by two acts 

of heraldic inquest, were acknowledged by George HL on the 
report of Lord Exeter. Two tables are added to this, extracted 
from two heraldic works printed, engraved and published under 
the warrant of the King at Arms, a Royal oflficer in England. 
There may also be seen, on page 329 of the volume annexed, the 
veracity of this descent and of the foregoing claims, which are 
subjects of public notoriety in the three kingdoms." The "acts 
of heraldic inquest" are, doubtless, the two given above, and 
the "volume annexed" is Vol. I. of Select Views in Leicester- 
shire, by J. Throsby (1789), which at page 329 mentions the 
m.arriage of the daughter of Alan de la Zouche to Robert Stac- 
poole. "Alan, Lord Zouche, died in 71st year of Edward H., 
leaving his successor Alan and three daughters. Isabella, the 
eldest, was married to Robert Stacpoole, the descendant of Guil- 
laume de Stackpoole de Montvalai, who came over with William 
the Conqueror at the same time with Alan-de-la-zouch. The 


said Robert and his wife afterwards settled in Ireland and were 
the founders of the family in that kingdom.* 

It is clear that the Isabella, dau. of Lord de la Zouch could 
not have married the Robert Stackpole who entered Ireland at 
the time of Strongbow's conquest, nearly two centuries earlier. 
The family was well established in Ireland before this marriage. 
This second Robert may have been the Mayor of Dublin of that 
name, to be mentioned in the next chapter. 

Here may be cited the statement of Edward Laws, "The 
Stackpoles of County Clare, there can be little doubt, are 
descended from Robert de Stackpole, a brother of Sir Elidur de 
Stackpole of Stackpole, Pembroke. "f 

It is noticeable that all these pedigrees make no mention of 
Sir Elid3T who is certainly a veritable historical character. No 
reconciliation is attempted. The records of that time are too 
meager. It is certain that some knight of Norman descent set- 
tled about the end of the eleventh century in Pembrokeshire and 
called himself from the locality of his castle "de Stakepol," i. e. 
Stack-pool. He may have been the Sir Richard of the engrav- 
ing and his father may have been the " Guillaume de Montvalai," 
who is said to have come over with the Concj[ueror. His 
descendants for three centuries lived at Stackpole Court, which 
finally passed by way of marriage of its heiress into the family 
of Vernon, then of the Lorts, then of the Campbells of Cawdor 
Castle in Scotland. "Elizabeth, sister and heir of Sir Gilbert 
Lort, Bart, of Stackpole Court, married, 1689, Sir Alexander 
Campbell of Cawdor, and their son and heir, John Campbell, 
married, 1726, Mary, dau. and coheir of Lewis Pryse of Gogar- 
then, being parents of Pryse Campbell, the father of the first 
Baron Cawdor. "i: The late Earl of Cawdor, John F. Vaughan 

*'With this agrees substantially the account found in Nichol's Leices- 
tershire Vol. III. part 2, p. 635, "Alan Lord la Zouch d. 1346, Aet. 30^ 
m. Alianor and had (i) Hugh Lord la Zouch d. 1368. His son, Hugh 
Lord la Zouch d. s. p. 1399, when the male line of Lords Zouch of Ashby 
became extinct. (2) Isabella m. Robert Stacpoole who settling iu 
Ireland was the founder of the family of the County of Clare in that 
kingdom. (3) Joyce m. Sir John de Batetourt of Weoley Castle, County 
Worcester, who died in 1385, leaving issue, etc." 

tHistory of Little England beyond Wales, p. 131. London, 1888. 

JThe Complete Peerage of Great Britain, Vol. II. p. 20. 


Campbell, born 1817, died 29 March 1898 and was buried in the 
Church of Stackpole-Elidyr. His oldest son, formerly Viscount 
Evelyn, born 1847, succeeded to the Earldom. 

Before leaving this part of the subject it may be proper to 
speak of a visit made to the ancient cradle of the family, Stack- 
pole Court, in July 1897. Setting out on foot from Pembroke 
early in the morning, I spent the entire day in visiting the estate 
of Lord Cawdor. The road winds over hill and dale through 
rolling land of great fertility, divided into pastures and meadows 
"by picturesque hedge-rows. Surely the old Normans can be for- 
given for having been captivated by the extensive prospects 
of natural wealth and beauty. At the end of an avenue 
of trees the porter's lodge is seen with broad meadows 
beyond. A mile further on is the Keeper's House, upon 
which the sunbeams pour through an opening in the 
dense foliage. The lands of the Earl are heavily wooded 
with beech, fir, chestnut and lime trees, round which 
twines luxuriant ivy. Well made drives and walks wind 
throughout the estate. The present approach to the mansion is 
hy a bridge of a single large arch, the eight-arch bridge, described 
by Fenton, being a mile further south and now little used. The 
house has been remodeled since Fenton's time. Porticoes and 
projections in front relieve the monotony of the lengthy struc- 
ture. The spacious lawn in front is tastefully broken by shrub- 
bery here and there, and trees with wide-spreading branches 
bound it on the north and east. The stables are to the south of 
the lawn, at right angles with the house, and half concealed by 
vines and foliage. The Earl being away, I was courteously 
.shown through the principal apartments by the house-keeper. 
The entrance is adorned with weapons and armor, and leads by 
easy ascent immediately to the elegantly furnished drawing- 
room, which runs lengthwise through the middle of the mansion. 
In front is the dining-room ; the library extends through a suite 
of rooms on the west side. It contains about ten thousand vol- 
umes of choicest books in elegant bindings. The walls of all 
the rooms are almost as profusely decorated as a picture gallery 
with paintings, especially portraits of several generations of the 
family. I was shown a portion of the cellar, whose ribbed vault 
is thought to preserve the original architecture of the old castle 


(iniiiii of Scliool-Chilihrn. 


inhabited by Sir Elidyr Stackpole. A picture of it may be seen 
in Laws' History of Little England above cited. In the rear 
of the mansion is a broad terrace overlooking the artificial pond 
which stretches two miles or more toward the sea. The view 
from this point is charming. The conservatory of flowers 
adjoins it on the north side. 

After partaking of refreshments hospitably offered I wan- 
dered through the shady walks to the village called Stackpole, 
where dwell the tenants of Lord Cawdor. There is, about the 
village, an appearance of neatness, comfort and contentment, if 
not of wealth. If a wage of fourteen shillings per week is not 
high, certainly the rent of a pretty thatched cottage, with garden 
and cow, for four pounds per annum is not exorbitant. The 
children were happily gathered, to the number of about one 
hundred, in a school taught by a master and two lady assistants. 
The children were bright, intelligent and fairly well clothed. 
The ancient cross mentioned by Fenton is broken down and 
fallen mto decay. 

I next proceeded to the church of Stackpole-Elidyr. The 
old large square tower testifies to its Norman origin. The rest 
of the church has been repaired and rebuilt repeatedly, yet the 
general style of the original architecture has been preserved. It 
is not large, will accommodate perhaps two hundred persons. It 
is in the form of the Latin Cross, without aisles. In the chancel 
is the object of chief interest, the reputed monument of Sir 
Elidyr Stackpole, with the knight stretched out in efifigy on the 
top. There is no inscription visible. One side and the base are 
hidden by recent masonry. The efifigy is cut in limestone, rep- 
resenting him as clad in Norman mail of fine-linked steel, show- 
ing only a portion of the face with a slight mustache. There 
are small defences in plate armor for elbows, wrists, knees and 
legs below the knees. A long straight sword is in the grasp of 
his right hand, and a kite-shaped shield rests on his left arm. 
A dog lies as a support for his feet. If the shield ever bore a 
coat of arms painted thereon, as Fenton suggests, it is no longer 
traceable, though the greater part of the whitewash has been 
removed from the monument. The legs are crossed at the 
knee after the manner of crusaders. The sarcophagus rests 
beneath a sculptured arch. There are six short figures on its 


frieze, in high rehef, apparently in oriental costume. Three are 
males, three females. 

The effigy of his wife on the south side of the chancel has 
two small dogs at her feet, also two kneeling females, while two 
males support her pillowed head. The headdress is indeed sin- 
gular and indescribable. An elaborate poke-bonnet is the only 
suggestion I offer. Four figures are on the frieze in high relief, 
two of them clad in Norman mail and sword. 

On the south side of the chancel and opening from it is a 
small chantry, in which what is said to be the original stone altar 
is preserved. It is supposed to be of the seventh century and 
may have been originally a tombstone. The same chantry con- 
tains two ancient effigies without inscription, a mask of some 
warrior clad in Norman mail (perhaps it was the Sir Richard of 
the engraving), mural and floor inscriptions, commemorating the 
Lorts and Campbells from 1613 A.D. downwards, in which the 
Court is called Stackpoole, Stackpool and Stackpole. 

All around the church sleep long and quietly the generations 
that have filled the past eight centuries. The rector kindly 
received me, invited me to lunch and afterward showed me 
through the grounds of Lord Cawdor. After leaving him I 
walked by a narrow winding path along the margin of the pond 
or inlet two miles or so to Broadhaven, at the mouth of which 
is the Stack Rock which gives the name to the Pool. It stands 
several hundred yards from the shore and may rise to the height 
of one hundred feet, an irregular mass of wave-beaten rock. It 
vv'as, doubtless, eight centuries ago much larger than it now is. 
The Pool, which once was probably an inlet of two miles or more 
in length and a refuge for vessels, is now filled up with sand 
nearly to its mouth, a process hastened by the building of a dam 
to create an artificial pond. The sand barrens on the clifT are 
an excellent rabbit warren. The view of Stackpole Head, a mas- 
sive promontory, is bold and beautiful. Just around it is a little 
port and wharf called Stackpole Quay, which with its surround- 
ings forms one of the most pleasing views on the estate. 

The name Stackpole seems to have died out in Wales, and 
the persons of that name now residing in London and Liverpool 
are descended from the branch in Clare County, Ireland. There 
is a street called Stackpole Road in Bristol, Eng., showing that 



a branch of the family once hved there, but none of that name 
can now be found. In the Modern Domesday Book or Hst of 
land-ownefs of England and Wales, published in 1873, there is 
a Mrs. Stackpole residing in Wilts. I learned from a Mr. Stac- 
poole in London that she died not long ago, leaving a property 
worth half a million of dollars, and no heir could be found. 

Of ancient English Stackpoles, besides those already named, 
history mentions only a few. Eustachius de Stakepole is said, 
by Giraldus Cambrensis, to have had money extorted from him 
by the Bishop of St. David's, toward the end of the twelfth cen- 
tury. The Calendar of Patent Rolls mentions "David de Stake- 
pole, parson of the church at Okeford in 1297"; also "Adam 
Stakpol, chaplain, who has estate in the chantry of St. Edmond, 
in the church of Wodyton, in the Isle of Wight," in 1380; also 
"Sir Richard de Stakepol," witness to a writing of Aymer de 
Valencia, Earl of Pembroke, dated 15 May 1331. The family 
seems never to have been numerous in Wales and England, but 
rather to have early emigrated to Ireland and to have multiplied 
there. Now the name is dying out gradually in Ireland by 
reason of many emigrations to foreign lands. 



In the pedigrees already given Robert Stackpole is said to 
have gone over to Ireland with Strongbow in the year 1168. In 
a History of the City of Dublin* an alphabetical list is given of 
such adventurers as arrived in Ireland during the first sixteen 
years from the invasion of Strongbow, collected partly from the 
Histories of Maurice Regan and Giraldus Cambrensis and partly 
from manuscript records. In this list at the end of the R's there 
IS a Robert . Maurice Regan mentions a knight, Rob- 
ert , killed in Connaught. This may have been the 

Robert Stackpole of the Genealogical Table. Mr. Thomas F. 
Westropp of Dublin, who has given much study to the history 
of the Stackpole family and has rendered me great assistance, 
says that "Walter Stackpole's name is on the 1190 Roll of Dub- 
lin Citizens. Elias Stackpole was Provost (Mayor) of Cork in 
1249, and Richard and Simon Stackpole were on a jury in 1282." 
The Calendar of State Papers mentions Philip and John Stack- 
pole as tenants near Dublin in 125 1. Walter and William 
Stakepol are mentioned, in the Register of the Abbey of St. 
Thomas, made earlier than 1268, as sometime land-owners in 
Dublin, John and William Stakepoll were at Dublin in 1301. 
The following are on record as officials in Dublin : John 
Stakebold, Bailiff, 1308; Robert Stakbold, Bailiff, 1374; Robert 
Stakebold, Provost, 1376 and 1386.! This Robert may have 
been the one who married Isabella, dau. of Lord De la Zouche, 
mentioned in first chapter, 

*By Warburton, Whitelaw and Walsh, 1818. Vol. I., pp. 154-6. 
fWalter Harris' History and Antiquities of the City of Dublin, 1766, 
p. 498. 


There is evidence that the family was numerous in Cork in 
the thirteenth and fourteenth century. Besides EHas Stackpole, 
the Provost of 1249, there were John and Agnes, his wife, in 
1291 ; Abraham, Mayor in 1321 ; EHas, Mayor in 1342 ; Andrew, 
Sheriff in 1392. In the Counties of Kerry and Meath also 
Stackpoles are mentioned. 

In Irish church history the Stackpoles appear. "Patrick 
Stackboll, late Abbot of the Rock of Cashel" is mentioned in 
1554; "Redmond Stacbolde," son of the Dean of Cashel, in 
1571 ; "William Stacboll," the Lord Butler's Chaplain, in 1538; 
^'Sir Philip Stackpole (in parentheses is added Stackbold) priest, 
dwelling at Kiltenan," in 1590; "William Stacpoolle," a scholar 
at Cashel, who receives two vicarages, in 1607. At a Parliament 
held at Drogheda, in 1460, Sir Thomas Barthe was summoned 
to appear for outrage upon Dr. John Stackbolle, one of the 
dignitaries of the Abbey of Navan. (He was rector of Kilberry 
in 1449.) Barthe had robbed Stackbolle and sent ruffians to the 
Abbey, who kidnapped him, cut out his tongue and put out his 
eyes. He was carried back to the Abbey and cast before the 
image of the Blessed Virgin, and by her grace, mediation and 
miraculous power he was restored to sight and speech.* 

During the fifteenth century there was a large emigration 
from other parts of Ireland to Limerick. The Stackpoles dis- 
appear in the history of Dublin and of Cork and are found in 
Limerick in prominent positions. Descendants of the Limerick 
Stackpoles are found again in Cork and Dublin two centuries 
later. The Histories of Limerick by Ferrar (1767), Fitzgerald 
and McGregor (1826), and Lenihan (1866), all give chronological 
lists of Provosts and BailifTs, or, as they were called after 1609, 
Mayors and Sheriffs. They agree substantially, with only slight 
variations. The following is the list of magistrates bearing the 
name Stackpole, variously spelled by these historians: — 

Maurice Stackpole Bailiff 1455 A.D. 

John Stackpole Bailiff 1466, '68, '71, '74, '85 

Maurice Stackpole Bailiff 1489 

Maurice Stackpole Provost 1492 

Philip Stackpole Bailiff 1487 

Philip Stackpole Provost 1500 

*Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquarians of Ireland, 1893, p. 60. 


Thomas Stackpole Bailiff 1497 

John Stackpole Bailiff 1499 

Robert Stackpole Bailiff 1501 

Robert Stackpole Provost 15 13 

Richard Stackpole Bailiff 1530 

James Stackpole Bailiff 1 542 

John Stackpole Bailiff 1547 

John Stackpole Provost 1555 

Thomas Stackpole Bailiff 1559 

Leonard Stackpole Bailiff 1 589 

Bartholomew Stackpole Bailiff 1596 

James Stackpole Sheriff 1626 

Philip Stackpole Sheriff 1688 

This list shows that the Stackpoles were numerous and 
prominent at Limerick. It is of interest to notice their names 
up to the last date. Since their appearance in Ireland, history, 
so far as I have been able to gather it, records the name Robert 
Stackpole five times ; Richard, five ; James, five ; John, ten ; Nich- 
olas, two ; Philip, three ; William, three ; Maurice, three ; 
Thomas, three ; Bartholomew, two ; Walter, two ; Elias, three ; 
Andrew, two ; Patrick, two ; Simon, Abraham, Clement, Leon- 
ard, Isabel, Lucy, Mary, Juliana, Joanna, Agnes, Ellen, Chris- 
tian, Dymphna, Catherine, Gennett, and Margaret once each. 
Scarcely an Irish name appears. The most are of Norman 
origin. After the beginning of the fifteenth century James, 
John, Philip and William are found in almost every family and 
generation of the Stackpoles. 

We come now to an historical character, of whom there is 
more definite information. Bartholomew Stackpole, who is 
mentioned as a merchant in Limerick, in 1591, and appears in 
the above list as Bailiff, in 1596, had a son James, who married 
Christian, daughter of Nicholas Comyn, by whom he had a son, 
Bartholomew, born in 1619, who married Mary, daughter of Dr. 
Thomas F. Arthur. 

This Bartholomew Stackpole was Recorder of Limerick and 
signed the capitulation of that city to the troops of Cromwell 
commanded by Gen. Henry Ireton, 27 Oct., 165 1. He, with 
several Stackpoles, was "transplanted" to County Clare, i. e. 
they were deprived of their estates, and other estates of one 
third, or in some cases of two thirds, their value were assigned 


to them. The transplantation certificates of the Stackpoles give 
us a picture of the family two and a half centuries ago and read 
as follows : — 

" 1653. Bartholomew Stackpoole of Limerick made a decla- 
ration that he was aged 34 years, of indifferent tall stature, flaxen 
hair ; John Stackpoole, aged 28 years, tall stature, flaxen hair ; 
Thomas Stackpoole ; James Stackpoole, son to the said Bathw. S., 
aged 10; Christian, daur. to the said Barthw., aged 8; Diphna, 
another dau. of the said B., aged 6 years ; Arthur, son to the 
said Barthw." John and Thomas were brothers of Barthol- 
omew. There were also transplanted "Clement Stacpoll, aged 
26 years, flaxen hair, low stature ; Ellis, his wife, black hair, tall 
stature"; also "Ignatius Stacpoole of Limerick, orphant, aged 
eleven years, flaxen hair, full face, low stature ; Katherine Stac- 
poole, orphant, sister to the said Ignatius, aged eight years, flaxen 
hair, full face, having no substance to relieve themselves, but 
desireth the benefit of his claim before the Commissioners of 
the revenue."* 

Bartholomew Stackpole settled at Enagh, where he named 
his residence "STACKPOLE COURT" in commemoration of 
the old cradle of the family in Pembrokeshire, showing that the 
Norman origin of the family was well known two centuries and 
a half ago, and showing too, how the name was then spelled. 
" Its picturesque ivied ruins stand among the lakes of Kilki- 
shen." Bartholomew's daughter, Dymphna, married Col. Ed- 
mond Pery, ancestor of the Earls of Limerick. Their son, the 
Rev. Stackpole Pery, married Jane, daughter of Archdeacon 
Twigg of Limerick and left two sons and several daughters. 
Edmond Sexten Pery, his heir, born 1718, was Speaker of the 
Irish House of Commons, and was raised to the Peerage as Vis- 
count Pery in 1786. One of the titles of the Earl of Limerick 
(1809-1844), found upon his sarcophagus in the Pery Chapel 
of Limerick Cathedral, is "Baron Foxford of Stackpole Court 
in the County of Clare." Through the marriage of Dymphna a 
large portion of the estates of Bartholomew Stackpole descended 
to the Earl of Limerick, which he still holds. 

*Copied from MSS. of the Stacpoole family of Edenvale, Ennis, Co. 
Clare, Ireland, and the last two from Prendergast's Cromwellian Settle- 
ments of Ireland, p. 3S- The original transplantation certificates are in 
the Record Tower, Dublin, unless now transferred to the Inns of the 
Four Courts. 



The Harleian Roll of Arms, assigned by the Encyclopaedia 
Britannica to the reign of Henry III. (1216-1272), by others 
placed a little later, contains the name " Stakepol."* 

In the Parliamentary Roll of Arms,t of date about 1300 A. D. 
IS found in old Norman French the following : — Sire Richard de 
stakcpol dc argent a nil lion rampant de gonles od le Coler dc or. i. e. 
a red rampant lion having a gold collar, on a silver shield. This 
is the coat of arms of the old Pembrokeshire Stackpoles of Stack- 
pole Court, to which all Stackpoles are equally entitled as an 
historical emblem, and to which no one is entitled by strict laws 
of heraldry, since no one can prove a direct descent. The 
Edenvale branch of the family, in Ireland, assumed it some 
time ago, at first without the gold collar, and have added a crest 
viz. "On a ducal coronet a pelican in her piety, all ppr." i. e. 
a pelican feeding in their nest three of her young with drops of 
blood drawn from her own breast, according to an old legend. 
Under the Arms is the motto, PRO DEO ET PRO P ATRIA ; 
over the Crest, I DIE FOR THOSE I LOVE. Some of this 
family a century ago, either by mistake or as a mark of cadency, 
reversed the colors and had a silver lion on a red shield. 

The origin of the Crest is probably as follows. Over the 
door of the Sexten Vault, outside the wall of the Pery Chapel of 
St. Mary Cathedral, Limerick, is a corbel in the center flanked 
to the left with a seven-headed dragon as type of Antichrist and 
to the right with a pelican as type of Christ. The bird is pour- 
ing its blood over its dying young to revive them, not feeding 

*See Genealogist, London, Vol. III. New Series, p. 40. 
tSee Genealogist. Vol. XII. p. 273. 


them as in the present Crest. Both are symboHc, one of the 
atonement, the other of the sacrament. Finding this device on 
their old burial place the Stackpoles adopted the good emblem 
as a Crest, and the English motto is, of course, derived from it 
and is quite superfluous. It dates, perhaps, from about 1500 
A.D. In the earliest Stackpole seal of the family in Ireland, 
about 1760, the pelican's young are omitted. 

Edmondson's Complete Body of Heraldry (London, 1780) 
under the name Stakepoule, gives another coat of arms, "Az. a 
chev. ar. betw. three cresents or," i. e. on a blue field a silver 
chevron between three golden crescents. In later works on her- 
aldry this does not appear, and the branch of the family that 
bore it is presumably extinct. 

Burke's General Armory for 1878 gives also the following: — 
"Stackpoole. Or. an heraldric tiger pass. sa. Crest. — On a rock 
a fort in flames." It is not known to what branch of the family 
this belongs. 



The following pedigrees are based upon the MS. of Mr. 
Thomas George Stacpoole Mahon (1883) annotated, revised and 
enlarged by Mr. Thomas J. Westropp (1888). Mr. Mahon based 
his work on an Edenvale pedigree, "originally dictated by 
William Stacpoole of Claghanatinny, in Paris, in 1824, on the 
occasion of the great law-suit there against Count George Stac- 
poole," and compiled by Mr. Francis Moore, dated at Paris Aug. 
15, 1844. Mr. Mahon made extensive investigations, which have 
been amply supplemented by Mr. Westropp. I have ventured 
to make a few modifications and additions, warranted by a study 
of Wills at Dublin and by a registered pedigree found at the Her- 
ald's College at Dublin, though the historical vahie of the last 
has been doubted. There are numerous obscure branches of the 
Stackpole family in Ireland, and ofTshoots from them have come 
to the United States from time to time, especially during the 
present century. It has been, of course, impossible to trace all 
these, yet herein may be found some hints which may help any 
of the name to find their ancestry. The names of a few, who 
died young or without issue, have been omitted in the following 



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c- o o 

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(N 'S 

r^ •= 2 <S = 
so o--^ ^ 




It is presumable that John and Thomas, brothers of Barthol- 
omew Stackpole, died without issue. They were living in 1685. 

The male line of the senior branch of Clement .Stackpole be- 
came extinct by the death of Count George Stacpoole in Paris. 
He was educated at Cork and was for a time at Oxford. In 1763 
he was High Sheriff of Clare County. He inherited the estates 
of his uncle John of Cragbrien, who died intestate in 1771. 
George went to live in Grosvenor Place, London, and finally in 
Paris, where Louis XVIII. made him a Count because of his 
wealth. At his decease in 1824 he is said to have had £600,000 
deposited at Lafitte's Bank in Paris. The litigation, which had 
been going on fifty years between him and the next of kin, was 
continued after his death, his will in favor of his illegitimate son 
having been set aside. This son, from whom are descended the 
French Stacpooles, was Richard Fitz George Stacpoole, born 
17 Aug. 1787. His mother was Kitty Gingell, who died at 
Sidmouth 28 Oct. 1809. He m. Betsey, dau. of Major Francis 
and Margery (Simpson) Tulloch. The suits were compromised 
in 1828, half of the property in dispute going to this son and half 
to the next of kin of the Count and of his uncle. The Count's 
mother, Katherine, once had an adventure which is related in 
Froude's English in Ireland. In Jan. 1776, the Count had the 
portrait of Sir Richard Stacpoole engraved, as a letter shows. 

In Aug. 1897 I met a priest in Dublin Avho said that a Mar- 
quis Stacpoole of France not long before became a priest, after 
being left a widower, and that he came to Ireland to witness the 
marriage of his son to an Irish lady. These were doubtless 
descendants of Count George. I have heard that they own a 
Chateau of some pretensions in the sovith of France and rank 
among the nobility. Henry De Vere Stacpoole, author of a 
French novel. The Rapin, recently published, evidently belongs 
to this familyX( , 

The late William Church Stacpoole of Kingstown School, 
near Dublin, was descended from John Stacpoole of Cragbrien. 
He was graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, in 1842 and 
received the Degrees of LL.D. in 1849 ^"<^^ D.D. in 1869. A son 
of his, William Henry Stacpoole, graduated from Trinity College, 
Dublin, in 1870 and was honored with LL.B. and LL.D. in 1880. 


See pp. 10 aud 33. 


Miss Florence Stacpoole of London is a daughter of William 
Church Stacpoole of Kingstown. She is a lecturer and author of 
note. Has published several medical works. 

Bartholomew Stackpole gave to Mary Arthur, before their 
marriage the following gifts : — 

"A small goulde cross; a goulde ring weighing 22 carats; 
two small dittos 5 carats each ; £6 in silver ; a small case of instru- 
ments ; a pair of imbroadered glowes ; 4 yeards of satten rybbine ; 
2 yeards of broad satten rybbine ; i yeard and ^ of boane lace 
worth 8 s per yeard ; i blak hoode of duble currle ; i pair of whyte 
glowes ; I payer of Spanish leader shooes ; X yeardes of blak 
pynked satten ; 9 yeards of skey colored tabbey ; i whyte fann 
wath a silver handle ; i crowne lowe hood ; 6 payers of whyte 
glowes ; 4 yeards of 8d broad satten rybbine ; 4 yeards of French 
sarge with 5 unces of silver lace ; i large taffeta hood ; 2 ivorye 
combes ; i payer of p'fumed cordouan glowes ; a small silver 

There were emigrations from Wales to Clare County, Ireland 
at a late date. So late as 1507 a Stackpole passed over with his 
wife, one Gennett Gwyn, and took with him a letter of confra- 
ternity from the Superior of the Friars Eremite, which letter was 
found with a number of old documents relating to Clare 
County.* 115S343 

*Artur MSS. fol. 133. cited in Lenihan's Hist, of Limerick. 
tSee Edward Laws' Hist, of Little England beyond Wales, p. 140. 







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Besides the five children mentioned in the preceding Dia- 
gram Richard John Delazouche Stacpoole had another dau. 
Jane b. 28 June 1834, who m. Nov. 1858, Henry Vereker and 
d. in 1859, their dau. Henrietta Jane Stacpoole Vereker m. 2 
Oct. 1879 Ralph Hugh Westropp of Limerick. 

I called on Mr. Richard John Stacpoole of Edenvale, Ennis, 
Co. Clare, Ireland, in July 1897 and was much aided in the 
study of the family history. He has a fine residence and a large 
landed estate. Edenvale has been the residence of this family 
since 1778. 

William, son of George Stacpoole of Annagh, was graduated 
at Trinity College, Dublin, in 1766, and lived in Bath, Eng., in 
1774-75, where his first wife died 2 Nov. 1775 and was buried in 
Bath Abbey "in the center aisle opposite the old Bishop's Mon- 
ument." He was High Sherifif in 1784. 

Mary Stacpoole who married John McMahon had some dis- 
tinguished sons. They were Sir John McMahon, Private Sec- 
retary to the Prince Regent, d. 1817; Sir Thomas McMahon G. 
C. B., Col. of loth Foot, d. i860; and Sir William McMahon, 
Master of the Rolls, d. 1837. 

In letters found at Edenvale, written a century or so ago, 
mention is made of "Frank" Stacpoole, a soldier, as revisiting 
the place. He disappeared and all trace of him is lost in the 
family records. A Francis Stacpoole, connected with the Eden- 
vale family, was first cabin boy in the Merchant Service, then 
Capt. and part owner of a vessel. He was captured with his 
vessel in the time of Napoleon I. and detained as a prisoner on 
parole at Dieppe, France, for five years. He afterwards came 
to New York and, about 1829, married Adaline Bennett, dau. of 
John (b. 16 Sept. 1782; d. 7 May 1822) and Hannah Elenor Ben- 
nett (b. 15 April 1788; d. 12 Feb. 1826). She was born in N. 
Y. 18 Feb. 1812 and died in N. Y. 5 March 1870. Francis 
Stacpoole d. at Center Meriches, N. Y. 16 Sept. 1874, aged about 
95 years. He had a brother Christopher Stacpoole who m. 
Hannah E. Bennett of N. Y. and d. s. p. 11 Sept. 1851, aged 65 
years. Francis Stacpoole was, doubtless, son of William Stac- 
poole of Edenvale (1743-1796), and the family record has been 
imperfectly kept. His children, all born in N. Y., were : 


I. John b. 25 July 1830; d. 8 Feb. 1836. 

II. George William b. 15 Oct. 1832; d. 23 Jan. 1862 in the 
U. S. Army. Member of Co. A, 9th Regt. of New York. 

III. Richard b. 27 March 1835 ; m. 7 Oct. 1861 Laura 
Bishop of Center Meriches, Long Island, N. Y. She d. 14 Nov. 
1895. He practices law on Wall St., N. Y. Their children are: 

1. Lizzie Ellison b. 16 Sept. 1862; m. 29 Apr. 1890 William 
Henry Peck of N. Y. They have a son Reginald Peck. 

2. Frank Bishop b. 22 Dec. 1863 ; d. 20 Nov. 1877. 

3. Richard Augustine b. 26 Oct. 1866. Graduated at 
Columbia Law School in 1887. Lawyer in N. Y. City. 

4. Henry Josiah b. 19 June 1871. Dentist in N. Y. City. 

5. Mary Lillian b. 6 Feb. 1877. 

6. Ellison St. John b. 6 May 1878. 

IV. Ellen b. 29 March 1837; d. 11 April 1847. 

V. Eliza b. 27 Sept. 1839; m. Robert H. Kimber and has 
six children, Adeline, Richard Henry, Clara Louisa, Frederick 
Elmer, Albert Hays, and Herbert Garfield. 

VI. Christopher b. 7 April 1842 ; d. 6 Sept. 1866. 

VII. Annie b. 24 Oct. 1844; m. Wm. Colman, who d. s. p. 
10 Oct. 1869. 

VIII. Frances b. 23 Feb. 1847; d. 10 Apr. 1888; m. Isaac 
J. Rouse ; 4 ch. 

IX. Adaline b. 18 March 1850 ; d. 20 May 1852. 



ford and Cragbrien b. 1745, d. 1812. Barrister at law. m. 1767 
Jane, dan. of Andrew Lysaght of Summerville. Their children, 
besides six who died young, were : 

I. Mary b. 25 Feb. 1769; m. 20 Aug. 1791 Michael Furnell. 9 ch. 
II. Eliza b. 16 Jan. 1771; m. Rev. Thomas Westropp. 4 ch. 

III. George b. 1773; m. 1802 Clara Skerritt; d. s. p. 1816. 

IV. Andrew b. 7 Nov. 1776; m. (i) 1803 Bridget Comyn. (2) 1824 
Georgiana Maria Stacpoole (Diag. II.). (3) 1826 Diana, dau. of 
Daniel Finucane of Stamer Park. She d. 1849. The first wife 
had two children, George who d. young and Jane, who married 
Richard John Delazouche Stacpoole. (See Diag. II.) The 
children of the third wife were: 

1. William of Ballyalla b. 9 Oct. 1830; d. 10 July 1879. M.P. 
for Ennis in i860, '63, '68, and '74. m. Mary A. C. W. 
Henessey and had a son Guilford Wm. Jack Stacpoole b. 

2. Andrew d. unm. 1862. 

3. Diana d. 1862; m. C. M. Parkinson. 

4. Kate m. Augustine Butler and died 1861. 

V. Matthias b. 2 May 1780; d. 1835; m. (i) Ellen Pilkington; m. (2) 

Louise Macnamara. Two sons died young. Two daughters, 

Sarah Jane and Mary Louise. 

VI. Hugh b. 1783; m. Jane Wasey of Prior's Court, Berks, d. s. p. 

1840. Was Lieut.-Col. of 43d Regt. of Foot. 

VII. Lucinda b. 19 Mch. 1785; m. (i) Walter Lysaght; (2) Wm. A. 

VIII. William Henry of Cragbrien b. 17 Jan. 1787. B.A. Trin. Coll. 
Dublin, 1809. M.A. 1815. D.D. 1826. Made Dean of Kilfenora 
24 May 1825. m. 1813 Jane, dau. of Robert Marshall of Sand- 
brook, Co. Carlow. d. 29 Jan. 1847. His wife d. 1865. 6 ch. 

1. George Marshall b. 1814; B.A. Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1834. 
d. unm. 29 Dec. 1837. 

2. Frances d. 1837. 

3. Robert d. young. 

4. Jane m. 1834 Chas. Mahon; d. 3 Jan. 1879. Two ch. Fran- 
ces G. Mahon d. unm. 31 Mch. 1871, and Thomas George 
Stacpoole Mahon b. 11 July 1848; m. 1886 Honora Geral- 
dine O'Brien, dau. of Inchiquin. His work is the basis 
of this Genealogy of the Clare Stacpooles. 

5. Wilhelmina. 

6. Charlotte d. 3 July 1881. 

IX. Jane b. 6 Apr. 1791; m. Ensign and Rev. Geo. Wm. Cobb. 
X. Michael b. 22 May 1792; Capt. R. N. m. 29 Oct. 1829 Charlotte, 

dau. of Wm. C. Purdon, Esq.; d. s. p. 1846. 
Of this large family one survives who bears the name Stacpoole. 






i— H 


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Rev. Andrew Douglass Stacpoole was son of John Massy 
Stacpoole, Capt. in the 44th Regt. of Foot. His mother died 
when he was an infant, and he was brought up by his aunt, Ann 
Carver. He was educated at Winchester, then at New College, 
Oxford, of which he was a Fellow and Tutor, until he was 
appointed to the Writtle vicarage. He was M. A. and J. P. In 
1855 he married Julia Honora, dau. of WilHam Dryden Esq. of 
Hull, Yorkshire ; d. s. p. 1884, aged 79. Buried in Writtle 
churchyard. His wife d. 12 Oct. 1889, aged 64. By her will she 
left one thousand pounds in consols, the dividends to be paid 
to John Massy Stacpoole in New Zealand during his life, then to 
be paid to the Vicar and Church-warden of Writtle for the time 
being for the repairs of Writtle church, which has been done 
since 1893. John Massy Stacpoole was half-brother to Andrew 
Douglass Stacpoole by the second wife.* 

*Extract from letter written 28 Jan. 1897, by Henry Clark, who was 
for over thirty years Parish Clerk of Writtle, Eng. 





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a §o ft 
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_U 1-4 

"5 =* 
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Cd "B -i^ 

"^ . O 

m P< 

S a 



The Philip, born 1656, was alderman of Limerick and is 
buried in St. Mary's Cathedral. Sheriff of Limerick in 1688. 
He married Jane Creagh and died 1715. He mentions in his 
will a mortgage from "Bartholomew Stackpole, Esq."; also a 
sister, Elizabeth Granwell, a cousin, John Stackpole and grand- 
son Alison. He mentions the following children : 

1. James of Cork, merchant. 

2. Philip of Cork, merchant. He died 1720; m. dau. of 
Cornelius and Elizabeth Mahony and named in his will children 
Philip and Mary and the fact that his wife was enciente. 

3. Patrick. (A Patrick Stackpole, merchant of Dublin, 
<1. int. 1748.) 

4. Thomas. 

5. Anne m. John Roche, 

6. Jane m. Lawrence Creagh. 

7. Lucy m. England. 

8. Christian m. Woulfe. 

9. Ellen m. England. 

10. Katherine m. Ivory. 

Mr. Geo. S. Mahon says that this Philip's oldest son was 
Bartholomew, not named in the will, who m. 1705 Anastasia 
Woulfe, and d. s. p. 

In the southwest corner of St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick, 
is the Pery Chapel. I visited it in July, 1897, and copied the fol- 
lowing inscription, found on a slab of gray sandstone, the top 
of a sarcophagus about ten feet long and seven feet wide, rising 
above the floor about three feet : 

I. H. S. 
DEC - THE - 4th - 1715 - AGED - 69 - YEARS. 
WHO - DECEASED - MAY - YE - 3th - 1717. 
AGED - 59 - YEARS. 


Burke's Hist, of the Commoners says that this PhiHp was son 
of James Stacpole and Christian, dau. of Denis McMahon of 
Clonagh, but this does not agree with the Registered Pedigree 
at DubHn. Burke says further that Anne, youngest dau. of 
Phihp, m. John Roche, Esq., b. 1688. Her distinguished pos- 
terity may be learned from Burke ; also that Philip had three 
brothers who fell in the battle of Aughrim. 

St. Mary's Cathedral and churchyard surrounding it is^ 
doubtless, the burial place of many generations of Stackpoles. 
Nicholas Stackpole of Limerick, merchant, made his will 5 Jan. 
1622 and expressed the desire to be buried in St. George's 
Chapel in St. Mary's Cathedral. He names in his will Nicholas, 
John and James, wife Phillis, and brothers James and John. 

The first two generations of Diagram V. are taken from the 
Registered Pedigree at Dublin. The rest is supported by care- 
ful investigation. It is noticeable that the first Philip of Dia- 
gram V. has a son James of . Nothing more is known 

of him in Ireland. He is mentioned at precisely the time that 
James Stackpole, the emigrant, appeared in America. The emi- 
grant named his first son Philip, doubtless for his father. He 
had also sons named James, John, and William, thus repeating 
the family names we have found most frequent in Limerick. 
These facts suggest a probable connection. The wars and 
religious contentions of that time, by which Ireland was ren- 
dered more perilous than the savage wilds of America, may have 
induced him, as they did so many others, to seek his fortune in 
the new world. It is possible that he spent a short time in Sligo, 
as tradition says, but this will be examined more minutely in the 
following chapter. All evidences point to Limerick as the home 
for many generations of the immediate ancestors of James Stack- 
pole, the emigrant of circa 1680. 



In a list of those who paid taxes in Dover, N. H., and vicin- 
ity, in April 1680, under the heading "Cocheco Province Rate," 
is found with others the name of "James Stagpoll," who was 
taxed two shillings and one penny.* This is the earliest men- 
tion of any Stackpole in America. It must have been in the 
same year that he, with many of the inhabitants of Kittery, 
York, and Wells, signed a petition to King Charles II., asking 
for abatement of taxes. f In the inventory of the estate of John 
Bready of Kittery, 9 Oct. 1681 is found this item, "due from 
James Stagpoole 22s." $ 

It is evident from these records that James Stackpole was liv- 
ing within the limits of Dover township before 1680. That town 
then included what is now Dover, Somersworth, Rollinsford, 
Madbury, Lee, Durham, and portions of Newington and Green- 
land. Though taxed with Cocheco settlers, we are not to infer 
that he lived at Cocheco proper, where Dover city now is. He 
was rated with the inhabitants there rather than with those of 
Dover Neck because he lived nearer the former place. The 
eastern limit of Cocheco settlement was the Salmon Falls River, 
or as it is called in the lower part of its course the Newichawan- 
nock. Near the river and a short distance from Quamphegan 
(South Berwick) he probably lived at this time, as it is certain 
that he did some years later. Thomas Hanson and others 

*See Collections of N. H. Historical Society. Vol. VIII. p. 60. 
tSee Collections Maine Historical Society. Vol. IV. p. 511. 
JYork Deeds, Book V., Part L, Fol. 14. 


known to have lived near Quamphegan are found in the same 
tax-list. Quamphegan was then a parish of Kittery, called some- 
times Berwick, sometimes the "Parish of Unity." Pascataqua 
Settlement was incorporated as the town of Kittery in 1647, the 
first incorporated town of Maine. It extended thirty miles 
along the Pascataqua, Newichawannock and Salmon Falls 
rivers, and included the present towns of Kittery, Eliot, South 
Berwick, Berwick, and North Berwick. 

Dr. Alonzo Quint is responsible for the statement that James 
Stackpole "was born 1653, had a grant 1694, died 23 Aug. 
1733-"* I know not on what authority this statement is made. 
Aug. 23, 1732, James Stacpole of Dover, N. H., aged eighty 
years, deposed concerning one Edward Toogood, that "sundry 
years before Salmon Falls was destroyed by the Indians," said 
Toogood lived there, etc. This fixes the date of his birth, 1652, 
and shows that he was well acquainted with Salmon Falls sundry 
years before 1689.! The date of his death is probably a typo- 
graphical error, as it can be shown that he died in 1736. The 
grant of land referred to was as follows : — 

"April ye II, 1694. By the committee chosen by the freeholders of ye 
town of Dover for granting land, given and granted unto James Stag- 
pole his heirs and assigns forever, fifty acres of land above Indigo Hill 
near Salmon Falls River, not intrenching upon any former grant. 

The above grant voted and confirmed in generall. 

Will Furber, clerk of 3d Com. 

Town meeting the i6th day of April 1694 

Jno. Tuttle, Town Clerk." 

It is quite certain that he never lived on this grant. The 
town records of Kittery declare that, 16 July 1702, there were 
lotted and laid out to James Stagpole Senr. twenty acres of land, 
part of a grant made in 1694 to Gilbert Warren, the said Stag- 
pole having evidently acquired right to the land. Four acres of 
it were on the north side of the Great Works River ; the rest on 
the south side, extending to the York line, adjoining Warren's 
land. This land passed into the possession of James Stackpole 
Jr. and was willed by him to his brother John in 1706. May 20, 
1728, John Stackpole sold it to Gilbert Warren. 

*N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register. Vol. VIII. 1854, p. 68. 
fCounty Records at Alfred, Me. 


The Court of Sessions at York, Me., 4 July 1693, made the 
following record, "Lycence is Granted to James Stagpole of 
barwick to sell by retaile beere. Cyder, rum, provision and 
lodging, he giving ten pounds bond to their Maties to observe 
the laws in that case provided."* The license was renewed an- 
nually up to 1698, and his place was called a "publick house of 
entertainment," known in later phraseology as a tavern or hotel. 
A supply of ardent spirits at such places was in those times the 
rule without exception. It is true that this, as usual, led to some 
disorders, and James Stackpole was complained of, and indeed 
once fined twenty shillings and admonished ; yet his license was 
at the same time renewed. Perhaps the admonition led him to 
sell out in 1699 and move back to the New Hampshire side of the 
river. "James Stackpole Senr." bought land in Berwick, 2 Nov. 
1696, for fifteen pounds and sold the same, 22 Nov. 1699, to 
"John Wade Minstr." The deed is from "James StackpoU of 
Dover in New Hampshier, husbandman." The land was three 
and one-fourth acres, "near the meeting house," bounded on the 
southeast by the way going from the Great Work to the River, 
northwest by the burying place, "with all the housing, trees, 
fences and Privileges pertaining thereto. "f The burying place 
still is used and enables us to designate the spot where he lived 
in Berwick. It is on the hill just south of Great Works River. 
A church stood close to the cemetery, on the east side, and John 
Wade was its first minister. James Stackpole lived a short dis- 
tance east of the church. 

He married, quite certainly before 1680, Margaret, daughter 
of James and Margaret Warren of the parish of Berwick. James 
Warren, as will be shown a little later, came from Berwick, Scot- 
land, and his wife was a native of Ireland. He settled in Ber- 
wick, Me., soon after 1650. In a deed, dated 15 July 1656, he 
is mentioned as owner of a lot of land bordering on the river, at 
Great Works. There was lotted and laid out to James Warren, 
15 July 1656, by Humphrey Chadbourne, land on the south side 
of John Taylor's lot, "by the water side."$ He may have been 
one of those prisoners taken at the battle of Dunbar, in 165 1, 

*York Deeds, Vol. V. Part 11. Fol. 57. 
tYork Deeds, Book VI. Fol. 61. 
JKittery Town Records. 


and sent by Cromwell to Boston. Many of them were sent 
down to Maine and settled in the upper part of York, which is 
still known as "Scotland." The saw and grist mills at Great 
Works led many of these settlers to pass from York to the par- 
ish of Unity, and hence it is said to have been called Berwick 
from the Scotch home of some of its early inhabitants, though 
some assign a different origin to the name. 

James and Margaret Warren had five children : — 

1. Gilbert b. in 1656, as shown by a deposition. He made 
his will 2 April 1728 (Probated 17 April 1733) and mentioned his 
wife Sarah and daughters Jane Stockbridge, Margaret Hear!, 
and son-in-law John Thompson. 

2. Margaret, married James Stackpole. 

3. Jane (?) James Warren's will mentions a granddaughter, 
Jane Grant. This implies a third daughter. In the Dover Hist. 
Coll. is recorded a marriage, by the Rev. John Pike, of William 
Grant to Jane Warren, 4 Aug. 1690. This is probably the 
daughter of James Warren. The name of Grizel, her sister, is 
found more than once among later members of the Grant family 
of Kittery. 

4. James Jr. m. Mary . Became one of the Select- 
men of Kittery. The town records mention the following chil- 
<iren, Mary b. 23 Feb. 1692 ; Margaret b. 5 Nov. 1694 ; James b. 
■8 June 1698; Rachel b. 26 Aug. 1700, d. 13 Sept. 1703; Gilbert 
b. 30 April 1703; John b. 16 Dec, 1705. 

5. Grizel, whose story has often been told, b. 6 March 1662; 
m. Richard Otis. His first wife was Rose, dau. of Anthony 
Stoughton, and probably came with him from England. He is 
mentioned in the Boston Records 28 May 1655. The next year 
he was taxed at Dover, N. H., where he lived as a blacksmith. 
His second wife was Shuah, widow of James Heard. His third 
wife was Grizel Warren. He and their daughter, Hannah Otis, 
were killed by the- Indians in the Dover massacre, the morning 
of 28 June 1689, the latter having her head dashed against the 
chamber stairs. Twenty-two were killed and twenty-nine were 
carried as captives to Canada, among the latter Grizel (Warren) 
Otis and her babe, Margaret, three months old. They were 
instructed by French priests and baptized in the Roman Catholic 
Church, receiving new names in baptism. The Canadian record 
is as follows : — 


"Mary Madeleine Warren, daughter of James of Berwick, 
Scotland, and Margaret (an Irishwoman,) born 6 March 1662, 
in New England, taken in War 18 (28) June 1689; baptized 9 
May 1693; married ist Richard Theys (Otis); 2d 15 Oct. 1693 
Philip Robitaile, in Montreal, in the service of M. de Maricour.'' 

Robitaile was son of Jean and Martine (Carmont) Robitaile, 
from Biencourt, Province d'Artois, France. They had five 
children: Phillipe bap. 5 Feb. 1695; George bap. 19 April 1701, 
d. 1703; Jacques bap. 29 Jan. 1697; Jean bap. 10 March 1699; 
Marguerite bap. 2 April 1703, m. 13 April 1722 Jean Baptiste 
Biron of Montreal."' 

Grizel lived to the age of 89 years and was buried 27 Oct. 
1750. Her daughter was baptized as Christine, and m. 14 June 
1707, a Frenchman whose surname was Le Beau and whose first 
name resembled, in English, Sharrington, a name that has been 
handed down among her descendants in the Baker and Stack- 
pole families. After the death of her husband, 26 Feb. 1713, she 
was not permitted to have her children who were brought up in 
a convent. She returned to her friends in Dover, N. H., and 
married Capt. Thomas Baker of Northampton, Mass., by whom 
she had seven children. They moved to Dover about 1734, 
where she died 23 Feb. 1773, having lived "a pattern of industry, 
prudence and economy." Her granddaughter, Lucy Baker, 
married Joshua Stackpole of Somersworth, N. H., and was the 
mother of Lieut. Samuel Stackpole of the Revolutionary Army. 

James Warren died in 1702. His will made Dec. 9, 1700, 
contains the following items : 

I doe give unto my Daughter Margaret Stagpoal five shillings. 
I doe give unto my Granson James Stagpoal one heifer and one ewe 
and a young sow. 

The foregoing will was probated 24 Dec. 1702; recorded 14 
Jan. 1702-3. Inventory returned 15 Dec. 1702, at £228:5:4 by 
Peter Grant and William Goodwin appraisers. 

The will of Margaret Warren, made Dec. 13, 1712, has this 

I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Margret Stackpole my Great 
Brass Kittle and two Blankits and one Coverlid and Ten yardes of 
Woling Cloath and my Greate Wooden Platter and one pare of sheets 
and all my wareing Cloath. 

*See N. E. Hist, and Gen. Reg. 1851 and 1893. 


James Stackpole, 20 May 1710, received a deed of land in 
Dover, N. H., now Rollinsford, from Thomas Austin, only son 
of Joseph Austin, who conveyed to him "for twenty pounds of 
current money all that tract of land granted to said Joseph Aus- 
tin in 1656," "lying in ye range of lots between St. Alban's Cove 
and Quamphegan,'' bounded south-east by the Newichawannock 
river, north-east by Henry Tibbetts' hundred acre lot, north- 
west by Ralph Twombly's hundred acres and Thomas Hanson's 
hundred acres and south-west by a highway between this lot and 
Thomas Kenne's (Canney) hundred acre lot. The lot purchased 
contained one hundred acres of rich land. A brook flows 
through it which is still called Stackpole's Brook and was so 
called in a writing 9 May 1709, when a road was laid out, cross- 
ing a "little creek on the south side of James Stackpole's 
house," from St. Alban's Cove to Quamphegan. It now 
empties into the late Samuel Hale's artificial pond. The old 
Stackpole house stood where now is Hale's garden, a little north 
of the pond. Right in front of it was "Stackpole's Landing," 
mentioned in early documents, where sloops of a hundred tons 
burden or so might land their merchandise at high water. From 
his doorway James Stackpole looked across and down the New- 
ichawannock to where the Great Works River empties therein. 
The view is one of great natural beauty. On the opposite shore 
and hill-top he could see the home of James Warren and the 
house where himself lived during his sojourn in Maine, as well 
as the first saw and grist mills set up in New England, in 1634. 

There is evidence that the Austins never lived on this grant 
of land received in 1656. Their home was in another part of 
Dover. It is probable that James Stackpole settled down here 
before 1680 by right of squatter sovereignty, that he remained 
here till the time of the Indian raids, that began in 1689, and then 
moved over into Berwick for safety, where he staid till 1699. 
He then returned to his old habitation, where he had some claim 
to the lot by reason of "betterments" made. Yet to satisfy the 
claim of Austin acquired by original grant he paid, in 17 10, twenty 
pounds for one hundred acres of land and took an undisputed 
deed of the same. That the price paid was only a nominal one 
is shown by the fact that only four years later, Nov. 30, 1714, 
he sold "forty acres of upland" from this lot to William Frost 
for one hundred and twenty pounds. 


Besides the persons named above in the deed James Stack- 
pole had for neighbors, next south, Thomas Canney and later 
Henry Hobbs a shipbuilder, and Thomas Wallingford. Then 
came Sylvanus Nock and the Sligo Garrison House on the east 
side of the road. Next were the houses of Lieut. Hatevil Nutter 
and Benjamin Weymouth, which brings us to Stiles's at St. 
Albans Cove. This region has long been and is still called 
"Sligo." Some assert that this name arose from the fact that 
James Stackpole came from Sligo, Ireland. In North's History 
of Augusta (p. 914) there is an account of the family of James 
Stackpole of Waterville, evidently furnished by the James Stack- 
pole who graduated at Bowdoin College in 1819. He says that 
his "immigrant ancestor was James Stackpole of Sligo, Ireland^ 
who came over in 1680." He simply repeats an old tradition. 
The place is called Sligo in very early deeds. Miss Mary P. 
Thompson, in her Landmarks of Ancient Dover, traces the name 
to Sligo, birthplace of the Earl of Bellomont, who was appointed 
Governor of N. H. in 1699 and was ordered to build such forts 
at Pascataqua and elsewhere as were needed for security. 
Another tradition says James Stackpole came from Cork, Ire- 
land. From several sources I have heard the old saw about 
"three brothers" who came over from England. Tradition is 
valuable, but it can not always be trusted. Sligo, Ireland, was 
utterly burned and its inhabitants barbarously massacred in 
1653, and in Jan. 1655 proposals were made to repeople the town 
and lands thereabouts with emigrants from New England. A 
few actually returned. It is improbable, then, that James Stack- 
pole came from Sligo to New England a few years later. I 
visited Sligo, Ireland, in 1897, and made inquiries of the Town 
Clerk and oldest inhabitants. There are no records of any 
Stackpole in that place, and they said the name was utterly 
unknown there. 

The next mention of James Stackpole is found in a petition 
dated 25 April 1715. The petition with names of petitioners was 
evidently written by an Irishman. "The Inhabitanes that are 
Nerer ye New Meten house than ye old Cocheco Pint" ask to 
be assigned to the new place of worship. Among the petitioners 
are "fileon Stagpool" and "Jeames Stagpool." The first is 
presumably Philip, son of James. A footnote to the petition, as 
given in N. H. State Papers, explains that the petitioners were 


"nearer ye new Meeting house at Cocheco than the old on Dover 
Neck." It seems that after the destruction of the old church at 
Cocheco and the breaking up of that settlement by the Indian 
massacre of 1689 the inhabitants of Dover were taxed for the 
maintenance of worship at Dover Neck, near Hilton's Point ; but 
when the new church was erected at Cocheco in 1713 the settlers 
in "Sligo" wished to return to their first love. At least they 
preferred to be taxed there, though it is probable that they often 
found it more convenient to ford the "Sluiceway" and attend 
church at the Great Works Settlement. 

James and Philip Stackpole, 25 April 1729, sign a petition for 
a new Parish in the north-east part of Dover. The petition was 
granted and Somersworth was made a Parish, 19 Dec. 1730. It 
was incorporated as a town 22 April 1754. Rev. James Pike 
was first pastor of this church. He died here 19 March 1792, 
after a pastorate of 65 years. The church records were burned 
with the parsonage in 1812, a sad loss to genealogists. 

James Stackpole died in 1736, as shown by the Inventory 
of his estate, made by Nathaniel Gerkins and Thomas Walling- 
ford, under date of 12 Aug. 1736. A full copy is here appended. 
It is an interesting document and shows how the fore-fathers 

"A true inventory of all the estate of James Stackpole of Somers- 
worth in Dover Late Deceasd Viz. 

To one Brass Kittle valued £3:15:0 

To one Large Poridge pott 1:00:0 

To one Do — Tramel and fire Tongs 1:02:0 

To one frying Pann and 2 Wheels 1:03:0 

To a warming Pann and Powker 0:14:0 

To one Table one pr Small plow Irons 0:08:0 

To Chairs Cash (?) and pine Cupboard 0:15:0 

To one Hogg 6£ aCowoo (?) 30 and one pitch forke 7:13:0 

To one Cow 6 £ Cyder Nutt 30/ 7:13:0 

To 5 Loads Hay at 30/ pr Load 7:10:0 

To one Dwelling House 5:00:0 

To 3 Acres of Land 105:00:0" 

31 Dec. 1736, the appraisers took oath Coram B. Gambling Judge of 

14 July 1737, administration granted to John Stackpole of Biddeford. 
County of York, Province Mass. Bay, Yeoman. 

The Inventory sheds some light upon his manner of life. 
That "Brass Kittle" had been willed by Margaret Warren, in 


1 7 12, to her daughter, Margaret Stackpole. It hung on a crane 
over a wood fire and was often filled with Irish potatoes. The 
"Poridge pott" served for cooking Indian meal. The salmon 
that were so abundant in the river before his door sputtered in 
the "Frying Pann." His house was certainly not palatial, being 
valued at about $25. It was, doubtless, a primitive log-cabin, 
pretty well decayed at the time of his death. The wind whistling 
through it in the cold winters made a "warming Pann" service- 
able. He had disposed, to his sons, of nearly all his valuable land,, 
retaining only about three acres for a garden. Here with his 
cow and hog, and his sons Philip, William and Samuel living 
within sight and call he passed a peaceful and easy old age. In 
the militia, to which every able-bodied man belonged, he with 
all his sons did military service, and they were often called out to 
defend life and property, for the Indians had special hatred 
toward Dover and Berwick. He had no opportunity, like his 
ancestors under William the Conqueror and Strongbow, to seize 
the castles and cultivated estates of the conquered and so make 
himself and family rich. He conquered a hundred acres of 
wooded wilderness by the hard labor of a husbandman, saw his 
children comfortably settled in similar employments, and lived 
to behold his great-grandchildren. The record indicates a. 
courageous, honest, industrious and prosperous private citizen. 

He was buried on a hill-top just back of his house. Here 
sleep many of the first four generations of American Stackpoles. 
Traces of rude monuments of rough granite as headstones ma}*" 
still be seen, crumbled and disfigured by time. Trees and 
bushes have grown up in abundance about their graves. The 
site is a beautiful one and deserves to be protected and honored. 
The farm with this private burial-ground has passed into the 
hands of strangers. Some fitting memorial should mark and 
protect these graves. 

John Stackpole of Biddeford was administrator of his father's 
estate and, 4 June 1737, sold to Thomas Wallingford, for one 
hundred and twenty pounds, the three acres above mentioned, 
reserving to himself, for the use of his mother Margaret, the 
house so long as she might live. It is not known when she died. 



From Wills, Deeds, and other documents are gathered the 
names of the children of James and Margaret (Warren) Stack- 
pole, here arranged in the probable order of their birth ; James 
Jr., Philip, John, William, Margaret, and Samuel. An ''Onar 
Stackpole,'' a misspelling for Honor, is found on the Church 
Records of South Berwick, Me., baptized and received by cove- 
nant 20 May 1 716. She may have been another daughter of the 
emigrant, or perhaps she was the wife of William. 

I. Of James Jr. nothing more can be learned than that he 
received a grant of fifty acres of land from the town of Kittery, 
10 May 1703, and that he made his Will in 1706. The fact that 
he wills all his property to his father and brothers indicates that 
he had no family. His Will is here given in full, since it reveals 
something of family history. He was a soldier. The guns and 
steel traps indicate a huntsman and trapper. Scalps and furs 
found a ready market in those days. He signs his initials in 
the scrawling hand of a man weak with wounds or with sickness, 
and the writer of the Will supplies his full name. He lived at 
South Berwick, and the indications are that he had been brought 
up in the family of his maternal grandfather. 

In the name of God Amen, I James Stagpole Junr of Barwick in her 
Majts Province of the Masachusets Bay in New England (planter) being 
very Sick and weak of Body but of Sound mind and memory praised 
"be god for it, and not Knowing how it may please god to deal with me, 
I hereby revoking all former and other Will or wills device or devises 
by me at any time heretofore made making null and void the same to 
all intents and purposes, I doe hereby declare and make this my last 
Will and testament in manner and form following. 

Imprs — I commit my Soul into the hands of Christ my onely Saviour 
and blessed redeemer hoping through his meritorious death and Inter- 


sestion pardon and forgiveness of all my Sins. And as for that outward 
Estate God has bestowed upon me I give, bequeath, and dispose there- 
of as followeth, after my debts and funeral charges is paid and dis- 

Item. I Give and bequeath unto my Honoured Father James Stag- 
pole the Debt due me from James Grant of Barwick, being six pounds 
ten shillings, and also a Cow and one stere of one year old in the hands 
of Zachariah Goodale at Wells, and also my rideing Mayr, and also a 
piece of Broad Cloath of two yards, three quarters with the lineing and 
triming belonging thereunto left in the Custody of my Grandmother 
Margaret Warrin, and also Seavon yards and halfe of homespun drest 
wolen Cloth, and also all the Wages due to me from the Province as a 
Souldier in her Majts Service. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my Vncle James Warrin, my young 
horse bridle and saddle. 

Item. I give my Brother Philip Stagpole my long Gunn with the 
Amunition powder horn and all belonging to her. 

Item. I give unto my Brother William Stagpole my other Small 
gunn, and all my wearing Apparill. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my Brother Philip Stagpole my 

three steel traps. 

Item. I give and bequeath unto my Brother John Stagpole Twenty 
acres of upland and marsh laying on both sides of the great Works River, 
to him and his Heirs forever. 

Item. All the Remainder of my Estate Whither Real or personal, 
I give and bequeath unto my Hond Father whom I doe appoint sole 
Executor hereof, and of all herein Contained as on the other side. In 
Testimony whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal This Eleventh 
day of November In the. year of our Lord, one Thousand Seaven Hun- 
dred and six, 1706. 

Signed, Sealed, Published 

and Declared to be his 

last Will and Testament his 

In the presence of James J S Stagpole (Seal) 

Hatevil Roberts mark 

Richard X Hussey 

John Croad 

Sworn to 30 Nov. 1706. Recorded 20 Dec. 1706. 

II. Samuel is not mentioned in his brother's Will. He was 
baptized and received by covenant in the church at South Ber- 
wick, Me., 15 Oct. 1721. He died in 1758 intestate. As his 
property was divided among his brothers and sister, it is evident 
that he also left no family. Philip, his brother, was made admin- 
istrator 22 Feb. 1758. James Hobbs and Daniel Goodwin made 
the fnventory of his estate consisting of thirty acres of land, 
buildings, a yoke of cattle, a cow, a heifer and household stuff, — 


all amounting to £2681 : sy, doubtless in depreciated currency. 
The land was part of the fifty acres, deeded to him by his father, 
20 April 1734, "reserving unto myself the house wherein I live 
and ye land whereon it stands, to extend from ye house towards 
Capt. Wallingford's house by the river, and ye little field before 
my Dore, adjoining to Thomas Hobbs' land, being in all about 
two or three acres." Samuel was to pay to his father and 
mother one half of the profits during their lives. He sold a 
portion of this to his nephew, Joshua Stackpole, 20 April 1743, 
and ten acres to some one else in 1740. The rest was divided 
at his death between his brothers John, William and Philip, and 
his sister Margaret Young. William bought the claim of John. 
In 1760 the farm and dwelling house, left by Samuel, were owned 
by William, son of Philip Stackpole. 

III. William is little known. He was a young man in 1706, 
living, as we have seen, in 1758. There is no record of children. 

IV. Margaret, the only daughter known, married, as shown 
by Kittery Records, 7 Jan. 1707-8, Jonathan Young* of York, 
Me. They were both living as late as 1758, as a legal document 

V. Philip Stackpole is first mentioned in the will of his 
brother James, in 1706. The Church Records of South Berwick 
say that his wife Mercy was received by profession 15 March 
1729. His will mentions his wife Martha. This may have been 
a second wife, or it may have been a clerical error. Several 
granddaughters were named Mercy, but the name Martha is 
not found among his descendants. A Mrs. Stackpole died in 
Dover 24 Sept. 1792, aged loi yrs. This was, doubtless, the 
wife of Philip. 

*Rowland Young Senr. lived on. the "south side of York River" in 
1652, said to have been of Scotch ancestry. In 1685 he willed all his 
property to his vv'ife Joanna. In 1698 she mentioned in her Will children 
Rowland, Jr., Job, Mary Moulton, and Lydia Haines. Rowland, Jr., 
names in his Will, 1719, his wife Susannah, and children Joseph, Benajah, 
Matthew, Jonathan, Mary, Susanna, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Mercy. 
Joseph, oldest son of Rowland Young. Jr., names in his Will, 1734, his 
wife Abigail, Grandson Joseph, granddaughter Abigail, and four daugh- 
ters, Mary, Abigail, Bethulah, and Bethiah, and son-in-law John Brad- 
bury. All these lived in York, Me. Bethiah married John Stackpole 
2d of Biddeford 3 Nov. 1731. See Maine Wills and York Records. 


He lived with his Father and, 17 Nov. 1732, bought of him 
for thirty pounds sixteen acres of land, being the northeast 
corner of his farm, bounded "on ye northeastern side by Thomas 
Thibbets land, on ye southeast by the Nechowannock River and 
on ye other parts by my own land" — "excepting an old apple 
tree." Here he built a house, which in 1832 was removed by 
his grandson, Ebenezer Stackpole, to St. Alban's Cove, was 
remodeled and is still standing. The timbers were of hewn oak. 

July 2 1734, he was chosen a member of the first School 
Board of Somersworth, N. H., and in 1754 he was elected to take 
an Inventory of the Parish and as one of the Overseers of the 
poor. He died in 1761. His Will, in which he conveys most 
of his estate to his son Philip, is here given. 

In the name of God. Amen. The twenty-fifth Day of August one 
Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-one, I Philip Stacpole, Husband- 
man, of the town of Somersworth in the Province of New Hampshire 
in New England, being weak and Infirm in body but of Perfect mind and 
memory, thanks be given unto God, Therefore calling to mind the mor- 
tality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to 
die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, that is to say; 
principally and first of all, I give and recommend my Sole unto the 
hands of God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the Earth to be 
buried in Christian and decent burial, at the discretion of my executor, 
nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection i shall receive the same 
again by the Almighty powre of God, and as touching such worldly 
estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give. 
Demise & Dispose in the following manner and form. 

Imprimis. I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved wife Martha, 
the Improvement of one third of all my estate both real and personal. 
During her natural life, after measuring off four acres of land at the 
Westerly end of my Homestead, Joining to Benjamin Warren's land. I 
give and bequeath the next two acres of land to my beloved son Joshua 
Stacpole to him and his heirs and assigns forever excepting the 
improvement of part thereof above mentioned. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved son James Stacpole the 
next adjoining two acres to the above mentioned two acres, to him, 
his heirs and assigns forever, excepting part of the Improvement thereof 
as above mentioned. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my two beloved daughters, Sarah 
Hall, and Lydia Frost four acres of land next adjoining to the last men- 
tioned two acres to be equally divided between them, to them their Heirs 
and assigns forever, excepting part of the Improvement as above men- 

Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved son William Stacpole the 


one half of my barn to him, his heirs and assigns forever, with the Privi- 
lege of passing to and from it as he may have occasion, excepting the 
Improvement of part thereof as above said. 

Item. I give & bequeath to my said wife Martha one Cow. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my said wife Martha the use and Im- 
provement of the bed I lay on, and the furniture belonging to the same 
during her natural life. 

Item. It is my will that my oxen be disposed of by executors here- 
after mentioned to defray my funeral charges. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved son Philip all the rest of 
my Homestead lying between the four acres given to my daughters as 
above mentioned, and the River passing before my house, excepting 
part of the Improvement as above mentioned. It is my will that my said 
beloved son Philip pay all my Lawfull debts. 

Item. I give and bequeath all the rest of my estate both real and 
personal to my beloved son, to him, his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I do hereby constitute, make and ordain my said beloved son 
Philip Stacpole my sole executor of this my last will and Testament, 
and I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul all and every other 
Testament, will, legacies and bequests and executors by me in any way 
before named, willed, and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this 
and no other to be my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I 
have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year before written. 
Signed, sealed, published 
pronounced and Declared 
by said Philip Stackpole 

as his last will and Testament Philip Stacpole. 

in the presence of us the subscribers. 
Joseph Tate 
Mark Wallingford 
Rachel Lincoln. 

Approved 30 Sept. 1761 by Richard Wibird, Judge of Probate. 

The Records of First Church, Dover, N. H. state that there 
were baptized by the Rev. Jonathan Gushing, 18 Jan. 1730, 
"Phihp Stagpole and Childn, Sarah, WilHam, Lydia and EHsha." 
His Will names older children Philip, Joshua and James. 

I. Philip 2D seems to have been the oldest son. Tate's 
Journal says that he married Elizabeth Tebbets. Jan. 31, 1761, 
he was Corporal in Capt. John Wentworth's Co., in the expedi- 
tion against Canada. He was collector of Taxes in Somers- 
worth in 1767. There is no record of any children. 

H. Joshua was baptized and received on profession in the 
Church at South Berwick 15 March 1729. The name of his first 
wife is unknown, and one child, Mary, by that marriage is 


recorded as baptized at So. Berwick 31 May 1736. It is pre- 
sumable that she died young, as another daughter Mary appears 
later. Joshua was a blacksmith and lived on a portion of the 
old homestead. About 1739 he married (2) Lucy Baker. Their 
children were Samuel b. Oct. 1740, whose numerous descendants 
will be given in Chapter VIII. and Lucy* who married (i) Wil- 
liam Watson and (2) Gerson Horn. 

Joshua Stackpole was one of the troopers under command 
of Capt. Trustram Coffin in Dover, 27 July 1740. He with 
eighty others was granted a charter for the town of Middleton, 
N. H. 27 April 1749. Tatef says that he broke his thigh 11 Jan. 
1776. He had for three pounds the privilege of building a pew 
in the gallery of the church at Somersworth in 1754. 

Joshua's third wife was Abigail Hobbs, dau. of JamesJ and 
Rebeccah Hobbs, born 30 March 1725. Their children are here 
given in the order in which they are recorded in Tate's Journal. 

1. Joshua Jr. m. Lydia Plummer. See Chapter IX. 

2. Charles b. 1745 ; m. Rachel Pray. Soldier in the Revo- 
lution. See Military Record and Chapter X. 

3. Mary m. in Portsmouth, N. H., 28 Jan. 1779 Samuel 

4. Ebenezer m. 30 July 1777 in Portsmouth, N. H., Mary 
Ham. See Military Record and Chapter XL 

5. Margaret b. 12 Nov. 1755 ; m. Abraham Barrons of 
Berwick, later of Cornish, Me., and died 22 May 1846. He was 
born in 1753 and died 24 Oct. 1819. He was a soldier of the 
Revolution. They had nine children. § 

6. Henry b 1756. Revolutionary soldier. Said to have 
been lost at sea. No record has been found of any descendants. 

7. Mercy b. 18 May m. Richards of New- 

buryport, Mass. 

*Some account of her descendants may be seen in the Otis Genealogy, 
N. E. Reg. of 1851. 

tjoseph Tate was a Schoolmaster of Somersworth who recorded in a 
private Journal the births, marriages and deaths of many of his neigh- 
bors of the middle of the eighteenth century. 

tjames Hobbs, son of Maurice and Joanna, was born 20 March 1700. 
He was descended from Henry Hobbs, who was an inhabitant of Dover 
in 1657 and married a dau. of Thomas Canney. 

§For some account of this family see Ridlon's Hist, of the Saco Val- 
ley Settlement p. 455. 


8. Otis b. 1761. See Military Record and Chapter XII. 

9. Andrew, a mariner, m. 18 May 1787 Betsey Abbot of 
Berwick, Me. Their daughter Molly was born 18 July 1787. 
She married Joseph Prime, Esq., and had dau. Lydia, who died 
unm. Andrew Stackpole died intestate in 1787, lost at sea. The 
Probate Court at Dover, N. H. 21 Nov. 1787 granted adminis- 
tration to Thomas Abbot 3d of Berwick. There was baptized at 
So. Berwick i March 1803 "Betsey Stackpole, widow, on a sick 

10. Tobias b. Aug. 1769. See Chapter XIII. 

So much at present for the family of Joshua Stackpole. We 
return to Philip's third son. 

III. James, baptized at So. Berwick, Me., 15 Mch. 1729, 
married Elizabeth Pierce,* who was born in Dover, N. H., 17 
May 1 717 and baptized 20 Nov. 1717. 

James Stackpole enlisted, 7 April 1748, in a Company com- 
manded by Capt. Job Clement, a guard for Rochester and Bar- 
rington, N. H. He lived in Somersworth, N. H., and had eight 
children. The dates of births of all his family are copied from 
Tate's Journal. They differ, in some cases, very slightly from 
dates preserved in respective families. The date of his death is 

I. Aaron b. 17 June 1741 O. S. m. (i) Mrs. Deborah 
Roberts in 1763. She died 3 May 1773 ; m. (2) in Berwick 16 
May 1776 Olive Hamilton. He died in Lisbon, Me., about 

*She was the daughter of Benjamin, Senr. and Hannah (Ash) Pierce, 
who were married 17 May 1714. They lived in So. Berwick and Somers- 
worth and had eight children. He was descended from John Pierce, a 
freeman of Watertown, Mass., in March 1638, "a man of very good 
estate." John Pierce died 19 Aug. 1661. His eldest son, Anthony, was 
born in England in 1609 and was a freeman in Watertown 3 Sept. 1634. 
He had two wives, Sarah and Ann. He died 9 May 1678, leaving nine 

children, of whom Daniel was born i Jan. 1639, and m. Elizabeth . 

He had nine children also, of whom Benjamin was baptized in Water- 
town 16 Jan. 1686-7. Dover Records declare that Benjamin Pierce came 
from Watertown and m. (i) Widow Elizabeth Hall 7 Sept. 1705. They 
had children, Benjamin b. 11 Dec. 1706; Joseph b. 22 Oct. 1709. He m. 
(2) 30 May 1714, Hannah, dau. of Thomas and Mary Ash. They had 
John b. 19 May 1715; Elizabeth b. 17 May 1717; Hannah b. 10 Jan. 1718; 
Ebenezer b. 2 Feb. 1720; Israel b. 16 Feb. 1723; Martha b. 18 Oct. 1725; 
and Thomas b. 15 May 1727. 


1820. By first marriage there was a son Samuel, who was killed 
at the battle of Plattsburgh. 

2. James b. i May 1744 O. S. See Chapter XIV. 

3. William b. 19 Oct. 1746. See Chapter XV. 

4. John b. 6 (4) Aug. 1749. See Chapter XVI. 

5. Lydia b. 9 Jan. 1752, unm. lame from birth ; lived to old 
age. Died at Rochester, N. H., where her home was with her 
niece, Mrs. Mary (Ricker) Hanson. 

6. Absolom b. 2 June 1754. See Chapter XVII. 

7. Mary b. 11 June 1757 N. S. m. 6 May 1778 Henry, son 
of Reuben and Elizabeth (Randall) Ricker of So. Berwick, Me. 
Henry was a great grandson of the emigrant George Ricker, 
who was killed by the Indians at Dover, N. H., June 1706. 
Their children were: Stephen Ricker m. 7 March 1808 Joanna 
Wentworth. 12 ch. Betsey Ricker b. 19 April 1788; m. 3 Nov. 
1809 Timothy Wentworth. 5 children. Lydia Ricker m. 17 
Feb. 1818 Moses Wentworth, brother to Joanna and Timothy 
just named. 9 children. Mary Ricker m. James Hanson of 
Great Falls, N. H. Annie Ricker m. John Gowell of Sanford, 
Me. Elizabeth Ricker"^' m. Mr. Meserve. 

8. Stephen b. 18 Feb. 1760. See Chapter XVIII. 

IV. Sarah, daughter of Philip and Mercy Stackpole, was 
born in 1718; m. (2d wife) 17 Oct. 1743 Sergt. John Hall, born 
1706, great-grandson of the original settler Deacon John Hall 
of Dover. She died Jan. 1804. Their children were: 

1. William Hall b. 10 July 1745. Has many descendants. 

2. Mary Hall b. 25 May 1748. 

3. Ruth Hall b. i March 1750; m. Bartholomew Went- 

*For further information concerning the descendants of Mary (Stack- 
pole) Ricker see Wentworth Genealogy, Vol. II. pp. 150-154. 

tThey had a son Bartholomew Wentworth, b. 7 Jan. 1788, m. 28 July 
181 1 his cousin Nancy, dau. of William and Sarah (Roberts) Hall of 
Berwick, Maine, born 12 April 1793. Their children were: 

1. Nahum Wentworth, d. in infancy. 

2. Arioch Wentworth, b. 13 June 1813; m. 10 Mch. 1839 Susan M. 

3. Catherine Wentworth, b. 28 April 1815; m. 26 May 1836 Charles 

4. Ruth Wentworth, b. 26 April 1818; m. 6 Dec. 1838 John B. Grif- 

5. Sally Wentworth, b. 12 Dec. 1822. Unm. 


4. Lucy Hall b. 26 Nov. 175 1. 

5. Silas Hall b. 9 May 1753. A soldier at Bunker Hill. 

6. Philip Hall b. 15 May 1755 ; unm. Died at sea. 

7. Mercy Hall b. 9 Dec. 1758. 

8. John Hall b. i Nov. 1763; d. 19 Aug. 1786; unm. 

V. Lydia m. Frost. Nothing more is known. 

VI. William m. Anne Gray. There is no record of any 
children. He died at sea in old age, 1799. 

VH. Elisha, probably died young. 

VHI. Otis,* enlisted in expedition against Canada 10 Mch. 
1760. Discharged at Albany, N. Y., 27 Nov. 1760. Died at 
Holden, Mass., of small-pox, Nov. 1760. 

6. William Wentworth, b. 30 Mch. 1824; m. (i) 23 Jan. 1849 Martha 
A. Griffiths; (2) 30 June 1850 Cordelia D. Ingalls. 

7. Rebecca Wentworth, b. 2 Mch. 1826. Unm. 

8. Seleucus Wentworth, b. 3 Mch. 1831; m. 26 Oct. 1875 Martha A. 

For further particulars see Wentworth and Hall Genealogies. 

*N. H. State Papers Vol. XVH. p. 518. 




Lieut. John Stackpole, for by this title he was usually known 
to distinguish him from his son Deacon John, was the third son 
of James and Margaret (Warren) Stackpole and must have been 
born about or soon after 1680, since he had a son born in 1708. 
He married Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Brown* of York, 

*Her grandfather, Arthur Brown, a merchant, came to America 
from London in 1643. His son, Andrew, bought land at Black Point, 
Scarborough, 29 Sept. 1651. The Indian attacks upon the settlement 
drove him to York in 1699, where he lived till 1717. He then moved to 
Winter Harbor, Biddeford, near the mouth of the Saco River, with his 
son-in-law, John Stackpole. Two years later he settled in Kennebunk- 
port, or as it was then called Arundel, and died there soon after. His 
children were: 

I. Alison Brown m. Hannah, dau. of Humphrey Scamman of Bidde- 
ford and died in 1728, leaving a son Andrew and daughter Elizabeth. He 
was Capt. of Militia and the first Representative of Kennebunkport to 
the General Court of Mass. He was the richest man in the town, hav- 
ing property at his death valued at about $6000. (1241:7:0). In his 
Will, made 9 March 1728, he bequeathed to his sister, Elizabeth Stack- 
pole and to each of her children "four pounds a Piece." The children 
are not named. 

II. Andrew Brown, Jr., m. the widow of Pendleton Fletcher; d. 4 
July 1723, aged 65 years. Their only child, Andrew, died unm. 14 March 

III. Lieut. Matthew Brown d. s. p. before 1734. 

IV. Elizabeth Brown m. John Stackpole. 
V. Mary Brown m. Carr. 

VI. Katherine Brown m. Joshua Lassell. 

See Maine Wills, Folsom's Hist, of Biddeford, and the Hist, of 



John Stackpole lived a dozen years in York, receiving at 
least three grants of land there. He moved to Biddeford in 1717 
or earlier and purchased several parcels of land near Cow Cove 
and the mouth of the Saco, having at one time over two hundred 
acres of land. Jan. 4, 1728, he and others had a grant from 
Arundel of 100 acres apiece on the "Saco Road," a new road to 
be laid out running from Wells through Arundel to Winter 
Harbor. This has led Bradbury in his Hist, of Kennebunkport 
to infer and to state that John Stackpole moved to Kennebunk- 
port, and other historians have followed Bradbury in the asser- 
tion. There is no evidence of this removal, and there is much 
evidence to the contrary. 

John Stackpole was chosen Constable of Biddeford in 171 7. 
The last meeting of the inhabitants on both sides of the river 
under the old name of Saco was held at his house, 31 March 
1717, and John was chosen Moderator. His house stood on the 
spot where not long ago lived Ralph E. Jordan, Esq., on the 
Pool road, near an old cemetery. His house was a garrison for 
defence against the Indians. A petition to the General Court, 
dated 9 Nov. 1723, is signed by Ebenezer Hill, John Stackpole 
and Nathaniel Tarbox. They ask for protection against the 
Indians, and say that Stackpole's "Garrison is upon the road 
and is a guard and security to the meeting house." 

The following petition will be of interest, at least to all his 
descendants : 

"To the Honi'ie William Dummer Esq. Lieut-Gov. and Commander 
in Chief, and to the Hon^i<^ House of Representatives in Gcn^ Court 
assembled, Boston Nov. 1727. 

The Petition of John Stagpole Humbly Showeth That your Peti- 
tioner on the 22d of Jan'y 1724-5 did by order of Col" Thomas West- 
brook, take the Command of Tv/enty-one men at Biddeford and marcht 
up Saco River in pursuit of the Enemy, which Continued for nine days, 
and soon after his return, on the first day of february following y^ Pef 
did by order of said Col° Westbrook march as Pilot from Richmond to 
Penobscot Town with Capt Joseph Heath, all which may sut^ciently 
appear by a Journal now in the Secretary's office, signed by Col" West- 
brook, and for which service your Pef" has never rec'd any pay. 

Therefore your Pef humbly prays your Hon^ consideration of the 
Premises and make him such allowance for the above s'd service as in 
your great Wisdoms shall seem meet and your Pef as in duty bound 
will ever pray. 

John Stackpole." 


It was ordered that the sum of eight pounds be paid him out 
of the Publick Treasury. 

On this expedition with Heath a village of the Tarratines 
near Bangor was burned in May, 1725. It consisted of fifty 
houses. The Tarratines had fled.* 

The reason why John did not receive his pay sooner appears 
in Folsom's Hist, of Biddeford. It must have been after July 
1725 when John Stackpole was surprised by the Indians on the 
beach and " ran into the pool and attempted to wade across ; but 
one of the party, said to have been the noted Wahwa, who was 
well known to Stackpole, pursued him crying out, 'Boon quar- 
ter, John, boon quarter'; meaning that he would spare his life." 
John surrendered and was taken to Canada, spending a winter 
on the way at the foot of the White Mountains. He returned 
after an absence of nineteen months, probably released on 
exchange after the treaty of peace. 

Some traditions concerning this capture have floated down in 
different branches of the family. Some have it that there was 
a John Stackpole of Biddeford, grandson of Lieut. John, born 
in 1739, who was captured by the Indians. He was six feet 
seven inches tall and a wonderful athlete. One account says 
that he and a certain Indian hunted to get game for the chief. 
His Indian companion often took the greater part of John's 
game away from him, claiming it as his own. John stood this 
for quite a while but finally told the chief how the case stood. 
Next day the tribe was called together, John and the Indian in 
the midst. John did not know what was in store for him, per- 
haps torture. Two baskets of corn were brought and set side 
by side. John and the Indian were told to strip naked for a 
wrestling match, the best man to have the corn. It was the 
toughest contest John ever had, for the Indian was a powerful 
man and greased for the occasion, but John threw him the most 
times and had no trouble afterward with his game. 

Another account says that John at first feigned inability to 
endure hardship, but one day betrayed his strength in a wrest- 
ling contest, after which they said, "Strong man John, must tote 
me pigback." This account says that he made his escape upon 
skates, the Indians vainly attempting to follow him on snow- 

*See Williamson's Hist, of Maine Vol. IL p. 143. 


Stackpole Brook in Buxton is said to have been named for 
Lieut. John Stackpole, who was one of the chainmen when Bux- 
ton was first run out in 1733. 

In 1730 was chosen "John Stagickpoell messenger for to 
aggree and hier a Sculmaster." The orthography of the Town 
Clerk of that time shows that a school was much needed. 

He contributed seven pounds toward the building of the first 
Congregational church in Biddeford. There had been two 
church edifices before, but the first Congregational church was 
organized about 1729. John was one of the Committee who 
called the Rev. Samuel Willard to be pastor of that church. An 
original deed of land, bought by John Stackpole of Samuel Cole 
in 1732, in the hand-writing of Rev. Mr. Willard and witnessed 
by him and Abigail Willard, is in the possession of Miss Julia 
Stackpole of Waterville. 

John was one of the Selectmen in 1729, '30, '37-9, and '40. 
He was living as late as 1767. His wife signed a deed in 1759. 

We find mention of three children. Tradition tells about a 
son called "Roaring Ralph/' who killed an Indian with his 
fist. Another son, Andrew, was a soldier in the expedition 
against Cape Breton in 1745. He married 22 Nov. 1743, Mary, 
dau. of John and Elizabeth Davis. He died intestate in 1766, 
leaving two daughters; Margaret b. 9 Feb. 1748 m. in 1765 
Thomas Drinkwater of North Yarmouth, Me. (having children 
Joseph, Sarah, and Mary); and Mary, baptized 17 May 1751, 
who m. 21 Jan. 1768 Joel Sawyer of Pepperellborough (Saco). 
Mary, the widow of Andrew Stackpole, married 4 Sept. 1768 
Stephen Jones of Pepperellborough. 

Of Deacon John Stackpole, son of Lieut. John, more is 
known. He was born in 1708 and married 30 Nov. 1731 
Bethiah Young of York. Was chosen Deacon in 1754, of the 
Congregational Church in Biddeford, Selectman in 1746, '50 and 
'51, He, too, was Lieut, of Militia, appointed by Gov. William 
Shirley in 1755, "for killing and captivating the Indian enemy," 
as the Commission, still preserved, reads. He had, in 1755, 
command of soldiers enlisted for five months, who scouted 
from New Boston (Gray) to P'ort Shirley at Frankfort (Dres- 
den). His Journal, kept during that time, is preserved in the 
Mass. archives. A writer in the New England Register has 
attributed it to the Deacon's father. The hand-writing is differ- 


ent and, moreover, Lieut. John Stackpole would, in 1755, be 
over seventy years of age, too old for such military service as is 

"North Yarmouth July 31, 1755. 
According to his Excellencies orders I have kept As exact A Jornal 
of our proceedings which is as followeth As Things Would Admit of. 
Kept Pr Me John Stackpole Liu" 

July 3 Thursday. 

" 4 Friday. 

" 5 Saturday. 

" 6 Sonday 

" 7 Monday 

" 8 Tuesday. 

9 Wednesday. 
10 Thursday 

II Friday 

12 Satterday 

13 Sonday. 

14 Monday. 

15 Tues. 

16 Wednesday 

17 Thirsday. 

18 Friday. 

19 Satterday 

20 Sonday 

21 Mon. 

22 Tuesday. 

Marched from Biddeford to Falmouth. 
Marched to Northyarmouth Wheair I rec'd 

Marched to New boston. 
Scouted Round the forte. 

Sot out for Ammascogin. Camped in about two 
miles of the River. 

Marched Down the River About Seven Mile 
Then ambushed the River Secretly Made No 

Returned to New boston Making No Descovery. 
I marched with parte of the men towards Am- 
mascogin So Round to New gloster So to Riols 
River and Returned Making no Discovery the 
Capt With the Rest of the Men Scouted Round 
the forte Eachway Making no Discovery no 

Sent ten men After Provision The Remainder 
Marched to Riols River With Capt. Beverag to 
Search the proprietors provision. 
After the Retorn of the ten Men I Marched 
Down to Northyarmouth. 
I Kept Sabouth at Northyarmouth. 
took Provision and Marched fore miles towardes 

Marched to Bronswick Maid no Discovery. 
Crossed the River Marched to Cathance threw 
the Woods. 

Marched to Richmond Maid no Discovery. 
Toock Provisions and at the Request of Capt 
Lithgow carried Mr. Willard up to forte West- 
ron Parte of the Men Marched for New gloster. 
Went with him to halifax to garde up the 
Droven Oxen. 

Returned to forte Westron so to Richmond, 
to Topsom. 

To Northyarmouth the other Scout got in to 
New gloster. 
















July 23 Wednesday Went to New boston. Met the Men Returning 
Left Son (sic. Some?) to garde the forte 
Marched the Rest to Northyarmouth Maid no 
Discovery No way. 
" 24 Thirsday toock Provision and Retorned about fore Miles 

towardes New boston. 
Marched up to New boston. 
Marched towardes Ammascogin. 
Lay by Maide No Descovery. 
Sot our cose for New gloster. 
Cairn in to New gloster. 

Scouted Round at Night Cairn in to New boston. 
Marched Towardes Ammascogin So to North- 
This Journal was addressed to "Secty Josiah Willard at Boston, on 

his Majestys Servis." 

Cathance was the old name for Bowdoinham. Fort Western was at 

Augusta; Fort Halifax at Waterville. "Riols River" was named for 

William Ryall who lived at its mouth as early as 1643. His descendants 

now spell the name Royall. 

Deacon John Stackpole died in Biddeford "2 Dec. 1796 in 
the eighty-ninth year of his age." His wife died 2S Jtme 1785, 
aged 76. They had eight children, as follows : — 

1. James b. 14 Nov. 1732; m. 26 Dec. 1754 Abiel Hill; 
moved to Waterville. See Chapter XIX. 

2. Phoebe b. 13 Dec. 1734; m. 15 April 1761 Samuel Banks 
of Biddeford. 8 children. 

3. Hannah b. 6 March 1736; m. 26 Nov. 1754 Joseph 
Banks, brother of Samuel. 9 children. 

4. John 30 b. 28 Sept. 1739; m. 8 Dec. 1765 Rebecca Gil- 
patrick. He was a sea-captain and was living in Biddeford in 
1783. Nothing more is known of him. The baptisms of three 
of his children are recorded in Biddeford, viz. Martha bap. 2 
April 1769, m. 1790, Thomas Shepherd; Bethiah, bap. 24 June 
1770; Abner, bap. 26 Jan. 1772. 

5. Sarah b. 16 Feb. 1741 ; m. 3 Aug. 1770 Ezekiel Tarbox. 

6. Andrew b. 28 March 1745; m. 29 April 1773 Sarah 
Fletcher. See Chapter XX. 

7. JosErH Young b. 28 Aug. 1747; m. 12 May 1773 Anna 
Fletcher. See Chapter XXI. 

8. Elizabeth b. 17 Dec. 1749; m. (i) 9 Feb. 1769 Shadrach 
Wetherby ; (2) Dec. 1793 James Deering of Arundel. 



r JAMES, d.s. p. 


m. (1) Sarah 

(2) Lucy Baker. 

(3) Abigail Hobbs. 

m. Joiin Hall. 
m. Frost. 


m. Eliz. Pierce. 
WILLIAM, d. s. p. 


m. Eliz. Tibbets. 
ELISHA. d. 8. p. 

OTIS. d. s. p. 


m. Elizabeth Brown. 
WILLIAM, d. s. p. 
SAMUEL, d.s. p. 

m. Jonathan Young. 


m. Bethiah Young. 


m. Mary Davis. 
RALPH, d. s. p. 

SAMUEL, m. Zerviah Watson. 
LUCY. m. (1) William Watson. 

(2) Gerson Horn. 
JOSHUA Jr. m. Lydia Plummer. 
CHARLES, m. Rachel Pray. 
MARY. m. Samuel Ham. 
EBENEZER. m. Mai-y Ham. 
MARGARET, m. Abraham Barrons. 
HENRY, d.s. p. 

MERCY, ni. Richards. 

OTIS. m. Dorcas Lord. 
ANDREW, m. Betsey Abbot. 
TOBIAS, m. Eunice Roberts. 

AARON, m. (1) Deborah Roberts. 

(2) Olive Hamilton. 
WILLIAM, m. Ann Parker. 
JAMES, m. Judith Thompson. 
LYDIA. unmarried. 
JOHN. m. Elizabeth Dunning. 
ABSALOM, m. Nancy Markham. 
MARY. m. Henry Ricker. 
STEPHEN, m. (1) Esther Warren. 
(2) Annie Joy. 

JAMES. m.AbielHill. 
PHCEBE. m. Samuel Banks. 
HANNAH, m. Joseph Banks. 
JOHN. m. Rebecca Gilpatrick. 
SARAH, m. Ezekiel Tarbox. 
ANDREW, m. Sarah Fletcher. 
JOSEPH Y. m. Anna Fletcher. 

m. (1) Shadrach Wetherby. 
(2) James Deering. 


m. Thomas Drinkwater. 
MARY. m. Joel Sawyer. 



Lieut. Samuel Stackpole (Joshua^ Philip- James) eldest son 
of Joshua and Lucy (Baker) Stackpole (See pp. 49 and 59) was 
born in Dover, N. H., Oct. 1740; m. Zerviah, dau. of Isaac and 
Joanna Watson. She was born in 1741 ; bap. 5 Oct. 1755 ; and 
d. 12 Oct. 1820. He was a Revolutionary soldier. See Military 
Record. Pensioned 18 March 1818. Was one of 60 gran- 
tees of the town of Kilkenny, N. H., 4 June 1774. Died at Roch- 
ester, N. H., 22 July 1824. Both were buried in Dover, N. H. 
They had eleven children, Douglass, Joanna, Joseph, Lydia, 
Thomas, Samuel, Otis, Tamsen, John, Amos and Susan. 

L Douglass b. 1764; m. (i) Sarah Lord of So. Berwick; 
(2) about 1810, Mrs. Dolly Eastman of Boscawen, N. H., who 
had previously been married to Eliphalet Little and to Timothy 
Eastman. Her maiden name was Dolly Hunt, b. 25 May 1770, 
d. 2 Jan. 1852, at Webster, N. H. Douglass Stackpole went to 
Dover on business and was found dead in a stream^ in 181 1. 
Whether he died by violence or by accident is unknown. See 
Military Record. There were five children by the first marriage 
and one son by the second, viz., Pamelia, Alexander, Shar- 
rington, Joseph, Greenleaf, and John Douglass. 

1. Pamelia, d. in childhood, 11 Nov. 1798. 

2. Alexander b. 12 May 1797 in Dover, N. H. ; m. 27 May 
1827 Abigail Dix in Amesbury, Mass., and d. 31 March 1852 in 
Salisbury, Mass. She was b. 9 March 1800 in Townsend, Mass., 
and d. 9 Feb. 1882 in Haverhill, Mass. 4 children. 

A. Alexander Jr. b. 28 March 1828 in Haverhill, Mass. ; 
m. 10 Aug. 1853 Rhoda Whittier, who was b. 23 April 1834 at 
Haverhill, Mass. They reside at Haverhill, Mass., and have two 


a. Abbie b. 23 Oct. 1857; m. Charles H. Graham of Haver- 
hill, who was b. 19 Sept. 1855 in Rochester, N. H. They have 
2 ch. 

(a). William Henry Graham b. 18 April 1884. 
(b). Alice Rhoda Graham b. 30 Sept. 1889. 

b. Florence Emma b. 20 June 1859 5 "i- Charles L. Gerry 
of Haverhill, Mass., who was b. 2y Nov. 1857 in Auburn, N. H. 

(a). Esther May Gerry b. 11 May 1884. 
(b). Charles L. Gerry b. 21 April 1893. 

B. Andrew S. b. 14 March 1832 in Salisbury, Mass. ; m. 
29 April 1855 Mary Jane Chase. 

a. Charles S. b. 22 Feb. 1856; m. 10 June 1877 Emma 
Estelle Bean. Lives in Bradford, Mass. Four ch. 

(a). Horace Warren b. ii June 1879. 

(b). Alice May b. 4 Dec. 1881 ; d. 23 Nov. 1887. 

(c). Ralph Roscoe b. 2y May 1883. 

(d). Leva Leora b. 28 Sept. 1885. 

b. Abbie May b. 17 Mch. 1859; d. 4 Oct. i860. 

c. Annie Eliza b. 18 Jan. 1861. 

C. Sarah E. b. 18 March 1834; m. B. B. Russell. Lives in 
North Danville, N. H. No children. 

D. Jonathan W. b. 4 Oct. 1837; d. Aug. 1838. 

3. Sharrington d. s. p. about 1850. 

4. Joseph b. 14 May 1802; m. 11 Jan. 1827 in Dover, N. H., 
Lydia, dau. of Thomas and Mary (Roberts) Wentworth, who 
was b. 5 May 1804 and died 14 Aug. 1885 in Waltham, Mass. 
He died 14 June 1881 in Chicopee, Mass. They lived, for many 
years at Great Falls, N. H., where he was a shoe-manufacturer, 
and Deacon in the Cong. Church. Moved to Chicopee, Mass. 
7 ch. 

A. James Frederic d. 18 Nov. 1834, aged 11 weeks, 2 days. 

B. Charles F. E. d. 14 Oct. 1843, aged 4 years, 3 mos., 8 

C. Sarah Frances b. 21 Oct. 1829 at Somersworth, N. H. ; 
m. 3 March 1873 Samuel F. Scamman of Saco, Me. 

D. Thomas W. b. 23 Sept. 183 1 ; m. Jan. 1851 Caroline 
Knapp of Newburyport, Mass. He lives in Alameda, Cal., 2126 
Clinton Ave. His children are : 

a. Frank W. d. ii Sept. 1858, aged i year, 2 mos. 


b. Thomas W. Jr. lives with his father. 

c. Fannie L. m. Nathaniel Marshall and lives at 226 No 
Cummings St., Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, Cal. They have 
2 ch. 

(a). Kenneth Marshall, 
(b). Fred Marshall. 

E. Joseph Edward b. 9 Jan. 1836; m. Jennie Thompson. 
Address, Del Monte Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. One son, 

Charles Edward b. 16 July 1861. 

F. James W. b. 30 Nov. 1843 '■> d- 30 April 1880 in Anaheim, 

G. Anna Ellen b. 13 Oct. 1845 5 d- 3° July 1859. 

5. Greenleaf b. 6 Feb. 1806 in Rochester, N. H. ; m. 8 
Nov. 1832 Olive, dau. of Abram and Sarah Meader of Ellsworth, 
Me., who was born 16 Feb. 1814. Farmer in Ellsworth. 9 

A. Greenleaf b. 12 July 1833 in Ellsworth ; m. 22 Nov. 
1855 Malinda, dau. of Jubal and Malinda (Atwood) Rice of Ells- 
worth, who was b. 6 July 1837 in Hampden, Me., and d. 29 Dec. 
1891 in Cottage City, Mass. He died 13 Jan. 1881 in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. They had one son. 

a. Henry Wilmur b. 26 Oct. 1856 in Ellsworth, Me. 
Reared in Newark and Elizabeth, N. J. Graduated at Columbia 
Law School in May, 1877. Admitted to the bar in N. Y. 25 
Oct. 1877. Has practiced law at Manhattan and at Clay Center, 
Kansas. Has been Police Judge and J. P. m. i May 1884 at 
Elizabeth, N. J., Electa Ann, dau. of Marsh M. and Mary E. 
(Fox) Foster, who was b. 29 Dec. 1856 in Elizabeth, N. J. No 
ch. Residence, Clay Center, Kansas. 

B. Amos b. 26 Aug. 1836. Lost at sea 29 Oct. 1866. 

C. Sarah b. 7 Sept. 1837 ; m. 29 March 1863 Charles Sin- 
clair of Surry, Me. 7 ch. Imogene m. Charles Woodman ; d. 
July, 1895, leaving two ch., Malinda m. Webster Jellison, Amos, 
Greenleaf, Charles, Olive and Ellen. 

D. Harriet A. b. 26 May 1840; m. 11 Jan. 1868 George 
Ober of Ellsworth. Besides two who died in infancy they have 

a. Kate Ober b. 29 May 1872 ; m. A. J. McGown of Ells- 
worth. They have one child b. 8 Sept. 1895. 

b. Grace Ober b. 16 July 1874. 

E. Sharrington p. b. 26 Jan. 1842; m. 30 May 1866 



Octavia Treworgy of Surry, Me. No ch. They have adopted 
two, Charles and Evie. See Mihtary Record. Residence, Ells- 
worth, Me. 

F. Alexander b. 13 Aug. 1844; m. (i) Mary D. Witham 
of Surry, Me. ; (2) Augusta Caspar of Surry. He died 27 Dec. 
1894. See Military Record. 2 ch. by first wife. 

a. Clara b. 23 May 1869; m. Hiram Blodgett of Castine, 
Me., and has ch. Delia, Hazel, and Ina. 

b. Charles C. born and died in 1873. 
Alexander Stackpole had also two ch. by second wife. 

c. Nancy b. 3 Jan. 1879. 

d. Cecil b. 15 April 1880. 

G. Sebastiana b. 10 June 1847. Unm. 

H. Catherine b. 9 May 1849; ^- ^4 ^^Y 1875 Alfred 
Debeck of Clifton, Me., who died 16 May 1887. 2 ch. 

a. Rolfe Debeck d. in infancy. 

b. Lloyd Debeck b. 22 April 1886. 

I. Joseph b. 24 May 185 1 ; m. Eliza Caspar of Surry, Me. 
Res. Ellsworth, Me. 

a. Irving b. 21 Nov. 1875. 

b. Nancy b. 23 April 1881. 

6. John Douglass b. 18 Feb. 181 1 in Boscawen, N. H. ; 
m. 13 May 1832 Mary Jane Woodman of Boscawen, who was b. 
6 Dec. 1809 and d. 20 June 1880. Captain in the State Militia. 
Farmer and mail-carrier. He d. 28 Nov. 1878 at Hill, N. H. 
Their ch. were: 

A. Charles Harper b. 9 Sept. 1835 ; m. 2 Nov. 1870 Ann 
Eliza Black, at Jacksonville, Oregon. She was born at Oquaca, 
111., in 1843. Moved to Wash. Ter. Residence Coupeville, 

a. Fred Ralph b, 23 Aug. 1871 in Seattle, Wash. Resides 
in Southern Alaska. 

b. May Bernice b. 15 July 1874; m. 27 April 1897 Luther 
E. Bradbury. Res. Cherry Valley, King Co., Wash. They 
have a dau., Myrtle Bradbury, b, 1898. 

c. George Miller b. 9 Mch. 1876 at Snoqualmie River, 

d. Wesley Addison b. 3 Mch. 1882 at Snoqualmie River, 


B. John Page b. 8 July 1840; m. (i) Abbie C. Rogers; (2) 
Feb., 1867, Almena J. Calley b. 9 Oct. 1839, d. 21 May 1897. 
He d. 9 March 1875. 

a. Lee John b. 7 July 1870 in Sanbornton, N. H. ; m. 24 
Oct. 1891 Lola Helen Call, b. 6 April 1872. Res. Franklin 
Falls, N. H. 

(a). Helen Mary b. 31 Jan. 1894. 

C. George Dallas b. 17 June 1842, in West Boscawen, 
N. H. (now Webster). Graduated at Elmwood Literary Insti- 
tute, Boscawen, in 1862, and was one year in Dartmouth Col- 
lege, Taught from 1859 to 1866. m. i Feb. 1871 Celeste Jane 
Knox, who was b. i Dec. 1842 in Sanbornton, N. H. Moved 
to Portland, Oregon, where he now resides. See portrait. 

a. Florence May b. 19 Oct. 1875. 

b. Marion Knox b. 30 April 1877. 

D. Helen Maria b. 30 April 1845; d. 29 Dec. 1857. 

E. Emily Irena b. 19 July 1847 5 ^- 3 J^^"- 1858. 

IL Joanna m. David Kimball of Gilmanton, N. H., and 
had ten ch. See Otis Genealogy in N. E. Register Vol. V. pp. 
200, 217. 

HL Joseph b. 1770; d. May 1798 in Baltimore, Md. In 
his Will, made 15 Aug. 1796, he gives all his estate to his "Hon- 
ored mother Viar Stackpole and Samuel Stackpole the younger 
my son." Will approved 22 May 1798. 

IV. Lydia d. unm. at Great Falls, N. H., in 1849. 

V. Thomas b. 14 May 1774; m. 4 April 1799, in Dover, 
N. H., Sarah, dau. of Peter and Hannah (Winslow) Morrell of 
North Berwick, Me., who was b. 4 April 1781 and d. 17 July 
1866. He was a cloth-dresser and manufacturer at North Ber- 
wick. He died 28 May 1816, leaving ten children, viz., Ann 
Elmira, John, Peter Morrell, Theodate, Charles, Thomas Wins- 
low, Miriam, Lavina, Maria, and Sarah. 

I. Ann Elmira b. 19 Jan. 1800; m. 17 March 1821, at 
North Berwick, John Damon Lang, who was b. 14 May 1799, 
at Gardiner, Me. They moved to Vassalboro, Me., about 1841. 
He was a cloth-dresser and manufacturer. He was a preacher 
of the Society of Friends, and was appointed by the U. S. Gov- 
ernment one of the Indian Commissioners. He d. 18 May 1879 
at Vassalboro, Me. She d. 17 March 1879. Their children 
were : 



A. Louisa Lockwood Lang b. 25 Sept. 1822 ; m. Charles 
Osborne of R. L and d. March, 1895, at Woonsocket, R. L 

B. Thomas Stackpole Lang b. 16 June 1826; m. (i) Ellen 
Southwick ; (2) Mary Varney ; d. 18 June 1895 in Oregon. 

C. Sarah Elmira Lang b. 21 Sept. 1828; d. 28 May 1849. 

D. Irana Lang b. 7 Nov. 1830; d. 18 Nov. 1836. 

E. Theodate Stackpole Lang b. 2 Feb. 1833 ; m. i Oct. 1856 
Joshua L. Baily, b. 27 June 1826. She died 25 Nov. 1886. 5 
ch. Res. Phil., Pa. 

a. Frederick Lang Baily b. 30 Oct. 1857 ; m. 10 April 1884 
Caroline Atlee Corlies b. 12 May 1861. 4 ch. 

b. Albert Lang Baily b. 22. June 1859 ; m. 2 April 1888 Eliza 
Montell Lycett, b. 12 Mch. 1859. 2 ch. 

c. William Lloyd Baily b. 26 Dec. 1861 ; m. 27 April 1893 
Sarah S. Boyd, b. 11 June 1872. 2 ch. 

d. Charles Winter Baily b. i Dec. 1866; m. 23 April 1892 
Lydia Hunn Wood, b. 23 Mch. 1867. One dau. 

e. Henry Paul Baily b. 3 Sept. 1868; m. 7 Sept. 1893 Anna 
Correy Smith, b. 10 Oct. 1868. One dau. 

F. Mary Irana Lang b. 10 Sept. 1836; d. 13 Dec. 1845. 

G. John Alton Lang b. 27 Jan. 1840 at North Berwick, 
Me. m. 20 Nov. 1861 Carrie R. Drummond, who was b. 23 
Aug. 1 84 1 at Winslow, Me. He is a manufacturer at Water- 
ville, Me. Their only dau., Sarah Drummond Lang, was b. 
17 Feb. 1863. 

2. John b. 27 Sept. 1801 at N. Berwick, Me., m. March 1828 
at S. Hampton, N. H., Henrietta Chase, who was b. 13 July 
1809 at Seabrook, N. H. He died March i860 at Seabrook. 

A. Thomas b. ii July 1829; d. s. p. March 1872 at Wash- 
ington, D. C. He was Usher at the White House under Presi- 
dents Pierce and Lincoln, and Steward under Pres. Johnson. 

B. Charles b. 17 Feb. 1831 at Newton, Mass. See Mili- 
tary Record. Unm. P. O. address, Skowhegan, Me. 

C. Ann Maria b. 13 April 1833 at Seabrook, N. H. ; m. 29 
Feb. 1852 Horatio G. Tilton at Portsmouth, N. H. They live 
at Norridgewock, Me. P. O. address, Skowhegan, Me. 3 ch. 

a. Charles Edward Tilton b, 15 Oct. 1858. 

b. Fred Thomas Tilton b. 28 Sept. 1861. 

c. George Augustus Tilton b. 21 Sept. 1866. 

D. Lydia b. 9 Oct. 1837 ; m. George T. Tilton q\ Norridge- 


wock, Me., Nov. 1856; d. 18 March 1864 at Old Town, Me. 
No ch. 

3. Peter Morrell Stackpole b. 5 May 1803 ; m. 30 May 
1828 at Vassalboro, Me., Mary Dow, who was b. 22 July 1808. 
Merchant and manufacturer. He d. 12 Nov. 1848. She lives at 
Amesbury, Mass., with her daughter, Mrs. Rowell. 6 ch. 

A. Thomas b. 2 Jan. 1830 at Vassalboro ; m. 6 Jan. 1864 
Frances S. Buckius of Canton, Ohio, b. in Paris, Stark Co., 
Ohio, 31 Mch. 1838. See Military Record. They live at 
Athens, Tenn, 

a. Ralph Dow Stackpole b. i Aug. 1875 in Cleveland, 
Ohio. P. O. address 44 West 44th St., N. Y. 

B. Lydia Mower b. 24 Oct. 1831 ; m. 17 Nov. 1852 at Vas- 
salboro, Asa C. Tuttle of Dover, N. H. ; d. 27 Nov. 1868. 

a. Walter Sawyer Tuttle b. 28 Jan. 1859. 

b. Thomas Edward Tuttle b. 28 Dec. 1862. 

C. Edward Southwick b. 27 Oct. 1834; m. (i) at Bangor, 
Me., 27 Oct. 1858 Adelaide Frances Brown of Vassalboro, Me. 
He was educated at the Friends' School at Providence, R. I. 
They had two ch. 

a. Mary Ada b. 15 March i860. 

b. Sarah Brown b. 18 Dec. 1864. 

The mother and the two children were lost at sea on the 
steamer "Brother Jonathan," off the coast of Cal. 31 July 1865. 
He m. (2) 5 May 1872 Mary Ann McKinstry of Deer Lodge 
City, Montana, where they reside. She was b. 20 Dec. 1848, 
at Mt. Carmel, Ind. 6 ch. 

c. Edward Thomas b. 8 Feb. 1875 ; d. 2 Oct. 1875. 

d. Morrell Dow b. 26 March 1876. Graduated at Col- 
lege of Montana, Class of 1895. 

e. Mary Harvey b. 13 Dec. 1877. 

f. Jessie Myra b. 24 June 1879. 

g. Theo Frances b. 2 March 1882. 

h. Harvey McKinstry b. 15 Feb. 1885. 

D. Elmira Lang b. 28 Aug. 1837; d. 12 Nov. 1838. 

E. Alton Morrell b. 18 June 1841. See Military Rec- 
ord. Died 5 Jan. 1873 in New Orleans, La. Unm. 

F. Sarah Myra b. 24 July 1848; m. (i) at Portsmouth, 
N. H. 20 Nov. 1866 George Evans Atwood of Gardiner, Me., 
who was b. 2 Jan. 1842 and d. 27 Oct. 1866. They had one dau. 


Mary Emily Stackpole Atwood b. 5 Dec. 1867, and d. 25 Oct. 
1871. She m. (2) 30 Sept. 1891, at Amesbury, Mass., Edward 
Herrick Rowell. No ch. Residence, "Uplands," Amesbury, 

4. Theodate b. 14 March 1805 ; m. 2 Jan. 1834 Alton Pope 
at N. Berwick, Me. and d. 28 May 1887. 

A. Ellen Maria Pope b. 6 Nov. 1834. 

B. Edward C. Pope b. 22 Jan. 1836; m. 8 Oct. 1863 Mary 
E. Riley. Res. Cleveland, Ohio. 

C. John L. Pope b. 13 June 1837; m. 13 June 1865 Fanny 
Whipple. Res. Cleveland, Ohio. , 

D. Alfred A. Pope b. 4 July 1842; m. Ada Brooks. Res. 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

E. Sarah Pope b. 19 Aug. 1843 ; d. 3 Sept. 1843. 

5. Charles b. i Feb. 1807 in N. Berwick, Me. ; m. in 
Charlestown, Mass. Mary Ann Ruggles. Lived in Phil., Pa. 
Died 13 April 1854. 

A. Charles Augustus, soldier during the Rebellion in a 
Penn. Regt. Unknown. 

6. Thomas Winslow b. 27 Dec. 1808; m. 1829 Sarah 
Smith ; d. 9 April 1852. 

A. Frank d. young. 

B. Theodate m. Dr. Hall of Bridgton, Me., and moved to 

C. Daniel W. b. 1838. See Military Record, m. (i) at 
Portsmouth, N. H. i Oct. 1858 Linnie Leathe of Portland, Me. 
m. (2) at Portsmouth, N. H. 16 May 1867 Mrs. Huldah M. 
Mathews of Portland, Me. He died at Portland, Me., in 1882. 
It is believed that his wife died in Portland 5 May 1885. No 
record of any children. 

7. Miriam b. 24 Nov. 1810; m. 4 Jan. 1835 Samuel Taggard 
of Charlestown, Mass., a tanner. 

A. Frank Taggard b. 6 Jan. 1836 ; m. 1868 Katherine Hen- 
derson. Lives at Dan vers, Mass. 

B. Sarah Emily Taggard b. 14 April 1837; ^- 10 Aug. 1838. 

C. Joseph Henry Taggard b. 16 June 1840; d. 26 Feb. 1842. 

D. Charles B. Taggard b. 11 Nov. 1845 \ ^- Maggie Abbott. 
Lives at Salem, Mass. 

8. Lavina b. 8 Jan. 1813 ; m. 5 May 1836 Jacob Pope, who 
was b. 23 Dec. 1811, brother to Alton Pope. They lived at Man- 
chester, Me. 


A. Lydia Maria Pope b, 4 July 1837. 

B. Irena Lang Pope b. 13 Sept. 1839. 

C. Charles Stackpole Pope b. 3 Sept. 1841 ; m. Elizabeth 
Carpenter. 2 ch. 

a. Edward Carpenter Pope b. 23 Oct. 1880. 

b. Edith Flagler Pope b. 17 Aug. 1882. 

D. Elmira Lang Pope b. 6 Jan. 1844. 

E. Sarah Pope b. 14 June 1848; d. 7 Aug. 1849. 

F. Theodate Pope b. 21 Sept. 1850; d. 18 April 1874. 

9. Maria b. ii Dec. 1814; m. 9 April 1837 Henry Weeks 
of Vassalboro, Me., who was b. 25 Nov. 1813 in Sidney.. Me., 
and d, 18 March 1836 at Salem, Ohio. She d. 4 June 1893 at 
Aurora Mission, Mo. Both were buried at Chetopa, Kansas. 

A. Mary Louisa Weeks b. 31 Jan. 1839 at N. Vassalboro, 
Me. Lives at Salem, Ohio, 170 Lincoln Ave. 

B. Charles Henry Weeks b. 12 Aug. 1844; ^n- 24 Sept. 1868 
Emma Boone of Salem, Ohio, where they reside. 

C. Ella Eliza Weeks b. 6 May 1850; m. 21 Jan. 1869 at 
Cleveland, Ohio, Thomas O'Hare, and died in Chetopa, Kansas, 
20 Dec. 1890. 2 ch. 

a. Edith Emma O'Hare b. 20 Oct. 1871 ; m. 19 Oct. 1892 
Goodwin Cushman Dresser at Aurora, Mo. Has two ch. Ella 
Weeks Dresser b. 14 Feb. 1894, and Helen Theodate Dresser 
b, 30 Dec. 1895. 

b. Mary Louise O'Hare b. 26 June 1874. 

10. Sarah E. b. 25 Jan. 1817; m. 12 Dec. 1848 John B. 
Bartlett of New Portland, Me., a miller and lumber-dealer. He 
died 31 May 1872, aged 52 years. She lives with her daughter, 
Mrs. Sylvester, at Farmington, Me. 

A. Marie Louise Bartlett b. 9 Jan. 185 1 ; m. 7 Feb. 1876 
Alonzo Sylvester of Farmington, Me. One child, Larra Theo. 
b. 8 July 1892. 

B. Morrell Stackpole Bartlett b. 19 Dec. 1853 ; m. in 1880 
Lizzie Klouse of Omaha, Neb. She d. in 1883. He resides in 
Kansas City, Mo. 

VL Samuel b. 28 April 1776 in Dover, N. H. ; m. 21 Dec. 
1796 Rosanna, dau. of Paul and Mehitabel Nute, who was b. 4 
Feb. 1777 and d. 22 May 1863 at Rochester, N. H. He was 
drafted in the War of 1812 and served at Fort Constitution, 


Portsmouth. He died 10 Feb. 1854. (Paul Nute was son of 
James and Prudence Nute b. in Dover, N. H. 19 Aug. 1714; d. 
7 Feb. 1796. James Nute, freeman of Dover in 1653, was sent 
over by Capt. Mason on or before 163 1. Was living on Dover 
Neck in 1691. His son James was b. in 1643 and d. 1691. 
James 3d was born 27 July 1687 and had four ch. of whom Paul 
was the third.) 

1. Otis b. 21 Dec. 1797 in Dover; m. (i) July 1827 Lucy 
Hurd, who d. 22 June 1837. She had five children, all of whom 
died young. He m. (2) 21 Jan. 1840, Mary B. Brown of Dover, 
N. H., who was b. i Oct. 1803 and d. 8 April 1880 at Madbury, 
N. H. He died 12 Nov. 1880. Was Col. of militia. 

A. Samuel b. 5 July 1841 ; d. 5 Oct. 1861. 

B. Lucy Ann b. 22 April 1846; m. George W. Kelley of 
Newburyport, Mass. and d. 30 July 1894. 3 daus., who live in 
Dover, N. H. 

a. Mary Kelley b. March 1868; m. Fred (?) Stackpole. 

b. Sarah Kelley b. Nov. 1869; m. 1898 Charles Seavey of 
Rochester, N. H. 

c. Annie Kelley b. Dec. 1871. 

2. Joseph b. 21 Nov. 1799; m. (i) King; (2) Mrs. 

Fellows; d. 4 Nov. 1880. Two ch. by ist marriage. 

A. Charles d. unm, 

B. George d. unm. 

C. Adelaide b. Nov. 1853; m. Dr. King of Brooklyn, 
N. Y. and died about 1892, leaving a daughter. 

3. Charles b. 28 Nov. 1801 ; d. 31 Dec. 1818. 

4. Eliza b. 4 Feb. 1804; m. 22 Jan, 1829 Samuel Tebbetts 
of Rochester, N. H. and d. 10 June 1875. He d. 8 Dec. 1871. 
4 ch. 

A. Mary F. Tebbetts b. 30 July 1830; m. 27 Nov. 1850 
Alfred P. Inman. 2 ch. 

a. Ida Inman b. 16 Oct. 1854. 

b. Fred H. Inman b. 12 Sept. 1866. 

B. Emily S. Tebbetts b. 28 Aug. 1833 ; m. 14 Oct. 1854 
John, son of Ebenezer and Patience (Stiles) Stackpole. They 
live at Rochester, N. H. No ch. 

C. Susan Tebbetts b. 2 April 1835. Unm. 


D. Seth S. Tebbetts b. 28 March 1840; m. 12 Feb. 1868 
Mary J. Hoyt. 4 ch. 

a. Bertha E. Tebbetts b. 11 June 1869. 

b. Emma G. Tebbetts b. 3 April 1870. 

c. John F, Tebbetts b. 16 March 1874. 

d. Charles L. Tebbetts b. 11 Dec. 1879. 

5. Thomas b. 4 June 1806; m. 24 June 1850 Frances Ellen 
Currier of Portsmouth, N. H., who was b. 12 Oct. 1826 and d. 
at Dover i March 1857. He d. at Dover 25 Aug. 1864. Two 

A. Annie Frances b. 9 Nov. 1850 at Dover, N. H. ; m. 10 
June 1874 Lieut. Edward Emerson Bradbury, U. S. N., who was 
b. 24 Nov. 1845 in Boston, Mass. He served through the Rebel- 
lion in various naval offices. Was in the battle of Vicksburg 
and of Sabine Pass in 1862 and in the attacks on Fort Fisher in 
1865, being in the assaulting party. Was eight years Chairman 
of the Board of Assessors in Bradford, Mass. 3 ch. 

a. Frances Stackpole Bradbury b. 14 March 1875 ^^ Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 

b. Dorothy Bradbury b. 26 June 1886; d. i Jan. 1891 in 
Bradford, Mass, 

c. Philip Bradbury b. 6 June 1891 in Bradford, Mass. 

B. Thomas Frank b. ii Sept. 1852; m. 4 Mch. 1873 Sarah 
Elizabeth Sides b. 12 Nov. 1851 at Portsmouth, N. H. He 
died at Bradford, Mass., 1898. 3 ch. 

a. Charles Thomas b. 30 Sept. 1873. 

b. Bertha b. 14 Sept. 1875 ; d. 8 April 1878. 

c. Joseph Sides b. 15 Feb. 1878. 

6. Sophia b. 4 Oct. 1808 ; d. 25 Sept. 1864. Unm. 

7. Seth b. 19 March 1810; d. 9 Sept. 1839. Unm, 

8. Paul Augustine b. 12 Feb. 1817; m. 9 July 1845 Eliz- 
abeth Garland Hills (dau. of Charles P. and Elizabeth Hills), 
who was b. 24 April 1824 in Haverhill, Mass., and d. 13 June 
1853 in Dover, N. H. He worked his way through Phillips 
Academy, Andover, and studied medicine at Harvard and Dart- 
mouth, where he received his degree in 1842. Dartmouth Col- 
lege also honored him with the degree of A.M. He has been 
for many years a prominent physician of Dover, N. PL, where 
he still resides. He has treated all Schools of Medicine with 
liberality and courtesy. He was honored by election to the Pres- 




idency of the N. H. Medical Society. He is a member of the 
American Medical Association. Has contributed valuable papers 
to these and other societies and has written articles for the local 
papers on hygiene, temperance, disinfectants, hints to farmers, 
etc. He was a Trustee of the State Normal School, was inter- 
ested in educational matters and often lectured before Lyceums. 
The History of Strafford County contains a more extended 
sketch of his life. 

A. Charlotte E. b. 22 April 1847; d- 6 Nov. 1851. 

B. Charles Hobart b. 22 July 1850; m. Hattie Ryan of 
Charlestown, Mass. Lives in Worcester, Mass. 

C. Henry Hills b. 30 Aug. 1852; m. Feb. 1878 Lizzie 
McDaniel of Barrington, N. H., who was b. Sept. 1852. They 
have one dau. Charlotte Elizabeth b. Sept. 1879. He was edu- 
cated in Medical Schools of this country and at Vienna and is a 
practicing physician in Dover, N. H. 

9. Noah T. b. 27 June 1820. Went to Troy, N. Y. in 185 1 
and was never afterward heard of. 

Vn. Otis d. at age of 15 in Lynn, Mass. 

VHL Tamsen, twin of Otis; m. Jonathan Morrell of Ber- 
wick, Me., and removed to western N. Y., where he was a pros- 
perous farmer. 

IX. John, went to Demarara, N. Y. Unm. Unknown. 

X. Amos m. Sarah Morrill of Barnstead and had a daugh- 
ter, Julia, who married Jacob Coffin and settled in Alton, N. IT 
The inventory of his estate was made 14 Aug. 1809, amounting 
to $807.63. 

XL Susan m. 2 June 181 1 William Sargent of Great Falls, 
N. H. Their children are Mary Ann, Harriet, Emma, and John 
O. S. Sargent. The latter lives at Dorchester, Mass. (11 Spen-. 
cer St.) and has a daughter, Mrs. Blanche O. Reynolds. 



Joshua Stackpole Jr. (Joshua,^ Philip,^ James^) was born in 
Somersworth, N. H. about 1743. He married Lydia Plummer. 
See Military Record for his service in the Revokitionary Army. 
He was collector of taxes in Somersworth in 1778. We have 
found no record of the date of his death. Tate records the birth 
of several children. 

I. Elisha b. 5 Aug. 1762; d. 30 May 1769. 

II. Leonard b. 28 Feb. 1766; m. (i) Mary Boyce ; (2) 17 
Oct. 18 19 Rachel Abbott in South Berwick, Me. He lived in 
Somersworth, N. H. and in So. Berwick, Me. Died in the latter 
place 2 April 1841 of " cancer in the under lip." His children 

Unknown. He may have had 

1. Daniel. 

2. Rebecca. 

3. Eunice b 

a son ni 


1805; d. 1878; m. a Mr. Palmer. Their son, 
Charles Palmer, lives at Newfields, N. H, 

4. Augustus b. 3 Oct. 1802 ; m. 14 Oct. 1824 Mary C. Cor- 
son, dau. of John T. and Mary Corson of Lebanon, Me. She 
was born 30 April 1800 and died at East Saugus, Mass., 16 May 
1892. He died at the same place 3 April 1881. 7 ch. 

A. Eliza Ann b. 13 May 1829; m. 4 Oct. 1845 Gowen W. 
Johnson who was born in Eliot, Me., 12 Oct. 1817. She died 22 
March 185 1. 

a. Sarah Ann Johnson b. 22 Oct. 1846; m. (i) Benjamin E. 
Seaward, and had a son Charles Wesley Seaward ; m. (2) H. W. 
Trefethen of Kittery, Me. 


"b. Wm. Augustus Johnson b. 6 Aug. 1848. Res, Clinton, 

c. Gowen Wesley Johnson b. 12 March 185 1. Res. Dinuba, 
Tulare Co., Cal. 

d, Jennie E. Johnson b. 12 Mch. 185 1 ; m. 18 Nov. 1870 
Rufus P. Boynton. Res. Clinton, Mass. 

B. Sarah Jane b. 22 Jan. 1831 ; m. 14 Sept. 1850 WilHam 
Devolin. Lives in Canada. 

C. Andrew J. b. 3 Dec. 1832; m. 16 Mch. 1853 May A. 
White, b. 8 Jan. 1833. No ch. P. O. address 75^ Kinsby St., 
Nashua, N. H. 

D. Augustus D. b. 8 Oct. 1834; d. 4 Oct. 1842. 

E. George K. b. 5 Aug. 1836 in Dover, N. H. ; m. (i) 15 
Oct. 1859 MeHssa Andrews; (2) 31 May 1879 Julia A. Florence. 
See Military Record. Res. East Saugus, Mass. 

a. Carrie B. b. 22 Nov. i860. 

F. Mary Abby b. 21 Oct. 1838; d. 2 Aug. 1857. Unm. 

G. Susan b. 5 Feb. 1844; d. 14 Oct. 1872. Unm. 
5. Polly, died 9 Mch. 1823, aged 13 years. 

III. Aaron b. 25 Oct. 1768; m. Betsey Polk (?). Died in 
W^ells, Me., in 1806. Tradition says he was killed by the fall- 
ing of a tree. His widow married 9 Aug. 1807 Nahum Haley of 
Kennebunk, Me. She had six children by each marriage. 

A. Lydia m. 21 March 1812 Samuel B. Low of Wells. 
16 ch. 

B. Polly m. Jotham Perkins. 

C. Eliza m. (Int. Rec. at Kennebunkport 8 Feb. 1823) Wil- 
liam Murch Emery. He died 31 Oct. 1886, aged 86 yrs. 

D. Sally m. 8 Aug. 1816, in Kennebunk, Ebenezer Frost 
Dennett. He was killed by pirates. She m. (2) a Mr. Murch. 
Her daughter, Adaline Murch, married Christopher Gilpatrick 
and lives in Biddeford, Me. 

E. Ivory m. 10 May 1827 Elizabeth M. Wyllie. He died 
at sea. His widow married, in 1833, David Boyd of Portland, 
Me. A son by first marriage, named Ivory, was drowned in the 
Kennebunk River. 

F. John, a sea-captain of Biddeford, Me., m. (i) 12 Sept. 
1819 Hannah Hutchings of Kennebunk, Me.; (2) Mary Deshon 

of Biddeford, Me. ; (3) ■ . He died in Biddeford 

about 1880, aged over 80 yrs. 


a. William d. 17 June 1835. Unm. 

b. Sally m. Frank Haskell of Boston. 3 ch. 

c. James Donnell b. 2 Oct. 1827; m. in Boston i May 
185 1 Margaret E. Pike of Hollis, Me. They were divorced in 
1856. Had children, Ivory, Perley and William, all of whom 
died young. He was a sea-captain. See Military Record. He 
is noy^ in the Soldiers' Home at Togus, Me. 

IV. Moses, died 20 Aug. 1775. 

V. Sarah b. 27 March 1771. Probably married 20 Sept. 
1794 John Sawyer at Portsmouth, N. H. 

VI. Polly b. 13 April 1778. Unknown. 

VII. Joshua. This one is not mentioned by Tate, but the 
evidence is convincing that he belonged to this family. He 
married (i) 30 April 1806 Eunice Spinney of Kittery. She died 
about 1837 and he m. (2) her sister, Mary Spinney, who died in 
1874. He died in Kittery, Me., in 1854. After much effort we 
have been able to get only incomplete records of his descendants. 

1. Lydia b. about 1808; m. Charles Bacon of Boston; d. 2 
May 1893 in Swampscot, Mass. Several children. 

2. Hannah b. about 181 1; m. (i) John Harmon of York, 
Me. ; (2) John Devine ; d. 22 Feb. 1896. Ten ch. by first mar- 

3. Joshua b. 5 Nov. 1813 in York, Me. ; m. (i) Dec. 1835 
Annie Fuller in Greenland, N. H. ; she died 4 Jan. 1870. He m. 
(2) Mrs. Mary R. Bowles in Portsmouth, N. H. He is still 
living in Portsmouth. His children are all by first marriage. 

A. Clara b. 6 Oct. 1845; m. 17 April 1861 Charles W. 
Gardner of Portsmouth, N. H., b. 15 Sept. 1838 and d. 9 Oct. 
1883. She lives with her father. 

a. Ella C. Gardner, b. 1862 ; d. in infancy. 

b. Mary S. Gardner b. July 1864; d. 18 Aug. 1877. 

c. Elizabeth Gardner b. 3 July 1866; m. 28 Oct. 1891 Frank 
W. Ferguson ; died 28 Oct. 1896, leaving one son, Donald Gard- 
ner Ferguson, b. 18 Aug. 1892 in Newton, Mass. 

d. Florence W. Gardner b. 5 Jan. 1872; d. 28 Aug. 1883. 

e. Josephine Gardner b. 1870; d. 1877. 

B. Charles, died in infancy. 

4. George b. 1815; m. Jenkins of Kittery; d. 1882. 

A. George E. m. 22 Jan. 1867 Margaret E. Hehir of Ports- 
mouth, N. H. Several children. 


B. Eunice m. George J. Fernald. 

5. William Franklin b. 5 July 1821; m. 26 May 1844 
Elizabeth W. Jenness of Moiiltonborough, N. H. Moved to 
Dixon, 111. Marble cutter and farmer. See Military Record. 
Died 4 Dec. 1862. Seven ch. 

A. Albert Oscar b. in Portsmouth, N. H. 29 Mch. 1845 ' 
m. 1871 Amanda Metzler. Res. Dixon, 111. 

a. Hattie b. 1872 ; m. Dwight. 

b. Joseph b. 1874. 

c. George b. 1880. 

B. Floriana b. in Portsmouth, N. H., 21 April 1847; ^- P- 
S. Winslow of Dixon, 111. No ch. 

C. Florence O. b. in Palmyra, 111., 28 July 1851; m. (i) 
Alonzo Morgan ; (2) Anson Hoesengton. Three ch. 

a. Mabelle Morgan b. 1874. 

b. Bessie Morgan b. 1876. 

c. Frank Hoesengton b. 1882. 

D. Alice E. b. 22 Mch. 1853 ^^ Dixon, 111. ; m. Henry J. 
Crosby of Chicago. 

a. Henry Crosby b. 1874. 

b. Frank Crosby b. 1882. 

E. Clara b. 24 Aug. 1854. She and her sister Rosa were 
drowned in the Trusdall Bridge disaster 3 May 1873. 

F. Clarence Howard b. 5 Jan. 1859 in Dixon, 111. ; m. i 
Dec. 1881 Maria P. Spiller of Bridgewater, N. H. He is busi- 
ness manager of the Evening Telegraph, Dixon, 111. 

a. Howard A. b. 18 Sept. 1891. 

b. Florence b. 22 Nov. 1895. 

G. Rosa b. 5 May 1863 ; d. 3 May 1873. 

6. Jane m. Stephen Meserve of Rochester, N. H. 

7. Joseph b. 5 May 1825 ; m. Julia Staples of Eliot, Me. 
She was born 11 Dec. 1825 and died 5 Aug. 1893. He died in 
Cambridgeport, Mass., 24 Aug. 1877. 

A. Joseph Franklin b. 30 Aug. 1847 5 ""•• Mary Jones ; d. s. 
p. 14 Aug. 1877. 

B. Wallace Atwood b. 29 May 1849; d- 23 Mch. 1850. 

C. Wallace Augustus b. 23 May 1854; d. 17 Jan. 1856. 

D. Georgiana b. 18 Feb. 1852; m. 13 Sept. 1878 John W. 
Maynard. Both are living at West Medford, Mass. No ch. 


E. Emma Estelle b. i8 Dec. 1861 ; m. 23 Dec. 1884 Clair 
P. Sibley. Res. West Medford, Mass. One child, 
a. Franklin Maynard Sibley b. Oct. 1885. 

8. John Warren m. Martha Brooks of Eliot, Me. Lives 
in Boston. Ch. Martha, George, John, and Walter. Martha 
married a Mr. Hovey ; George is deceased. 

9. Annie m. Warren Knight of Portland, Me. Lives in 
Fairhaven, Conn. Ch. Edward, Frank, Clara, and Minnie. 



Charles Stackpole (Joshua,^ Philip,^ James) was born in 
Dover (now Rollinsford), N. H. in 1745. He was a soldier in 
the Revolution, as were also five brothers. See Military Rec- 
ord. He married Rachel Pray of Berwick, Me., dan. of Samuel 
and Dorothy Pray, who was born in 1743, bap. at So. Berwick 
Cong. Church 8 May 1748, and died at Lebanon, Me. 20 April 
1822, He was a sea-captain and was lost at sea about 1780. 
His sea-chest with his initials upon it is still preserved in the 
family of his grandson Isaac at Billerica, Mass. He left six 
children, Edmond, Ruth, William, Sarah, Sobriety or Sophia, 
and Joshua. Their mother offered them all for baptism in the 
old Blackberry Hill Cong. Church at South Berwick, Me. 10 
May and 18 July 1781. 

I, Edmond b. 4 Sept. 1766 in Somersworth, N. H. on the 
old homestead ; m. (i) 19 Feb. 1792 Lydia Hardison of Lebanon, 
Me., who had five children, Theodore, Charles, Ruth, Theo- 
dore 2d and Edmond ; (2) 5 Oct. 1805 Sabra Abbott of Lebanon, 
Me., who was born 11 Sept. 1781 and died 17 April 1862. He 
lived as a farmer in Lebanon and in Parsonsfield, Me., where he 
died 12 Jan. 1841. There were nine children by the second mar- 
riage, viz. William, Orin, Orin 2d, David, Lydia, Stephen, 
David Augustus, Eliza Jane, and Isaac Ricker. 

1, Theodore b. 21 Nov. 1794; d. in infancy. 

2. Charles H. b. 13 Jan. 1796 in Lebanon, Me. ; m. 3 Aug. 
1823 Susan Philbrick, who was b. 8 April 1792 at Pars9nsfield, 
Me. He was a tailor by trade. Died at Cornish, Me. 22 March 
1855. Three ch. 


A. Lorenzo Dow b. 24 June 1825 in Cornish; m. 24 May 
1854 Sarah Jane Thorn b. 12 Aug. 1832 at Hiram, Me. Black- 
smith. Died at Cornish. Had one dau. Emma, who d. in 
infancy, 1855. 

B. Oscar L. b. 26 Sept. 1826 in Limerick, Me. ; m. 9 Nov. 
3854 Mrs. Deborah P. (Storer) White, who was b. 24 Sept. 1829 
at Sebago, Me., and died there 24 Feb. 1896. He died at Sebago 
15 April 1896. One son. 

a. Charles Orville b. 3 May 1856 at Sebago; m. 9 Nov. 
1895 Delia M. Britton, who was b. 5 Nov. 1877 at Abington, 
Mass. He is a carpenter and lives at Brockton, Mass. 

C. George A. b. and d. 1832. 

3. Ruth b. 26 March 1797; m. Isaac Ricker of Berwick, 
Me. 6 ch. See Wentworth Genealogy Vol. H. p. 139. 

4. Theodore 2D b. 8 June 1800 in Lebanon ; m. Eliza Pitts, 
who was b. May 1810 at Waterborough, Me. and died at, N. 
Parsonsfield 23 June 1852. He died at same place 28 March 
1841. Farmer. 

A. Henry Hobbs b. 14 Oct. 1831 in Sanford, Me.; m. 25 
April 1854 in Boston, Mass. Sophia T. Byron, who was b. 11 
July 1835 at Phillips, Me. Farmer. Residence, Phillips, Me. 
Their only child Elton was b. 16 March i860 and d. i Aug. i860. 

B. Sabra Ann b. ii Jan. 1833 at Waterborough, Me.; m. 
12 May 1849 Charles Smart of N. Parsonsfield, Me. He was 
born 24 Aug. 1827. He is a painter and lives at Phillips, Me, 
3 ch. 

a. Charles Henry Smart b. 8 Aug. 1852; m. 8 Nov. 1885 
M. Ella Hayford of Salem, Me. No ch. Res. Wilton, Me. 

b. Mary Lizzie Smart b. 11 March 1854; m. (i) Wm. J. 
Ross. 4 ch. (2) C. P. Grover. Res. Phillips, Me. 

c. Nellie Smart b. 6 Dec. 1857; d. 18 March 1858. 

C. Alonzo b. 16 March 1839 at Parsonsfield, Me. ; m. i 
May 1878 at Effing'ham, N. H. Sarah F. Drown b. 13 May 1843 
in Freedom, N. H. Farmer. Lives at North Parsonsfield, Me. 

5. Edmond b. 8 June 1802 at Lebanon, Me.; m. (i) 7 Dec. 
1823 Eunice Pray, who died in Sanford, Me. in 1828; m. (2) in 
183 1 Sally Batchelder, who was b. 8 Sept. 1798 in Sanford, and 
died 6 Dec. 1877. He d. 4 Nov. 1878 in Sanford. 2 ch. by ist 
marriage ; 4 ch. by 2d. 


A. Emulus b. 1824; m. Elizabeth Williams at Somersworth, 
N. H. Blacksmith. Residence, Lowell, Mass. See Military 

a. Edwin A. 

b. Henrietta. 

B. Elsie Ann. 

C. Simon b. 6 Oct. 1832 in Sanford, Me. ; m. 13 Dec. 1857, 
at Lowell, Mass. Caroline Crunnett who was b. 23 March 1837 
in Calais, Me. He is a painter. Residence, Sanford, Me. 

a. Fred N. b. 30 Oct. 1859; m. Nov. 1887 Kate Downs. 
Lives at So. Berwick. 

b. George L. C. b. 29 May 1862 ; m. 7 Oct. 1883 Josephine 
F. Spinney in Sanford. 5 ch. 

(a). AzuBA C. b. 6 Feb. 1885. 
(b). Gladys G. b. 2.2 Nov. 1887. 
(c). Miner R. b. 12 July 1889. 
(d). Beulah E. b. 22 Feb. 1891. 
(e). Leroy E. b. 25 Feb. 1893. 

D. Eunice C. b. 8 May 1834; m. 5 Dec. 1868 H. P. Gowen 
of Sanford. 

a. Perley G. Gowen b. 9 April 1870; m. 5 Dec. 1891 Mildred 
Welch of Sanford. They have a dau. Hazel Gowen b. 11 Sept. 

b. Harry Gowen b. 6 May 1871 ; m. 2 May 1892 Lizzie Wig- 
gins of Shapleigh, Me. 

c. Arthur Gowen b. 12 April 1874. 

E. Mary b. 19 March 1836; d. 6 May 1855. 

F. William A. b. 9 April 1838 in Sanford ; m. 12 Jan. 1863 
Ora A. Bennett, who was b. 9 Oct. 1845 at Alfred, Me. He is a 
barber by trade. Res., Sanford, Me. 4 ch. 

a. Minnie M. b. 19 Nov. 1863; m. 18 Sept. 1883 A. E. 
Garnsey of Sanford. Alice Garnsey was b. 9 March 1891. 

b. George Edmond b. 25 Nov. 1865 ; m. 17 Feb. 1892 Lil- 
lian F. Berry of Burnham, Me. 

c. Bertha b. 25 Aug. 1867 ; m. 6 Aug. 1884 Albert W. 
Powell of Lawrence, Mass. He died 16 Feb. 1895. One child, 
Beatrice R. Powell was born 24 Dec. 1886. 

d. Charles A. b. 28 June 1871 ; m. 3 Dec. 1892, at Somers- 
worth, N. H. Minnie Clark of Stillwater, Me. 


6. William b. 3 Feb. 1807 at Lebanon, Me.; m. (i) 5 May 
1831 Lucinda Chick of Cornish, Me. She died at Biddeford, 
Me. 27 May 1850. m. (2) Mrs. Rosanna (Cotton) Rumery of 
Biddeford. He was a carpenter, hotel-keeper at N. Parsons- 
field from 1837-45, and farmer at Biddeford, where he died Sept. 
1864. There were three ch. by first marriage and one son by the 

A. Amanda M. b. 26 Jan. 1832 at Parsonsfield, Me.; m. 15 
May 185 1 James H. Goodwin of Denmark, Me. He lived at 
Bridgton, Me. as carpenter and farmer and died there 13 July 
1890. Was a soldier during the Rebellion in the 4th Maine 
Battery. 8 ch. 

a. Luella I. Goodwin b. 2 March 1855. She and her sister 
Emma were drowned 15 July 1867 in Highland Lake, Bridgton, 

b. Emma A. Goodwin b. 13 Oct. 1858. 

c. Edwin E. Goodwin b. 15 March 1862 ; d. 4 May 1863. 

d. Carrie E. Goodwin b. 30 April 1866; m. 25 Dec. 1886 
Edwin W^eymouth of Bridgton. Resides near Boston, Mass. 

e. Mabel Goodwin b. 3 Feb. 1869; d. 3 May 1869. 

f. Willis H. Goodwin b. 28 July 1872. 

g. Lilla Elva Goodwin b. 24 Dec. 1875 ; d. 14 April 1876. 

h. Myrtice F. Goodwin b. 24 April 1877; m. i Dec. 1894 
Almond L. Hoyt of Bridgton, Me. 

B. Melville M. b. 3 July 1834 at Parsonsfield, Me.; m. 
(i) Jan. 8 1855 Lamira Cotton of Biddeford, Me., who died 16 
Feb. 1864; m. (2) 10 Mch. 1865 Julia Clark of Biddeford who 
died 3 April 1896. He died at Dorchester, Mass. 14 July 1887. 
Was a machinist. Three ch. by each marriage. 

a. Ada A. b. 3 June 1855 ; m. 6 April 1875 Edward H. 
Gilman. Res. Saco, Me. Ch. William A., Arthur E., and 
Ruth W. 

b. John C. b. 13 Feb. 1858. Killed by accident 31 Aug. 
1896; m. 5 Sept. 1880 Hattie A. Pike. 2 ch. Grace Lamira 
b. 20 April 1881 and Lotta May b. 3 Aug. 1887. 

c. Charles O. b. 15 Jan. i860; m. 1879 Emma Griggs. 
Moulder, Hartford, Conn. 3 ch. Lillie Estelle b. 22 May 
1880; Bertha Emma b. 13 June 1882; Charlie Henry b. 8 
Nov. 1884; d. 19 July 1887. 


d. Millie F. b. 10 Dec. 1867. Res. Somerville, Mass. 

e. Elizabeth M. b. 5 April 1872 ; m. i Jan. 1891 Howard 
D. Mason. Res., Somerville, Mass. 3 ch. F. Pearl Mason b. 14 
Dec. 1891 ; Ralph J. Mason b. 8 Oct. 1894; Blanche M. Mason 
b. I Nov. 1896. 

f. Mortimer b. 29 Jan. 1870 ; d. 6 Sept. 1896. 

C. Ellen A. b. 5 July 1842 at Parsonsfield; m. Nathan 
Chadwick of Biddeford, Me. He is a stone mason. They have 
one child, Estelle Chadwick. 

D. William b. at Biddeford i Oct. 185 1 ; m. 30 Sept. 1874 
Lizzie Allen Thompson of Saco, Me., who was b. 12 Sept. 1854. 
He has been Postmaster at Saco, Me., where he still resides. 

a. Fred Horace b. 23 April 1876; m. 30 Dec. 1896 Etta 
May Ridlon of Saco. 

b. William Howard b. 29 Oct. 1878. 

c. Grace Isabel b. 24 Jan. 1883 ; d. 4 Nov. 1883. 

7. Orin b. 30 July 1809 ; d. at the age of 2 yrs. and 7 mos. 

8. Orin b. 23 May 1812 at Lebanon, Me. ; m. 23 July 1837 
Hannah Lord of Freedom, N. H., who was b. 9 Nov, 1809 and 
died at Freedom 10 March 1882. He died at Cornish, Me. 11 
April 1884. Farmer. 

A. Betsey b. 23 Aug. 1838; m. 30 Jan. 1872 Hezekiah 
McKusick who was b. in Denmark, Me. 2 Sept. 1818. Farmer 
and broker. Residence,- Cornish, Me. No ch. 

B. S. Bradbury b. 27 Nov. 1840 in Parsonsfield, Me. ; m. 
31 Dec. 1877 Olive C. Guppy, dau. of William P. and Olive 
Guppy of Stetson, Me., who was born in 1841. No ch. 

C. George Edmund b. 15 Dec. 1842 at Parsonsfield, Me. 
M.D. at Harvard 1870. ni. 2 March 1871 Henrietta M. Pease b. 
II Oct. 1847 in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Physician. Res., Mai- 
den, Mass. 

a. Helen Charter b. 13 Jan. 1872. 

b. Ellsworth b. ii Oct. 1874. 

D. Albion b. 27 Nov. 1845; d. 20 March 1846. 

E. William Lord b. 14 Dec. 1846; m. 15 June 187^ Fred- 
hna A. Burleigh, who was b. 24 Oct. 1852 in Wakefield, N. H. 
He is a carpenter and resides at Winter Hill, Somerville, Mass. 

a. Arthur Burleigh b. 6 July 1877 in Boston, Mass. 


b. Harry Emil b. 12 Jan. 1879 ^^ Boston; d. 10 Feb. 1879. 

c. Howard Eugene b. 6 Dec. 1883 in Boston. 

d. Marion Chamberline b. 19 Jan. 1896 in Somerville, 

F. Mary Frances b. 7 June 1849; d. 18 April 1850. 

G. Susan Marcia b. 15 Nov. 1853 in Freedom, N. H. ; m. 
21 Nov. 1878 Pitt Francis Danforth, who died 16 April 1886. 
She resides in Maiden, Mass. Has two children, 

a. Pitt William Danforth b. 19 Sept. 1883 at Freedom, N. H. 

b. Albion Lord Danforth b. 23 Nov. 1885 in Freedom, N. H. 

9. David b. 21 July 1813 ; d. at age of 5 yrs. 3 mos. 

10. Lydia b. 17 Aug. 1816 at Berwick, Me. ; m. 5 May 1835 
Hiram Remick, who was born 6 Mch. 1808 in Cornish, Maine, 
and died 9 Jan. 1876 at Ann Arbor, Mich. She died 16 Nov. 
1854 at Cornish, Me. 4 ch. 

A. Otis Remick b. 9 Aug. 1836; m. 11 Oct. 1865 Augusta 
Louise Houghton b. i July 1842, d. 22 Mch. 1884; m. (2) 30 
Sept. 1886, his cousin, Ella Jane Stackpole. Educated at the 
LTniversity of Wisconsin. Major in a Wis. Regt. in the Civil 
War. Res. Colorado Springs, Col. 3 ch. by first marriage. 

a. Sidney H. Remick b. 29 Nov. 1867 in New Orleans, La. 

b. Nellie Augusta Remick, b. 14 Oct. 1869. 

c. Harry Otis Remick d. in infancy. 

B. Eliza Jane Remick b. 5 April 1840; d. 4 Mch. i860. 

C. Frank Chadbourne Remick b. 29 Aug. 1841 ; m. 3 Feb. 
1875 Florence D. Culbertson b. 28 Sept. 1847, d- 23 April 1881. 
He graduated at Bowdoin College in 1863. Lawyer and com- 
mission merchant. Res. Chicago. One son. 

a. Edward Culbertson Remick b. 4 April 1881. 

D. Mary Remick b. 22 Dec. 1840; d. 26 Nov. 1852. 

11. Stephen Abbott Stackpole b. 20 Oct. 1818 at Par- 
sonsfield. Me. Graduated from North Berwick Academy in 
1837. Taught in the public Schools of Ossipee and Freedom, 
N. H., and Parsonsfield and Calais, Me. In 1844 he went to 
Boston and soon became partner with J. D. Richardson in gro- 
cery, baking and provision business. He was sole proprietor of 
the business after 1856. Since 1858 the business has been that 
of baking, in which his son became associated with him in 1886, 
under the name of "S. A. Stackpole and Son." He also had a 


business on State St. as wholesale flour merchant. He was a 
member of the Boston School Board 1846-56. In 1850 he was a 
Juror in the celebrated Webster-Parkman murder trial. Was 
Alderman in 1873-5. Member of Mass. Legislature in 1878. 
He married 13 Jan. 1852 Susan Ann Bragdon, daughter of Wil- 
liam Bragdon of Limington, Me. She was born 2 Dec. 1820 
and died i May 1889. He died in Boston, Mass. 26 Dec. 1896. 
They had two children. 

A. Carrie Richardson Stackpole b. 22 May 1854 in Bos- 
ton ; m. 4 Feb. 1882 Charles C. Domett. Res., Hyde Park, 
Mass. One son, Kenneth Stackpole Domett b. 25 Aug. 1886. 

B. Willie Edmund Stackpole b. 14 May 1862 ; m. 6 Sept. 
1886 Maude C. Mackay. P. O. address 29 Doane St., Boston, 
Mass. Two children, 

a. Helen Drake Stackpole b. 28 June 1887. 

b. Stephen Gordon Stackpole b. 20 Oct. 1890. 

12. David Augustus Stackpole b. 2 July 1820 at Parsons- 
field, Me. ; m. 16 May 1847 Hannah Leighton Sawyer, b. 27 Mch. 
1825 in Baldwin, Me. He died in Marlboro, Mass., 12 Dec. 
1889. 9 ch., four of whom died in infancy. 

A. Frank Augustus b. 15 Oct. 1852 ; m. 16 Nov. 1898 
Lillias B. GrifHn of Medway, Mass. 

B. Mary Abbie b. 2 Sept. 1855 ; m. 25 Dec. 1880 Edward 
B. Fay, deceased. Res. South Framingham, Mass. 

a. Leon Elvin Fay b. 16 Dec. 1881. 

b. Lillian Fay b. 6 Sept. 1883. 

c. Preston Stackpole Fay b. 7 Jan. 1889. 

C. Lewis Edmond b. 8 Jan. 1857. Unm. 

D. Carrie Bell b. 24 July i860; m. July 1878 Frederick 
T. Parker, Westboro, Mass. 

a. Edith Bell Parker b. i Oct. 1879. 

b. E. Everett Parker b. 28 Mch. 1881. 

c. Don Carlos Parker b. 27 Mch. 1886. 

E. David Preston b. 28 Mch. 1865 ; d. Feb. 1889. 

13. Eliza Jane b. 23 March 1822; m. Adonijah Pennock 
and d. s. p. 24 Nov. 1879 ^^ So. Abington, Mass. 

14. Isaac Ricker Stackpole b. 15 July 1824 at Parsons- 
field, Me.; m. 5 Jan. 1854, at Efifingham, N. H., Huldah Phil- 
brick Colby, who was b. 15 June 1852 in Freedom, N. H. He 


died at Billerica Mass., 13 Dec. 1894. Farmer and carpenter. 
Their children were all educated at the "Home School," at 

A. Ella Jane b. i May 1855 at Parsonsfield ; m. 30 Sept. 
1886 Otis Remick of Colorado Springs. Their child Alice Maud 
Remick was born and died 21 Dec. 1887. See p. 92. 

B. Lydia Augusta b. i Feb. 1859; m. 22 March 1881 Ben- 
jamin G. Hutchins of Billerica, Mass. 

a. Harold G. Hutchins b. 7 July 1882 ; d. 3 Jan. 1897. 

b. Jason H. Hutchins b. 28 Nov. 1883. 

C. Emma Estelle b. 18 Dec. i860; m. 23 June 1886 Ben- 
jamin H. Thayer of Billerica, Mass. 2 ch. 

a. Elwyn Chester Thayer b. 25 Aug. 1890. 

b. Walter Raymond Thayer b. 17 Oct. 1893. 

D. Stephen Willis b. 21 June 1864; m. 25 Nov. 1891 
Clara Haven Peart of Manchester, Mass., b. 2 Dec. 1854. He 
is a carpenter. Res. Billerica, Mass. 

a. Ella Maud b. 13 July; d. 2 Oct. 1895. 

H. Ruth b. 15 Feb. 1769. Unknown. 

HI. William bap. 10 May 1781 ; m. (i) 19 Nov. 1795 Sally 
Hardison in Lebanon, Me. They seem to have had two chil- 
dren. It seems also that he married (2) 10 May 1806 Sally 
Gerrish and died soon after this marriage. Joseph Hardison 
was made administrator of his estate 16 June 1806. 

1. Rachel m. Aug. 182 1 Ebenezer Worster in Lebanon, 

2. George b. 8 Mch. 1800; m. 6 Feb. 1822 Joanna Jones in 
Lebanon, Me. He was stage-driver from Dover to Effingham 
25 years. Was store-keeper and Postmaster at Acton, Me., at 
time of his death 22 Mch. 1874. His wife died at age of 89 yrs. 
I mo. 20 days. One son. 

A. Joseph b. 26 Feb. 1823 in Lebanon, Me. Is now living 
on Shepard St., Lynn, Mass. 

3. Oliver b. about 1807, though some say earlier. In 1818 
Isaac Brackett was appointed his guardian, implying the death of 
his mother. He m. Hannah Guptill, who was born in Lebanon, 
Me., in 1806 and died in 1874. He was a trader at So. Berwick, 
Me., and for some time a hotel-keeper in Boston, Mass. He 
died 4 May 1886. Four children. 


A. Hannah d. in infancy, 

B. Franklin d. 16 Sept. 1839, aged 12 years. 

C. Alonzo b. in 1830; m. 14 Oct. 1858 Elizabeth Abigail 
Varney who was b. in 1828 and d. in 1876 March 9, He d. 1880. 

a. Elizabeth Burleigh Stackpole b. 5 Sept. 1864 ; m. 30 
Oct. 1889 Edwin Dow Twombly. They have two children, 
(a). Beatrice Randall Twombly b. 5 Nov. 1890. 
(b). Philip Varney Twombly b. 29 Aug. 1894. 

D. William m. Mrs. Jennie (Abbott) Stackpole, widow of 
John Franklin Stackpole of Albion, Me. They lived in Boston, 
then went to Fir, Oregon, where he d. in 1896. No children. 

IV. Sarah bap. 10 May 1781. Unknown. 

V. Sobriety or Sophia b. 19 Aug. 1780 in Portsmouth, N. 
H. ; m. (i) 20 June 1800 Henry Austin of Portsmouth and had 
one dau. Eliza Austin, who married a Mr. Anthony and settled 
in Dalton, Mass. She m. (2) 19 Nov. 1805 (Portsmouth Rec- 
ords say 16 May 1806) William Jenks, a carpenter and contrac- 
tor. They lived in Boston, Brookfield, and Springfield, Mass. 
She is described as "more than usually a capable woman, pos- 
sessing a fine mind and strong will power that gave strength and 
energy of character." She died 24 June 1866. There were 
eight children by the second marriage, viz., Mary Reed, Jona- 
than, Sophia Stackpole, Edniond Stackpole, Fanny Rice, Dexter 
Rice, Henry Austin, and Ruth M. The first, Mary Reed Jenks, 
was a physician and for some years Demonstrator of Anatomy 
at the Boston Female College where she had graduated. Sophia 
S. Jenks married a Mr. Hayward. Fanny Rice Jenks married 
James Madison Bostwick and had five children, one of whom, 
David S. Bostwick of Northbridge, Mass., contributes the above 

VI. Joshua, son of Charles and Rachel (Pray) Stackpole, 
v/as baptized at Berwick, Me. 18 July 1781. He married 9 Sept. 
1797 in Lebanon, Me., Effie Keays. Died at age of about forty, 
i. e., about 1823, in Wolfeboro, N. H. Six ch. 

I. Charles m. (i) Hannah Lucas; (2) Mary Cook. Two 

A. Charles Edwin b. 12 July 1828. Unm. Res. Wolfe- 
boro, N. H. 


B. Jemima Jane b, lo Jan. 1831; m. Lorenzo Horn; d. 3 
Jan. 1892. 

a. Charles L. Horn b. 12 May 1856; m. 4 Nov. 1891 Annie 
S. Earle. 

b. Dana W. Horn b. 13 May 1862; m. 18 Aug. 1891 Estelle 
F. Libby. 

c. Edwin R. Horn b. Aug. 1871 ; m. Flora N. Holden. 
They have a dau. Ethel M. Horn b. Aug. 1895. 

2. James m. Dorothy Pray. Removed to Boston when a 
young man. His name was changed to James Wallace as a 
practical joke. Where he boarded were several members of the 
General Court, who teased him about his name. He became so 
exasperated that he exclaimed one day, "I wish my name was 
anything but Stackpole." Accordingly one of the boarders 
introduced a bill into the General Court, and his name was 
changed, 27 March 1833. He died in Dorchester, Mass., 8 Nov. 
1870, aged 71 years. His wife died 26 March 1862, aged 56 
years. Six children, born in Boston, Mass. 

A. James A. Wallace m. Abbie Currier. One daughter. 

B. John F. Wallace d. 2 Feb. 1862, aged 28 years. 

C. Mary A. Wallace d. at age of 10 years. 

D. George W. Wallace m. Jennie Pendleton. They have a 
son and a daughter. Res. 6 Worcester Square, Boston, Mass. 

E. Lavinia A. Wallace m. George Henry of Boston ; d. 22 
Mch. 1871, aged 32 years. One son. 

F. Ellen M. Wallace. 

3. Lydia m. John Leary. Settled in Maine. 

4. Peter b. 7 Nov. 1807; m. 22 May 1834 Mary D. Canney. 
Their children were : 

A. Mary Emily b. 22 Mch. 1835 ; d. 10 April 1851. 

B. Annette b. 30 April 1837; m. 20 April 1855 John S. 
Wiggin. Res. Wolfeboro, N. H. Two ch. 

a. Clarence Wiggin d. at age of 2i7 \ "i- ^"d had one ch. 
Miriam Annie Wiggin b. 17 Jan. 1881. 

b. Annie Wiggin d. at age of 4 yrs. and 6 mos. 

C. Sarah F. b. 16 Mch. 1839; d. 11 April 1840. 

D. Lydia b. 28 Aug. 1841. 

E. George L. b. 30 July 1844; m. Martha A. McDufifee; d. 
18 May 1889. One dau.. Bertha, d. 19 Feb. 1891, aged 16 yrs., 
9 mos. 


F. John A. b. 26 Jan. 1848; m. Amanda Furnald. No ch. 
Lives in Tuftonsborough, N. H. 

G. Charles A. b. 9 Mch. 1852; m. (i) Jennie Hudson, (2) 
Mildred White. No ch. 

5. Simon m. Mary Davis. 

A. Simon Lewis. 

B. Lorenzo. 

6. Joshua m. (i) Rosa (Keyes) Allen, by whom there was a 
daughter Hannah, deceased ; (2) Dorcas Keyes, who had two ch. 
who died in infancy ; (3) Lovina Fogg, who had two ch. Efifie, 
deceased, and Parmelia Jane, who is living, unm. ; (4) Mary A. 
Willie, who had eight ch. 

A. John Quincy b. 31 July 1850. 

B. Mary Abbie b. 18 Dec. 185 1 ; m. Charles Mills; de- 

C. Ada F. b. 10 Feb. 1853 ; m. Everett Dixon. No ch. 

D. Lydia Frances b. 2 Feb. 1856; m. George D. Horn. 
Res. Greeley, Col. 

a. Ethel May Horn b. 1876; d. 23 Feb. 1897. 

b. George Horn. 

E. Lavina Ann b. 25 Dec. 1857; d. 28 Sept. 1865. 

F. Albert L. b. 17 Feb. i860; m. 6 Oct. 1883 Carrie B. 
Barnard. Baggage master at Wolfeboro, N. H. 

a. Fred A. b. 20 Oct. 1889. 

b. Ernest E. b. 12 Oct. 1896. 

G. Burleigh b. 13 April 1864; d. 1870. 
H. One who died in infancy. 

XI. , 


Ebenezer, son of Joshua and Abigail (Hobbs) Stackpole, 
married 30 July 1777, in Portsmouth, N. H., Mary Ham. They 
were married by the Rev. Samuel Haven. His sister Mary was 
married to Samuel Ham 28 Jan. 1779 by the same minister. 
Ebenezer Stackpole was born in Somersworth, N. H., was a sol- 
dier in the Revolution (see Military Record) and is said to 
have been lost at sea. Rev. Mr. Haven baptized a Joshua 
Stackpole 2 Aug. 1779, undoubtedly the son of Ebenezer and 
Mary Stackpole. This Joshua was married by the same Mr. 
Haven 29 May 1800 to Miss Sally Neal, and their son Andrew 
Stackpole was baptized by Mr. Haven 12 Oct. 1800. Joshua's 
wife died two years later, and he married 25 April 1805 Miss 
Mary Davis of Portsmouth. They were married by Rev. Tim- 
othy Alders of the South Parish. He was a ship-caulker and 
worked in the Navy Yard at Kittery. He died about 1809. 
There is no record of children by the second marriage. His 
only son, 

Andrew Neal Stackpole was born 12 Sept. 1800 at Ports- 
mouth, N. H. He married Elizabeth Rogers of Tamworth, N. 
H., sister of William Rogers, ship-builder of Bath, Me. They 
were m. 20 Aug. 1826 at Dover, N. H. She was b. 9 Oct. 1801 
and d. i Sept. 1881. He d. 16 Feb. 1877 at Amherst, N. H., 
after having lived as a mechanic in Dover, N. H., Bath and 
Hallowell, Me., and other places. 5 ch. 

I. Joshua B. b. 18 Dec. 1828. Sailor, lost at sea about 
1890; m. 20 Jan. 1853 Rebecca G. Preble of Bnmsvvick, Me. 
They had one child, George M., born 11 April 1854; d. 10 Nov. 
1854. She died in the Insane Asylum. 


II. Mary A. b. 8 Aug. 1827 in Dover, N. H. Her History 
is a romance. She disappeared and none of her family heard of 
her or of her descendants for half a century. The preparation of 
this History of the Stackpole Family led to the discovery of her 
family. She married against the wishes of her parents about 
1849 James Hamilton Reed who was born in Boston, Mass., i 
Aug. 1819. His first wife was Caroline Hartwell who lived but 
a short time after her marriage. He worked his way to a liberal 
education, was proficient in Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Taught 
for many years in Ohio and Illinois. Became Editor of the 
"Oquaka Plaindealer" and later of the "Aledo Record." As- 
sessor of Revenue under Pres. Grant. He was an anti-slavery 
agitator and one of the organizers of the Republican Party. He 
was a man of marked ability and of high, unselfish character. 
He died in 1874, Aug. 12, at Monmouth, 111. His wife died at 
the same place 24 Nov. 1865. They had 9 ch. 

1. Frank Hartwell Reed b. 24 Oct. 1851; d. 10 Dec. 1871. 

2. Mary Carolyn Reed b. 21 April 1853 at Sharon, Penn. ; 
m. 9 Feb. 1877 Charles Warren Brooks who was born in Ver- 

A. Ward Hamilton Brooks b. 18 Dec. 1878 at Steamboat 
Rock, la. 

B. Maud Carolyn Brooks b. 30 Nov. 1880 at Clarion, Iowa. 

3. Camilla Reed b. 2 April 1856 at Oquaka, 111. ; m. 25 Dec. 
1880 at Pueblo, Col., Charles E. Weeks, Government Engineer 
at Port A. D. T. Russel, Cheyenne, Wyoming. 3 ch. 

A. Sarah Ivy Weeks b. 16 Oct. 1881 ; d. 25 Nov. 1891. 

B. Edwin Reed Weeks b. 4 Feb. 1884 at Denver, Col. 

C. Roy Rudolph Weeks b. 22 Aug. 1887 at Omaha, Neb. 

4. May Reed b. 9 April 1858 at Aledo, III; m. at Eldora, 
Iowa, 25 Nov. 1881 Thomas Hubbard HoUister ; d. 14 Sept. 1885 
at Waterloo, Iowa. He is a jeweler and traveling agent. 

A. Bertha Anita Hollister b. 8 Oct. 1893 at Iowa Falls, 

B. May Lorette Hollister b. 12 June 1886 at Waterloo, 

5. Effie Reed b. 24 Jan. i860 at Aledo, 111. Is Principal of 
a school in Omaha, Neb. 

6. Ivy Reed b. 24 Jan, i860. Educated in the State Nor- 
mal School of 111. Is a teacher in Omaha, Neb. 


7. Ella Reed b. 18 Nov. 1861. Is a teacher in Omaha. 

8. Rodolphus Bard Reed b. 5 Sept. 1863 in Grundy County, 
Iowa. Graduated from Law Department of Iowa State Univer- 
sity; m. II April 1888 in San Diego, Gal., Etta S. Smith; d. 8 
June 1892 in San Diego, Gal, 

9. Catherine Martin Reed b. 2 April 1865 ; d. 22 Oct. 1865. 

III. Andrew J. b. 20 Sept. 183 1 ; m. 28 May 1861 Sarah 
Jennie Woodman, who died 24 April 1864. They had one child 
Jennie W. b. 2 April 1864 and d. 24 May 1864. He was a lawyer, 
member of Sufifolk bar in 1869. Went to Chicago, 111., about 
1871. In 1876 he was a member of the firm of Mitchell, Stack- 
pole and Miner. He m. (2) July 1867 Abbie Mott and had two 
sons Andrew J., Jr., born in Boston, Mass., 15 Feb. 1868; and 
Lorenzo Webster b. in Chicago, 111., i April 1875. Their 
P. O. address is 845 North 8th St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

IV. Herman Harris b. 16 July 1837; d. 8 Sept. 1852. 

V. William Rogers b. 14 July 1843. See Military Rec- 
ord; m. 17 March 1866 Olive A. Howes of Washington, Me.; b. 
about 1840. He died 2 Aug. 1896. She lives with her family 
in Hallowell, Me. 6 ch. 

A. Jennie W. b. 13 Jan. 1867. 

B. Herman Neal b. 22 May 1868. Wheelwright. 
G. William Edgar b. 13 May 1869. Machinist. 

D. Benjamin Howes b. 14 Feb. 1871. Wheelwright. 

E. Carrie May b. 14 May 1872 ; d. 7 May 1873. 

F. Robert Blake b. 23 Oct. 1875. 

VI. Samuel A. (adopted) b. 27 Aug. 1855. 



Otis (Joshua^ Philip- James) son of Joshua and Abigail 
(Hobbs) Stackpole b. 1761 in Somersworth, N. H. See Mili- 
tary Record. Brought up by his brother-in-law, Abraham 
Barrons of Cornish, Me. Sea-Capt. ; m. 30 March 1781 Dorcas 
Lord of Berwick, Me. Administration of his estate given to his 
wife 20 June 1804. Estate appraised at $159.72. His widow 
m. 15 Nov. 1825 Capt. Vaughn Jones of Portsmouth, N. H. She 
d. 29 Aug. 1836, aged 78, and is buried in Pine Hill Cemetery, 
Dover, N. H., with her first husband. 

I. Lucy b. 22 Dec. 1783 ; m. Jonathan Whitehouse. He d. 
12 Sept. 1855, aged 80. She d. 13 May 1859, aged 76 yrs., 5 
mos. Both buried at Rollinsford Cemetery. Ch. Henry, An- 
drew, Charles, George, Mary J., and Susan. 

H. Henry b. 26 Feb. 1786 in Berwick; m. Betsey Paul. 
Lived in Somersworth, N. H. Their children were Charles, 
Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Josiah and Sarah. The last m. Mr. 
Churchill. Josiah m. 21 Feb. 1846 Frances A. Pierce, who d. 
5 Jan. 1856, aged o.'j yrs. He died in 1898. Their dau. Mary 
Ella d. 16 Nov. 1863, aged 16 yrs. 5 mos. Their son Charles E. 
d. 27 Sept. 1850, aged 11 mos. The other ch. of Henry died 

HL Charles b. 1790. Lived in Boston; m. (i) Miss Jen- 
kins of Dorchester, Mass. They had, besides three who died 
young, a dau. Lucy who m. Samuel Grant of Belmont, Mass., 
and had a son, Charles E. Grant, and two daughters ; m. (2) Mrs. 
Rizpah (Saunders) Sims, widow of Benj. Sims. She was b. 1790 
in Tewksbury, Mass., and d. 21 Jan. 1852 in Boston. He d. 16 


Aug. 1845 ^^^ was buried in the Cemetery on Tremont St., called 
the "Granary" (No. 203). Besides a son who d. young they had 
A. Charles Henry b. 26 June 1828 at Winthrop Square, 
Charlestown, Mass. Unm. Lives in Lowell, Mass. 

IV. Wise. 

V. Mary. 

VL William m. 27 Oct. 1825 Judith Tuttle of Dover, N. H. 
who was b. 28 Oct. 1798. April i, 1814, Henry Stackpole was 
made guardian of William, son of Otis Stackpole, a minor, 
upwards of age of 14. 

VH. Charlotte d. 19 May 1837, aged 40 years. 

VHL Augustus b. 9 Oct. 1800 in Somersworth, N. H. ; 
m. 6 Sept. 1832 Joanna Roberts b. 18 March 1801 and d. 8 April 
i860. He d. 14 July 1849. ^ ch. 

1. Frances b. 29 May 1840; m. 11 Jan. 1862 George H. 
Tilton of Rochester, N. H. One son, Fred A. Tilton b. 1867; 
d. 1869. 

2. Albert A. b. 5 May 1845 5 d. 12 April 1884. His wife 
is buried at Pine Hill Cemetery, Dover, N. H. 

IX. John b. 3 May 1802 in Portsmouth, N. H. ; m. June 
1826 Rachel Leach b. i June 1800 in Raymond, Me., and d. 5 
Dec. 1861. He d. 6 June 1856 at West Gorham, Me. 6 ch. 

1. Sarah b. 28 Nov. 1827; m. 15 July 1856 Reuben Tilton; 
d. 18 Oct. 1895 in Rochester, N. H. 

2. Rebecca L. b. 8 Nov. 1829; m. Charles H. Pike of So. 
Casco, Me. and d. 8 Jan. 1887. He died in 1896. 

3. Rachel, twin to Rebecca, died young. 

4. Jane L. b. 15 Mch. 1835; m. 1863 Geo. Chivers. He d. 
1864. She lives in Rochester, N. H. 

5. Augu.stus J. b. 22 June 1856; m. 5 Dec. 1872 Jennie E. 
Bolton, b. 20 Jan. 1848 in Portland, Me. Res., W. Gorham, 
Me. Blacksmith. No ch. 

6. Elizabeth L. b. 3 Oct. 1839; m. 17 July 1861 in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. George Chivers of Portland, Me. She d. 18 Sept. 
1862 and he m. her sister Jane. Elizabeth had a son George 
Edgar Chivers b. 22 April 1862. 

7. Maryann L. b. 28 Feb. 1831 ; d. 8 Sept. 1846. 



Tobias Stackpole, (Joshua^, Philip-, James^) son of Joshua 
and Abigail (Hobbs) Stackpole, was born in Somersworth, N. H. 
Aug. 1769. He married in 1788 Eunice, daughter of Samuel and 
Sarah (Lord) Roberts, who was born April 1766 and died in 
Dover, N. H. 2 Dec. 1849. He died in Somersworth, N. H. 
T7 Mch. 182 1 and was buried in the Hobbs burying-ground in 
Rollinsford. He spent most of his life as a mariner. He owned 
and was master of a vessel, carrying on coast-trade and making 
trips to the West Indies. He was once run down by an English 
bark. He narrowly escaped and was carried to Liverpool. His 
family supposed him dead, but he returned after several months, 
tired of a sea-faring life. He was noted for his kindness and 
generosity. Of his twelve children the following eight grew up. 

L Ebenezer b. in Somersworth, N. H. 26 Jan. 1793; m. 

Nov. 18 1 8 Patience Stiles, who was born in Somersworth 

18 May 1793 and died 13 Feb. 1873. He died 14 March 1871. 
He lived at St. Albans Cove, Rollinsford, in the house which 
before its removal was occupied and probably built by his great- 
grandfather Philip. They had eight children. 

1. Catherine b. 28 Dec. 1818. Unm. 

2. Lavina b. 19 Dec. 1820; d. unm. 

3. Tobias b. 16 Dec. 1825 ; m. 12 Aug. 1849 Eliza, dau. of 
True and Ruth (Davis) Osgood, who was born at Epping, N. H. 
20 Oct. 1819 and died 13 Nov. 1888. They had three children. 
(See Military Record.) He m. (2) Mrs. Eunice Morrow ; d. 22 
May 1898. 


A. J. Perry b. 17 June 1850; m. 31 Dec. 1873 Frances 
Elesta Wallace. Res. 8 Linwood St. Hyde Park, Mass. 

a. Fred Howard b. 27 June 1875. 

b. GiLMAN Pierce b. 10 Aug. 1878; d. 26 Nov. 1882. 

c. Harry Forest b. 2 July 1884. 

B. Sarah Catherine b. 12 July 1857; m. Aug. 1875 Fred- 
erick Selwyn Howard Orcutt. Ch. Leon Forest, Alonzo Perry, 
Selwyn Howard, and Mildred Beatrice. 

C. Daughter who died young. 

4. John b. 10 Jan. 1829 ; m. 14 Oct. 1854 Emily S., dau. of 
Samuel and Eliza (Stackpole) Tibbetts. No ch. Res., Roches- 
ter, N. H. 

5. Eunice b. 10 Jan. 1829; m. 11 Dec. 1850 Humphrey 
Pray, farmer, of Rollinsford. He died Nov. 1898. They had 
three children. 

A. Charles T. Pray b. 17 Sept. 1851. 

B. Henry C. Pray b. 23 July 1853 ; d. Jan. 9, 1898. 

C. Lois C. Pray b. 5 Aug. 1861 ; d. 13 March 1863. 

6. Moses b. 13 Jan. 1832 ; m. 6 Sept. 1854 Elmira Grace of 
Great Falls, N. H. He lived in Lowell, Mass. Died 26 Jan. 
1865. His widow married a Mr. Clement. There were five 
children by first marriage. 

A. Emma G. b. 17 Feb. 1855 ; m. Frank E. Lewis. 

B. Charles F. b. 10 Jan. 1857; m. 13 April 1882 Mary A., 
dau. of Robert and Kathrine Broadbent of Biddeford, Me., b. 22 
Feb. 1862. They reside in Lowell, Mass. One son, 

a. Charles F. b. 8 June 1885, in Lowell, Mass. 

C. Frank b. 8 April 1859; "i- i Sept. 1884 Mary Ann Kil- 
born b. 16 May 1863. 

a. Ethel Frances b. 30 June 1886. 

b. Mabel Gertrude b. 7 Jan. 1890. 

c. Frank Charles b. 6 Aug. 1892. 

d. Albert James b. 21 June 1897. 

D. George E. b. 5 June 1861 ; d. 26 Sept. 1862. 

E. Ida Frances b. 8 Sept. 1863 ; d. 15 June 1864. 

7. Simon b. 10 Oct. 1836; m. 1868 Martha Horn. No ch. 
He lives in Haverhill, Mass. 

8. Sarah J. b. 15 Nov. 1839; d. unm. 



II. Sabra b. 24 March 1796; d. 20 March 1889; m. (i) 23 
Jan. 1823 Moses W. Straw of Dover, N. H. ; (2) 5 July 1840 
Thomas Leigh who died 8 Aug. 1861, aged 65 yrs. 7 mos. By 
first marriage there were born 28 July 1824 twins. 

1. Abigail Straw; m. i Oct. 1848 George P. Bennett. He 
was killed in the battle of Petersburg, Va., 15 June 1864. They 

A. George Henry Bennett b. 4 July 1850; d. 26 Feb. 1853. 

B. Martin Prescott Bennett b. 28 Nov. 1852; m. 9 June 
1890 Mary E. Abbott. They have besides two who d. young; 
Angelia M. b. 9 Sept. 1892; and Alice L. b. 23 Oct. 1894. 

C. William Henry Bennett b. 28 July 1855. 

D. George Burr Bennett b. 28 Dec. 1857; d. 3 Jan. 1858. 

E. Arabella Bennett b. 8 April 1862; m. 15 Dec. 1896 
Charles Safiford Watson. 

2. Eunice Straw, twin to Abigail; m. (i) Harvey Pierce; 
(2) John Bickford and d. s. p. Sept. 1889. 

HI. Martha b. 31 July 1797; m. (i) 10 Dec. 1819 Robert 
Varney who died in 1823; (2) 2 Jan. 1825 Samuel F. Gage; (3) 
15 Oct. 1834 Samuel Willey. She died 31 March 1874. Her 
children were. 

1. Abigail Varney b. 12 Aug. 1821 ; m. Nicholas Varney; 
d. s. p. 12 May 1892. 

2. Robert Varney b. 4 April 1823 ; m. Caroline H. Locke ; 
d. s. p. 29 March 1889. Three children by second marriage died 

3. Susan Willey b. 8 Jan. 1840; m. 17 March i860 Albert 
A. Pike; d. 11 July 1878. He died 17 Jan. 1899. They had, 
besides three who died in infancy, 

A. Charles A. Pike b. 3 Oct. 1866; m. 19 Sept. 1891 Fanny 
E. M elan son. 

4. Harriet Willey b. 11 July 1838. Unm. 

IV. Moses b. 21 Sept. 1799; d. 25 Feb. 1867; m. in 1824 
Nancy Leighton, who was born 14 Aug. 1803 and died 22 Dec. 
1891. They had three children. 

1. Lorenzo b. 21 Sept. 1824; m. 7 Nov. 1849 Elvira C. 
Wentworth of Somers worth. After a few years of employment 
in South Berwick in 1858 he bought a farm in Rollinsford, N. H. 
and managed an extensive dairy. He was a prominent citizen, 
identified with the best interests of the town. Was a member 


of the Baptist Church at South Berwick, Me. Pohtically he was 
always a RepubHcan. He diedjQ Feb. 1892. See portrait. Two 

A. Annie Wentworth b. 10 Dec. 1850; m. (i) 6 July 1869 
Joshua H. Lame of New Jersey who died 10 Sept. 1869; (2) 3 
Jan. 1872 Bernhard Baer. They have one son. Residence, 
•'Cherry Hill," Rollinsford, N. H. 

a. Lorenzo E. Baer b. 10 July 1876. 

B. Edgar C. b. i May 1852 ; d. 24 Aug. 1852. 

2. Thomas b. 5 July 1826; d. 7 Feb. 1890; m. i Jan. 1858 
Mary E. Mudgett of Tamworth, N. H. They had three chil- 

A. Mary M. b. 30 May 1862; m. 1878 John F. Blaisdell. 
They have five ch. 

a. Walter E. Blaisdell b. 11 May 1879. 

b. Arthur T. Blaisdell b. 6 Feb. 1891. 

c. Gertrude M. Blaisdell b. 2 Oct. 1892. 

d. Mabel E. Blaisdell b. 18 June 1895. 

e. Daughter b. 31 March 1898. 

B. Frank T. b. 12 Oct. 1865; m. 1893 Hattie Watson. 
Res. Amesbury, Mass. No ch. 

C. Arthur b. 7 Feb. 1873; m. 4 Feb. 1895 Minnie Mellen 
of Berwick, Me. Residence, Somersworth, N. H. 

3. Mary J. b. 29 July 1828; d. 28 Nov. 1888; m. 30 Aug. 
1849 John Hall Wentworth, who was born 22 March 1823. 
Besides four children who died in infancy they had. 

A. Mary Anna Wentworth b. 24 Nov. 185 1. 

B. Charles Thomas Wentworth b. 22 Nov. 1852. 

C. Ella Cordelia Wentworth b. 14 Nov. 1853. 

D. John Belmont Wentworth b. 29 July 1856. 

E. Orion Ainsley Wentworth b. 30 Nov. 1857. 

F. Emma Cora Wentworth b. 9 Feb. 1859. 

G. Mabel Wentworth b. 21 May 1861. 

H. Moses Wilbur Wentworth b. 6 Jan. 1863. 

L Lizzie Adelle Wentworth b. 10 May 1864. 

J. Alva Durant Wentworth b. 5 June 1869. 

K. Herbert Trafton Wentworth b. 10 Feb. 187 1. 

L. Elmer Newell Wentworth b. 23 May 1875. 

V. Olive b. 1804; m. Stoten Austin; d. i Dec. 1855. 


VI. Tobias b. i May 1805 ; m. about 1835 ^i^i'^ Curry, who 
was born in Holderness, N. H. 10 Oct. 1810 and died in Lowell, 
Mass., 5 Jan. 1862. He died 14 Sept. 1887. They had, besides 
two who died in infancy, 

1. Albert S. b. 21 Feb. 1842; m. 8 March 1867 Lavenia 
M. Curry, a maternal cousin. See Military Record. Res. West 
Lebanon, Me. 

A. William T. b. 16 April 1869 ; m. i Sept. 1897 S. Mabel 
Brooks of Somerville, Mass. 

B. Arthur H. b. 29 Oct. 1876. Res. Sanford, Me. 

C. Robert V. b. 5 Dec. 1890. 

2. William T. b. 12 March 1845 '■< ^- H April 1867 Henri- 
etta M. Foss. Residence, South Wayne, Wis. See Military 

A. Albert S. b. 6 May 1868. 

B. Nellie b. 27 May 1873 ! ^- 25 Dec. 1895 Edward Marr. 
a. Edna Marr b. 6 Oct. 1896. 

C. William b. 27 May 1873. 

D. John B. b. 12 Dec. 1878. 

E. Austin A. b. 13 March 1881. 

F. Charles H. b. 7 Dec. 1883 ; d. 7 Nov. 1889. 

VH. Alexander. See Military Record. Died 28 Oct. 
1865 ; m. 18 April 1833 Miranda Linscott of Somersworth, who 
died in 1851. They had four children. 

I. Jeremiah b. 15 Jan. 1836; d. 15 July 1881 ; m. 28 Aug. 
i860 Mary A. Earle. They had seven children. 

A. PYorence b. 28 March 1862 ; d. Oct. 1862. 

B. John A. b. 23 July 1863 ; d. June 1882. 

C. Albretta b. 3 April 1865 ; d. Dec. 1865. 

D. Addie b. 19 Dec. 1867; d. Oct. 1873. 

E. Annie Lame b. ii Dec. 1869; m. 28 Oct. 1886 Charles 
S. Hersom. They have two ch. 

a. Arthur Lester Hersom b. 6 June 1887. 

b. Addie Belle Hersom b. 25 Aug. 1891. 

F. Matilda Jenks b. 28 June 1870; m. 22 Nov. 1893 Albert 
E. Stevens. They have 

a. Frances May Stevens b. 6 May 1896. 

G. Maud Rilph b. 11 Aug. 1877; m. 14 March 1895 Edwin 
Marshall Quint. They have 


a. Marshall E. Quint b. 31 May 1896. 

b. Gladys May Quint b. 17 Sept. 1897. 

c. Phylis Belle Quint b. 17 Sept. 1897. 

2. Alonzo b. 8 Oct. 1841 ; d. 3 Nov. 1866. 

3. Joanna b. 18 Jan. 1844; died about 1867; m. Charles 
Bebe and had seven children, most of whom died young. 

4. Joseph A. b. in York, Me. 25 Feb. 1849; ^- ^7 Oct. 1872 
Bianor Butler of Gloucester, Mass. 

A. Albert b. 25 Sept. 1874; d. 12 Oct. 1874. 
VIII. Eunice d. March 1842; m. (i) 3 Oct. 1830 Thomas 
Ricker Wentworth ; (2) Jacob Sanborn. 

I. William Wentworth b. Feb. 1831 ; d. 18 March 1853. 




James Stackpole (James^, Philip-, James) son of James and 
Elizabeth (Pierce) Stackpole, was born in Somersworth, N. H. 
I May 1744 O. S. With his brother William he went to Harps- 
well, Me., and for several years they were residents of the Island 
called Sebascodegan, now known as Great Island. A petition, 
dated 25 May 1768, was sent to the General Court of Mass. by 
its inhabitants, called in the petition an "island alias Shapleigh 
Island." The petitioners ask "to be erected into a distinct sepa- 
rate precinct, that we may enjoy the privileges of the Gospel, in 
common with other Christians, in a more decent and convenient 
manner." It is signed by James Stackpole and by William 
Stackpole.* James married, 18 May 1767, Judith Thompsonf 
of Brunswick, Me., who was born 8 Feb. 1743 and died at Thorn- 
aston. Me. 13 April 1797. They were married by the Rev. 
Samuel Eaton of Harpswell. 

April 16 1773, James and Judith Stacpole (sic) sold to Isaac 

*See Bangor Hist. Magazine Vol. II. p. 120. 

tjames Thompson belonged in Kittery, Me. as early as 1696. He 
owned land in York in 1701, moved to York in 1709 and to New Mead- 
ows, Brunswick, in 1727. He may have been son of Miles Thompson 
of Kittery or of John Thompson called the Scotchman. He married 
Sarah, dau. of Adrian Frye of Kittery. Three sons went with him to 
Brunswick, viz., James b. 1707, father of Brig. Gen. Samuel Thompson 
of Brunswick; Cornelius, b. 14 Oct. 1709 and m. Hannah Smith; and 

Joseph who married Mary and died before I759- The last was 

living on Sebascodegan in 1756 and was the father of Judith Thompson 
who married James Stackpole. 


Snow 37 acres being parts of lot 13 and 15 on Sebascodegan 
and bordering on New Meadows River, and moved to Thomas- 
ton, Me., where he purchased a farm of James Fales and "settled 
along the Bay of George's River towards Simonton Point."* 
He was a carpenter and mason as well as farmer. Was Town 
Clerk in 1778 and Treasurer in 1784 and 1802. His second 
wife was Mrs. Sarah (Fales) Partridge. They were married 23 
November, 1797. No children by this marriage. He died 23 
May 1814, respected and honored by his fellow-citizens. 
Eleven children, viz., Olive, Aaron, Aaron 2d, an infant, Joseph, 
Elizabeth, James, Cornelius, Betsey, William and Judith. 

L Olive b. 27 April 1768; m. (i) Capt. William Lackey, (2) 
William Staples of Prospect, Me. (pub. 2 Jan. 1799). Died at 
Prospect. By first marriage there was at least one son, Simeon 

H. Aaron b. 13 April 1770; d. i May, 1770. 

HL Aaron b. 7 Aug. 1771 ; m. 20 March 1794, Hannah 
Young. Lived in Belmont, Me. Eight ch. She died in Bel- 
mont, 7 August , aged 83 yrs., 10 mo. 

1. Nancy, m. Johnson Young. Died in Stockton, Me., 
1855. He died 4 Jan., 1885. Seven children. 

2. Phoebe, m. Seth Condon ; d. at Matinicus Island, Me. 

3. Betsey, m. Aaron Burrows. Died in Belmont, Me. 

4. Polly, m. Samuel Smith. Died in Belfast, Me. 

5. Charity, m. Lyman Ellmo. Died in Lincolnville, Me. 

7. James. See below. 

8. Jane, m. 2 Aug., 1835, in Boston, Benoni Bixby. Died 
in Somerville, Mass. 

9. Hannah, m. Phillip Leander Ellis. Died in Manches- 
ter, 111. 

James, son of Aaron and Hannah Young Stackpole, was 
born in Belmont, Me., 18 Oct. 1806; m. 1830 Eliza Dunton, who 
died in Beloit, Wis., 1841. He m. (2) Sarah Ann Rue. No ch. 
(3) 27 June 1847, St Manchester, 111., Elizabeth Chamberlain, 
who was born 29 Nov. 1828 in Auburn, N. Y., and died 23 March 
1895 in St. Paul, Minn. He died 29 June 1884 in Prairie du 
Chien, Wis. There were three children by first marriage. 

A. Abigail Ann, b. 24 Nov., 1830; m. H. C. DeMunn. 

*See Eaton's Hist, of Thomaston and Rockland, p. 121. 


a. George M. DeMunn b. 4 Aug. 1852. 

b. Ella J. DeMunn b. 14 Feb. 1854; m. Geo. Vickers. No 

c. Kittie A. DeMunn b. 10 April i860; m. 10 April 1885 L. 
C. Palmer. 

d. M. Gertrude DeMunn b. 4 Jan. 1867. 

B. James Henry b. 14 July 1834, "near Belfast, Me."; m. 
20 July 1867 at Boscabel, Wis. Elizabeth Webb. Residence, 
Omaha, Neb. 

a. Beatrice b. 25 Dec. 1869 in Wis.; m. C. D. Switzer of 
E'.ennington, Neb. 

b. Arthur J. b. 30 April 1871 in Wis. Res. Chicago, 111. 

c. Belle C. b. 24 June 1873 in Iowa; m. 8 May 1891 
Charles Granden of Omaha, Neb. 

(a). Leola B. Granden b. 16 Oct. 1892. 
(b). Howard W. Granden b. 7 Dec. 1895. 

d. Blanche M. b. 19 July 1879 i" Iowa. 

C. Mariette, m. Dan Winchester. Deceased. One son, 
Chas. Winchester. 

By third marriage of James Stackpole there were, besides 
five who died in infancy, the following children : 

D. Elizabeth b. 19 July 1848; m. Geo. W. Williams. No 
ch. Beloit, Wis. 

E. Hannah b. 30 Oct. 1851 ; m. (i) i Jan. 1871 John P. 
Gentil; (2) 29 Dec. 1887 Milton C. Twitchell. Res. Madison, 

a. Eugenie P. Gentil b. 26 Dec. 1871. 

b. Thurman P. Gentil b. 20 Dec. 1876. 

c. Edward C. Twitchell b. 27 Dec. 1891. 

F. George W. b. 13 Jan. 1854; m. 26 June 1888 Kate 
Bowman. No ch. St. Paul, Minn. 

G. William C. C. b. 25 May 1863 at Prairie du Chien, 
Wis. ; m. i Feb. 1885 Adelaide Bowers, who was born 24 Jan. 
1867 at Westport, N. Y. He is a train dispatcher at Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

a. John R. b. 31 March 1887 at Minneapolis, Minn. 

b. Richard B. b. 15 Dec. 1888 at Minneapolis, Minn. 

H. Edna L. b. 2;^ Sept. 1864; m. 4 June 1897 Lewis A. 
Allen, St. Paul, Minn. 


I. Bertha M. b. 4 Oct. il 
]. E. Maude b. 6 Oct. 1870; m. 16 April 1895 Frank L. 
Richards, St. Paul, Minn, 
a. Archer C. Richards. 

IV. Infant b. and d. 13 Nov. 1773. 

V. Joseph b. 26 Oct. 1774; d. 17 March 1836. Unm. 

VI. Elizabeth b. 24 Jan. 1777; d. 24 Nov. 1778. 

VII. Jame.s b. 9 May 1780 in Thomaston ; m. Mary Spear 
Vvdio was born in Thomaston 11 July 1786 and died i Sept. 1855. 
He d. 21 June 1837 in Thomaston. 13 children. 

1. William b. 21 Jan. 1805; m. (i) 18 Dec. 1833 Mary Col- 
ley, who was b. in 1805 and d. 4 April 1843 ! ^^i- {-) 26 Jan. 1845 
Louise Austin who was b. in 1813 and d. 2 Nov. 1891. He d. 
30 Nov. 1886. 3 ch. 

A. Thomas b. 29 Sept. 1834; m. 19 July 1866 Lucinda F, 
Harrison who was b. 19 Oct. 1847 sud is third cousin to William 
Flenry Harrison, President of the United States. They live in 
Thomaston, Me., and have two ch. 

a. William Harrison b. 23 Feb. 1870; m. 21 May 1892 
Erdine L. Libby b. 11 March 1872. They have one child, 

Ruth Emma b. 29 March 1896. 

b. Carrie Washburn b. 17 Feb. 1876. 

B. Elkanah b. 29 Sept. 1835 ; m. 16 Nov. 1869 Mary Stone 
b. 4 July 1840. They live in Thomaston, Me. 4 ch. 

a. John Stone b. 16 Aug. 1870. 

b. Emma Nichols b. 8 April 1873. 

c. Charles Elkanah b. 16 Feb. 1875 - d. July 1880. 

d. Walter Thomas b. 5 Sept. 1880. 

C. Edgar b. 14 March 1837; m. 15 Oct. 1862 Antoinette 
Jordan b. 19 March 1842. He is a merchant in Thomaston, Me. 

a. Mary Louise b. i Sept. 1863 ; m. 30 Nov. 1887 James 
Dingley. They have one child, Emily Antoinette Dingley b. 
12 Aug. 1891. 

2. James b. 25 May 1808; m. 14 April 1839 ^lary Freeman 
Curtis; d. July 1880. Sea-captain. 3 ch. 

A. Georgiana b. 24 Aug. 1840; m. 16 Oct. 1867 Charles 
W. Thomas, M.D. He died 3 June 1872. She resides in Cam- 
den, Me. 

B. Julia E. b. 2 May 1844; d. Oct. 1864. 

C. Maurice b. i May 1847; tl. Dec. 1868. 


3. Elkanah b. 24 April 1809; m. (i) 10 Oct. 1839 Sarah A. 
Webb ; (2) 24 June 1848 Lucy A. Counce. Was a sea-captain. 
Died 19 Jan. 1852, "struck by a wave at sea." 

4. Samuel B. b. 24 April 181 1 ; m. (i) 5 June 1836 Mar- 
garet N. Spear b. 9 April 1817 and d. 31 May 185 1 ; (2) 5 Oct. 
1851 Sarah Anne Knight of Eastport, Me. Married at Provi- 
dence, R. I. She died i Jan. 1893, aged 80 years. He was for 
a time Keeper of White Head Light, removed to Falmouth Fore- 
side, Me. and died there about 1887. 

By the first marriage there were eight children, viz.. Pearl d. 
young; £//^fl m. Richard B. Kelly of Rockland, Me.; Harris d. 
in Portland, Me. 9 April 1840, aged 21 yrs. ; Edzvin b. 1841 mar- 
ried and lives in Townsend, Mass. No ch. ; Charles d. young; 
Eugene the Army. See Military Record ; SaraJi F. m. A. S. 
French and lives at Easton, Mass. Margaret Ellen, who after- 
wards named herself Mary Jane b. 17 May 185 1 and m. Mr. Sar- 
gent and lives at 16 Union St. Charlestown, Mass. 

By the second marriage there was one daughter, Lydia W. 
b. 31 June 1853; d. 3 Dec. 1892, leaving four children. She m. 
19 Jan. 1873 Charles R. Nelson of Falmouth, Me. 

a. Julia Ann Nelson b. 17 Aug. 1877. 

b. William A. Nelson b. 7 Feb. 1880. 

c. Sarah E. Nelson b. 2 Oct. 1883. 

d. Charles F. Nelson b. 5 Feb. 1887. 

'5. Margaret b. 8 Sept. 1813; d. 11 Dec. 1837. Unm. 

6. Harris b. 8 June 1816; m. at Thomaston, Me. 25 June 
1841 Martha Jane Twitchell, whose family name was changed to 
Mitchell by act of Legislature approved 14 March 1841. He 
was a sea-captain for many years and afterward a merchant at 
Thomaston, Me., a man of ability and highly respected. He 
died 21 Nov. 1896. His wife died 13 Dec. 1892. Their only 
cliild is 

A. Frederick W. b. 28 April 1844 at Thomaston, Me. ; m. 
(i) at Thomaston 19 June 1867 Abbie F. McCallum, who died 
29 Nov. 1870; m. (2) 13 July 1872 Sarah Elizabeth Tobey, who 
^vas born in Thomaston 31 March 1848. They were married in 
Pembroke Chapel, West Derby, District of West Derby and 
loxtcth Park, County Lancaster, England, by the Rev. Hugh 
Stowell Brown. He was a sea-captain at the age of twenty and 
continued in that business for twenty vears. He became inter- 


ested in family history by meeting some of the Stackpoles in 
Liverpool, Eng., and was the first who urged the publication of 
this book. He has the family Bible of James Stackpole b. 1744, 
from which much of the data of this chapter was taken. He is 
now a banker at Washington, Kansas. Their only child, Fred- 
erick ToBEY Stackpole, was born in Thomaston, Me. 18 Nov. 

7. Washburn b. 28 April 1818; d. at sea 8 May 1842. 

8. Mary b. 13 April 1820; d. 29 Oct. 1841. Unm. 

9. Henry b. 3 Oct. 1822; d. 22 Oct. 1825. 

10. Harriet b. 13 Aug. 1824; d. 22 Jan. 1826. 

11. Sarah \\\ h. 20 July 1826; m. 31 Oct. 1850 Edwin 
Thomas of So. Weymouth, Mass. He enlisted in 1864, in Co. 
G, 4th Mass. Vols, and served till the close of the Rebellion. 
He d. 21 Feb. 1897. They had one child who is now Mrs. H. 
L. Dunbar of So. Weymouth, Mass. 

12. Harriet E. b. 28 Nov. 1829; d. 14 Nov. 1848. Unm. 

13. Oliver B. b. 4 March 1831 ; m. 5 Oct. 1856 Susan R. 
French. See Military Record. Died 23 Aug. 1863. 2 ch. 

A. Cora Ella b. 28 Dec. 1858; d. 17 Feb. i860. 

B. Oliver B. b. 4 Jan. 1863 ; m. 13 Feb. 1883 B. Lizzie 
Shaw. Residence, So. Weymouth, Mass. 3 ch. 

a. Cora B. b. 24 Aug. 1883. 

b. Lester Otis b. 17 April 1887. 

c. Burton Oliver b. 3 Sept. 1891. 

VHL Cornelius b. 7 June 1782; m. (i) i Jan. 181 1 in 
Portland, Me. Mary Richardson. She died in So. Lewiston, 
Me., 8 Feb. 1844. He was Lieut, on sloop "Revenge," a Priva- 
teer from Portland in the War of 181 2. Lived for some years 
in Lewiston, Me. very near the southern boundary and on the 
bank of the Androscoggin. Here his children were born. 
Later he removed to Whitefield, Me., where he married the 
second time. Name of wife unknown. Died in 1849 i" Wash- 
ington, Me. The children by the first marriage were : 

1. Absolom b. 1812; d. 8 Feb. 1833. 

2. Abbie b. 1816; m. E. Campbell; d. 10 July 1894. He 
was b. 1814 and d. 1889. No ch. 

3. Rhoda b. 1816; m. Randall and moved to Cal. 

4. Sarah Jane b. 1818; m. Hart. Moved to Cal. 


5. Cornelius b. 4 June 1823; m. 14 Dec. 1850 Susan G., 
dau. of Jeremiah Dingley of Durham, Me. She was b. 3 April 
1824 and d. 4 June 1882. He m. (2) July 1885 ^'Ii'S- Caroline 
Maddox of Auburn, Me. See Military Record. He died at 
Auburn 20 Jan. 1891. 

A. Fred E. b. 16 Sept. 1852 ; d. 23 Sept. 1872. 

B. Jennie D. b. 9 June 1863 ; m. 19 Dec. 1883 Arthur C. 
Sprague of Auburn, Me. b. 4 Jan. 1861. They reside at Auburn, 
Me. Their child, Alice Hazel Sprague, was b. 30 July 1886. 

C. Hattie M. b. II May 1867; d. 11 Nov. 1874. 

6. James H. b. 11 April 1822; m. (i) Oct. 1854 Mary Eliza 
Sprague, who was b. 22 Feb. 1836 in Charlotte, Me. and d. i 
Dec. 1862 in Calais, Me. He m. (2) 5 May 1863 Sarah E. Ells 
who was born 7 Oct. 1832 in Pembroke, Me. He died in Calais, 
Me. 24 Dec. 1897. 8 ch. b. in Calais. 

A. Cyrus Freeman b. 5 Dec. 1856; m. Mary A. . 

Ch. Grace, Arthur Freeman, George Lewis, Kathleen, Mamie, 
Clyde James, Frances Isabel. Res. Bangor, Me. 

B. Mary b. 8 Nov. 1858; d. 21 Aug. 1859. 

C. Mary L. b. 19 Nov. i860; d. 9 May 1887. 

The following were children by the second marriage. 

D. Frank Elmer b. 22 April 1864; m. 28 Aug. 1888 Ada 
C. Holt, who was b. 23 April 1862 in Bradford, Me. Res. Calais, 
Me. where four children were born. 

a. Ethel L. b. 24 Aug. 1889. 

b. Hallie E. b. 12 June 1891. 

c. Clara E. b. 4 Sept. 1892. 

d. Frank V. b. 20 Dec. 1895. 

E. James Fred b. 28 April 1866 ; d. 6 Oct. 1875. 

F. Charles Abraham b. 18 Sept. 1868; d. 21 June 1869. 

G. WiLMOT FisK b. I Dec. 1870. Res. Calais, Me. 

H. Mabel N. (adopted) b. 5 April 1879 at Halifax, N. B. 

By second marriage of Cornelius Stackpole, who died in 
1849, there was a son Charles who died unmarried and daugh- 
ter Laura who m. 1861, Alexander D. Lees. 

IX. Betsey b. 4 June 1784; m. 5 March 1807 George Vose. 
Lived in Castine, Me. He was b. 4 May 1785. She d. 13 April 
1841. There were twelve children, all but one of whom died 
young. Nancy Vose died over 80 years of age. Mary, the 
youngest dau., married and died in So. Boston, leaving one 


X. William b. 20 Dec. 1787; m. (i) 30 July 1814 Hannah 
Sidenburger of Waldoboro, Me. ; (2) Nancy Snow. Pub. 28 
March 1819. Removed to Pekin, 111. in 1832, where he died in 
1836. Nancy Snow was b. 27 Feb. 1799 and d. 11 June 1877 
in Pekin, 111. There was a son, George, by the first marriage 
of whom nothing is known. Five children by the second 

1. Lillian Snow b. 1820; d. 1838. 

2. AntniE Elizabeth b. 3 Sept. 1822; m. 31 Dec. 1840 Ben- 
jamin Kellogg who was b. 27 April 1806 and d. 22 Dec. 1855. 
She died 5 Jan. 1844. They had two children. 

A. William S. Kellogg b. 24 June 1842 in Pekin, 111. ; m. 18 
Oct. 1866 at Rochester, N. Y. Sarah Jane Allen who was born 
near Bantry, Cork Co., Ireland, 21 May 1846. He is a lawyer 
in Washington, Tazewell Co., 111. Five children. 

a. Benjamin S. Kellogg b. 10 Oct. 1867. 

b. Richard Allen Kellogg b. 17 Sept. 1872. 

c. Frances Elizabeth Kellogg b. 12 March 1877. 

d. William Snow Kellogg b. 30 Nov. 1878. 

e. Anne Allen Kellogg b. 3 Oct. 1880. 

B. Benjamin Kellogg 3d b. 31 Dec. 1843; d. 17 Jan. 1844. 

3. Susan P. b. 1824; m. 1843 Leonard Hight Wilkey who 
was b. 25 March 1812 and d. 29 Nov. 1865 at Pekin, 111. She 
died 1846. They had two children. 

A. Henry Wilkey b. 26 Sept. 1844 at Pekin ; m. 10 May 
1866 Maggie Murphy and had one child, Fannie Wilkey, b. 16 
I'"eb. 1867. He died at Pekin 10 Dec. 1869. His widow mar- 
ried John W. Kimball and lives in Hot Springs, Kansas. 

B. Isabell Asbell Wilkey b. 1846; d. 1847. 

4. William T. b. 18 Dec. 1827 at Thomaston, Me.; m. 26 
Feb. 1856 at Pekin, 111. Jennie Sophia Harlow; d. 4 April 1893. 
Lived in Fairburg, 111. 4 ch. 

A. Mary Lillias b. 19 Nov. 1857; d. 15 Nov. 1870. 

B. Anna Susan b. 16 Nov. i860. 

C. William George b. 17 Nov. 1866; d. 13 Sept. 1867. 

D. Isabella E. b. 17 Jan. and d. 7 Oct. 1871. 

5. Hannah 1). 1830; d. Oct. 1871 in Pekin, 111. 

XI. Judith b. 8 April 1790; m. 30 July 1832 James D. 
Wheaton; d. 17 Mch. 1858. He was b. Feb. 1767; d. 17 Mch. 
1847. One dau. d. unm. 1891. 




William Stackpole (James'', Phillip-, James) son of James 
and Elizabeth (Pierce) Stackpole, was born 19 Oct. 1746 in Som- 
ersworth, N. H. He went with his brother James to Sebascod- 
egan, or Great Island, Harpswell, Me. about 1766; thence to 
Thomaston, Me. about 1773. May 23, 1871, Ebenezer Tooth- 
aker of Harpswell sold to William Stackpole for eighty pounds 
land on Sebascodegan Island, lot number 2 in first division, on 
New Meadows River. Oct. 2 1780 he sold this land to Joshua 
Purington for one hundred and twenty pounds. The deed is 
dated at Boston, Mass., and is signed by William and Ann 
Stackpole. Witnessed by Samviel Cooper and by Samuel L. 
Parker. After going to Thomaston James and William being 
carpenters got out the frame of a house, and William went with 
it to Boston and remained there. He was a resident of Ward 9 
Boston, Dec. 19 1776, for his name then appears in the Public 
Records among the men from whom a draught was made for 
reenforcement of the Continental Army. The same Records 
show that he was a retailer on King St., now State St., 28 Aug. 
1781. He was "licensed to sell tea" 12 Dec. 1781. In 1790 his 
household consisted of four whites over sixteen years of age, 
one under that age, and eight free white females, as the Records 
say. At this time he lived in what was long known as the 
"Stackpole House," and was a wealthy wholesale wine-mer- 
chant. This house was built in 1729 and was occupied many 
}cars before it took its name by the Waldos, Tyngs, and 
Apthorps. It was midway between Milk and Water Sts., a large 


brick house with ample dooryard and garden in front. " For 
many years after the Stackpole House ceased to be a genteel pri- 
vate residence it was used as a fashionable restaurant, where the 
gay and lively Bostonians found good cooking, and where they 
used to assemble and unbend in festive cheer." After the death 
of Mr. Stackpole it was occupied by his son-in-law, Mr. Welch, 
whose son, Charles A. Welch, Esq., sold the property to the U. 
S. Government. The present Boston Post Office stands on the 
site of the Stackpole House. 

William Stackpole and Mrs. Ann (Jackson) Parker of Boston 
were married by the Rev. Samuel Stillman 3 Oct. 1776. He 
died 3 Dec. 1813 of "gout in stomach" and was buried in the 
Granary, in Jackson's tomb. His wife died 18 May 1807, aged 
61. They had five children. 

I. Nancy Davis Stackpole born May 1777 ; m. (i) 15 Feb. 
1795 John M. son of Rev. Samuel Stillman and had six children 
all of whom died unmarried ; m. (2) John Holker, Consul General 
from France, who came to America about 1787. They lived in 
Boston till the death of Mr. Holker, after which she moved to 
Virginia, where she owned a large estate. She died 18 June 
1857. Her only child, Anna Maria Adelaide Holker. born 22 
Sept. 1816, married Hugh Mortimer Nelson of Virginia, b. 20 
Oct. 181 1 and d. 6 Aug. 1862. He was a Colonel in the Confed- 
erate Arm}' and a man of excellent character. Mrs. Nelson died 
20 March 1875. They had two children, 

1. Nancy A. Nelson b. 18 Aug. 1839; d. 5 March 1877. 

2. Hugh M. Nelson b. 31 Oct. 1847; "i- Sally Page Nelson, 
dau. of George Washington Nelson. She was born 4 July 1866. 
They reside in Millwood, Clarke County, Virginia. 2 ch. 

A. Nannie A. Nelson b. 13 Jan. 1886. 

B. Hugh M. Nelson Jr. b. 26 Oct. 1889. 

H. Sarah Crease Stackpole b. 11 Sept. 1778; m. 2 May 
1799, by the Rev. James Freeman, as the second wife of Hon. 
Edward St. Loe Livcrmore who was born in Portsmouth, N. H. 
5 April 1762, and died at Tewksbury, Mass. 15 Sept. 1832. She 
died in Lowell, Mass. 4 Oct. 1859. She has been described as a 
"woman of sweet and amiable temper with an entire absence 
from her character of envy, hatred and uncharitableness. Her 
consistently Christian life and deportment warmly attached to her 


all who knew her or came within the sphere of her gentle, win- 
ning inhuence."* Mr. Livermore received a classical education, 
studied law, and practiced at Concord, Portsmouth, Newburyport, 
and Boston. He was Attorney for Rockingham Co., N. H. 1791- 
93; Justice of Supreme Court of N. H. 1797-99. He then 
removed to Boston and was chosen to represent Essex Co. Mass. 
in the loth and nth Congresses, serving from 9 Dec. 1807 to 3 
March 181 1. His father, Samuel Livermore, was Representative 
in N. H. Legislature 1789-93 ; U. S. Senator 1793-1801, and Pres- 
ident pro tempore of the Senate two sessions. He was a member 
of the Continental Congress that adopted the Constitution of the 
United States. 

Their children were eleven, as follows : 

1. Edward St Loe Livermore Jr. b. 12 Feb. 1800 in Ports- 
mouth, N. H. ; m. 21 June 1828 in Methuen, Mass. Hannah Gore 
Brown, who was born 9 March 1804 in Pittsfield, N. H. and is 
still (1898) living in Portland, Me. He died 24 March 1842 in 
Lowell, Mass. 4 ch. b. in Lowell. 

A. Sarah Jane Livermore b. 20 May 1830; m. 15 Nov. 1848 
George W. Blake b. 15 Nov. 1825 in Monmouth, Me. 3 ch. 

a. Edward Livermore Blake. 

b. Arthur William Blake m. 8 Nov. 1886 Annie Scott Fow- 

c. Harry St Loe Blake. 

B. Daughter d. in infancy. 

C. George Williamson Livermore b. 7 April 1833 ; d. 2 Jan. 

D. Elizabeth Browne Livermore b. 6 Jan. 1839; m. 3 Oct. 
i860 Llenry Lewis Gregg in Portland, Me. He was born 2 Jan. 
1838 in Andover, Me., and now lives in Hudson, N. Y. She 
died 21 July 1883 in Portland, Me. 

2. Elizabeth Browne Livermore b. 2 Jan. 1804 in Boston ; 
d. 16 Aug. 1888 in Lawrence, Mass. Unm. 

3. William Stackpole Livermore b. 24 June 1805 in Boston ; 
d. 2 Feb. 1822 in Tewksbury, Mass. 

4. George Williamson Livermore b. 17 Jan. 1807 in New- 
buryport, Mass. ; d. 26 Aug. 1830 in New Orleans, La. 

*See Memorial of Judge Livermore written by his daughter, Mrs. 
CaroHne Livermore Abbott. 


5. Grace Ann Livermore b. i June 1809 in Newburyport, 
Mass. ; d. 13 Dec. 1812 in Boston, Mass. 

6. Arthur Browne Livermore b. 11 June 181 1 in Boston, 
Mass. ; d. April 1825 in Tewksbury, Mass. 

7. Ann Grace Livermore b. 24 Dec. 1812 in Boston, Mass.; 
d. 6 June 1856 in Lowell, Mass. 

8. Caroline Livermore b. 5 Oct. 1814 in Boston; m. 18 July 
1838 in Lowell, Mass. Josiah Gardner Abbott; d. 17 Sept. 1887. 
He was a son of Caleb and Mary (Fletcher) Abbott and was born 
at Chelmsford, Mass. i Nov. 1814. Graduated at Harvard in 
1832. Lawyer, Judge, Member of both Houses of Mass. Legis- 
lature, Member of Congress 1875-6. Received the degree of 
LL.D. from Williams College in 1862. Died in Boston 2 June 
1891. 12 ch. 

A. CaroHne Mercy Abbott b. 25 April 1839; ^^i. 19 April 
1869 George Derby ; d. May 1872, leaving a dau. Caroline Derby. 

B. Edward Gardner Abbott b. 29 Sept. 1840. Graduated at 
Harvard in i860. Capt. 2d Mass. Vol. Inf. 24 May 1861. 
Killed at battle of Cedar Mountain 9 Aug. 1862. Buried at 

C. Henry Livermore Abbott b. 21 Jan. 1842 in Lowell. 
Graduated at Harvard in i860. Began study of law^ Enlisted 
in 1861 as private in 4th Battalion of Mass. Vol. Inf., serving 
one month at Fort Independence. Commissioned 2d Lieut. 10 
July 1861 in loth Mass. Vol. Inf. ist Lieut. 8 Nov. 1861 ; Capt. 
29 Aug. 1862 ; Major i May 1864. Killed at the battle of the 
Wilderness 6 May 1864. His commission as Brevet Col. and 
Brevet Brig. Gen. date from the day of his death. See Harvard 
Memorial Biographies. 

D. Fletcher Morton Abbott b. 18 Feb. 1843. Capt. in 2d 
Mass. Regt. Served on Staff of Gen. William Dwight. Unm. 

E. W^illiam Stackpole Abbott b. 18 Nov. 1844; d. 6 May 

F. Samuel Appleton Browne Abbott b. 6 March 1846. 
Harvard 1866. Enlisted at age of 16, but not called to service; 
m. (1) Mary Goddard ; (2) 15 Oct. 1873 Abby Frances Wood of 
Providence, R. I. 4 children by 2d marriage, viz., Helen 
Frances, Madeleine, Francis, and Caroline L. m. (3) in 1896 
Maria Dexter. 


Sec p. Vl'Z 


G. Sarah Livermore Abbott m. 12 Oct. 1870 William Pick- 
man Fay of Boston. They have children, Richard S., Catherine, 
and Edward H. Fay. 

H. FrankHn Pierce Abbott b. 6 May 1852. Harvard 
School 1876. Unm. Resides at Wellesley Hills, Mass. Aside 
from law practice is engaged in literary pursuits. 

I. Arthur St Loe Livermore Abbott b. 6 Nov. 1853 ; d. 28 
March 1863. 

J. Grafton St Loe Abbott b. 14 Nov. 1856. Harvard 1877; 
m. 29 Sept. 1890 Mary, dau. of Charles Francis Adams of Quincy, 

K. Holker Welch Abbott. Artist. Unm. 

9. Henry Jackson Livermore b. 5 June 1816 in Wheeling, 
Va. ; m. i Sept. 1853 in Lawrence, Mass. Susan Hurd Homer, 
who was b. 19 May 1829 in Amesbury, Mass. He d. 2 Feb. 
1874. 7 ch. 

A. Edward St Loe Livermore b. 3 Aug. 1854; d. 1890. 

B. James Homer Livermore b. 6 Aug. 1855 ; d. 12 Sept. 


C. Henry Livermore b. 10 Aug. 1856; d. 13 Aug. 1856. 

D. James Homer Livermore b. 29 June 1858 ; m. 23 April 
1883 in Portland, Oregon, Agnes Rose Boyle b. 18 Aug. 1863. 

E. Arthur D. Livermore b. 27 Dec. i860; d. 21 Nov. 1863. 

F. Henry Abbott Livermore. 

G. Grace Livermore. 

10. Sarah Stackpole Livermore b. 12 July 1819 in Tewks- 
bury, Mass. ; m. John Tatterson ; d. 18 March 1895 in Lawrence, 

II. Mary Jane Livermore b. 2 Aug. 1821 in Lowell, Mass.; 
m. 7 Oct. 1846 Daniel Saunders b. 6 Oct. 1822 in Andover, Mass. 
He was educated at Phillips Academy and Harvard Law School. 
Member of both Houses of Mass. Legislature. Mayor of Law- 
rence. Resides in Lawrence, Mass. 5 ch. 

A. Charles Gurley Saunders b. 3 Oct. 1847. 

B. Mary Saunders b. 14 Jan. 1855 ; d. 14 Sept. 1869. 

C. Theodore Abbott Saunders b. 19 June 1849. Harvard 
1867. Admitted to the bar in 1870, at Salem, Mass. 

D. Anne Grace Saunders b. 7 April 1857. 

E. Edith St Loe Saunders b. 24 Feb. 1865. 


III. William Stackpole b. 31 Dec. 1779 in Boston, Mass. 
Graduated at Harvard in 1797. A.M. Lawyer, m. 13 Jan. 
1803 Mrs. Nancy (Lewis) Hodgdon, dau. of Joseph and Molly 
Lewis of Dedham, Mass., who was born 12 Sept. 1774. (Her 
first husband was Alexander Hodgdon, Esq., of Boston, whom 
she married 6 Oct. 1793. He died in Dedham 12 Aug. 1797, 
aged 56 years.) They went to Louisville, Ky., and both died 
there of fever about 11 Oct. 1822. They had six children. 

1. William Ames Stackpole, died in New Orleans, La., 
when a young man. Unm. 

2. Grace Hanfield Gurley Stackpole m. George Atkin- 
son of London, England, in 1842 and resided there. She died in 
October 1872, having survived her husband. They had no 

3. Joseph Lewis Stackpole b. 28 Dec. 1808. Graduated 
at Harvard in 1824 and at the Law School in 1828. He married 
2 March 1837 Susan Margaret Benjamin of Boston, Mass. He 
was the "nearest and dearest friend" of John Lothrop Motley, 
the historian, who married a sister of Joseph Lewis Stackpole's 
wife, "thus joining two young men already like brothers in their 
mutual afifections." Motley writes of him long years after his 
death as "our ever lamented friend Stackpole." Oliver W^endell 
Holmes, in his Memoir of Motley says that Motley and Stackpole 
met while traveling in Europe. Stackpole was eight years older 
than Motley, "always cool and good-natured. Mr. Stackpole 
was a man of great intelligence, of remarkable personal attrac- 
tions and amiable character." Pres. Eliot of Harvard related to 
Mr. Markham W. Stackpole that when he was traveling in Egypt 
he saw Joseph Lewis Stackpole's name carved at some place up 
the Nile. He was killed in a railroad accident 20 July 1847. ^^ 
the Boston Daily Advertiser of July 23, 1847 appeared the follow- 
ing obituary, written by Hon. Charles Sumner. 

"The sudden death of Mr. Stackpole has filled a large circU 
of friends with poignant grief. 

"He was a graduate of Harvard University in the class of 
1824 and afterwards studied law. His studies were careful and 
thorough. His attainments were increased by travel in Europe. 
As a member of the Ex. Com. on Modern Languages at the 
University he made his excellent knowledge, especially of 


Sec 1). l'J2 


See p. 123 


French, useful to the community. Had his professional studies 
been continued, there is reason to believe that in some 
departments he would have contributed in no humble measure 
to the true fame of his country. An article in the American 
Jurist entitled 'Customs and Origin of Customary Law,' written 
by Mr. S. while still very young, drew the attention of learned 
men in Europe as much, perhaps, as was ever done by any paper 
of mere jurisprudence from our country. It was the subject of 
comment by the late Prof. Park at King's College in one of his 
public lectures, who read extracts from it to his classes, and it 
was reproduced in one of the English Law Journals. This was 
at the time when American productions found little favor from 
the mother country. This article will be read with interest by 
students of Jurisprudence and History, while it must always pos- 
sess peculiar attractions as the early offering of ingenuous youth 
to a stern profession ardently espoused. Perhaps nothing 
ever appeared in our country from one equally young evincing 
a finer judicial spirit. 

"Mr. Stackpole has been removed from the strongest family 
ties, from a large cluster of friends, from enjoyments richly 
spread by competence and taste, and from opportunities of use- 
fulness which were before him in ample fields, while his sun of 
life was still high and glowing in the heavens. He has passed 
away as a shadow. Let us clasp and hold fast the memory of 
his virtues." 

His wife survived him half a century, dying 24 April 1896. 
They had three sons. 

A. Joseph Lewis Stackpole b. 20 March 1838. Grad- 
uated at Harvard University in 1857 and at the Law School in 
1859. Admitted to Suffolk bar 3 Sept. i860. In the war of the 
Rebellion he was commissioned Capt. in the 24th Mass. Regt. 2 
Sept. 1861 ; Major and Judge Advocate General 10 July 1863 ; 
Brevet Lieut.-Col. 13 March 1865, and resigned 20 April 1865. 
Gen. Benj. F. Butler, in his Autobiography, says of him on tak- 
ing command of the Department, "Major J. L. Stackpole, the 
Judge Advocate General of the Department of Virginia and 
North Carolina * * * I found one of the most competent 
officers that I have ever seen filling that position. He was faith- 
ful, diligent and a good lawyer, and he retained his position dur- 


ing my command. He now pursues his profession in the city of 
Boston with the esteem of all who know him." (p. 697.) 

He early gave evidence of his ability as a lawyer. March 15 
1861, Motley writes to his mother thus, "I hear that Lewis 
Stackpole is one of the most rising young lawyers of the day, 
that he is very popular everywhere, thought to have great talents 
for his profession, great industry, and that he is sure to succeed. 
You may well suppose with how much delight we hear such ac- 
counts of him." (Correspondence Vol. I. p. 364.) He was first 
Assistant City Solicitor of Boston from 1870 to 1876, and U. S. 
General Appraiser from Aug. to Dec. 1890. He has appeared 
in the North American Review for Nov. 1865, as the author of 
"Military Law," and in the American Law Review as the author 
of "Rogers vs. Attorney-General," Oct. 1865; '"Law and 
Romance," April 1867; "Book about Lawyers," Oct. 1867; 
"Lord Plunkett, " April 1868; "Campbell's Lives of Lyndhurst 
and Brougham," Jan. 1870; "Howland Will Case," July 1870; 
and "Early Days of Charles Sumner," 1879. 

He married 3 March 1863, at Cambridge, Mass., Martha 
Watson Parsons, a granddaughter of Chief Justice Parsons. 
Residence 292 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 4 ch. 

a. Elizabeth Virginia b. 14 Jan. 1865 ; m. 26 Jan. 1899 
George Howland of N. Y. They were married at Trinity 
church, Boston, by Bishop Lawrence. Now living in Paris. 

b. Alice b. 6 June 1866. 

c. Joseph Lewis b. 1868; d. 1873. 

d. Joseph Lewis b. 16 Nov. 1874. Graduated at Harvard 
in 1895 and from the Law School in 1898, ciiiu laiidc. 

B. William b. 2y April 1842. Unm. 

C. Henry b. 10 June 1846; m. 17 July 1875 Bessie Value of 
Elizabeth, N. J. Banker. Res. 340 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

a. William b. 2 June 1877. Harvard 1898. 

b. Edith b. 8 Feb. 1880. 

c. Priscilla b. 15 Nov. 1885. 

d. Henry b. 9 Sept. 1881 ; d. Aug. 1882. 

e. Susan Margaret b. i April 1889. 

f. Grace b. 9 June 1891. 

4. Frederick Dabney d. young. 

5. RoxANA b. 13 Jan. 1813; m. 2y May 1835, in London, 


."?L'C p. 124 


Eng,, Frederick Dabney, b. 2 Aug. 1809. (He was son of John 
Bass Dabney, who came from Alexandria, Va., and m. 30 Oct. 
1792 Roxa Lewis of Dedham, who was b. 25 July 1772. She 
was dau. of Joseph and Molly Lewis, and sister of Nancy (Lewis) 
Hodgdon who married William Stackpole.) She died 26 Feb. 
1887; Mr. Dabney died 29 Dec. 1857. They lived for some time 
at P'ayal, Azore Islands, where he was Vice Consul and where he 
died. They had 9 ch. 

A. Frederick Dabney b. 15 Feb. 1836; d. 16 Feb. 1836. 

B. William Stackpole Dabney b. 26 Dec. 1837; d. 30 Jan. 

C. Frederick Dabney b. 5 Aug. 1839; d- ^7 March 1840. 

D. Lewis Stackpole Dabney b. 21 Dec. 1840 in Fayal. 
Graduated at Harvard in 1861. Admitted to Suffolk bar 10 Feb. 
1863. Was in 2d Mass. Cavalry from Nov. 1862 till Jan. 1865, 
and was mustered out as Captain. Assistant United States Dis- 
trict Attorney 1866; m. 22 April 1867 Clara, second dau. of 
George T. and Anna S. (Miller) Bigelow. 4 ch. 

a. Frederick Lewis Dabney b. 5 May 1869. 

b. Caroline Miller Dabney b. 13 March 1874. 

c. Clara Bigelow Dabney b. 6 Dec. 1877; d. 3 Jan. 1879. 

d. George Bigelow Dabney b. 10 Oct. 1880. 

E. George Stackpole Dabney b. 25 Nov. 1842. 

F. Walter Dabney b. 30 Oct. 1844 ; m. 24 Nov. 1874 Harriet, 
second dau. of Charles Larkin. Their daughter, 

a. Susanna Rich Dabney b. 7 Oct. 1884. 

G. Frederick Dabney b. 9 Aug. 1846 at Fayal. Graduated 
at Harvard in 1866. Admitted to Suffolk bar 13 Dec. 1869. 
Clerk in U. S. Court ; m. Mrs. Vesin, a widow, dau. of Mr. Guil- 
low of N. Y. He died 24 July 1892. His wife died in 1889. 

H. Arthur Dabney b. 10 July 1848; d. 12 Nov. 1848. 

L Alfred Stackpole Dabney b. 22 Feb. 1850; m. 3 Feb. 1881 
Tina Shelton Sears, dau. of Frederick R. and Albertina (Shel- 
ton) Sears. 2 ch. 

a. Grace Stackpole Dabney b. 29 Oct. 1881. 

b. Alfred Stackpole Dabney b. 31 July 1885. 

J. Grace Stackpole Dabney b. 13 April 1853 ; d. i July 1854. 
6. John Ward Gurley Stackpole b. 7 Oct. 1816 on Som- 
erset St. Boston. His parents died when he was three years of 


age, and he was brought up by his aunt, Mrs. Edward St Loe 
Livermore, in Lawrence, Mass. In 1847 ^e became manager of 
an iron mill in Pomroy, Ohio. He married his cousin, Mrs. 
Emehne (Dabney) Patterson in 1848. She was born at P^ayal, 
y\zore Islands, in 181 1, and died in Boston 28 Feb. 1885. She 
was sister of Frederick Dabney who married Roxana Stackpole. 
He died in Paris, France, 11 June 1875, and was buried at Mt. 
Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. 3 ch. 

A. Frederick Dabney Stackpole b. 19 July 1849 ^^ Pom- 
eroy, Ohio; m. 8 June 1892 Katharine Curtis Osgood. Gradu- 
ated at Harvard in 1873 ^"^ at the Medical School in 1878. He 
is a Physician in Roxbury, Mass. No ch. 

B. Emeline Dabney Stackpole m. 14 Oct. 1890 Thomas 
St. John Lockwood of Roxbury, Mass. They have two children. 

a. Dunbar Lockwood b. 19 Oct. 1891. 

b. Grace Stackpole Lockwood b. 10 July 1893. 

C. Roxana Stackpole. 

IV. Grace Hanfield, dau. of William Stackpole Senr., was 
born in 1782 and married in the summer of 1800 John Ward 
Gurley. Rev. Increase N. Tarbox, D.D., Sept. 6 1872, read 
before the N. E. Hist, and Gen. Society a paper entitled " Remin- 
iscence of the Stackpole House." It was published -in the New 
Englander for Oct. 1873, ^o\. XXXII. He says without men- 
tioning names that John Ward Gurley was oldest son of Rev. 
John Gurley, D.D. of Eastern, Conn. He entered Yale College 
in 1794, neglected his studies, was dismissed from College at 
the request of his father, but so diligently pursued the study of 
law at Boston that Yale gave him the honorary degree of A.M. in 
1799, earlier than he could have obtained it, if he had finished his 
College course. "It happened one night in those years between 
1796 and 1799 a lire was raging somewhere in the vicinity of the 
Stackpole FTouse, and the fine looking student by a kind of acci- 
dent turned out of the crowd and took the steps of the old man- 
sion as a good place to see the fire. A pair of eyes happened 
to be looking out of the window, that had seen him before. The 
door was opened and the student was politely invited to walk in 
and look from a window, where he could see the fire to still better 
advantage. This was the real beginning of an acquaintance that 
ripened into marriage." He became an eminent lawyer, was 



admitted to Suffolk bar in 1799, and had he lived would have risen 
to greater distinction. His life was sadly ended in a duel at New 
Orleans, 5 March 1808, while he was Attorney General of Louisi- 
ana. His wife died in New Orleans of fever in 1804. Their 
only child, 

I. Anne Maria Gurley was born in 1800 and was placed 
when four years old under the guardianship of Francis Welch, 
her uncle by marriage of her mother's sister. She m. 12 Feb. 
1817 Major Joseph Grafton of U. S. A., who had won distinction 
in the War of 1812 and afterwards became Surveyor of Customs 
in Boston. He was son of Joshua and Lydia (Masory) Grafton, 
who were married in Salem, Mass. by Rev. Dr. Barnard in 1776. 
Joshua Grafton d. 11 June 1786 and his wife Jan. 8 1796. Major 
Grafton was b. 11 May 1782 and d. 24 March 1861 in Boston, 
Mass. His wife d. 3 June 185 1. Their seven children were born 
in Boston. 

A. Henry Dearborn Grafton b. 12 Nov. 1817; d. 13 April 
1853 ^t Davenport, Iowa. He was a graduate of West Point 
and Capt. in U. S. Army. 

B. Joseph Grafton b. 7 Sept. 1819; m. 19 Sept. 1849 Eliz- 
abeth Remsen of N. Y. No ch. 

C. John Gurley Grafton b. 4 Feb. 1823 ; d. 29 Nov. 1895 in 
N. Y. 

D. Edward Clark Grafton b. 1829. Entered the Navy as 
midshipman in 1841 ; commissioned Lieut. 15 Sept. 1855; Lieut. - 
Commander 16 July 1862; Commander 20 Dec. 1866; retired 18 
Jan. 1871. Died 24 June 1876 in N. Y. At the time when the 
Confederate ram Merrimac attempted to raise the blockade Lieut. 
Grafton was flag-officer of the frigate Minnesota, and played an 
active part in the engagement that followed. He commanded 
the steam gun-boat Genesee in the bombardment of Fort Mor- 
gan, Mobile. In 1866 he was in command of the " Gettysburgh " 
of the North Atlantic Squadron. 

E. Rt. Rev. Charles Chapman Grafton, D.D. b. 12 April 
1830. Bishop of Fond du Lac, Wis. 

F. Maria Josephine Grafton b. 8 July 1833 ; m. 28 Jan. 1857 
Charles Henry Minot of Boston ; d. 12 July 1893. 3 ch. 

a. Joseph Grafton Minot b. 13 Jan. 1858; m. 10 June 1890 


Honora Elizabeth Temple, dau. of Thomas Lindall Winthrop. 
Their son, Joseph Grafton Winthrop Minot was b. 17 Oct. 1892. 

b. Grace Josephine Minot b. 19 Sept. 1859; "^- Francis 
Inman Amory, son of William and Anna (Sears) Amory. 3 ch. 

(a). Mary Josephine Amory b. 27 June 1887. 
(b). Charles Minot Amory b. 6 Dec. 1889. 
(c). Francis Inman Amory b. 16 May 1895. 

c. Charles Henry Minot b. 9 Nov. 1862. Harvard, 1886; 
d. 30 Nov. 1887. 

G. James Ingersoll Grafton b. 16 June 1842. Harvard, 
1862. He was 2d Lieut, of 2d Mass. Vol. Inf. i Nov. 1861 ; ist 
Lieut. 21 July 1862; Capt. 9 Nov. 1862; killed at the battle of 
Averysborough, N. C. 16 March 1865. 

V. Margaret Crease, daughter of William Stackpole 
Senr., was born in 1784 ; m. 4 Oct. 1803, at King's Chapel, School 
St., Boston, where William Stackpole and family attended church, 
Francis Welch, merchant, born in Boston 30 Aug. 1776. He 
died 27 April 1867; she d. 2 May 1830. He was for some time 
Pres. of the Franklin Ins. Co. He died at his house in Louis- 
berg Square, Boston. They had eleven children. 

1. Francis Welch b. 7 Aug. 1804; d. 13 Aug. 1804. 

2. Margaret Stackpole Welch b. i Oct. 1806; m. in 1830 
Joseph N. Brown ; m. (2) J. Thomas Winchester. She died 10 
Dec. 1886. 

A. Joseph M. Brown Jr. b. 1831. 

B. Margaret Stackpole Brown b. 1832 ; m. Kennedy. 

3. Francis William Welch b. 5 Nov. 1808 ; m. 9 Oct. 1839 
Marianne, dau. of Benj. and Oriens (Turner) Humphrey. Lives 
in Brookline, Mass. 3 ch. 

A. Marianne Humphrey Welch b. 15 July 1840; m. 18 Oct. 
]865 in Roxbury, Charles Dwight, son of William and Eliza 
Amelia (White) Dwight. He was born 6 May 1842. Graduated 
at Harvard in 1862. Lieut, in U. S. Vols. Served through the 
war. One son, Wilder Dwight, b. 20 April 1868, is in Cal. 

B. Margaret Crease Welch b. Feb. 1843 ! "i- 5 Nov. 1879, in 
Paris, Antoine Alfred Roy de le Cluse of Chateau Le Cluse, 
France. He d. s. p. in 1892. 


C. Francis Gatcomb Welch b. i Aug. 1848; m. 10 May 1870 
Jane Harriot Wilson. 5 cli. 

a. Margaret Hayes Welch. 

b. Francis William Welch. 

c. Edward Holker Welch b. Aug. 1875 ; d. 29 May 1890. 

d. Harriot W^elch. 

e. Hamilton Welch. 

4. Harriet Welch b. 9 Oct. 1810; m. Rev. John C. Phillips, 
son of John Phillips first Mayor of Boston, and brother of Wen- 
dell Phillips, the orator and reformer. She died 28 Mch. 1891. 
Seven children. 

A. Hargaret Welch Phillips b. 12 July 1835; m. 21 April 
1858 Alfred B. Hall, merchant. No ch. 

B. John C. Phillips b. 31 Oct. 1838; m. Anna R., dau. of 
Alanson and Martha (Robeson) Tucker. He died i Mch. 1885. 
5 ch. 

a. John C. Phillips b. 5 Nov. 1876. 

b. William Phillips b. 30 May 1878. 

c. Anna Tucker Phillips b. 25 April 1880. 

d. Martha Robeson Phillips b. i Feb. 1882. 

e. George Wendell Phillips b. 22 Nov. 1883. 

C. Emily Susan Phillips b. June 1843 ; d. Aug. 1845. 

D. Harriet Phillips b. 31 May 1846; d. 8 May 1848. 

E. Miriam Walley Phillips b. 28 May 1849 ; m. April 1882 
William Rollins, M.D. No ch. 

F. Anna Dunn Phillips b. 15 Oct. 1850; m. Francis H. 
Williams, H.D. No ch. 

G. Caroline Crowninshield Phillips b. 15 Oct. 1850; m. 
Charles N. Talbot. She d. 26 April 1878, leaving one son. 

a. Charles N. Talbot b. 20 April 1877. 

5. Edward Winchester Welch b. 6 Feb. 1813; d. 19 Nov. 
1 83 1, while a student in Harvard College. 

6. Charles Alfred Welch b. 30 Jan. 181 5. Graduated at 
Harvard in 1833. at the age of 18. Admitted to Suffolk bar in 
1837. In 1838 formed a partnership with Edward D. Sohier, 
Esq., which continued unchanged till Mr. Sohier's death in 1888. 
Mr. Welch is (1898) the oldest lawyer in Boston. Is Pres. of the 


Social Law Library ; also of Lewis Wharf and of Boston Pier 
or the Long- Wharf. Was Grand Master of Masons in Mass. in 
1874-6. lie has interested himself much in the preparation of 
this History and furnished most of the information concerning 
the descendants of William Stackpole. He married in Aug. 1844 
(at Trinity Church, Boston, by Rev. John Watson) Mary Love, 
dau. of Kirk Boott. 5 ch. 

A. Charles A. Welch b. 30 July 1847 ! i^i- 27 Dec. 1869 Emily 
Blagden, dau. of George William and Emily (Blagden) Phillips, 
who was b. i April 1842. Her mother was sister of the Rev. Dr. 
Blagden of Boston. No ch. 

B. Francis Boott Welch b. i Jan. 1849; d. 30 Jan. 1849. 

C. Francis Clark Welch b. 18 Jan. 1850. Is a lawyer in 
Boston ; m. 15 Dec. 1880 Edith, dau. of Frederick and Marcia W. 
Thayer of Boston. They have two children. 

a. Francis C. Welch Jr. b. 12 Oct. 1881 ; d. 19 Sept. 1886. 

b. Edward Sohier Welch b. ^y Jan. 1888. 

D. Eugenie Donaldson Welch b. 24 May 1855 ; d. 2 Dec. 


E. Ralston Edward Welch b. 30 April 1857; d. 13 April 
1869, at Georgetown College, D. C. 

7. Joshua Huntington Welch b. 17 April 1817; d. 26 Feb. 
1845. LTnm. 

8. Theodore Welch b. 26 May 1818; d. 26 Feb. 1819. 

9. CaroHne Maria Welch b. 26 March 1820; m. 15 Jan. 1840 
Edward Augustus Crowninshield, son of Benjamin William and 
Mary (Boardman) Crowninshield, b. in Salem, Mass. 25 Feb. 
1817. He graduated at Harvard in 1836 and died in Boston 20 
Feb. 1859. His father was Secretary of the Navy in the cabinets 
of Presidents Madison and Munroe. She m. (2) 23 Dec. 1869 
Edward Payson Arnold of Boston. Three ch. by first marriage. 

A. Edward A. Crowninshield b. Jan. 1841 ; d. 13 July 1867. 

B. Francis W. Crowninshield b. May 1843; d- ^^^y 1866. 

C. Frederick Crowninshield b. 27 Nov. 1845 ! "i- Helen 
Susette Fairbanks. 3 ch. 

a. Helen Susette Crowninshield b. at Paris 28 July 1868; m. 
28 Sept. 1895 Carl Augustus de GersdorfY, lawyer of N. Y. 
Their dau. Josephine was born 18 June 1896. 


b. Edward Augustus Crovvninshield b. at Rome, Italy, 7 
April 1870. 

c. Francis Welch Crowninshield b. at Paris 24 June 1872. 

10. John Holker Welch, changed by Legislature to Edward 
Holker, a Jesuit priest at Georgetown College, D. C. 

11. Benjamin Wisner Welch b. 26 Sept. 1823; d. 11 June 



John Stackpole (James" Philip- James) son of James and 
Elizabeth (Pierce) Stackpole, was born in Somersworth, now 
Rollinsford, N. H., 4 Aug. 1749. He went to Harpswell, Me., 
when a young man and worked at his trade as a tailor. His 
brothers, James and William were then in Harspwell. He mar- 
ried 4 July 1775 Elizabeth, daughter of David and Mary Dun- 
ning,* of Brunswick, Me. She was born 9 Sept. 1751. They 

*Andrew Dunning was born in Ashburton, Devonshire, Eng. in 
1664. He married Susan Bond and came to Boston, Mass. in 1718, 
thence to Georgetov/n, Me., and to Brunswick the same year. He set- 
tled at "Maquoit." Was a farmer and blacksmith. His wife perished 
in the burning of their house. He d. 18 Jan. 1736. Five sons came with 
him, James, Andrew, Robert, William, and David. It is claimed that he 
left his oldest son, John, m Eng. whose son John became a celebrated 
lawyer, was elevated to the peerage with title of Lord Ashburton, and 
died leaving a property worth $50,000,000. He was b. 18 Oct. 1731 and 
d. 18 Aug. 1783. 

David Dunning b. 1706, settled in Brunswick, Me. and owned a large 
part of the land where the village now is. He built a block-house for 
defence against the Indians. He lived on the spot where the Town Hall 
now stands. Was Brunswick's first Representative to Mass. Gen. Court 
in 1742, and on the first board of Selectmen in 1739. He was Capt. of 
militia and one of the most active, enterprising and respected men of 
his time. Was Deacon in the Cong. Church. He died 16 Aug. 1793 
and is buried in the old Cemetery a mile south of the College. His 

first wife, Mary died 16 Aug. 1784, aged 74 yrs. He married (2) 

in 1788, Mrs. Mary (Lithgow) Hunter, when both were over eighty 
years of age. Six ch. by first marriage. See History of Durham, Maine, 
pp. 11-13. 


lived at what is called "High Head" in Harpswell, not far from 
the Academy. He was for a brief time a Revolutionary soldier. 
See Military Record. 

The Cape Elizabeth Records show the marriage intentions of 
'■John Stagpole of Harpswell and Mrs. Mehitabel Emery of Cape 
Elizabeth 20 April 1773." The marriage was never consum- 
mated. She afterward married 22 Dec. 1785 Jeremiah Cushing. 

David Dunning was opposed to the marriage of his daughter 
to John Stackpole ; so they mounted horses and rode to her cou- 
sin's, Dea. Andrew Dunning of Harpswell, and were married 
in his house, still standing, by Rev. Samuel Eaton of Harpswell. 
They settled close by in a small house doubtless built by John 
Stackpole. The house is still standing, in a dilapidated condi- 
tion, removed a short distance from where it originally stood. It 
was about twenty feet square with an ell. A staircase led to an 
unfinished attic. The house stood close to the water, a little 
south of a large oak tree, northeast of Benjamin Dunning's 

May 6 1783 David Dunning gave a deed of seventy-five acres 
of land to his daughter, Elizabeth Stackpole. The land was in 
the northern part of Durham, Me., then called Royalsborough, 
lot 91. Oct. I, 1 79 1, John and Elizabeth Stacpole (sic) sold for 
fifteen pounds to Benjamin Dunning Jr. "land with a house 
thereon" in Harpswell, on Merriconeag River, at northeast cor- 
ner of land belonging to said Dunning, two and one quarter 
rods on the river front and sixty rods deep. At this time they 
moved to Durham. On a hilltop he built a framed house, facing 
the river Androscoggin, having four large square rooms below. 
This was burned in 1836. There was no road to his dwelling 
except a path made by cutting and spotting trees. In 1793 he 
and several others were warned by the Selectmen to leave town 
as intruders. He staid, however, having complied with the legal 
formalities, and in 1795 was road surveyor and one of the School 
Agents. He died 26 June 1829. 

Elizabeth (Dunning) Stackpole was a woman, as all accounts 
testify, of lovely Christian character, very gentle and ladylike in 
disposition and manners, traits which her daughters inherited. 
She died 29 Feb. 1836, leaving nine children, John Dunning, 
Hannah, David Dunning, Mary, Lydia, Jane Dunning, James 
Dunning, Samuel Owen, and Henry Ricker. 


I. John Dunning Stackpole b. 20 May 1776 in Harpswell, 
Me. ; m. 26 March 1797 Betty, dau. of Stephen and Desire (Tur- 
ner) Weston of Durham, Me., who was b. 6 Sept. 1777. He was 
a farmer in Durham, Lisbon, and Gardiner, Me. He died in 
Gardiner, Me., 15 Oct. 1850. She d. 19 May 1854. Six ch., all 
born in Durham. 

1. Deborah b. 31 July 1798 in Durham; m. William Smith 
of Lisbon. 

2. Aaron b. 18 Jan. 1801 in Durham ; m. 21 Feb. 1828 Mary 
B. Hinkley of Lisbon, Me., who was b. 26 May 1808 and d. 20 
Aug. 1875. He was a farmer and merchant. Died in Gardiner, 
Me., 22 June 1885. 9 ch. 

A. Frances J. b. 28 Dec. 1828 in Greene, Me. ; m. Artax- 
erxes C. Hoyt of Gardiner, Me., who was b. 22 July 18 19 in Graf- 
ton, N. H. She d. 6 Nov. 1887 in Gardiner. 3 ch. 

a. Anne J. Hoyt b. 17 Jan. 1852 in Boston, Mass. ; m. Mar- 
tin Horn ; lives in Gardiner, Me., and has a daughter, Ethel 
Horn b. 1880. 

b. James W. Hoyt b. 27 Sept. 1855 in Medford, Mass. 

c. Josephine P. Hoyt b. 30 Sept. 1859 in Gardiner; m. Frank 
W. Cox of Portland, Me. 

B. William Henry b. 29 March 1830 in Greene. See Mil- 
itary Record ; m. Nancy P. Dodge. Their daughter, Carrie F. 
Stackpole d. i Nov. 1864, aged 4 yrs. 7 mos. He d. 3 April 1866. 
His widow m. Sumner Hopkins and d. 10 March 1880, aged 53 

C. James W. b. 17 Oct. 1831 ; m. Mary (Ware) Goodwin ; d. 
s. p. 12 Nov. 1854. His widow married John Demeritt. 

D. Hannah Ellen b. 17 Jan. 1834; m. 20 Aug. 1855 
George Libby Towle of Gardiner, Me., who was born 20 Nov. 
1832. She died 8 Aug. 1897. 

a. William Fletcher Towle b. 3 Aug. 1857; m. 24 Nov. 1882 
Lucena Young. 

(a). Lillian Frances Towle b. 29 Jan. 1887. 
(b). Lee Cushman Towle b. 30 Dec. 1894. 

b. Fred Watson Towle b. 4 Mch. 1859 ; d. 8 Dec. 1877. 

c. George Percy Towle b. 8 July 1866; m. 28 July 1890 
Florence E. Berry. 

E. Leander C. b. 20 July 1836 in Gardiner ; m. 25 April 


1858 Abbie H. McCausland, who was b. March 1834 and d. 19 
Oct. 1896. He is a harness-maker and Hves in Gardiner, Me. 
2 ch. 

a. Lizzie O. b. 2 May 1863 ; m. Nov. 1890 Merritt C. Rose, 
farmer of Litchfield, Me. No ch. 

b. Frank b. i860; d. 1867. 

F. Aaron Jr., b. 16 April 1838 ; m. (i) Delia Lancaster, who 
died Oct. 1869; (2) 3 Dec. 1872 Abbie E. Bowie of Gardiner, 
Me., who was b. 9 May 1848. He is a carriage smith. Resi- 
dence, 3 Oakland Ave., Roxbury, Mass. See Military Record. 
One son by ist marriage, two daus. by 2d. 

a. James b. 8 Feb. 1863 ; m. 1883 ^^ Boston, Mass. Lives 
in N. Y. Has daughter, Laura, b. about 1884. 

b. Jennie L. b. 13 July 1876. 

c. Mabel J. b. 16 June 1881. 

G. Charles Thomas b. 26 May 1841 ; m. 7 Nov. 1874 
Luella A. Townsend of Gardiner, Me., who was b. 2 March 1850. 
He is a traveling agent and resides in Gardiner, Me. 4 ch. 

a. Infant b. and d. 1876. 

b. Josephine Blanche b. 2 Sept. 1878. 

c. Grace Townsend b. 14 Aug. 1890. 

d. Charles Thomas Jr. b. 12 March 1887. 

H. Mary M. b. 6 May 1847; i^i- Albert Greenleaf Bowie. 
He was born 3 July 1850 and was a member of the class of 1875 
at Bowdom College. He is an architect and resides at Gardi- 
ner, Me. 

L George H. b. 27 Nov. 1849; m- F^b. 1873 Laura Ella 
Tobey of Gardiner. He died in Boston, Mass. 17 March 1894. 
2 ch. 

a. Maud V. b. 6 July 1876 in Gardiner. 

b. Sarah B. b. 15 Nov. 1882. 

3. Eliza b. i Feb. 1804 in Durham, Me.; m. 15 Aug. 1824 
in Lisbon, Joel Chandler of Freeport, Me. 

4. Mary b. 8 June 1807 ; m. (i) William Kempton ; (2) Capt. 
Chas. J. Fogg of San Francisco. She died in Los Angeles, Cal. 
Jan. 1898, aged 90 yrs. 7 mos. 

5. Judith b. 1810; m. (i) Charles Wilson of Gardiner; (2) 
Mr. Ricker. 

6. Harriet b. 29 April 18 14; m. Seth Kempton; d. s. p. 28 
April 1867. 


II. Hannah, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Dunning) Stack- 
pole, was born in Harpswell, Me. 27 Oct. 1778; m. 12 April 1796 
Capt. William Webster, son of W^illiam and Jane (Little) Web- 
ster. He was b. 30 April 1774 at Cape Elizabeth, Me. and d. i 
Oct. 1843 "1 Durham, Me. She died in Durham 29 June 185 1. 
He was a farmer, who cleared his farm from the wild forest. 
Was Capt. of Militia in the War of 1812. Ten children. 

I. Jane Webster b. 5 Sept. 1796 at Durham, Me. ; m. i July 
1813 Moses Rowe of Danville, Me.; d. 30 Nov. 1827 at Bangor, 

A. Jane Webster Rowe b. 27 Sept. 1814; m. 1841 Benjamin 
G. Hoyt, b. at Durham, Me. 17 Mch. 1814. He died 9 Aug. 1853 
at Beach Grove, Tenn., where he was a Professor in a literary 
institution. She died 22 Dec. 1868. One son, 

a. Henry N. W. Hoyt b. 5 Nov. 1842 in Durham, Me. 
Graduated at Bowdoin College in 1864. Served, in 7th R. I. Cav. 
in the Rebellion. Lawyer and teacher. Res. New Brighton, 

B. Henry Richer Stackpole Rowe b. 3 July 1819. Twice 
married; d. s. p. 1893. 

C. Sarah Dyer Rowe b. 17 Sept. 1821 ; m. 1844 George H. 
Sanderson. He was Mayor of San Francisco, Cal., 1891-2, and 
died I Feb. 1893. She lives in Stockton, Cal. 4 ch. 

a. George Rowe Sanderson b. 1848 at Boston, Mass. ; m. 
1875 Charlotte Stetson Hopkins at Bangor, Me. Graduated at 
Harvard Law School. 

b. Edward Hall Sanderson b. 1854 in Stockton, Cal. ; m. 
1879 Anna Rose at Los Angeles, Cal. 

c. William Webster Sanderson b. 1858 at Stockton, Cal. ; 
m. 1878 Belle Riordan at San Francisco. 

d. Henry Ellis Sanderson b. 1858 at Stockton, Cal. Gradu- 
ated at the University of Cal. in 1879, ^^^ ^t Cooper Medical 
College in 1885. Ph.B. and M.D., Prof, of Principles and 
Practice of Medicine in Cooper Medical College, San Francisco, 
1893-4. Physician at the State Hospital at Stockton, Cal. 
Married 1895 Elizabeth Gill at San Francisco. 

D. William Webster Rowe b. 15 April 1824; m. (i) 1852 
Jane Gulliver who died in 1853 ; (2) 11 June 1856 Mary Elizabeth 
French. He died 11 June 1886. One child by first marriage; 
four children by second. 


a. William Henry Gulliver Rowe b. 20 Feb. 1853 at Auburn, 
Me. A.B. Bowdoin 1876; M.D. Columbia, 1880; m. 30 April 
1885 Eva Andrews. Res. Winchester, Mass. A dau., Dorothy 
Webster Rowe, was born 13 Jan. 1893. 

b. George S. Rowe b. 24 April 1857 ; d. Jan. 1858. 

c. Nellie Rowe b. 5 Nov. 1859; m. 4 Dec. 1878 Charles E. 

(a.) Sarah D. Fish b. 25 April 1880. 

(b.) Elizabeth R. Fish b. 14 Sept. 1881. 

(c.) Charles R. Fish b. i Dec. 1884. 

(d). Edith S. Fish b. 5 Aug. 1893. 

(e). Helen Webster Fish b. 15 April 1895. 

d. Harriet S. Rowe b. 22 Nov. 1862; m. 30 June 1885 John 
G. Saxton. 

e. Sarah B. Rowe b. 22 Nov. 1862 ; m. 31 July 1886, William 
G. McCune. Their son, William Rowe McCune, was born 17 
June 1887. 

E. Aurelia Rowe m. 28 Dec. 1837 Rufus Jordan. Res., 
Chicago. Three daughters, Henrietta, Helen and Josephine. 
Henrietta married P. L. Weaver and died in San Francisco. 
Helen married James Denman and resides in San Francisco. 
She has a dau., Mary W. Denman, and a son, William Denman, 
who is a graduate of the University of Cal. and of the Harvard 
Law School and is practising law in San Francisco. Josephine 
married J. D. Congdon. Has three sons and a daughter. Res. 

2. Betsey Webster b. 11 Oct. 1797; m. 23 Feb. 1826 
William Miller of Durham, Me., who was b. 4 April 1800 and d. 
20 Aug. 1856. He passed all his life as a farmer m Durham. 
She died in Bristol, Conn. Aug. 1872. 4 ch. 

A. Simon Miller b. 10 May 1828 ; m. 27 Feb. 1856 Josephine, 
dau. of William and Abbie P. (Wescott) Robinson ; d. 3 Jan. 
1883. She was born 23 Dec. 1838. Resides in Lewiston, Me. 
2 ch. 

a. Gertrude Wood Miller b. 14 Sept. 1857. Teacher. Lew- 

b. William Robinson Miller b. 20 Sept. 1866. Architect. 

B. William Simonton Miller b. 18 Dec. 1830; m. 18 Feb. 
1863 Melissa J. Strout, who was b. 7 March 1837 in Bridgton, 


Me. He is a farmer on the old homestead in Durham. One 

a. Frederick Henry Miller b. 14 Feb. 1865 ; m. 21 June 1893 
Julia L., dau. of Andrew and Fannie (Libby) Fitz of Durham, 
who was b. II Jan. 1868. Farmer. Durham, Me. 

C. Hannah E. Miller b. 22 Feb. 1835 ; d. 5 March 1835. 

D. James Henry Miller b. 7 July 1839; m. Annie John- 
son of Bridgton, Me. Was a soldier in the Rebellion. Resides 
in Bowlder, Montana. Musician and farmer. Their only son 
Frank Colby Miller, was accidentally killed Nov. 1896, at Bowl- 
der, Mon., aged 20 years. 

3. William Webster Jr. b. 8 Dec. 1798; m. Mary Grant of 
Gray; d. s. p. 2 April 1879. She d. 2 Oct. 1889. 

4. Andrew b. 13 Aug. 1800; d. 17 July 1801. 

5. John S. Webster b. 25 Oct. 1801 ; m. 25 Dec. 1827 Eleanor 
Jordan of Durham. Died at Webster, Me. 4 Oct. 1849. Chil- 
dren, Elbridge, who married and had children, Rhoda who died 
unm. and . 

6. Simon Webster b. 29 June 1803 ; d. 1827 at Bangor, Me. 

7. Joseph Webster b. 26 March 1806; m. (i) 28 May 1834 
Lucinda, dau. of George and Mabel (Litchfield) Williams of Dur- 
ham. She was born in Lewiston, Me. 30 March 1812 and d. 
28 Aug. 1866 in Durham. He m.. (2) the widow of his brother 
Samuel. He lived as a farmer on the homestead in Durham, 
but died in Lewiston, Me. 24 Aug. 1877. 2 ch. 

A. Elizabeth Jane Webster b. 24 Jan. 1837; m. 2 Dec. i860 
Milton C. Wedgwood, M.D. b. Dec. 1833. Res., Lewiston, Me. 

B. Mary Ellen Webster b. 14 Aug. 1844; m. 20 March 1867 
Ira Alison ShurtlefY b. 12 April 1842 and d. 8 Aug. 1872. He 
was Supt. of Schools at Englewood, 111. Their only child, Arthur 
Webster ShurtlefT, M.D. was born 1 Aug. 1871 in Chicago, 111., 
and died 23 Nov. 1895 in Lewiston, Me. 

8. Samuel Stackpole Webster b. 2^ May 1809 in Durham, 
Me.; m. Harriet Hale of Portland, Me. Died at Portland 16 
May 1868. Their only son, Charles Edwin Webster, was b. 9 
Feb. 1841. Graduated at Bowdoin College in 1866. Was a 
Physician in Portland, Me.; d. 24 Dec. 1892. He has a son, 
Hanson Hart Webster, in Bowdoin College, Class of 1899. 



9. James D. Webster b. 24 March 1812 ; d. 30 Dec. 1812. 

10. Hannah Stackpole Webster b. 7 Jan. 1818; m. Dec. 1834 
Sewall Gushing of Durham; d. 20 Jan. 1889 in Lynn, Mass. 
He was born in Durham, Me., 23 April 1806 and died 30 Jan. 
1884. 6 ch. 

A. Royal J. Gushing b. 8 July 1836; m. M. J. Gates; d. 10 
June 1893. 

a. Frank L. Gushing b. 26 Feb. 1875 ; d. 22 April 1876. 

b. H. Emma Gushing. 

c. Nellie H. Gushing b. 9 Oct. 1877; d. 4 Jan. 1893. 

d. Lillian E. Gushing b. 15 Feb. 1881. 

e. Sewall Leroy Gushing b. 22 Mch. 1884. 

B. J. Wesley Gushing b. 24 July 1838; m. Mary E. Jenner- 
son ; d. 6 May 1889. 

a. Ethel E. Gushing b. 2 June 1881 ; d. 6 May 1889. 

b. Anna J. Gushing b. 15 Sept. 1883. 

G. Hannah E. Gushing b. 11 June 1840; m. A. F. Lamb; d. 
24 May 1862. 

a. James W. Lamb b. 24 May 1862 ; d. 1866. 

D. Frances E. Gushing b. 25 Jan. 1845. R^s. Tryon, N. G. 

E. Harriet L. Gushing b. 4 Sept. 1847; "i. D. E. Gonner of 
Lynn, Mass. Res. Tryon, N. G. 

F. Roswell S. Gushing b. 17 June 1849; "i- Eliza H. Brown. 
Res. Lynn, Mass. 

a. Florence E. Gushing b. 2 Feb. 1893. 

b. Frances R. Gushing b. Feb. 1895. 

HL David Dunning Stackpole, son of John and Eliz- 
abeth (Dunning) Stackpole, was born in Harpswell, Me. 11 June 
1781 ; m. 4 Jan. 1807 Judith Hatch* of Hingham, Mass. and d. 

*She was the ninth and youngest child of Walter Hatch of Pembroke, 
Mass., who married 14 Dec. 1772 Deborah, dau. of Pyam and Hannah 
(Lincoln) Gushing. Walter Hatch was born 28 June 1751 and died 22 
March 1797. He was in active service during the Revolution. Was 
2nd Lieut, on the armed brig "Hazard," and was later known as "Cap- 
tain." He was descended through Isaac, Isaac, Samuel and Walter 
from Elder William Hatch of Scituate, Mass., who in 1635 brought his 
family from Sandwich, Eng., in the ship "Hercules." His family con- 
sisted of wife Jane, five children and six servants. He d. 6 Nov. 1651. 
Hist, of Hingham, Mass., Vol. II. p. 293 and III. p. 350, corrected in 
some dates by family records collected by Charles A. Stackpole. 


20 May 1856 at Durham, Me. His wife was born 20 March 1788 
and died at Lisbon, Me. 17 Jan. 1879. 

David Stackpole (for he left out his middle name given him 
in infancy) was a sea-captain for many years. His home was in 
Portland, Me. He was generous and much beloved, a man of 
thought and activity. He was one of a few persons in Portland 
who sent to College lads who afterward became well known as 
Prof. Calvin Stowe and Dr. Cyrus HaniHn, Pres. of Robert Col- 
lege. He and wife are buried in the cemetery near Western 
Promenade in Portland, Me. They had eleven children, all born 
in Portland. 

I. William Henry Stackpole b. 2 Oct. 1807; m. 20 Aug. 
1829 Susan M. Bond of N. Y. She was b. 12 July 181 1 in N. Y. 
and d. 20 Sept. 1839 at Mobile, Ala. He died at sea, just when 
and where is unknown. They had two children, 

A. Margaret A. Stackpole b. in N. Y. 2 Oct. 1830; m. 15 
Dec. 1852 William Atwater of New Milford, Conn. He was b. 
20 Feb. 1816 and d. 13 May 1883. 6 ch. 

a. Elhot Atwater b. 27 Dec. 1853 ; d. 9 March 1875. 

b. Fanny Bradburn Atwater b. 8 Feb. 1856 in N. Y. ; m. 21 
Dec. 1882 Paul B. Cruger of Austin, Texas ; d. 25 July 1886, 
leaving one child, Margaret Atwater Cruger b. 10 Sept. 1883. 

c. Margaret Bond Atwater b. 2 June 1858 ; d. 9 Jan. 1887. 

d. William Atwater b. 25 June i860; m. 25 July 1885, in 
Beatrice, Neb. Fanny Foster. They had six children, of whom 
four are living. 

(a). Edith May Atwater b. 29 Dec. 1887. 
(b). William Clare Atwater b. 10 Aug. 1889. 
(c). Ruth Atwater b. 3 Aug. 1891. 
(d). Frances Miller Atwater b. 10 Dec. 1893. 

e. Arthur Atwater b. 11 July 1864; d. 21 April 1880. 

f. Edith Atwater b. 31 March 1867; d. 21 April 1894. 

B. FRy\NCES Bradburn Stackpole b. 6 Feb. 1833 • ^- ^9 
July 1854 Charles F. Bradburn b. 4 July 1830 and d. 12 July 1857. 
Their two children, William and Helen, died young. She m. (2) 
18 Nov. i860 Amasa Mason of Athol, Mass. b. 19 June 1818 in 
Thompson, Conn. They reside at 71 Linden St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

2. Charles Augustus Stackpole b. 13 Sept. 1809; m. 4 


Aug. 1835 Mary Smith Merrill of Portland, Me. and died 16 Dec. 
1890 at Lexington, Mass. She was born 26 Jan. 181 1 in Port- 
land and died 18 Oct. 1861 in Gorham, Me. 

The following obituary of Charles A. Stackpole was written 
by Dr. Cyrus Hamlin and appeared under the heading "A True 
Man Fallen." "He was a man of splendid native powers and 
was fitted for College in Portland Academy with every prospect 
of distinction as a scholar. It is greatly to be regretted that cir- 
cumstances should have turned him aside from the very path he 
should have pursued. 

He put on the Christian armor in early life and was a faithful 
and sound Christian man, a constant student of the Bible, a 
profound believer in it as the Word of the living God. 

Very early, from 1834 and onward through his whole life, he 
became an earnest advocate of total abstinence, and also of the 
abolition of slavery. It was not by any means popular to be at 
the same time a "Temperance fanatic" and an "abolition fanatic." 
He was both pre-emmently, in the language of those days. His 
addresses were pungent, religious, direct, never long, always 
listened to with profound attention, and often with rapturous 
applause. In the "Free Soil Party" he was a leader but would 
not be a candidate for ofhce. He was uncompromisingly honest 
and just. His interest in moral and social questions often con- 
flicted with his business. He was successively merchant, cashier 
of a bank, editor of a newspaper, farmer, and so forth. He 
showed fine capacity in all his employments. He might have 
risen to eminence in every one of them. He lacked continuance. 
He would, moreover, sacrifice a fine prospect which he thought 
might conflict with conscience. His conscience ruled him. He 
obeyed her dictates without hesitation. Come what may, he 
would be at peace with himself. He never concealed his senti- 
ments. He never failed openly to avow and advocate them how- 
ever unpopular, if occasion occurred. And yet Mr. Stackpole 
was generally liked even by his opponents. His honesty, frank- 
ness, fairness disarmed antagonism to a great extent. 

He had fine social qualities. He had a remarkable memory. 
He was a close reader of history. He had a wide acquaintance 
with men. With regard to the men of influence and action, the 
professional and public men of Maine, and the social, religious 


and political changes of the last sixty years he was an encyclo- 
paedia of ready information. His many articles on the sons of 
Maine in the Saturday issues of the Boston Evening Traveller 

are specimens of his conversation O that the 

church were filled with members of such clear convictions and 
earnest lives." 

He had four children. 

A. Martha Dodge b. 12 June 1836. Lives in N. Y. 

B. Charles Augustus Jr. b. 9 Feb. 1838 in Bangor, Me. ; 
m. Etta Brackett of Westbrook, Me. No ch. He is in Beau- 
mont, Jefferson County, Texas. 

C. Edward b. 14 Jan. 1840. in Bangor; d. 20 Feb. 1864 in 
Gorham, Me. 

D. George b. 15 Feb. 1842 in Bangor; m. 13 Jan. 1870 
Abbie Elizabeth Brackett of Westbrook, Me., who was born 15 
July 1844. They have two daughters. Res. Westbrook, Me. 

a. Alice Deering b. 19 July 1871 in Gorham, Me. 

b. Abeie Lindette b. 25 April 1873 in Westbrook, Me. 

3. David Dunlap Stackpole b. 2 Aug. 181 1 ; m. 24 Nov. 
1852, at Portsmouth, N. H. Celinda Plympton, dau. of James P. 
Plympton of Sudbury. He died at Boston, Mass. 11 March 1879. 
His wife died 8 March 1876, aged 53 years. 

The following Memorial Sketch was read before the N. E. 
Hist, and Gen. Society and printed in the Register, Vol. XXXHL 
1879, P- 362. 

"Mr. Stackpole came to Boston when a young man, and 
served his time with the house of Daniel Deshon and Co., where 
he won the esteem of the business community. In 1852 he 
became associated with Mr. Charles Larkin, under the style of 
Larkin and Stackpole. This business association, which con- 
tinued till Jan. 1, 1877, was terminated by the increasing infirmi- 
ties of Mr. Stackpole. The firm enjoyed the respect and confi- 
dence due to a house that maintained its credit by a long and 
honorable career. Mr. Stackpole was an upright and excellent 
merchant, seeking to advance his interests only by fair and 
worthy means. It was said of him, by one who had long held 
business relations with him, that "his word was sufficient, he 
carried out every verbal contract with as much consideration as if 


it were written and recorded." In social life Mr. Stackpole was 
esteemed for his many generous traits. He was a firm friend, 
and his friendship was not limited to mere expressions of confi- 
dence. His many kindly acts will be recalled by hundreds who 
enjoyed his acquaintance. He was a good citizen, exerting a 
wholesome influence in public affairs, without seeking or aiming 
at public notoriety. The loss of his wife a few years since 
deprived him of the counsel of a most worthy woman, and left to 
his guidance a son and two daughters. For many years Mr. 
Stackpole has been Consul for the Argentine Republic. His 
membership dates from April 11, 1870." 

The Boston Journal, Jan. 7, 1894, says of him, "His last Bos- 
ton home was in Chester Square. He was not a large man, but 
his figure was as well known in State St. as that of any contem- 
porary He was a very sound merchant, and made a 

careful study of all mercantile ventures. In war days his patriot- 
ism was unbounded. He gave of his time, of his energy and of 
his means most liberally, and woe betide the unhappy wight who 
displayed any "copperheadism" in his presence. Upon such a 
character he would empty the vials of a righteous wrath until the 
culprit was glad to lapse into sheltering silence. Through many 
a dark era Mr. Stackpole guided his firm's fortunes, and he always 
met every obligation at maturity. He enjoyed social life 
intensely, and extended unbounded hospitality to a very large 
circle of friends. When he passed away he left no one to fill his 
place. His character was shaped in a strong mould, and in one 
that was not to be duplicated." 

A. Susan R. Born 12 Nov. 1853. Unm. 

B. Edward b. Dec. 1855. Entered Harvard but did not 
finish his course on account of sickness. Spent some time in 
Texas. Now resides in Lexington, Mass. Unm. 

C. Maggie b. Oct. 1859; m. Mr. Bartlett. 

4. Frances Hall Stackpole b. 13 July 1813; m. (i) 
Dominicus Parker of Bangor, Me. ; (2) Rev. George Bradburn in 
1850. He was born 4 March 181 5 and died 26 July 1880. He 
was a Unitarian clergyman, editor and lecturer on anti-slavery. 
He represented Nantucket in the Mass. Legislature of 1839, 40, 
and 41. A reformer of the best type and of unusual ability, he 
enjoyed the friendship of Salmon P. Chase, William Lloyd Garri- 


son, Fred Douglass, Gerritt Smith, Whittier, Giddings and other 
noble souls. See Memorial prepared by his widow, published by 
Cupples, Upham and Co., Boston, 1883. She died 16 Jan. 1899 
a1 Melrose, Mass. 

5. Elizabeth Angelia Stackpole b. 16 Oct. 1815; m. 16 
May 1831 John E. Godfrey of Bangor, Me. ; d. 17 May 1868. He 
was born 6 Sept. 1809 and d. 20 Feb. 1884. He was a prominent 
citizen of Bangor. Besides attending to the duties of lawyer and 
judge he found time for literary studies and contributed many 
articles of great historical value to several magazines. He was 
a useful member of the Maine Historical Society, that published a 
long and appreciative sketch of his life and character. They had 
two sons, 

A. John Franklin Godfrey, Capt. of Cavalry in Louisiana 
under Gens. Butler and Banks ; Lieut. -Col. of 2d Maine Regt. 
Lawyer. Died at Los Angeles, Cal., leaving three daughters and 
a son. 

B. George F. Godfrey b. 23 Oct. 1840 ; m. Abbie R. Prentiss 
of Bangor; d. 12 P'eb. 1897. 4 ch. 

a. Henry Prentiss Godfrey b. 8 Nov. 1869 ; d. 30 Jan. 1890 
while a student in Bowdoin College. 

b. George Herbert Godfrey b. 12 Jan. 1876 ; d. 1892. 

c. Edward Rawson Godfrey b. 27 Dec. 1877. Bowdoin Col- 
lege, class of 1899. 

e. Angela Godfrey b. 8 Oct. 1871 ; m. Milton Clifford. 

6. Addison b. 21 Oct. 1817; died young. 

7. Susan Wood Stackpole b. i Sept. 1820; d. 30 Aug. 
1890. Unm. 

8. Helen Louisa Stackpole b. 8 Feb. 1823 ; m. Charles 
Adams of Galveston, Texas ; d. s. p. 8 Nov. 1857. 

9. Mary Blanchard Stackpole b. 28 Jan. 1825 ; d. 14 
April 1844. Unm. 

10. Ellis Merrill Stackpole b. 22 May 1828; m. 6 Feb. 
1 85 1, Thursday evening, in the Episcopal church, Galveston, 
Texas, Eliza Lockhart Crozier, daughter of Robert and Susan 
(Hardy) Crozier. She was born in Brandon, Miss. 13 Sept. 1831. 
Her father was born in Waterford, Ireland, and her mother in 
So. Carolina. Ellis M. Stackpole died in Galveston, Texas i 
Dec. 1886. He was an officer in the Confederate Army. Was 


engaged in mercantile life, having interest in a line of Steamers 
from N. Y. to Galveston so that his residence was sometimes in 
N. Y., but chiefly in Galveston. They had 12 children. 

A. Mary Blanchard b. 6 Feb. 1852 in Palestine, Tex.; d. 
9 Mch. 1863. 

B. Susan Wood b. 8 July 1853 in Palestine, Tex. ; m. i Jan. 
1873 ^t Trinity church, Galveston, Vincent Pix. 3 ch. Nellie, 
Prank and Ellis. 

C. Ellis Martin b. 16 May 1855 in Galveston, Tex. 

D. Robert F. Crozier b. 4 Oct. 1856 in Belton, Tex. d. 
23 June 1858. 

E. RuFUS F. Godfrey, twin to Robert ; d. 10 July 1858. 

F. Charles Augustus b. 14 Oct. 1858 ; d. same day. 

G. Edward Lee b. 18 Feb. i860 in Dallas, Tex. ; m. 11 May 
1S94 in Lindon, Tex. Addie E. Smith. He is a Physician in 
Galveston, Tex. Has a son. 

H. Henriett b. 26 Aug. 1S62 ; m. 6 Nov. 1882 John S. 

I. Helen Bremonde b. 10 Oct. 1865 in Houston, Tex.; 
m. 19 May 1885 at St. John's church, Galveston, A. P. Delano. 

J. Alfred Townsend b. 26 Aug. 1868 in Galveston, Tex. 

K. William Henry b. 26 Aug. 1870 in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
m. 12 May 1895 Lillie V. Doyle, in Galveston, Tex. 

L. Angela Vincent b. 26 July 1874 in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
m. 15 May 1893 Cason V. Camp of Texas. 

II. Henriett Maria Stackpole b. 2 May 1830; m. 18 
April 1850, at Galveston, Tex., James F. Cruger who was born 
in N. Y. 18 Feb. 1822, and died in Austin, Tex. in 1874. 3 ch. 

A. Flelen Louise Cruger b. 21 May 1855 in Durham, Me.; 
m. 4 Nov. 1875 W. H. Autry, who was b. 19 Sept. 1854 and d. 
10 Dec. 1888. She m. (2) her cousin, Harry Cruger, who was 
born 25 Oct. 1862. 3 children. 

a. Helen Louise Autry b. 5 Nov. 1876; m. April 1897 Gur- 
ley R. Blocker b. 25 June 1870 near Burley, Texas. 

b. Henriette Cruger Autry b. 8 Sept. 1878. 

c. James Cruger Autry b. 3 Jan. 1881. 

B. Paul B. Cruger b. 11 Dec. 1857; m. 18 Dec. 1882 Fannie 
Bradburn Atwater, granddaughter of William Henry Stackpole 
above mentioned, who was born in N. Y. 27 Dec. 1856 and died 


25 July 1886. He is a Bank Employee in Austin, Tex. Their 
only child, Margaret Atwater Cruger was born 10 Sept. 1883. 
C. Lotta N. Cruger b. 20 Aug. 1869. Resides with her 
mother, 303 East loth St., Austin, Texas. 

IV. Mary, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Dunning) 
Stackpole, was born in Harpswell, Me., 7 June 1783 ; m. 25 Dec. 
1806, at Durham, Me., by Rev. Jacob Herrick, Capt. Joseph 
Webster of Gray, Me., who was bom 26 Sept. 1776. He was 
brother of the William Webster who married her sister Hannah. 
They spent all their days on a farm in Gray. He died 26 Feb. 
1843; she died 19 Sept. 1871. They are buried in the cemetery 
at Gray Corner. I well remember her as an old lady of amiable 
disposition and excellent Christian character. They had nine 

1. Albert Webster b. 14 Jan. 1808 ; m. Mary A. Cushman 
of New Gloucester, Me.; d. 26 Aug. 1876 in Tenn. He was 
Brig.-Gen. of Militia. Had one dau. Mary A. Webster who m. 
Mr. Shepherd. She resides at 894 Edmund St., St. Paul, Minn. 

2. Joseph Webster b. 11 Nov. 1809; d. 4 Jan. 1810. 

3. James D. Webster b. 12 Nov. 181 1 ; m. i Jan. 1838 Jane 
W. Moore who was b. 25 Aug. 1818 in Limington, Me. He was 
a lumber-merchant. Died at Limington 3 Feb. 1876. 9 ch. 

A. John M. Webster b. 25 Nov. 1838. 

B. Elbridge Webster b. i Sept. 1841. 

C. Clara L. Webster b. 14 Oct. 1843. 

D. Mary E. Webster b. 23 March 1846. 

E. Royal S. Webster b. 23 March 1848. 

F. James Webster b. 4 July 1850. 

G. Joseph Webster b. i Jan. 1853. 
H. Henry M. Webster b. 9 Jan. 1856. 
I. Ida I. Webster b. i Sept. 1858. 

4. Elbridge Webster b. 14 July 1813; d. 7 Aug. 1830. 

5. Joseph Webster b. 7 June 181 5 ; d. 15 Oct. 1830. 

6. Royal F. Webster born 7 Nov. 1817; m. Olive Emery; 
d. 18 Dec. 1846. She died in 1847. Had one son, Daniel E. 
Webster, b. 27 Dec. 1844; m. 28 July 1869 Ivate Emery. Ch. 
Benj. H. Webster b. 17 Nov. 1871 and Delbert M. Webster 
b. I July 1881. Res. Limington, Me. 

7. Mary Jane Webster b. 21 Nov. 1819; m. Elmer H. 



Small of Gray who was born 10 May 1821 and died 26 Feb. 
1884. She died 11 Sept. 1885. No ch. 

8. Armstrong Webster b. 22 July 1822 ; m. Ardelia 
Ricker of Peru, Me. Soldier in the Rebellion, Co. K, 30th 
Maine Regiment. Died of disease at Manganzia, La., 17 June 
1864. Had one son, Joseph Louville Webster. 

9. Martha Ann Webster b. 3 Jan. 1826. Unm. Lives on 
the old homestead at Gray. 

V. Lydia, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Dunning) 
Stackpole was born in Harpswell, Me., 30 June 1785; m. 26 
Nov. 1808, at Durham, David Thompson of So. Lewiston, Me., 
who was b. 14 Sept. 1786. (He was son of Joseph Thompson, 
Lieut, in the Revolutionary Army, b. 1756 at Falmouth and d. 
26 May 1827 at Lisbon, Me. He married Kerinhapuck Proctor 
and had ch., Samuel, David, Sally, Charity, Jeremiah, Isaac, and 
Nehemiah.) They lived for some time in So. Lewiston, just 
across the river from her father's home ; then moved to Greene 
and settled on a farm. Both were members of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. He died 30 Dec. 1874; she died 17 July 
1870. Their children were born, the first five in So. Lewiston, 
the last four in Greene, Me. 

1. Nehemiah Thompson b. 27 Aug. 1809; m. (i) 23 Feb. 
1832 Elizabeth Miller who was born in Wales, Me., 21 Nov. 1810 
and died in Greene 10 Dec. 1870. m. (2) 5 Oct. 1879 Mrs. 
Jemima Harris, who was b. 18 July 1819 in Greene. He d. s. p. 
in Greene 28 April 1887. Farmer and U. S. mail-carrier for 
thirty years. 

2. Jane Stackpole Thompson b. 7 Aug. 181 1; m. 22 Jan. 
1827 Henry Story Harris who was b. 15 Feb. 1807 in Greene 
and died in Dexter, Me., 16 July 1884. She died in Greene i 
Feb. 1878. Three children, born in Greene. 

A. Matilda J. Harris b. 12 Nov. 1830; m. 17 May 1855, in 
Cumberland, Me., Josiah L. Owen of Wales, Me. who was born 
in Monmouth, Me. 14 Dec. 1822. He is a R. R. Conductor. 

B. Emeline T. Harris b. 4 Sept. 1832 ; m. 25 Sept. 1853 Zeb- 
edee Shaw b. 26 Oct. 1827 in Greene. He is a carpenter and 

a. Ella M. Shaw b. 22 Aug. 1854; m. 22 Sept. 1891 William 
C. Albee of Strong, Me., a farmer. 


b. Henry S. Shaw b. and d. 15 Oct. 1857. 

c. Jennie A. C. Shaw b. 8 July 1868 ; m. 21 Aug. 1889 Lester 
B. James of Livermore, Me., b. 4 July 1868. 2 ch. 

(a). Bertina A. James b. 29 May 1891, in Greene. 

(b). Lester B. James b. 28 May 1894 in Strong, Me. 

C. Christina R. Harris b. 26 May 1838; d. 17 May 1883. 

3. Hannah Webster Thompson b. 11 Aug. 1814; m. 1832 
Dennis Furbush of Greene and d. 20 Nov. 1888. He d. 1840. 
4 ch. 

A. Aurelia Rowe Furbush b. 19 May 1833; m. 3 Feb. 1852 
William Hennessey who was b. 12 May 1825. They live in 
Portland, Me., and have six children. 

a. Franklin D. Hennessey b. 2 Feb. 1856; m. 10 June 1884 
Mrs. Annie A. Cushman. Res., Sioux City, Iowa. Have a 
dau., Helen b. 19 April 1890. 

b. Lydia Gertrude Hennessey b. 11 April 1853; d. 17 May 


c. Lydia Gertrude Hennessey b. 23 Feb. 1858. 

d. William C. Hennessey b. 11 Dec. i860; m. 14 June 1881 
Kate C. Granney and has children, Mabel Gertrude, Helen May, 
Aurelia Furbush, Ralph William, Sadie Edna, Rena, and Frank- 
lin J. 

e. Aurelia R. Hennessey b. 26 Dec. 1872; d. 26 March 1873. 

f. Eleanor May Hennessey b. 4 May 1876. 

B. Capt. Nehemiah Thompson Furbush b. 27 Aug. 1835 ; 
m. Dora Harriman of Lovell, Me. d. s. p. Enlisted as Lieut, of 
Co. 1, 1st Maine Inf. Was Capt. of Co. I loth Maine Inf. when 
killed at the battle of Antietam 16 Sept. 1862. 

C. Milburn Furbush b. 14 March 1837; m. 10 June i860 
Hannah Susan Frye. Lives in Stoneham, Mass. 3 ch. 

a. Carrie A. Furbush b. 24 Oct. 1865 ; m. Walter D. Holmes 
25 March 1885; d. 26 Sept. 1893. 

(a). Leslie Furbish Holmes b. 4 Feb. 1886. 

b. Mary Etta Furbush b. 10 Apr. 1868; m. Charles Blodgett 
12 April 1893. 

(a.) Basil Milburn Blodgett b. 4 Jan. 1894. 
(b.) Lawrence F. Blodgett b. 19 Sept. 1895. 

c. William Furbush b. 16 June 1873 ; d. 26 Jan. 1875. 


d. Susan Ethel b. 16 Dec. 1880; d. i Mch. 1881. 

D. Mary Jane Furbush b. 17 March 1839; m. Frank I. 

4. Mary Webster Thompson b. 20 Jan. 1816 ; d. 9 May 1874. 

5. Christina Stackpole Thompson b. 18 Feb. 1818; m. Reu- 
ben Stetson of Greene. They had four children. 

A. Herbert Lee Stetson b. 16 Oct. 1847 i"^ Greene. Entered 
Colby University in 1869. Left during Sophomore year to enter 
Morgan Park Theo. School, Chicago. A.B. and D.D. Chicago 
L^niversity. Baptist minister for several years. Now Pres. Des 
Moines College, Iowa. m. Mary C. Clifford of Monmouth, Me. 
They have four children, Bertha, Lillie, Paul and Elizabeth. 

B. Wilham Wallace Stetson b. 17 June 1849 i" Greene, Me. 
Educated at Monmouth College, 111. Teacher. Since 23 Jan. 
1895 Supt. of Schools of Maine, m. 4 July 1871 Rebecca J. 
Killough of Morning Sun, Iowa, b. 31 Dec. 1850. Resides at 
Auburn, Me. No ch. 

C. Clement Skolfield Stetson b. June 1853. Educated at 
iMonmouth Academy and Kent's Hill. Teacher, lawyer, and 
farmer, m. Mame Wood of Winthrop, Me. Residence, Greene, 
Me. No ch. 

D. James Henry Stetson b. 1855 ; m. Alice Moore of 
Greene, Me. Both died in 1883. No ch. 

6. Rachel D. Thompson b. 22 Aug. 1820; m. 21 Dec. 1843 
William R. Little of Auburn, Me. d. 4 April 1848. He was born 
20 May 1822 and died at Auburn 15 March 1872. He served 
three years in Co. G, 2d Regt. Dist. of Columbia Vols. 2 ch. 

A. Henrietta Maria Little b. 15 June 1844; d. unm. 

B. Hannah Little b. 15 Aug. 1845; "i- (i) 8 June 1868 
Frank C. Shaefer ; (2) Robert Henry Fielding. She died in 
1898. 3 ch. by I St marriage, one by 2d. 

7. James Henry Thompson b. 12 Nov. 1822; m. 11 Nov. 
1858 Bethiah J. Buker b. 7 May 1827 in Bowdoin, Me. He is a 
farmer and resides in Greene, Me. 2 ch. 

A. Arabella M. Thompson b. 16 Sept. 1859 ; m. 14 Jan. 
1883 Davis Sanborn who was b. 29 April 1856 in Webster, Me., 
and died in Winthrop, Me. 4 May 1889. 2 ch. 


a. Mima J. Sanborn b. 19 Sept. 1887 in Winthrop. 

b. Davis Sanborn b. 16 Sept. 1889 in Winthrop, Me. 
B. Mellie J. Thompson b. 22 Sept. 1866; m. 22 Sept. i* 

in Lewiston, Me., Milan B. Sanborn of Wales, Me., who was b. 
13 April 1862 in W^ebster. Me. He is a farmer and lives in 
Greene, Me. One child. 

a. Jessie Lee Sanborn b. 25 Aug. 1892. 

8. Elizabeth Stackpole Thompson b. 24 July 1824; m. 30 
Nov. 1854 Enoch Fillmore, at Boston, Mass. 4 ch. She d. 30 
Dec. 1897. 

A. D. Pearl Fillmore b. 20 Sept. 1855 ; m. 18 May 1885, in 
Newburyport, Mass., Ellen C. Downes. Res. Lynn, Mass. 
They have a son. 

a. Pearl M. Fillmore b. 17 Nov. 1886. 

B. Charles M. Fillmore b. 6 Dec. 1857; m. 3 July 1885 
Nellie Ryan, who died 23 Nov. 1887, leaving one dau. 

a. Mabel N. Fillmore b. 13 Nov. 1887. 

C. Adella Mabel Fillmore b. 20 Aug. 1859; "i- Davis F. 
Noyes of Newburyport. 

D. Herbert L. Fillmore b. 28 May 1864; m. 17 March 1886, 
in Newburyport, Mass., Mary E. Oliver. One son. 

a. Earl Foster Fillmore b. 23 Aug. 1889. 

9. Phebe M. Thompson b. 15 March 1826; m. 3 March 1849 
William PL Farrar of Greene, who was b. 3 July 181 7 in So. 
Lewiston, Me. and died in Greene Sept. 185 1. She died in 
Greene 6 March 1870. One son. 

A. William Henry Farrar born in Greene 18 April 1850; 

m. in Webster, Me. 4 July Nellie Drinkwater who was born 

in Webster 2 June 1862. He is a blacksmith. One son. 

a. Fred Farrar, born in Webster, Me. 

VL Jank Dunning Stackpole b. 27 Dec. 1788; d. 10 April 
185 1. Unm. 

VH. James Dunning Stackpole b. 15 March 1790; d. 
Aug. 18 10 at Salem, Mass. Unm. 

VHP Samuel Owen Stackpole, son of John and Eliz- 
abeth (Dunning) Stackpole, was born at Durham, Me., 19 Dec. 
1794; nL (i) 1 Jan. 1818, by Rev. Jacob Herrick, Sarah, daughter 



of Samuel and Catherine (Clark) Robinson,* who was born at 
Durham, Me., 22 June 1794 and died 8 Feb. 1837. 

Samuel Owen Stackpole received the homestead from his 
father, giving bond of $1500, dated 7 March 1816, for the main- 
tenance during life of his parents and sister Jane, and for the 
payment of certain sums to other relatives. The bond obliges 
him to provide for his parents " Conveyance to Meeting and for 
visiting their friends in such manner as has been customary with 
them." This bond he gave when he was twenty-two years of 
age, and he faithfully fulfilled it. He added to the original 
homestead by purchase from time to time till he owned 180 acres. 
He engaged to some extent in lumbering, built a saw-mill just 
back of his house, which has long since disappeared, and drove 
many a mast and stick of oak timber to Freeport, Me. When 
he wanted bricks, he made them on his own farm. Had he used 
in a large city the same enterprise and industry that he displayed 
in farming, he would have become a very wealthy man. He was 
in military service a short time in the War of 1812. He refused 
all offers of public ofifice, though urged to accept several. The 
title of "Major" was familiarly applied to him, though he would 
not accept that ofifice when it was offered to him. His hospital- 
ity was unlimited. Everybody found a welcome at his home. 
His justice and generosity are illustrated in this, that when his 
uncle Aaron died childless and willed to him his farm worth 
$2000, he gave it to the woman who had cared for his uncle in 
his old age and infirmity. He united with the Methodist Episco- 
pal Church in 1838 and generously svipported it as long as he 
lived. Three miles were not too far to drive to meeting every 
Sunday in the year. No season of the year was too busy for 

*John Robinson, the emigrant ancestor, moved from Newbury, 
Mass., to Haverhill in 1640, thence to Exeter, N. H., about 1652, and was 
killed there by the Indians 21 Oct. 1675. He had sons, David, Jonathan, 
and Stephen. The last was a tax-payer at Exeter in 1662, moved to 
Dover, N. H., in 1666. He had a son John who worked at Fort William 
Henry, Goat Island, 1723-44. His son, John, Jr., m. 10 Dec. 1722 Sarah 
Jordan and moved to Cape Elizabeth, Me., the same year. Their son, 
Joshua m. 16 Nov. 1764 Sarah Miller, and had ten ch. of whom the old- 
est, Samuel, b. i April 1766, m. Dec. 1788 Catherine Clark b. 31 Dec. 
1769. They moved to Durham, Me., and had a farm next to that of 
John Stackpole. 12 ch. See History of Durham, Me. p. 245. 


family prayer. He was a friend to many and therefore had many 
friends. In person he was six feet tall, straight as an arrow till 
bent by old age and sickness, rather slim than stout, but tough 
and muscular. He slept but little and wanted to be at work all 
the time. He lived seventy-six years on the spot where he was 
born, moved to Brunswick, Me., in 1872 and died there 7 April 
1876. He was buried about a mile from his Durham homestead, 
where rest also his father and mother, wives and several children. 
By his first marriage there were nine children. 

I. Sarah b. 10 Nov. 1818; m. 5 Oct. 1837 Gardner G. Lar- 
rabee b. in Durham, Me. 8 July 1809 and d. 12 Oct. 1861. She 
d. 14 Aug. 1889. They lived all their days on the same farm in 
Durham. 9 ch. 

A. Sarah Jane Larrabee b. 2 March 1839; m. 12 Jan. 1874 
John H. Merrill, a farmer, b. 10 Jan. 1843. Res. Durham, Me. 
They have a son. 

(a). Alzo Selden Merrill b. 20 Aug. 1875. 

B. Hannah E. Larrabee b. 19 May 1842 ; m. i May 1862 
George B. Grover of New Gloucester, Me., who was b. 19 July 
1834 and d. 30 June 1882. She is living in Poland, Me. 7 ch. 

a. Persis L. Grover b. 13 Feb. 1863; m. 21 June 1890 in 
Gray, Me., William M. Hardy. 

b. George W. Grover b. 16 Aug. 1864; m. 23 April 1895, 
in So. Gardiner, Me., Ida R. Chapman. 

c. Charles F. Grover b. 10 April 1866; d. 19 May 1876. 

d. Mildred H. Grover b. 3 Dec. 1871 ; m. June 1896 Fred E. 
vSouthard, in Brunswick, Me. 

e. Frederic C. Grover b. 7 May 1874. 

f. Clara E. Grover b. 14 April 1876. 

g. Florence J. Grover b. 24 June 1882. 

C. Lucinda W. Larrabee b. 6 April 1844. 

D. Royal E. Larrabee b. 26 Jan. 1846; m. 24 Dec. 1872 
Emma S. Dunham. Lives at Lisbon Falls, Me. Has several 

E. Emelinc S. Larrabee b. 1 April 1848; m. 28 Nov. 1867 
John Rice of Pownal, Mc. 2 ch. 

F. Eliza E. Larrabee b. 16 Dec. 1850; m. 10 Aug. 1872, 
Rufus Watcrhouse of Durham, a farmer. No ch. 

G. Clara E. Larrabee b. 13 Dec. 1855 ; m. 4 Dec. 1880, John 


Waterhouse of Durham. He died s. p. 2 Aug. 1889. She died 
II March 1899. 

H. Abbie Small Larrabee b. 9 Sept. 1858; m. Samuel Dyer 
of Durham, Me. 

1. Gardner G. Larrabee Jr. b. 27 Feb. 1861 ; m. 21 Dec. 1882 
Henrietta Sawyer. No ch. 

2. Elizabeth b. 4 Sept. 1820; d. 20 Sept. 1823. 

3. Hannah b. 19 May 1822; m. (i) 21 May 1848 Daniel R. 
Fickett b. 1810 and d. 14 Nov. 1852; m. (2) 10 April 1856 Rev. 
Christopher C. Covell b. 28 Jan. 1810 at Woolwich, Me. and died 
at Pownal, Me. i July 1883. He was a good man and for years 
a faithful preacher of the Maine Conference of the M. E. Church. 
She died at Pownal, 17 Aug. 1875. She had two children by 
each marriage. 

A. Henry Stackpole Fickett b. 26 May 1849; "i. 22 Feb. 
1872 Cora Anderson of Yarmouth, Me.; d. 29 Dec. 1875 at 
Pownal, Me. She d. i May 1883. A daughter Mabel Fickett 
b- 6 May 1873 m. Rev. William Edson 6 Sept. 1891. 

B. Daniel Fickett Jr. b. 10 Oct. 185 1 ; d. 23 Nov. 1852. 

C. Carrie Augusta Covell b. 23 April 1857 ; m. 2 June 1894, 
by Rev. Everett S. Stackpole, at Auburn, Me., Edwin A. Rich. 
They live at West Auburn. 

D. Lizzie Taylor Covell b. 3 May 1859; ^- Mr. Albertus D. 
Norton and d. i Jan. 1888, leaving a son, Clyde Covell Norton, 
b. 23 Dec. 1887. 

4. Samuel Stackpole Jr. b. 25 Aug. 1824; m. 24 July 
1847, ^t Lowell, Mass. Emeline Wyman, who was b. 8 May 1830 
at Auburn, Me. He spent most of his life in Lowell, but d. s. p. 
in Auburn, Me. 25 July 1890. 

5. Henry Ricker Stackpole b. 27 Oct. 1826 ; m. 14 July 
185 1, at Waterbury, Vt., Apphia Swasey who was b. 21 Jan. 
183 1 at Danville, Vt. Farmer. Lives at Montpelier, Vt. 5 ch. 

A. Charles Henry b. 24 Nov. 1852 in Morristown, Vt. ; 
m. 8 March 1881 Eva A. Tabor, who was b. 5 Oct. 1858 at East 
Montpelier, Vt. Farmer and salesman. Resides at East Mont- 
pelier, Vt. 3 ch. 

a. Henry Nathaniel b. 5 April 1883 ^t St. Albans, Vt. 

b. Kate Cummings b. 24 Jan. 1886 at East Montpelier, Vt. 

c. Frank Everett b. 28 June 1890 at East Montpelier, Vt. 


B. Mary Jane b. 25 Aug. 1857; m. 10 Aug. 1881 Howard 
G. Ford. He is a grocer. Lives at 298 Ferry St., Everett, 

C. Fannie Annette b. 9 Nov. 1863 ; m. 28 Dec. 1883 H. 
Dana Morse of Natick, Mass. Address, 3 Goulding St., 
Worcester, Mass. 

a. Henry H. Morse b. 28 July 1884 in Natick, Mass. 

b. Howard Everett Morse b. 21 May 1889 in Natick, Mass 

c. Harry Dunning Morse b. 18 Feb. 1893 in Bolton, Vt. 

D. Lizzie Apphia b. 20 Dec. 1865 ; m. 19 Oct. 1898 Robert 
Warren Coburn. Resides at 6 Timothy Ave., Everett, Mass. 

E. Winnifred Emma b. ii July 1869; m. 6 July 1889 
Edward S. Everett. 

6. David Stackpole b. 20 Sept. 1828. Spent some years 
in Cal. Returned and married 12 April 1867 Hattie, dau. of 
Jeremiah and Mary (Gerrish) Day of Durham, Me., b. 24 Oct. 
1838. He lived on the old homestead at Durham. Died 2 June 
1897. One son, 

A. Ralph b. 31 Jan. 1876 at Durham, where he now lives 
as a farmer on the old Stackpole farm. 

7. Catherine b. 14 Jan. 183 1 ; d. 13 June 183 1. 

8. William Stackpole b. i Sept. 1832 ; m. 20 Nov. 1855 
Lucy, daughter of William and Maria (Blethen) Dingley, who 
was b. 6 Dec. 1837 in Danville, Me. He is a farmer in Durham, 
Me. One of the Selectmen in 1889 and 1890. Has represented 
Durham in the Maine Legislature. 2 ch. 

A. Maria Lincoln b. 6 April 1865 ; m. 24 Nov. 1887, by 
Rev. Everett S. Stackpole, at Durham, Frank M. Drinkwater, 
who was born in Durham 19 Nov. 1866. He is a clerk in Boston 
and lives at 872 Broadway, West Somerville, Mass. 2 ch. 

a. Harlan Retiar Drinkwater b. 19 Dec. 1890; d. 6 Nov. 

b. Ethel Stackpole Drinkwater b. 28 Jan. 1889. 

B. Merton Guy b. 15 Nov. 1866; m. 21 Nov. 1889 Mari- 
etta, daughter of Isaiah and Sarah (Doughty) Trufant, born in 
Durham, Me., 10 Dec. 1869. Farmer in Durham. Two daus. 

a. Hazel T. b. 13 March 1891. 
Sylvia Frances b. 21 April 1899. 

9. Charles Stackpole b. 15 Feb. 1835; m. i Jan. i860, at 
Calais, Me., Carrie A. Doyle. Farmer, Auburn, Me. One son. 

^ 1» 




A. Charles Henry b. 29 July 1864 at Durham, Me. 
Graduated at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., in 1886. 
Taught two years in Edward Little High School, Auburn, Me. 
Graduated from the School of Theology of Boston University in 
1891. Is a member of the New England Conf. of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. He was married, 18 July 1894, at Auburn, 
Me., by Rev. Everett S. Stackpole, to Maude A. Rolfe, who was 
associated with him as a teacher in the High School at Auburn, 
Me. P. O. address, 97 Evans St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Samuel Owen Stackpole m. (2) 8 Nov. 1838, by Rev. Allen 
H. Cobb, Eliza, daughter of Elijah and Eliza (Swett) Macom- 
ber* of Durham, Me. She was born in Durham 9 April 1810 
and died at Brimswick, Me., 12 May 1888. She was educated at 
Middleborough Academy, Mass., and taught in her early days. 
Her great desire was that her children should be educated. She 
was a woman of strong intellect and will, and possessed a firm 
Christian faith. She inherited a Puritanic moral sense. Her 
cares were many. She suffered much from rheumatism, of 
which at last she died. 

*William Maycumber, cooper, was at Duxbury, Mass., as early as 
1638. He was fined in 1644 for speaking against the Indians. His 
descendant, Joseph Macomber of Middleborough, Mass., was born, 1732, 
married Betsey Kennedy and died 24 Jan. 1800. Both were of Scotch 
descent. In the Revolution he enlisted, 5 May 1775, and served three 
months and four days as Sergeant in Capt. Levi Rounsevel's Co. Col. 
D. Brewer's Regt. He re-enlisted several times for short terms of 
service. He had ten children, of whom EHjah was the sixth, b. 14 Oct. 
1770; m. 6 June 1802 Eliza, dau. of Dr. Stephen and Sarah (Adams) 
Swett of Gorham and Windham, Me., and d. 26 Sept. 1849 in Durham, 
Me. She was born at Gorham, Me., 28 Sept. 1783 and died at Durham 
26 April 1853. They had nine ch. 

Dr. Stephen Swett wai descended from John Swett who came from 
Oxton, Eng., before 1642. His son, Benjamin, settled in Hampton, 
N. H., was Capt. of militia and killed by the Indians at Black Point, 
Scarboro, Me., 29 June 1667. Stephen, a grandson or great grandson, 
m. 8 May 1756 Sarah Adams of Durham, N. H., sister of Lieut. Col. Win- 
born Adams who fell at the battle of Stillwater in 1777, and daughter of 
Dr. Samuel and Rebecca (Hall) Adams. She was related to Pres. Adams 
and was seventh in descent from Govs. Winthrop and Dudley. Stephen 
Swett was Surgeon in Col. Edmund Phinney's Regt, enlisting 7 May 
1775 and serving 3 mos. i day. He d. 6 Jan. 1807 in Otisfield, Me. His 
wife d. 3 May 1808 in Otisfield. 14 children, of whom Eliza was the 
youngest. See History of Durham, Me. p. 215. 


1. Julia Ann Stackpole b. 18 Sept. 1839; m. 11 May 1880, 
at Lowell, Mass., Charles Harrison Brown, who was born at 
Lowell Aug. 1841 and died at Winthrop, Mass., 25 Feb. 1897. 
In the Rebellion he was a member of Co. F, 23d Regt. Mass. 
Vol. Inf. Mustered in 5 Aug. 1862 and served till the end of the 
War. Was at the battles of Gettysburgh, Chattanooga, siege of 
Atlanta and in Sherman's march through Georgia. Capt. of 
"Mechanic's Phalanx" a company of Veteran Militia in Lowell, 
Mass. Lived in Lowell and Winthrop, Mass. Carpenter and 
builder. She resides, since his death, in Brunswick, Me. 

2. Elizabeth Dunning Stackpole b. 2 Jan. 1842 ; m. i 
Oct. 1865, 3^t Nashua, N. H., Dennis Callahan, who was born 3 
Feb. 1840. She died at West Bridgewater, Mass., 19 March 
1873. 2 ch. 

A. Corydon Howard Callahan b. 21 Sept. 1866 at W. 
Bridgewater; m. 14 Feb. 1888 Mary O'Connor b. 12 Aug. 1869. 
Lives at Campello, Mass. R. R. employee. One son, 

a. Edward Callahan b. 10 Dec. 1888. 

B. Lizzie Mildred Callahan b. 10 July 1868 at W. Bridge- 
water, Mass. ; brought up by her uncle Samuel Stackpole at 
Lowell, Mass., so that she went by the name of Stackpole. m. 
27 Sept. 1893, ^t Durham, Me., by Rev. Everett Stackpole, Leon 
Strout of Brunswick, Me. 

a. Marjorie Strout b. March 1895. 

b. Marion Weston Strout b. — Oct. 1897. 

3. Mary Blanchard Stackpole b. 21 Sept. 1843. 

4. Benjamin Franklin Stackpole b. 2 Oct. 1845 I ^- 2 
June 1867 at Worcester, Mass. 

5. Sylvia Nye Stackpole b. 22 Dec. 1847; ^1- 21 Nov. 
1873 at West Bridgewater, Mass. Teacher. Graduate of State 
Normal School. 

6. Everett Sohermerhorn Stackpole b. 11 June 1850, at 
Durham, Me.; m. 20 Aug. 1878, at New Hampton, N. H., 
Elizabeth Augusta, daughter of Rev. Charles and Lucy Ann 
(Knowlton) Blake. She was born at Sandwich, N. H., 17 Oct. 
1846, was educated at the Maine State Seminary, Lewiston, Me., 
and taught several years in Bloomfield, N. J. She was de- 
scended through Charles,* Josiah,'' Hezekiah,^ Josiah,® Heze- 
kiah,* Moses,^ Timothy,^ from Jaspar Blake, who is first men- 
tioned in 1647 ^^ Hampton, N. H. 



cZ ^xj~<2^'>-^s^^^ ^. 0/ro^cA^0-'iJL^ 



Everett S. Stackpole fitted for College at Edward Little Insti- 
tute, Auburn, Me. He graduated at Bowdoin College in 1871. 
Taught single terms of school at Durham, West Minot, Gray, 
Yarmouth Academy, Hartland Academy, Brewer, Brunswick 
High School, one year at Washington Academy, East Machias, 
Me., and three years as Principal of a High School at Bloomfield, 
N. J. Graduated at the School of Theology of Boston Univer- 
sity in 1878. Was Director of a Theological School at Flor- 
ence, Italy, for the training of Italian preachers 1888-93. Mem- 
ber of the Maine Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church 
since 1878, serving at Kingfield, Lisbon, Woodford's, West- 
brook, Bath, Portland, Auburn and Augusta. Author of "Four 
and a Half Years in the Italy Mission," "The Evidence of Salva- 
tion or the Direct Witness of the Spirit," "Prophecy or Speaking 
for God," "History of Durham, Maine," and "History and Gen- 
ealogy of the Stackpole Family." Studied in Berlin University 
in 1893 and traveled extensively in Europe, Egypt and Pales- 
tine. Received the degree of D.D. from Bowdoin College in 
1888. One son, 

Everett Birney Stackpole b. ii Dec. 1879, i" Lisbon, Me. 
Educated in private schools at Florence, Italy, and Berlin, Ger- 
many, and in Edward Little High School, Auburn, Me. Spent 
two years at Bates College, Lewiston, Me. Is a member of the 
class of 1900 at Bowdoin College. 

7. Howard Vinton Stackpole b. 22 March 1853. Fitted 
for College at Auburn and Brunswick High Schools. Entered 
Bowdoin in class of 1877 but did not complete the course, m. 
13 April 1896 Cora Jeannette, dau. of George W. and Hattie 
(Doyle) Curtis, who was born in Bowdoin, Me., 12 June 1867. 
He is a Shoe-dealer at Brunswick, Me. 

IX. Henry Ricker Stackpole b. 9 Feb. 1797; d. Oct. 
1819 at City Point, Va. 



Absalom (James,^ Philip," James) son of James and Elizabeth 
(Pierce) Stackpole, was born in Somersworth, now Rollinsford, 
N. H., 2 June 1754. Soldier in the Revolution. See Military 
Record. Tailor and farmer. Married Nancy Markham, only 
child of Capt. P. and Elizabeth (Hodge) Markham of Ports- 
mouth, N. H., intentions recorded 7 Nov. 1778. The intentions 
of marriage of Absalom Stackpole and Olive Goodwin were 
recorded in Berwick, Me., 9 Oct. 1776. No certificate was 
issued. Capt. Markham died at sea, and his widow married a 
Mr. Wells and had two children. Absalom Stackpole and wife 
spent most of their long life on a farm in North Berwick, Me. 
He is described by one of his descendants as of a jovial spirit, 
and she as a woman of dark complexion and quite dignified and 
ambitious. It is related that she once killed a mad fox with a 
stake. He died 30 June 1849; she died 28 Feb. 1848, aged 88 
years. They had eleven children, Samuel, John, Aaron, Nancy, 
Mary, Reuben, Roxana, Hiram, Ivory, Abigail, and Sarah. 

I. Samuel, born at North Berwick, Me., 14 Jan. 1780; m. 
16 June 1805 in Lebanon, Me., Sally Brock, who was born 3 Feb. 
1783 and d. 30 Nov. 1847. He died at Lebanon 14 April 1854. 
Was a farmer and tailor. 4 ch. 

I. Isaac b. 3 Feb. 1806 in Lebanon, Me.; m. 18 Sept. 1831, 
at Parsonsfield, Me., Cyrcna Marston, who was bom 23 Jan. 
1807 and died at Lebanon 6 Feb. 1879. He died at Lebanon 21 
Aug. 1866. Farmer. 6 ch. 

A. Mary Jane b. 7 July 1832 at East Lebanon, Me.; m. 
Elijah Home and died 25 Sept. 1854, leaving one child. 

M^ ' 







a. Jennie Home b. 29 Jan. 1854; m. (i) 7 Jan. 1874 
Alphonso S. Ayer b. at Albany, N. H. 9 March 1854 and d. 14 
March 1890; m. (2) 15 April 1894 Paschal M. Jordan of Naples, 
Me. who was b. 30 Jan. 1841. Her children by ist marriage. 

(a). Manley W. Ayer b. 28 Oct. 1875 in Biddeford, Me. 

(b). Villa M. Ayer b. 12 Jan. 1878 in Berwick, Me. ; m. 22 
Dec. 1896 Frank M. Harmon of South Bridgton. 

B. Ann Maria b. 6 Sept. 1836; d. 12 April 1842. 

C. Ellen L. b. 2 Oct. 1841 ; m. i Jan. 1873 in Lebanon, 
George Rains Mclntire, who was b. 22 Nov. 1845 i" Boston, 
Mass. He served three years in the Union Army. Resides at 
61 Hamilton Ave., Lynn, Mass. 2 ch. 

a. Eddie Mclntire b. 14 April 1874; d. 21 April 1874. 

b. Georgietta Mclntire b. 28 Feb. 1875. 

D. George F. Stackpole b. 29 Nov. 1843 ^^ Lebanon, Me. 
Graduated in the first class at the Normal School in Farming- 
ton, Me., in 1866. Then fitted for College at No. Bridgton, 
Fryeburg, and Norway Academies. Graduated at Dartmouth 
College in 1872. A.B. and A.M. Meanwhile taught at Dennys- 
ville and Thomaston, Me., Northwood, N. H., Eastham and 
Orleans, Mass., and North Berwick, Me. After graduation he 
taught two years in an Academy at Derby Center, Vt. Was 
Principal of the Union School at Riverhead, N. Y. 1875-80. 
Admitted to the bar Feb. 1880. Is a Lawyer and Judge at 
Riverhead, N. Y. Director of two Banks and a man of affairs, 
highly esteemed in the Church and community. He is a gen- 
uine Stackpole in physical frame and benevolent spirit. He 
married 28 July 1886 Mary A. Hayes of Castle Creek, N. Y., 
who was born 18 March i860. They have had five children, 

a. George Leon b. 16 Nov. 1887 ; d. 30 July 1888. 

b. Syrena Harriet b. 9 Dec. 1888. 

c. Franklin R. b. 28 Aug. 1891 ; d. 18 Feb. 1893 

d. Virgil F. b. 15 April 1894; d. same day. 

e. Philip West b. 22 April 1897. 

E. Charles H. b. 7 March 1849 ^t Lebanon, Me. ; m. 25 
June 1877 Georgia A. Grant who was born in Lebanon 6 Nov. 
1 86 1. They were married at Great Falls, N. H. He is a farmer 
at Lebanon, Me. 8 ch. 

a. Arthur C. b. 23 Feb. 1878. 


b. Almon H. b. II June 1880. 

c. Ida M. b. 2 Aug. 1882. 

d. Etta B. b. 25 Oct. 1884. 

e. Chester W. b. 5 May 1886. 

f. Stella M. b. 22 Jan. 1888. 

g. Ethel C. b. 13 Nov. 1890. 
h. RoscoE F. b. 8 Nov. 1892. 

F. Harriet Maria b. 24 Jan. 1852 in Lebanon ; m. 6 Oct. 
1875 Lendall C. Jepson who was born in Lewiston, Me., 18 April 
1852 and died 11 April 1885. She Hves in Lynn, Mass., and has 
two children. 

a. Mildred L. Jepson b. 7 July 1881. 

b. George L. B. Jepson b. 8 Oct. 1882. 

2. Caroline b. 29 Sept. 1809 ; m. Jeremiah Drew of North 
Adams, Mass. She died 8 Sept. 1846. Three of her six chil- 
dren grew to adulthood, of whom Harriet and Martha died 
unmarried. Charles is the only survivor of this family. 

3. William b. 10 April 1816; m. 15 May 1845 Dorcas 
Abbott of No. Berwick, Me., who was b. 3 Feb. 1819. He was a 
farmer at Lebanon. He died 16 July 1883. 3 ch. 

A. John J. b. 6 June 1847 ; m. Mary E. Wentworth i May 
1878. She was born 1853. They live in Rochester, N. H. No 

B. Lydia Annie b. 30 Dec. 1848; m. 3 Oct. 1872 Charles 
Albert Wentworth of Somersworth, N. H. He was b. 14 April 

a. Edgar William Wentworth b. i April 1875. 

b. George A. Wentworth b. 16 July 1884. 

c. Leroy Wentworth b. 25 June 1890. 

d. Raymond Wentworth b. twin to Leroy. 

C. William b. 16 June 1853 ; m. 7 April 1887 Ella Roberts. 
I>ives in Somerville, Mass. 

a. Rodney W. b. 7 Nov. 1888. 

b. Florence B. b. 5 Aug. 1890. 
d. Bernice M. b. I Dec. 1891. 
d. Everlyn R. b. 26 Nov. 1894. 

4. Sarah b. 20 Jan. 1824 ; m. 1850 Abner Cooper b. 27 May 
1814 at Uxbridge, Mass., and d. 17 June 1877. She d. 26 Nov. 
1872. Their children are Abner b. i July 1853 ; Sarah b. 26 


April 1855 ; Carrie b. 12 Aug. 1857 ; Walter b. 3 Oct. 1859 ; Amy 
b. 13 Nov. 1862; Arthur d. young; Marion b. 20 April 1866. 

II. John, son of Absalom and Nancy (Markham) Stack- 
pole was born at No. Berwick, Me., 2 April 1782. Was a tailor 
and farmer. Settled in Thomaston, Me. Married 19 Feb. 1807 
Ruth, dau. of James and Nancy (Brison) Brown. She was born 
9 March 1792, and died 22 Dec. 1880. He died in Thomaston 
9 March 1854. 14 ch. 

1. John M. b. 4 Jan. 1808; m. 16 June 1831, in Nantucket, 
Mass., Judith M. Pinkham. He was first mate of the "Mont- 
pelier." He died 11 Aug. 1844. 4 sons. 

A. Edward P. Went to Cal. Unknown. 

B. Charles A. Enlisted in 1862 in U. S. Army. Mar- 
ried in Nantucket. Had two sons and two daughters. Only 
one daughter is living. 

C. Henry C. d. s. p. 

D. Albert D. b. 1843; kihed in battle 21 Oct. 1861. See 
Military Record. 

2. Nancy B. b. 24 Sept. 1809; m. 11 Nov. 1844 Rev. Kil- 
born Holt. Lived in Ashland, Mass. Died 29 Aug. 1857. Had 
two sons. The elder, Edwin Holt, enlisted at age of 19 in a 
Mass. Regt. in 1861. Was taken prisoner in his first battle, car- 
ried to Andersonville and died there. The younger son died 
when about eight years of age. 

3. Hanson b. 3 Sept. 181 1; d. 12 Dec. 1835. Fell from 
aloft at sea. 

4. Louise b. 20 March 1813; d. 17 May 1891. Unm. 

5. Alden b. 17 April 1815; d. s. p. March 1871. 

b. Catherine b. 20 April 1816; m. 6 May 1856 Joshua 

Hayes of Boston, Mass. Died in Thomaston, Me., 21 March, 

7. Bertha b. 4 March 1819. Unm. Lives in Thomaston, 

8. Sarah b. 6 Feb. 182 1 ; d. 28 Jan. 1885. Unm. 

9. Isabella P. b. 26 April 1823 ; d. i May 1840. 

10. Lucy P. b. 19 April 1825 ; m. 6 May 1846, in Thomas- 
ton, Richard D. Starr of Boston, Mass. Had two sons and a 

A. Henry H. Starr, Boston, Mass. 


B. Charles D. Starr, Boston, Mass. 

C. Mrs. J. D. Ronimus, 64 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. 

11. Helen M. b. 18 May 1830; m. 6 June 1850 George I. 
Robinson ; d. 14 April 1859. She had two daughters. One 
married Mr. Bright of Cambridgeport, Mass. The other, Fan- 
nie M. Robinson, married Prof. Henry Johnson of Bowdoin 

12. Elizabeth Ann b. 14 April 1832; m. 14 Oct. 1866 
Edmund Copeland of Thomaston. Lives in Thomaston, Me. 

13. Amelia H. b. 5 April 1836; m. 10 Sept. 1856 Samuel 
Whitcomb in Thomaston. They had one son, who married 
Sarah Pillsbury of Rockland and lives in Thomaston. 

14. Theodosia I. b. 29 July 1838; m. 19 June 1878, in St. 
Paul, Minn., John F. Halsted. Lives in Orange, Cal. 

HL Aaron. Went West when a young man, some say, to 
Michigan. Others say that he was lost at sea. 

IV. Nancy m. David Nelson. Had two children that died 
in infancy. Returned to the old home in Berwick and died there 
19 April 1849, aged 60 years. 

V. Mary, died 22 Nov. 1830, aged 15 years. 

VL Reuben, son of Absalom and Nancy (Markham) 
Stackpole, was born in North Berwick, Me., 8 April 1792. His 
name was changed by act of Mass. Legislature 14 June 1823 to 
Reuben Markham Stackpole. Went to Roxbury, Mass., when a 
young man and resided there and in Boston till his death, i Aug. 

1883. Was for many years a leather merchant in Boston. Mar- 
ried 12 Jan. 1832 Rebecca Winslow Childs of Roxbury, Mass. 
She was born in Roxbury 4 Aug. 1804 and died there 11 Dec. 

1884. 6 ch. 

1. Charles Markham Stackpole b. in Boston 22, Sept. 
1833 ; d. 24 Aug. 1834. 

2. Horace Markham Stackpole b. 16 March 1835 ; d. 7 
Sept. 1837. 

3. Anna Winslow Stackpole b. in Boston 2 Jan. 1838 ; m. 
28 July 1864 Edward M. Lancaster, who was b. 29 March 1832 
in Hill, N. H. He is Master of the Gilbert Stuart School, Dor- 
chester, Mass. Resides at 803 Shawmut Ave., Roxbury, Mass. 
3 ch. 

A. Edward Winslow Lancaster b. 2 March 1866; d. 28 
Nov. 1890. 


B. Alice Rebecca Lancaster b. 15 Oct. 1869 in Hyde Park. 

C. Helen Abbie Lancaster b. 28 Jan. 1879 i" Hyde Park, 

4. George Reuben b. 23 Sept. 1839; d. 15 Sept. 1853. 

5. Frederick Williams Stackpole b. 20 Aug. 1841 ; unm. 
Resides with Mr. Lancaster. 

6. Stephen Henry Stackpole b. 24 July 1843. Prepared 
for College at Roxbury Latin School. Graduated at Harvard 
in 1866. A.M. at Harvard 1871. Traveled and studied in 
Europe, principally at the University of Halle. Graduated at 
Newton Theological School in 1870. Pastor of Baptist Church 
at Westborough, Mass. 1871-73 ; at Saxton's River, Vt., 1875-82 ; 
of First Baptist Church Hamilton, N. Y. from 1882 till his death, 
23 July 1886. He married 18 Oct. 1871 Julia Langley Faunce 
of Roxbury, Mass. She was born 22 Feb. 1844 and died at 
Hamilton, N. Y. 11 April 1894. 3 ch. 

A. Markham Winslow Stackpole b. 5 June 1873 at 
Westborough, Mass. Graduated at Colgate University, Hamil- 
ton, N. Y. in 1895. A.B. at Harvard 1896. Has studied at Har- 
vard Divinity School and at Andover Theological Seminary. 

B. PiERPONT Langley Stackpole b. 16 Feb. 1875 at 
Brookline, Mass. Graduated at Harvard University in 1897. 
Now in Harvard Law School. 

C. Stephen Theodore Stackpole b. 14 Oct. 1885 at 
Hamilton, N. Y. 

VH. RoxANA Stackpole m. George Bates of Cambridge, 
Mass. Died quite young. No children. 

VHL Hiram Henry Stackpole was a tailor by trade and 
owner in whale-ships. Lived in Fairhaven, Mass. Died about 
1850. Married Elizabeth Eldridge Jenney, who died 22 April 
1891, aged 86 years. Eight ch. 

A. Henry Hiram d. in 1862. Unm. 

B. Frank Augustus m. Jane Drew and had a daughter, 
Caroline Drew, who died in April 1891. Both deceased. 

C. Harriet Stevens m. Henry J. Taylor. Lives in Fair- 
haven, Mass. Husband deceased. No ch. 

D. William Stevens m. Kate H. . Deceased. 

a. William Henry b. 8 Oct. 1863 in New York City. 
Fitted for College at Lewiston High School, Me. Graduated at 
Bowdoin College in 1886. 


E. Eunice Grinnell m. April 1864 William P. Church of 
New York. Res. Cambridge, Mass. 

a. William Lester Church b. i Feb. 1865. 

b. Charles Dayton Church d. in infancy. 

c. Grace L. Church d. in infancy. 

d. Aimee Gordon Church b. 29 May 1871 ; d. 23 Sept. 1892. 

F. Charles H. m. (i) Martha M. Hathaway; (2) Laura 
Blood. Two ch. by first marriage, three by second. 

a. Alice died young. 

b. Frederick L. b. 1858; m. 10 June 1879 in Boston Hen- 
rietta F. Smith, dau. of Edwin P. Smith. 

c. Ida married and has one child. 

d. Frank, married. 

e. Charles, married. 

G. Barry B. married and lives in San Francisco, Cal. Has 
ch. Frank, Annie and Kate. 

H. Annie M. m. Seth H. Keith. Res. Fairhaven, Mass. 
Husband deceased. Ch. Edmund T., and Annie E. 

IX. Ivory. It is said that he went to Savannah, and was 
never heard from. 

X. Abigail b. 11 May 1801 ; m. 26 Oct. 1845, i" Boston, 
Augustus Luther Richardson, merchant and Consul in Cuba. 
He was born 14 July 1805 and died 26 Oct. 1845. She d. s. p. 

XL Sarah b. 11 June 1804. Unm. Is still living. Her 
memory is good. From her much information has been gained 
that could not have been obtained elsewhere. 



Stephen Stackpole (James,^ Philip,^ James) son of James and 
Elizabeth (Pierce) Stackpole, was born in Somersworth, N. H. 
1 8 Feb. 1760. He was a soldier in the War of 18 12, a substitute 
for his son-in-law, Jacob Perkins. By trade he was a tailor. 
For several years before his death he was a paralytic, and died 
in the fourth shock, in 1845. He was buried in the family ceme- 
tery on the old Stackpole farm. His first wife was Esther War- 
ren, daughter of William and Esther Warren, bap. 18 Sept. 1768, 
whom he married at Berwick, Me., i Jan. 1784. Married by 
Rev. John Thompson. She was a descendant of the James War- 
ren of 1656. She died about 1810, leaving ten children, James, 
William, John, Benjamin, Timothy, Ann, Nathan, Reuben, Paul, 
Eliza. His second wife was Annie Joy of Acton, Me., by whom 
he had eleven children. 

I. James, born about 1785. Tailor and farmer. Married 
(i) 13 May 1804 Abigail Brock, who died Aug. 1843, aged 42 
yrs. ; (2) Mary Linscott who died in March 1857. He died about 
1864. He lived at Old Fields, near Rocky Hill, South Berwick, 
Me. Seven children. 

I. Elijah B. b. 10 July 1804 in Somersworth, N. H. He 
served an apprenticeship in Portsmouth, N. H., then lived suc- 
cessively in So. Berwick, Me., Pittsfield, N. H., Buxton, Bangor 
and Levant, Me. (now Kenduskeag) where he lived after 1834. 
Trader, farmer, hotel-keeper. Deputy Sheriff, Justice of Peace 
and Quorum twenty-one years. Held several town offices. He 
married, 31 Jan. 1831, Nancy E. Wentworth of So. Berwick, 
born 10 Oct. 1807. Five ch. 


A. Henry Augustus b. 21 Mch. 1832; m. Loan Harvey. 
Ch. Maria, Edwin C, Grace N., Frank H., Harriet A., Jennie 
and Charles E. 

B. Charles Carroll b. 28 Aug. 1833. Deceased. Unm. 

C. William H. Harrison b. 29 Jan. 1840; m. 23 Dec. 1861 
Frances E. Greeley, who was born at Levant, Me., 26 Mch. 
1842 ; d. at Kendttskeag 20 Dec. 1886. Their son Ezra Stiles 
Stackpole b. 31 May 1867, m. 23 June 1892 Nellie May Newhall, 
who was born 30 Mch. 1864 at Saugus, Mass. He is a book- 
keeper and resides at 13 Howard St,, Maiden, Mass. 

D. Frederick A. Hodgdon b. 14 Jan. 1843; "i- Victoria 
L. Savage. Res. Kenduskeag, Me. Besides one who died in 
infancy they have a daughter, Bertha L. who married Mr. Foss 
and lives in Portland, Me. 

E. Edwin Moulton b. 21 Feb. 1845. Deceased. Unm. 

2. Lydia b. 23 Feb. 1807 ; m. 7 Mch. 1830 John Cooper, Jr., 
a farmer at "Old Fields," So. Berwick, Me. 

3. Martha Ann b. 26 Aug. 1814; d. i Jan. 1839. Unm. 

4. Mary Elizabeth b. 6 April 1817; m. 9 May 1845 ^t So. 
Berwick, Me., D. W. Hussey. They live at Sangerville, Me., 
and have four ch. 

A. Howard W. Hussey b. 22 Feb. 1846; m. in Guilford, 
Me., 26 Nov. 1868 Margaret G. Bates, born 2.y Oct. 1847 i^^ 
Levant. Three ch. 

a. Ernest B. Hussey b. 13 Oct. 1869; d. 4 July 1884. 

b. Ida E. Hussey b. 18 Sept. 1873. 

c. Erwin H. Hussey b. 11 Aug. 1884. 

B. Marcellus L. Hussey b. 29 June 1847; "i- H May 1873 
Sarah E. Douglass, born 3 Feb. 1847 in Guilford, Me. 

C. Oscar Hussey b. 26 Dec. 1853; d. 18 July 1861. 

D. Charles O. Hussey b. 31 Dec. 1862; m. 31 July 1881 
Olive M. Martin, born 24 April 1863 in Sangerville, Me. They 
have four ch. 

a. Vernon O. Hussey b. 9 Nov. 1882. 

b. Ralph Hussey b. 7 Mch. 1888. 

c. Meda Hussey b. 24 Mch. 1889. 

d. Mabel Flussey b. 18 April 1890. 

5. William E. b. 15 May 1821 ; m. 29 Jan. 1843 Caroline 
M. Bean of Waterborough, Me. He died 14 Dec. 1884. He is 


buried in the same lot with his brother John in the cemetery 
near RolHnsford Junction, N. H. His wife was born i Feb. 1820 
and is still living. He was a stone-cutter and lost his sight by an 

A. May Abby b. in So. Berwick, Me., 22 April 1844; m. (i) 
1869 Oscar B. Dearborn; (2) 1889, Albert Blumann. Res. 30 
High St., Waltham, Mass. 

a. Edith Dell Dearborn b. 8 Sept. 1870; m. 7 Mch. 1891 
Frank C. Jordan of No. Waterford, Me. They have a son Cecil 
Oscar Jordan, b. 16 Jan. 1894. 

B. George Everett (adopted) b. 16 Feb. 1864 Res. 
Stoneham, Mass. 

6. Sarah B. b. 2.t^ Nov. 1823 ; m. t.'j July 1845 her cousin 
Thomas Stackpole. Ch. Lowell, William and James. Lowell 
was a soldier in the Rebellion. They live in So. Berwick, Me., 
near Conway Junction. 

7. John Brock Frost Stackpole, youngest child of James 
and Abigail (Brock) Stackpole, b. 8 June 1829 ; m. 5 Sept. 1863 
Elvira J. Powers, who was b. in Willsborough, N. Y. 8 Aug. 
1837. He died 8 June 1892 in So. Berwick, Me. His family 
removed to Portland, Oregon. He was a machinist. Their 
ch. are : 

A. Mary L. b. at Salmon Falls, N. H. 9 Sept. 1864; m. 24 
Aug. 1887 at So. Berwick, Me., Argimiento Thurlow of Port- 
land, Oregon. 

a. William S. Thurlow, b. in Portland, Oregon, 12 Feb. 

B. Fred P. b. 23 Feb. 1869. 

C. Freedom C. b. 4 July 1876. 

n. William, born 1788; married Alice Guptill of Berwick 
who was born in 1787 and died 19 Sept. 1873. He was a car- 
penter, moved to Acton, Me., where he died 16 Feb. 1869. 
Their ch. were : 

A. Samuel G. b. 29 Aug. 1814; m. Aug. 1872 Sarah M. 
Lane who was born 28 May 1833 and died at Berwick, Me., 7 
June 1881. No ch. He lives at Berwick, Me. 

B. Joseph C. died at age of eight. 

C. Esther A. b. in 1816; d. 17 March 1895. Unm. Joseph 
is buried at Acton ; all the rest, in Evergreen Cemetery, Berwick, 


III. John, born about 1790 in Somersworth, N. H., mar- 
ried 4 May 1809 Philomela Grant of York, Me., said to have been 
a cousin to the father of Gen. U. S. Grant. (She was dau. of 
Joshua Grant of York, who enHsted in the Revolutionary army 
at the age of sixteen and had a bullet put through his hat at the 
battle of Bunker Hill. The Grants were of Scotch descent, 
among the earliest settlers of York and claim the Earl of Mar 
as their ancestor.) John Stackpole lived in Dover and Somers- 
worth, N. H. In the war of 181 2 he was a privateersman. A 
prize was taken and John with others was put on board to take 
her into port. They came in contact with an English man-of- 
war, were taken and imprisoned in Halifax for fifteen months. 
He had, beside one who died in infancy, eleven children, 
Stephen, Abigail, John, Josiah, Mary, Esther, James and Tim- 
othy, twins, Hannah, Benjamin and Philomela. He died in 
Dover, N. H. 10 Aug. 1848. His wife died 12 Sept. 1843. 

1. Stephen G. b. in Somersworth 6 Dec. 1809; m. (i) 30 
May 1830 Betsey Bennett of Sanford, Me., and had one child ; 
(2) Eliza Mansfield of Saugus, Mass., and had four children. 
He was brought up by his mother's relatives at York, Me., 
moved to Saugus in 1834, where he has since resided, living to 
see his great-great-grandchild. 

A. Abigail m. Edwin Mansfield. Deceased. Ten ch. 

B. Eliza Jane b. 10 Sept. 1837; m. 1854, Henry L. Down- 

a. Frank Downing b. 11 Nov. 1856. 

C. Stephen b. 16 Nov. 1840. Unm. See Military Record. 

D. Lucy b. 11 April 1843; ^- 1869, Mark Penney, 
a. Leon Penney b. Sept. 1876. 

2. Abigail, born 1812; m. 23 April 1835 Jeremiah Moulton 
of York, Me. Lived and died in Portsmouth, N. H. Had three 
daughters and one son. 

3. John b. in Somersworth, N. H. 22 Aug. 1814; m. 30 
Aug. 1831, Mary L. Gray, in Lowell, Mass., who was born 28 
April 181 1 in Strafford, N. H., and died 30 Oct. 1882 in Dover, 
N. H. He died in Dover, N. H., 8 Aug. 1873. John was prom- 
inent in politics, was Colonel of militia and City Marshal of 
Dover. Three of his sons were in the Union Army. 

A. John S. b. 7 Nov. 1832 ; m. 23 Dec. 1852 Rachel Ann 


Frost; d. 17 April 1893. She d. 18 Sept. 1876. Ch. J. Frank, 
Nellie, Hiram and Henry. They live in Providence, R. I. 

B. JosiAH b. in Dover 5 Nov. 1834; m. i March 1855 Mary 
E. Clay, who was born i Aug. 1838 at Boscawen, N. H. Occu- 
pation, carpenter. Residence, Dover, N. H. Children. 

a. Edwin J. b. 26 July 1857. 

b. Fred b. 20 Feb. 1866; m. Mary Kelley. 

C. Martha Ann b. 27 Sept. 1836; m. 11 Nov. 1854 George 
O. Murray ; d. 3 May 1867. Ch. David L., George A., and Fan- 
nie M. Murray. 

D. Mary Ann b. 27 Sept. 1836; d. 14 Sept. 1839. 

E. Charles H. b. 12 Sept. 1840; d. 5 Sept. 1841. 

F. Charles Henry 2d b. 12 Dec. 1842; m. 15 Mch. 1868 
Annie M. Carter, b. 24 July 1852. Res. Spring St., Exeter, 
N. H. 

a. Martha A. b. 2 Aug. 1868; m. 28 Jan. 1888 J. Fred 

b. Albert W. b. 19 Feb. 1870. Unm. 

c. George H. b. 13 Nov. 1872; m. 11 July 1898 Mildred 
E. Llewellyn. Res. Exeter, N. H. 

d. Charles L. b. 3 Oct. 1874. Unm. 

e. Rachel M. b. 27 Mch. 1876; m. 15 Oct. 1894 Charles 
P. Gray. 

f. Ulysses S. G. b. 10 Mch. 1878; d. 19 April 1879. 

g. Leon E. b. 27 Nov. 1890. 

G. Mary Abbie b. 18 Feb. 1844; m. 24 Nov. 1864 John 
Alfred Peterson of Calmer, Sweden. Res. Portsmouth, N. H. 

H. Philomela b. 8 Jan. 1846; m. (i) 8 Dec. 1868 Charles 
Tobey who died 14 Mch. 1870; (2) 27 Aug. 1874 James Y. 
Emery. Son, John Emery. Res. Dover, N. H. 

L Albert F. b. 2 Dec. 1848; m. 12 Nov. 1873 Elizabeth 
Emery. Son, John Emery. Res. Dover, N. H. 

a. Florence M. b. 12 June 1879 5 "i- Walter Gage of Dover, 
N. H. 

J. George L b. 27 Nov. 1853. Res. Dover, N. H. Unm. 

4. JosiAH, son of John and Philomela (Grant) Stackpole, 
was born in Somersworth, N. H. 16 Feb. 1816; m. 12 Oct. 1836 
in Lowell, Mass., Melissa, dau. of John and Susan (Eastman) 
Kimball. Her three children died in infancy. She died at Cam- 


bridgeport, Mass., in 1842. Josiah's second wife was Dorcas 
Furbush of Lebanon, Me., born 17 Feb. 1822, died 15 Feb. 1871. 
They were married at Cambridgeport, Mass., 30 Nov. 1843. 
His third wife was Frances Smith of East Sharon, Me. ; m. 21 
Dec. 1871. He resides in Ipswich, Mass. Ch. by second mar- 

A. William b. 27 Nov. 1847 i" Lynn, Mass. Enhsted at 
age of sixteen in 4th Mass. Regt. Representative for Essex Co. 
in 1883-4. Married in 1869 Ida Ober of Mt. Desert, Me. ; d. s. p. 
16 Nov. 1894 in Ipswich, Mass. 

B. Martha b. 9 Sept. 1855 5 d. 30 Aug. 1856. 

C. Frank b. 22 Aug. 1859; m. in 1879 Anna Atkinson. 
Residence, Ipswich, Mass. Manufacturer of soap. 

D. Elmer E. b. 15 Feb. 1863. Unm. Res. Ware, Mass. 

5. Mary b. ; m. 19 Sept. 1839 Freeman Otis 

of Dover, N. H. She died 4 Feb. 185 1, leaving one daughter, 
who is Mrs. Jephthah Bruce of Fitchburg, Mass. 

6. Esther b. 22 Nov. 1819; m. in 1841 Joseph B. Witherell 
b. 22 April 1818. 

A. John B. Witherell b. 2 Mch. 1842 ; d. 17 Mch. 1843. 

B. Hannah A. Witherell b. 30 May 1848; d. 29 Aug. 1848. 

C. James Edgar Witherell b. 18 Feb. 1841. 

7. Hannah b. 182 1 ; m. 1842 Benj. Palmer. She died in 
1847. Her two children were adopted by her sister Mrs. 
Witherell and took that name. 

A. Philomela Palmer Witherell b. 5 Oct. 1843. 

B. John Palmer Witherell b. 21 Sept. 1847. He has been 
many years at Boston Museum. 

8. Benjamin b. 16 April 1822 in Somersworth, N. H. ; m. 
Mary H. Young b. in 1820 at No. Wolfboro, N. H. and d. at 
Dover, N. H. 25 May 1890. He died at Lynn, Mass. 17 May 


A. William B. b. 19 Aug. 1843 '" Cambridge, Mass. ; m. 
June i860 S. A. Clanage b. in Lynn, Mass., Jan. 1841. Shoe- 
maker. Res. Lynn, Mass. 

a. Mary F. b. 9 Mch. 1861 ; m. 1880 James Bowlby. 
Daughter, Bessie. 

b. William E. b. 22 Mch. 1862; d. Sept. 1864. 

c. Georgie a. b. 9 June 1864; m. 1883 WiUis Day. 


B. James B. b. June 1841 ; m. Mrs. Kate Annis. No ch. 
See Military Record. 

C. Ellen F. b. 1846; m. Freeman S. Waite. Has a son 
Benjamin W. Waite. 

D. Martha A. b. 1854 ; d. 1878. 

9. James b. i Jan. 1825 in Somersworth, N. H. ; m. 1842, 
Martha Twombly. Lived in Dover, N. H., and Lowell, Mass. 
Died in Dover, 19 Jan. 1893. 

A. Joseph Henry. Lowell, Mass. Soldier. 

B. James Albert. Lowell, Mass. Soldier. 

C. Frank. Lowell, Mass. 

D. Walter H. Dover, N. H. 

10. Timothy b. i Jan. 1825, twin to James; m. 25 Feb. 
1842 Elizabeth, dan. of the Rev. George Heard. She was born 
in Sanford, Me., 16 Sept. 1822 and died in Lynn, Mass. 8 Mch. 
1880. He is living in Lynn. See Military Record. 

A. George Heard b. 7 Sept. 1843 i" Dover, N. H. ; m. 7 
Dec. 1865 Mary Ann Harwood, b. 26 July 1843 at Lynn, Mass. 
He is an ice merchant and lives in Lynn. Justice of Peace and 
Alderman. See Military Record. P. O. address 6 Rand St., 
Lynn, Mass. 

a. George Stanley b. 18 Feb. 1867; m. 11 Jan. 1891 Mae 
B. Keene ; d. s. p. 28 Feb. 1895. 

b. Charles Vassar b. 6 Jan. 1869; m. 6 Jan. 1893 Elise 
Frazier. They have ch. 

(a). George Heard. 
(b). Charles Vassar. 

c. Mabel Ethelyn b. 26 Jan. 1874. 

d. Annie Louise b. 4 Feb. 1879; d. 19 Aug. 1880. 

B. Charles Fernald b. 30 May 1846 in Shapleigh, Me.; 
m. 14 Jan. 1869 Eliza Ann Heath b. i May 1843 at Lynn, Mass. 
Mechanical Engineer. Res. Lynn, Mass., 22 Lilian St. 

a. Alfred Lamartine b. 23 Feb. 1870 at Woburn, Mass. ; 
d. young. 

b. Gertrude b. 15 Jan. 1872 at Woburn, Mass. 

c. Arthur Jones b. 27 Mch. 1873 at Woburn, Mass.; d. 

d. Edgar Lambert b. 3 Oct. 1877 at Lynn, Mass. 

e. Grace Emily b. 15 Feb. 1879 at Lynn, Mass. 


f. Georgiana Heard b. 10 Nov. 1880 at Lynn, Mass. 

C. Hannah Elizabeth b. 27 Oct. 1848; m. Charles O. 
Baird. Ch. Lizzie b. 28 April 1871, William L. b. 3 Feb. 1873, 
John G., Annie, Fannie, Bertha, Edna and Leslie Baird. 

D. Timothy J. b. 19 July 1850; m. (i) Carrie Augusta 

Rogers, who was burned to death ; (2) Hattie . Two ch. 

Charles R. b. 7 Sept. 1873 ^^^ Bertha May. Res. Oxford St., 
Lynn, Mass. 

E. John Grant b. i Jan. 1857; d. 4 June i860. 

F. Judith Ann b. 29 Jan. 1854; m. 3 July 1874 Saml. R. 
Knowland. Ch. Samuel R. b. 5 Feb. 1875 and Philomela b. 
30 May 1877. 

G. Nellie Georgiana b. 29 April 1857; m. Arthur S. 

a. Emeline E. Chandler b. 6 Feb. 1876. 

b. Ethel Mae Chandler b. 3 Sept. 1881. 

H. Dayton b. 29 Aug. 1859; m. 10 Sept. 1884 Angle H. 
Choate. T^yo ch. died young. Res. Lynn, Mass. 

I. Benjamin b. 9 June 1862 ; d. 28 April 1863. 

II. Philomela b. 17 Sept. 1830; m. 17 June 1850 Charles 
Ballard of Cambridge, Mass. b. 17 Sept. 1830 and d. 4 Mch. 1892 
in Boston. She is living in Boston. 

A. Charles Ballard b. 17 June 1852. 

B. Emma Gertrude Ballard b. Sept. 1855 ; m. Henry Stone 
of Boston. 

IV. Benjamin b. in Somersworth, N. H. 13 Oct. 1791 ; 
soldier under Gen. Wool in War of 1812; was in battle of 
Plattsburgh. He settled in Plattsburgh. Was a lumberman 
and farmer, m. ist in 18 16 Phoebe Norcross who was born 28 
March 1797 and died 17 March 181 7 at Plattsburgh, N. Y. 
They had one son. 

I. Stephen b. in Plattsburgh, N. Y. 17 March 1817; m. 
Nancy C. Clififord b. 17 Feb. 1818 at Compton, Canada. They 
were married at Beakmantown, N. Y. 21 March 1841. He died 
4 Feb. 1890 at Plattsburgh, N. Y. Ch. 

A. Charles Henry b. 26 Feb. 1847 ^t Saranac, N. Y. ; m. 
1st 6 Oct. 1870 Charlotte Mary Standish, dau. of Capt. George 
Standish, and lineal descendant of Capt. Miles Standish b. i 
June 1848; d. II Oct. 1881 in Danemora, N. Y. Their children 


a. Miles Standish b. ii Jan. 1872. 

b. Charles Stewart b. 21 March 1874. 

c. Caroline Emmarette b. i June 1876. 

d. George Augustus b. 23 Oct. 1878. 

Charles Henry Stackpole m. 26. 4 Sept. 1888 Mary Ruth 
Craich of Colchester, Vt. b. 4 Aug. 1857. He is a merchant at 
Plattsburgh, N. Y. They have children. 

e. Charlotte Mary b. 4 Aug. 1889. 

f. Benjamin Caroll b. 10 June 1891 ; d. 23 Sept. 1891. 

g. Marion Haynes b. 17 Jan. 1894. 
B. Ellen E. Unm. 

Benjamin Stackpole m. 2d, 2 May 1818 Candace Norcross, 
sister of his first wife, said to have been the first girl born in 
Plattsburgh, N. Y. b. 17 Jan. 1793; d. 24 Feb. 1872 at Altona, 
N. Y. He died 14 Feb. 1864 in Saranac, N. Y. Their children 
were : 

1. Phoebe b. April 6, 1819; m. 5 Jan. 1837 Joseph Roberts 
b. 29 June 1816. Soldier throughout the Rebellion.* He is a 
wheelwright and blacksmith. Resides in Plattsburgh, N. Y. 
They had twelve children, of whom seven died in infancy. The 
rest were : 

A. James Victor Roberts, b. 9 Sept. 1845. Drummer in 
118 N. Y. Vols. Mustered in 29 Aug. 1862. Died at Hampton 
Hospital, Va. i Aug. 1863, and buried there. 

B. Sarah J. Roberts, b. 22 Sept. 1839; m. 2 May 1862 John 
Lenaghen. He died 6 Aug. 1876. 

C. Mary E. Roberts, b. 9 May 1843; "i- 10 Dec. 1867 
Alonzo Andrews. Residence Upperjay, Essex Co., N. Y. 

D. Peter W. Roberts, b. 7 Aug. 1848 ; m. Mary L. Stafford. 
Residence Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

E. Isaac M. Roberts, b. 31 July 1851 ; m. 10 Dec. 1871 
Louisa Chesbrow. Lives in Iowa. 

2. Thomas b. 23 March 1820; m. his cousin, Sarah Stack- 
pole. Died in the Insane Asylum at Ogdensburg, N. Y. in 
1893. Several children. 

3. Elizabeth Ann b. 8 April 1822 ; m. George Darrah ; d. 
5 Feb. 1890. 

*Enlisted 9 May 1861 in the i6th N. Y. Vol. Inf. and served two years. 
Re-enlisted in 1863 in the 2nd N. Y. Vet. Cav. and served till close of the 

174 stackpole family 

4. William Warren b. 13 Oct. 1824, in Plattsburgh, 
N. Y. ; m. (i) Aug. 1847 Laura A. Felton, b. 29 July 1826, d. 6 
Jan. 1848; m. (2) 18 Feb. 1850 Climena Hodges b. at Chazy, 
N. Y. 8 Feb. 1829. Iron moulder. Res. Chataugay Lake, 
N. Y. 

A. LoTT B. b. at Saranac, N. Y. 18 Dec. 1850; m. 29 May 
1873 Jennie Nichols of Mooris, N. Y. b. 19 Sept. 185 1. 

a. Warren N. b. 26 Mch. 1874. 

b. Infant b. and d. i Dec. 1875. 

c. Orrell b. 14 Nov. 1876; d. 17 Dec. 1876. 

d. William A. b. 11 Jan. 1878. 

e. William B. b. 2 May 1880. 

f. Grace M. b. 23 Aug. 1882; d. 11 Oct. 1894. 

g. Charles L. b. 26 Aug. 1884. 
h. Max Gordon b. 14 Feb. 1889. 

B. LiNDUs M. b. 4 Oct. 1852 at Redford, N. Y. ; m. 15 June 
1876 Aurelia Signor b. 31 July 1855 ^"^1 d. 17 April 1886 at 
Chataugay Lake, N. Y. 

a. Bertie M. b. 11 Mch. 1878. 

b. Earl b. 6 Feb. 1880. 

c. Fred R. b. 26 Mch. 1882. 

C. Anna E. b. 30 Nov. 1856. 

D. Ruth A. b. 29 Nov. 1865 at Saranac, N. Y. ; m. 17 Sept. 
1890 Eber L. Washburn, M.D. b. at Saranac 20 Sept. 1864. 

5. Frederick Halsey Stackpole b. at Plattsburgh, N. Y. 
14 Oct. 1826; m. I Sept. 1850 Annis Strong, dau. of Warren and 
Mary (Macomber) Strong, who was born 23 Nov. 1829. He 
died 14 Jan. 1895. She resides at Clintonville, N. Y. 5 ch. 

A. George Adelbert b. 23 Aug. 1851; m. 24 April 1874 
Emma Baxter of Ferona, N. Y., who was born i April 1854 and 
died 3 Aug. 1891. 

a. Anna M. b. 6 Nov. 1875; "i- ^^ Nov. 1891 George Mace 
of Burlington, Vt. 

b. Eber b. 22 Jan. 1891. 

B. Armjna Maria b. 15 June 1855; m. i April 1880 James 
Blanchard. Lives at Clintonville, N. Y. 

a. Frederick Halsey Blanchard b. 21 May 1881 at Ausable 
Forks, N. Y. 

C. Ella Marselia b. 16 Aug. 1858; m. 18 Aug. 1876 Gill- 
son M. Slater of Ausable Forks b. 18 Oct. 1855. 


a. Guy Slater b. 29 June 1877. 

b. Daisy Slater b. 17 Dec. 1879. 

c. Myrtie M. Slater, b. 15 Oct. 1880. 

d. Gertrude Slater, b. 29 Jan. 1885. 

e. N. B. Slater, b. 21 April 1888. 

f. Orlo Elwood Slater b. 21 Jan. 1892. 

g. K. Carson Slater b. 27 Oct. 1894. 

D. Charles b. 15 July 1865 ; d. 13 Oct. 1867. 

E. Benjamin Warren b. 24 March 1869; m. 12 Oct. 1894 
Mabel Adams of Northampton, Mass. b. i June 1871. 

a. Halsey King, b. 1895. 

6. John M. b. 20 June 1828. Unm. Educated at Platts- 
burgh, N. Y. and Concord, N. H. Teacher and preacher in 
Idaho. Died at Chataugay Lake, N. Y. 19 Feb. 1891. 

7. Lydia b. 16 Oct. 1831 ; m. James Pinkham of Saranac, 
N. Y. Deceased. 

8. Margaret b. 21 May 1834; m. Harmon Darrah of Peru, 
N. Y. ; d. II Feb. 1895. 

9. James b. 9 May 1837. Unm. Deceased. 

V. Timothy, died in infancy. 

VI. Ann, b. in Somersworth, N. H. 11 April 1794; m. 17 
July 18 1 4 in Berwick Jacob Perkins, who was b. in Sanford, Me. 
12 March 1793, and died in Kennebunk, Me. 17 Aug. 1852. 
For many years he was a ship-builder at Kennebunk Landing. 
She died in Kennebunk 21 May 1864. Ch. 

A. Temple H. Perkins, born in Somersworth, N. H. ; died 
in infancy. 

B. Esther Ann Perkins, b. in Kennebunk 17 July 1817; m. 
14 Nov. 1836 George Washington Storer of Kennebunkport, 
Me. She died in Newmarket, N. H. 21 Oct. 1883. 8 ch. 

a. Ann Maria Storer, b. 15 Feb. 1838; m. 9 March 1864 
John Whitten of Alfred, Me. He was killed at the battle of 
Petersburg, 30 July 1864. She married, 2d, July 1896 Alfred B. 
Murphy. They reside in Boston. 

b. "Baby" b. and d. 16 Feb. 1840. 

c. Emily Frances Storer, b. 22 May 1841 ; d. 15 June 1841. 

d. Emma Frances Storer, b. 10 Aug. 1843; m. 15 Dec. 1867 
Charles Samuel Stackpole. (See above.) 

e. Almira Thompson Storer, b. 25 March 1846; d. 25 Oct. 


f. Esther Jane Storer, b. 18 April 1847; d. 17 April 1849. 

g. Mary Ellen Storer, b. 21 July 1850; d. 25 Sept. 1870. 
h. Lizzie P. Storer, b. 4 June 1853 ; d. 6 Sept. 1853. 

C. Mary Jane Perkins, b. in Sanford, Me. 30 June 1820; 
ni. Nov. 1853 Luther Day of Sanford, Me. ; d. 20 Aug. 1855. 

D. Arabella M. Perkins, b. in Kennebunk, Me., 16 June 
1822; m. 5 Dec. 1853, Moses M. Day, brother of Luther. They 
had two children, both deceased. Mr. Day died in Lawrence, 
Mass. 8 June 1896. She lives with her niece, Mrs. Charles S. 
Stackpole in Lawrence, Mass. 

E. Thomas Stone Perkins, died in infancy. 

VIL Nathan b. in Berwick, Me. 7 May 1796; m. at Ports- 
mouth, N. H. Eliza Perkins of Dover, N. H. 19 Aug. 1819. She 
was born at Dover, N. H. 9 April 1800 and died at Newmarket 
30 Aug. 1878. He d. in Newmarket, N. H. 31 July 1869. 
Eight ch. 

1. Charles Perkins b. in Kennebunk, Me., 15 July 1820; 
m. Nov. 1841 in Effingham, N. H. Emily Dearborn, who was 
born in Effingham 9 July 182 1 and died in Lawrence, Mass., 6 
Jan. 1894. He died in Lawrence 11 Sept. 1889. Two ch. 

A. Emma Frances, d. in infancy. 

B. Charles Samuel b. in Newmarket, N. H. 4 Feb. 1844; 
m. in Newmarket 15 Dec. 1867 Emma Storer, who was born in 
Kennebunk, Me. 10 Aug. 1843. They reside at Lawrence, Mass. 

a. Mabel Lunt b. in Newmarket, N. H. 24 June 1870; 
m. 22 Jan. 1890 Albert W. Clark of Portland, Me. He is a 
teacher of Penmanship and connected with Ginn & Co. Pub., 
Boston. Res. Melrose Highlands, Mass. 

(a). Gladys Clark, b. at Lawrence, Mass. 16 July 1894. 
(b). Paul Stackpole Clark b. at Lawrence, Mass. 23 Nov. 


(c). Philip Willistine Clark b. 31 May 1898. 

b. Nellie Storer, b. at Newmarket, N. H. 22 Jan. 1872. 
Graduate of State Normal School, Salem, Mass. Teacher in 
Public Schools of Lawrence, Mass. 

c. "Baby" b. 16 Feb. 1876; d. 18 March 1876. 

2. Jane Warren, b. in Kennebunk, Me. 20 Dec. 1822; m. 
12 Nov. 1840 Benj. F. Cram. 

A. George H. Cram b. Dec. 1842 ; d. 1866. 


B. Jennie F. Cram b. 8 Nov. 1858 in Dixon, 111.; m. 29 
June 1887 Frederick Jenkins. Res. Medford, Mass. 

a. Mildred Warren Jenkins b. Mch. 1888. 

b. Dorothy Colman Jenkins b. 29 Mch. 1892. 

3. William Warren b. 14 Mch. 1825 in Kennebunkport, 
Me. ; m. 1845, Elizabeth Batchelder, who was born at North- 
wood, N. H. 4 May 1826. He is a blacksmith and lives in New- 
market, N. H. 

A. Ellen A. b. 22 Jan. 1847; ^- Weaver. Res. 63 

Avery St., Dedham, Mass. 

B. Emma E. b. 3 Feb. 1849. Deceased. 

C. Edward W. d. 20 June 1883 in Dedham, Mass., aged 21. 

D. Carrie May b. 18 Feb. 1864. 

4. John Temple b. 3 April 1827; m. at Lawrence, Mass., 
2 June 1850 Mrs. Sarah Maria Gatyens. She died about 1896. 
He is living in Kittery, Maine. See Military Record. 

A. Charles Temple, b. 16 Aug. 1852; d. 12 Mch. 1857. 

B. George Henry b. 25 Dec. 1854. 

C. William W. b. 25 Nov. 1856; d. 7 Oct. 1857. 

D. Jennie W. b. 21 Nov. 1858; m. John F. Smith. Res. 
39 Hancock St., Somerville, Mass. Ch. Frank Temple, Ella 
Warren, Maude Edna and Louis Henry. 

E. LaForest T. b. 17 Mch. 1861 ; d. 5 April 1863. 

F. Sadie M. b. 19 Nov. 1865 ; m. 18 Jan. 1882 Frank Pres- 
ton Whittemore at Cambridgeport, Mass. No ch. Res. Kit- 
tery, Me. P. O. Box 126. 

5. Nathan, b. in Newmarket, N. H. 19 Dec. 1829; m. 
1850 Ruth Foss, who was born in Strafford, N. H. 16 July 1829 
and died 11 June 1896. He died 28 Feb. 1893. Was a black- 
smith. Two ch. 

A. Annie Dell, b. at Ottawa, 111. 9 Oct. 1862 ; m. 23 Jan. 
1883 at Pullman, 111., Frank Ward, who was born in 1859 ^^ 
Waukegan, 111. They have 3 ch. 

a. Ruth Edna Ward, b. Oct. 1883. 

b. Elsie Irene Ward, b. Jan. 1886. 

c. Irving Warren Ward, b. March 1890. 

B. Kate May, b. at Ottawa, 111., 26 Nov. 1866; m. 26 Nov. 
1896, at La Grange, 111., Charles Wesley Ferguson, who was 
born at Godfrey, 111. in 1864. 


6. Reuben, b. 10 May 1832 ; m. 17 Nov. 1853 Lydia M. Jep- 
son of Wells, Me. ; d. 22 May 1895. She lives with her son 
Frank at Warren, Mass. 4 ch. born in Newmarket, N. H. 

A. Frank E. b. 31 July 1855; m. 29 June 1886 Anna C. 
Whitney. Printer, Warren, Mass. 

B. Albert T. b. 5 Sept. 1857 ; m. Ida J. Smart. They have 
a son. 

a. Harry W. b. 17 May 1882. 

C. Cynthia J. b. 17 Sept. i860; m. 2 Feb. 1891 Frederick 
H. Pillsbury. 

D. Willie b. 13 July 1864; d. 19 Aug. 1864. 

7. George H. b. 3 July 1834 ; d. 7 Sept. 1834. 

8. Mary Eliza b. at Newmarket, N. H. 27 July 1835 ; m. 
I Jan. 1854 William M. Robinson, who was born at Exeter, 
N. H. 18 Jan. 1829. Musician. Soldier in the Rebellion. Res- 
idence 14 Dudley St., Medford, Mass. 

A. Amy Jane Robinson, b. at Newmarket, N. H. 18 Sept. 
1854; m. 15 May 1873 William H. Griffith who was born 15 May 
1843. Residence, Cambridge, Mass. 2 ch. She died in 1886. 

a. Edna May Griffiths b. 8 Nov. 1874; m. 2 May 1895 Clar- 
ence Lawrence. 

b. Willis Wentworth Griffith b. 23 Sept. 1877. 

B. Mary E. Robinson b. 8 June 1857; d. in infancy. 

C. Carrie May Robinson, b. 14 Aug. 1859 ; d. in infancy. 

D. Willie Robinson, b. 29 Nov. 1861 ; d. in infancy. 

E. Edward Jenness Robinson b. at So. Newmarket, N. H. 
29 Oct. 1863 ; m. 14 Nov. 1888 Mary Ella Vinal. 

a. Harry Vinal Robinson b. 6 Jan. 1892. 

Vni. Reuben m. 16 Nov. 1823 Eliza Hayward in Boston, 
Mass. Died in Boston 22 April 1832, aged 33 years. His 
widow m. 3 July 1836 Joshua Sherman and died 30 Nov. 1878. 

1. Sarah S. b. 15 May 1825; m. 18 Jan. 1843 Thomas D. 
Strand. Ch. Thomas W., B. Frank, Albert N., and Edward S., 
besides two that died in infancy. She lives at Haverhill, Mass. 
with her son Edward. 

2. Flsther a. b. 4 Sept. 1827; m. 25 Dec. 1842 Obed W. 
Bartlett; d. s. p. 14 Oct. 1896. 

IX. Paul Stackpole born 2^ Oct. 1800; m. Susan Chick 
who was born in N. H. 10 Jan. 1794. Moved to Dannemora, 


N. Y. He died 31 Dec. 1879 '" Chicago. She died 11 Oct. 
1878 in Dannemora, N. Y. 

1. George, b. ; m. Mercy Hawkins. She is a 

widow living in Hewittville, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 

2. Paul m. and had four children. He died and his widow 
went west with the children. 

3. Mary Ann m. James Smith. 8 ch. She died long ago. 
He m. again and went west. P. O. address Onega, Pottawata 
Co., Kansas. 

4. Sarah b. 8 Aug. 1831 ; m. (i) Mr. Thompson; (2) 23 
Nov. 185 1 John H. Turner who was born in 1834 in Plattsburgh, 
N. Y. She died 19 March 1870. There was one cTiild by first 

A. Charles J. Thompson born 1847 at Saranac, N. Y. 
Lives in Moores, Clinton Co., N. Y. By second marriage there 

B. Lucy A. Turner b. 22 April 1854 at Saranac, N. Y. ; m. 
24 June 1877, George Moore of Dannemora, N. Y. Their chil- 
dren are : 

a. Mark H. Moore b. 19 Sept. 1878. 

b. Mary E. Moore b. Feb. 1881 ; d. i July 1885. 

C. Geo. A. Turner b. i Aug. 1857 ; d. i Feb. 1859. 

D. Mary E. Turner b. 30 March 1859 in Saranac, N. Y. ; 
m. 20 March 1879 Arthur A. Merrill of Dannemora, N. Y. 
They have one child. 

a. Barton A. Merrill b. 9 Oct. 1885. 

X. Eliza, b. in Somersworth, N. H. 7 Feb. 1808; m. 15 
Dec. 1826 Samuel Dorr, who was born in Somersworth 9 Jan. 
1806 and died 2 April 1846. She died 6 July 1888. 

1. Frederick A. Dorr b. 7 Oct. 1827; m. Nov. 1849 Mary 
Hobbs Mitchell of Kennebunk, Me. They had five ch. 

A. Elizabeth F. Dorr b. 6 March 185 1. 

B. Laura E. Dorr b. 13 Feb. 1853 ; d. 19 Oct. 1871. 

C. Carrie E. Dorr b. i Jan. 1856. 

D. Mary E. Dorr b. 5 Feb. i860. 

E. Abbie M. Dorr b. 11 Sept. 1863. 

2. James Dorr b. 27 Dec. 1829. 

3. Stephen Dorr b. t."] Dec. 1829. 

4. Caroline S. Dorr died in infancy. 


5. Moses P. Dorr died in infancy. 

6. Charles Dorr died in infancy. 

7. Eliza A. Dorr ; m. Addis Luke of So. Berwick, Me. 

8. Julia F. Dorr b. 25 Nov. 1845 ; d. May 1894. 

9. Mary E. Dorr b. 25 Nov. 1845; d. Jan. 1893. 

Stephen Stackpole married (2) Annie Joy of Acton, Me., 
born May 1788. She died at Kennebunk, Me. 20 Oct. 1863. 
Buried at Kennebunkport. Besides four who died in infancy 
they had children, Esther, Ichabod, Dominicus, Isaac, Edwin 
Lord, and Maria L. 

L Esther b. 22 Oct. 1815; m. 11 Nov. 1832 Michael Mur- 
phy of Eliot, Me., b. 3 April 1812 and d. 15 Nov. 1893. She 
died 4 Mch. 1892. 

1. Charles W. Murphy b. 10 Nov. 1833; m. 18 Feb. 1854 
R'osetta Durgin. Six ch., three of whom are living, Charles E., 
Nellie J., and Annie H. The last m. Lionel Williams. All live 
at So. Berwick, Me. 

2. Mary Ann Murphy b. 17 Jan. 1836; m. 17 Jan. 1856 John 
M. Dore of Somersworth, N. H. Seven ch. 

3. Hiram P. Murphy b. 15 Feb. 1838; m. Carrie A. Hub- 
bard. Two ch. All live in Dorchester, Mass. 

4. FideHa S. Murphy b. 22 Aug. 1840; m. 23 July 1870 
Charles H. Goodwin of So. Berwick, Me., b. 20 Sept. 1837. 

A. Arthur W. Goodwin b. 25 July 1873. 

B. Isabel Goodwin b. 9 Jan. 1876; d. 16 May 1879. 

C. George W. Goodwin b. 30 Sept. 1878. 

II. Ichabod b. 29 Mch. 1820; m. 23 June 1850 Maria 
Jenks. She was born in No. Conway, N. H., 24 Feb. 1819 and 
died at Lee, N. H., 6 Mch. 1894. He died 21 Sept. 1863 in Eliot, 
Me. She m. (2) John Lane of Lee, N. H. 

1. Minerva b. 26 April 1851 ; m. (i) 17 Nov. 1869 Charles 
Abbott; (2) James G. W. Davis. Four ch. 

A. Alice M. Abbott b. 19 Oct. 1870. 

B. Clara B. Abbott b. 13 Nov. 1872. 

C. Harry A. Davis b. 9 Dec. 1879. 

D. Charles J. Davis b. 7 July 1882. 

2. Charles E. N. b. 4 Nov. 1852. Unm. Farmer at Lee, 
N. H. 

3. George b. 12 June 1856. Unm. 


III. DoMiNicus b. 29 Mch. 1820; m. Sarah . Two 

daughters died young. He married the second time and had 
children, Charles and Daniel. He died 16 Dec. 1892 in Dover, 
N. H. ■ 

IV. Isaac m. 26 May 1844 Sarah Ham of Kittery ; d. s. p. 
in Pensacola, Florida. Soldier in the Mexican War. 

V. Mary Elizabeth b. Jan. 18, 1828; m. (i) John Furber 
of Newmarket, N. H. He went to the gold diggings in Australia 
and was never heard from. She m. (2) Nathaniel Robinson, 
who died 22 Nov. 1891. She died 21 Feb. 1895. 

1. Herbert Robinson b. 1862; m. Sally Taylor. Res. Med- 
ford, Mass. Has ch. Walter, Nathaniel and Margery. 

2. Fred Robinson b. 1864. Unm. 

VI. Edwin Lord b. 8 July 1830; m. 14 July 1849 Mary 
Jane Welch of York b. 9 Dec. 1830. Lived in So. Berwick, Me., 
and Rollinsford, N. H. Died 21 Jan. 1883. His widow married 
16 Oct. 1896, Albert S. Smith of Hampton Falls, N. H. 

A. Mary b. 10 May 1852 ; m. Frank H. Spinney ; d. 25 Sept. 
1883. 4 ch. 

a. Luzetta May .Spinney b. i July 1870; d. young. 

b. Edwin Spinney, d. young. 

c. Harry Lord Spinney b. 18 Aug. 1875. 

d. Byron C. Spinney b. 28 Oct. 1878. 

B. Infant unnamed. 

C. George Edwin b. 15 Jan. 1854; m. 3 Aug. 1871 Rosalie 
Chadwick. Res. 96 Oakville St., Lynn, Mass. 

a. Annie Etta b. 18 Mch. 1872 ; m. 3 May 1893 Reuben H. 
Page of Tilton, N. H. They have a son, Ralph Page b. April, 

D. LuELLA Abby b. 25 Oct. 1856; m. 30 Nov. 1880 John 
H. Houghton, Putney, Vt. He was born 21 Oct. 1857. No ch. 

E. Ellora Frances b. 26 Dec. 1858. Unm. Roslindale, 

F. Oria E. b. 24 June i86t ; m. Jan. 1886 Frank H. Spin- 
ney. Res. 38 Birch St., Roslindale, Mass. 

a. Roy S. Spinney b. 6 Oct. 1886; d. 18 Dec. 1886. 

b. Leola A. Spinney b. 2 Oct. 1890. 

G. JosiE Lena b. 4 Feb. 1863 ; m. 6 Feb. 1883 Frederick 
Gould. Res. Hampton Falls, N. H. 


a. Fred Everett Gould b. 27 April 1884. 

b. Lila Delano Gould b. 25 July 1886. 

c. Vera Frances Gould b. 2 July 1897. 

H. WiLMONT Ellsworth b. 21 Jan. 1865; m. Feb. 1889 
Cora Linscott. Res. Alton, N. H. i dau. 

I. Freeland Everett b. 18 Aug. 1867 ; m. 8 Dec. 1888 
Alice E. Nief. Res. Roslindale, Mass. 

a. Ida May b. 18 June 1891. 

b. Edwin Everett b. 5 March 1894. 

c. John H. b. and d. 23 May 1896. 

d. Algernon b. and d. 23 May 1896. 

VII. Maria Lord b. 8 July 1830, twin to Edwin Lord, m. 
2 Nov. 1853 George Christenson b. in Bergen, Norway, 30 
Nov. 1826. Shipbuilder at Kennebunkport, Me. He died 3 
March 1891. Ch. 

1. George Edwin Christenson, b. 25 Aug. 1856; d. 20 Oct. 

2. William M. Christenson b. 23 June, 1859; m. 16 July 
1 88 1 Mary L. Emery of Kennebunkport. Their daughter Fan- 
nie Christenson was born 29 Jan. 1882. Residence Kenne- 
bunkport, Me. 

3. Charles Christenson, b. 25 June 1863; d. 11 Sept. 1863. 

4. Emma S. Christenson, b. 26 Nov. 1864. Teacher. 

5. Fannie Maria Christenson b. 11 May 1867; d. 19 Dec. 

6. Lizzie B. Christenson b. 4 Nov. 1869; d. 16 Aug. 1870. 



James Stackpole (John,^ John,- James) was born in Bidde- 
ford, Me. 14 Nov. 1732. He married 26 Dec. 1754 Abiel Hill 
of Biddeford, dau. of Ebenezer Jr. and Joanna Hill.* She was 
born 29 April 1737. They were married by Rev. Moses Morrill. 
It is related that some of his wife's relatives by name of Win- 
gate objected to her marrying "that Irish Jeemes." If they had 
known his Norman-Welsh lineage, they might not have ob- 
jected ! They afterward had no reason to be ashamed of him. 
He was tall and dignified in appearance and of deeply religious 
character. He united with the First Cong. Church of Bidde- 
ford 7 Oct. 1753, of which his wife was also a member. 

He owned a farm and saw-mill on Little River, Biddeford. 
He sold this property and moved to Gardiner, Me., in 1774. 
Here he kept what was called the " Great House," an inn built 
by the first settlers in 1761. 

*Peter Hill sailed from Plymouth, Eng., in the ship Huntress with 
John Winter and landed in America 22 Mch. 1632-3. He was a member 
of the Assembly of Lygonia in 1648. He died Aug. 1667. His only son, 
Roger Hill, m. Mary Cross of Wells, 1658. They had five sons and two 
daughters. One son, Ebenezer, settled in Biddeford and was long 
known as Deacon Hill. He and his wife Abigail were captured by the 
Indians and taken to Canada about 1705, where they remained three 
years. Their oldest son Ebenezer, Jr., was born in Canada, and after their 
return was familiarly called the "Frenchman." Deacon Hill died 1758. 
He names in his will seven children, Ebenezer, Jr.; Dorothy m. Jor- 
dan; Susanna m. Thos. Emery; Benjamin; Lydia m. Deacon Simon 
Wingate; Joshua; and Jeremiah m. Mary, dau. of Capt. Daniel Smith, 
in 1746. — See Folsom's Hist, of Biddeford, passim. 


He moved to that part of Winslow which is now 
Waterville March 9, 1784, as his Diary shows. Here he 
Hved in old age with his son James. He carried on busi- 
ness as a general trader. He was very methodical and 
exact in accounts, kept a diary still preserved, and was 
careful in his eighty-ninth year to write a genealogical rec- 
ord of his family. The births of all his children are reg- 
istered in Biddeford and Winslow. He was commissioned 
Capt. by Gov. John Hancock 25 Oct. 1787, and his resignation 
was accepted 6 Feb. 1795. These documents and deeds above 
referred to are preserved. He died in Waterville, Me., 8 Sept. 
1824, aged 92. His wife died 25 April 1808. Thirteen children. 

I. Hannah b. 19 Sept. 1755 ; m. Dec. 1776 Andrew Good- 
win ; d. 7 Nov. 1791. For some account of her descendants see 
Hanson's History of Gardiner. She was the grandmother of 
the Rev. Melville B. Cox, first missionary of the M. E. Church 
to Africa. 

H. Joseph b. 13 Feb. 1757; m. Hannah Town; d. s. p. 13 
Nov. 1782. 

HI. Phoebe b. 20 Mch. 1759; m. 4 Mch. 1781 Eleazar, son 
of Joseph and Mary (Belcher) Tarbox. He was born 11 May 
1753 and came from Biddeford to Gardiner with James Stack- 
pole 24 Oct. 1774. She died 2 April 185 1. See Hanson's His- 
tory of Gardiner, p. 108. For Genealogy of Tarbox family see 
N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register Vol. 42 p. 36. 

IV. Samuel b. i May 1761 in Biddeford; m. Mary G. 
Spencer of Bowdoinham, b. 26 Dec. 1762. He died in Albion, 
Me., 30 Oct. 1846. His wife died 20 Sept. 1859. He was a 
farmer and lived in Fairfax (now Albion) on the stage road from 
Augusta to Bangor, twenty-five miles from Augusta. He was 
a Deacon in the Cong. Church and used to line off the hymns 
when the [\ev. Jotham Sewall used to hold a service in the 
kitchen of Dea. Chalmers, brother of the famous Dr. Chalmers of 
Scotland. There was no church nor school-house then. Samuel 
Stackpole had twelve children, Joseph, Samuel, Betsey, Joseph, 
James, William, Sophia, Hiram, Jotham, Mary G., Isaac S., and 
Jonah C. 

1. Joseph b. 10 Jan. 1784; d. 17 Mch. 1786. 

2. Samuel b. 11 Sept. 1785; m. in 1805, Huldah, dau. of 


Asa Phillips of Winslow, Me. He moved to Monticello, Me., 
in 1833, and served that town several years as Assessor, Select- 
man, Collector of taxes and Treasurer. Sergeant in War of 
1812. Died 25 June 1870. His wife died 8 Feb. 1881. Eight 
children, Emulus, Emily, Harris G., Betsey, Charlotte, Hiram, 
Sarah A., and Helen. 

A. Emulus b. 13 Dec. 1806 at Albion, Me. ; m, 30 Mch. 
1836 Mary Ann, dau. of Joel Wellington of Albion, b. 2^ Mch. 
1814. He hved in Houlton, Monticello, Lynn, Mass., and again 
in Monticello, where he died 9 July 189 1. In Houlton and 
Monticello he filled the offices of Town Clerk, Selectman and 
Supt. of Schools for many years. "Universally trusted and 
respected, and scrupulously honest." His wife died 30 May 
1878. Two children. 

a. Delbert a. b. at Houlton, Me., 24 Sept. 1841. Unm. 
See Military Record. Died at New Orleans 24 Aug. 1863. 

b. LuciEN E. b. at Monticello, Me., 7 Nov. 1844; m- 1879, 
Florence Ketchum of Blaine, Me. Farmer and musician. 
Town Clerk of Monticello since 1881. Has served as Selectman 
and Deputy Collector of Customs. A highly respected and 
influential citizen. No children. 

B. Emily b. 18 Oct. 1809; d. i Nov. 1895; m. Dec. 1835 
Hanford Wolhaupter. Res. Bloomfield, N. B. Ch. Charles, 
Mary, Samuel, Harriet, Caroline and Benjamin. 

C. Harrls G. b. I May 1812 in Albion, Me.; m. 1831, 
Rachel Moore of Albion, b. 13 May 1812. Moved to Monticello 
in 1833. Farmer. Selectman and Collector. Died 22 May 
1897 in Bridgewater, Me. His wife died 13 June 1893. Five 

a. Henry C. Died in infancy. 

b. Augustus M. b. in Monticello, Me., 18 Nov. 1837; m. 
1863, Serene Robinson b. in Weston, Me., 14 Feb. 1843. She 
died 28 Aug. 1885. He m. (2) 17 May 1887 Annie R. Miller, b. 
in Royalston, N. B. 28 April 1866. He is a farmer and teacher. 
Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of Bridgewater, Me., six- 
teen years. Treasurer and Supervisor of Schools. Five ch. by 
first marriage, two by second. 

(a). Ida M. b. 16 Feb. 1864; m. Feb. 1888 Abraham 
Turner ; d. 9 Jan. 1889. 


(b). Atwood B. b. 19 Dec. 1865. Died at Cripple Creek, 
Colorado 23 Jan. 1896. 

(c). Harris G. b. 26 June 1870; m. 1894, Mary Peterson of 
New Brunswick. He is a farmer in Monticello, Me. 

(d). William F. b. 14 April 1874. Teacher. Died 28 
Feb. 1895. 

(e). Augustus M. b. 27 June 1881. 

(f). Frank C. b. 14 June 1889. 

(g). Grace b. 4 Aug. 1896; d. 2 Jan. 1897. 

c. Mary E. b. 3 Dec. 1840; d. 28 Dec. 1874. Unm. 

d. RoscoE H. b. 14 June 1846; m. 12 Nov. 1866 Rlioda A. 
Kinney. Farmer at Monticello^ Me. 

(a). Gertrude b. 15 Aug. 1867; m. 12 Jan. 1887 Henry 
Welch. Two ch. Forest and Bernard Welch. Res. Monticello, 

(b). Annie b. 29 Sept. 1868. Lives principally in Mass. 
as a trained nurse. 

(c). Rachel b. 8 June 1871 ; d. 11 Aug. 1872. 

(d). Delbert a. b. 23 July 1873. Unm. Monticello, Me. 

(e). Mary b. 17 April 1876; m. Aug. 1896 Fred Hotham. 
One dau. Gaynell Hotham. Res. Monticello, Me. 

(f). Myra b. 5 Dec. 1879. 

(g). Serene b. 22 Feb. 1885. 

e. Thomas H. died young. 

D. Betsey b. 23 Jan. 1815 ; m. 1840, Noah L. Furbush and 
moved to Lynn, Mass., where he was a manufacturer of soap. 
He died in 1891. Five ch. 

E. Charlotte b. 29 Jan. 1819; m. 185 1, Christopher C. 
Bradbury, b. 18 April 1821. She died in Monticello 21 Feb. 
1859. Three ch. 

a. Rebecca A. Bradbury b. 9 May 1852. 

b. Samuel S. Bradbury b. 30 July 1854. 

c. Bayard T. Bradbury b. 5 Nov. 1857; d. in infancy. 

F. Hiram b. 16 May 1821 ; m. 185 1 Celia Luce of Monti- 
cello ; she died 27 Nov. 1864. He married (2) 1865 Lizzie 
Shields of Linneus, Me. Farmer in Monticello. Died i April 
1879. His second wife died in 1881. Two ch. by first marriage. 

a. Helen E. b. 5 June 1852. 

b. Frances A. b. 8 Jan. 1857. 


G. Sarah Ann b. 27 Feb. 1824; m. 3 Dec. 1852 Lewis B. 
Johnson of Houlton. One dan., Alice Johnson. Mrs. Johnson 
died — 

H. Helen b. 28 May 1826; d. 20 Nov. 1862. Unm. 

3. Betsey b. 12 Jan. 1787; d. 27 Feb. 1815. Unm. 

4. Joseph b. 17 Feb. 1789; m. Betsey E. Wiggin ; b. in 
China, Me., 4 Ang. 1792 and d. in Plymouth, Me., 9 March 1868. 
He d. 29 March 1869 in Plymouth, Me. Farmer. 

A. Elbridge G. b. in Vassalboro, Me., 12 July 1812; m. in 
Orono, Me., 7 Nov. 1835 Julia Ann Heald of Norridgewock, 
Me., who was born 5 Jan. 1813 and died 10 Feb. 1841, leaving 
three children. He m. (2) in Troy, Crawford Co., Pa., 29 June 
1842 Lettis B. Gerow, who was born at Oil Creek, Pa., 25 Oct. 
1825, and died 14 Sept. 1894, leaving two children. He resides 
at Kenton, West V^a. Lumber merchant and farmer. 

a. Harriet b. 3 Sept. 1836 in Albion, Me. ; m. 20 Feb. 1856 
Joseph Henderson in Venango Co., Pa., and d. 13 Nov. 1863. A 
daughter Julia Henderson married John Lewis. 

b. Adelia A. b. 3 Nov. 1839 in Eddington, Me.; m. 15 
April i860 Joseph Gilmore in Venango Co., Pa. Two sons. 

(a). Gary Gilmore, clerk in R. R. ofifice, Sacramento, Cal. 
(b). Joseph Gilmore, in the employ of the Standard Oil Co., 
Franklin, Pa. 

c. Henry H. b. 30 Dec. 1841 in Warren Co., Pa. ; m. i Aug. 
1865 Mary Bain of Frewsburg, N. Y. Carpenter. He is now 
in Johannesburgh, South Africa. 

(a). Lena, in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

(b). Ernest, Ironrod, Madison Co., Montana. 

d. Albert A. b. 24 Nov. 1844 in Venango Co., Pa. ; m. 8 
Aug. 1895, at Jamestown, N. Y., Mary Marcy. Oil well driller, 
and contractor. P. O. address, Kenton, Doddridge Co., West 

e. Joseph J. b. 13 Jime 1850 in Venango Co., Pa.; m. 11 
Feb. 1875 Eva E. W^ilson in Cambridgeboro, Pa. Farmer and 
oil-well driller. 

(a). Eli^ridge Greer b. 15 Jan. 1876. Graduated at Alle- 
ghany College. Teacher at Waterford Academy, Erie Co., Pa. 

(b). Roy Logan b. 18 Feb. 1877. Student in Western Re- 
serve Medical College, Cleveland, Ohio. 


B. Horace b. 4 Nov. 1814 at Embden, Me. ; m. 24 Aug. 
1841 Ruhama Pushor, b. at Plymouth, Me., 10 Dec. 1821. He 
died at Plymouth 18 July 1898. Four ch. 

a. Sarah b. 29 Oct. 1842 ; m. Wm. I. Leavitt of Plymouth. 
(a). Josie N. Leavitt b. 20 Oct. 1861 ; d. 9 Nov. 1882. 

(b). Emma A. Leavitt b. 3 April 1863 ; d. 9 July 1881. 

(c). Meda L Leavitt b. 9 Oct. 1867; m. 18 Sept. 1888 
Everett B. Sewell of Detroit, Me. Their dau. Myra E. Sewell 
was born 7 Oct. 1890. 

(d). Myra E. Leavitt b. 5 July 1872; d. 27 June 1888. 

b. Horace b. 24 July 1846; m. 23 May 1869 Lillian Pat- 
terson of Hudson, Me. Res. Plymouth, Me. 

(a). Ina M. b. II Nov. 1869; m. 10 Mch. 1889 Leone L. 
Brown of Pittsfield, Me. 

(b). Effie R. b. 16 Mch. 1871. Res. Augusta, Me. 

(c). Etta L. b. 10 Dec. 1877; m. 14 Mch. 1894 Merlyn E. 
Chadwick of Clinton, Me. A dau. Erma L. Chadwick was 
born in 1895. 

(d). Ona L. b. 26 Feb. 1897. 

c. Myra b. 5 June 1852; m. 25 Dec. 1875 Benj. A. Damon 
of Palmyra, Me. They have two daughters, Cora B. Damon b. 
12 Aug. 1879; ^- 19 Feb. 1895, and Ada May Damon b. Feb. 

d. Cora b. 24 Feb. 1857 ; d. about 1882. 

C. Hill b. ; m. Emeline Webber b. 6 May 

1824. She died 28 Aug. 1891. He died about 1888. Three ch. 

a. Harriet Elizabeth b. in Levant, Me., 13 Dec. 1842; 

m. 4 July 1862 Wing of Stetson, Me. Died at Oldtown, 

Me., 13 Sept. 1870. A dau. Minnie Emeline Wing b. 10 Mch. 
1863 ; m. 30 April 1885 Amasa Snow. They have ch. Mabel 
L Snow b. in Hermon 23 Jan. 1888; Homer J. Snow b. 28 July 
1890; and Helen M. Snow b. 29 May 1898. 

b. Charles Fred d. in Saginaw, Mich., 1870. 

c. Joseph Hill b. in Levant 31 Mch. 1852. Unm. Lives 
on the homestead in Levant, Me. 

D. Obed W. b. 18 Dec. 1822; m. Eliza Jane Gerow b. 29 
July 1834; died in a rebel prison at Belle Isle 6 Nov. 1863 of 
starvation. (See Military Record.) 

a. Nelson b. 4 Dec. 1850. Lived two weeks. 


b. Elizabeth J. b. 11 July 1854; m. 1878 Homer C. Rich- 
ardson. They have ch. Lettie M., Gertie B., Grace E., and 
Asenath B. Richardson. Res. Cambridge Springs, Pa. 

c. Lettie J. b. 20 Mch. 1856; d. 20 Nov. 1863. 

E. Laura b. Nov. 1821 ; m. Thomas Barbrick of Plymouth, 
Me. She died 24 June 1853. Five ch. Jane, Mary, William, 
John and Annie. 

F. Sophia d. 9 May 1849, aged 30 yrs. 7 mos. 9 days. 

G. Nelson b. in Albion 13 Feb. 1828; m. 27 July 1850 
Betsey, dau. of William and Mary Robinson, born in Carmel, 
Me., 23 Nov. 1832. He was ordained as a preacher of the Chris- 
tian church in 1867 and served churches in Newport, Troy, Dix- 
mont, Augusta, Clinton and Palmyra. He baptized two hun- 
dred persons. He was a successful and highly esteemed min- 
ister. Died 12 April 1892. Six ch. 

a. Emulus N. b. 28 Jan. 1854; d. 24 Feb. 1855. 

b. Ida L. b. 10 June 1855 ! ^- 12 Jan. 1880 Wallace Call of 
Troy, Me. 

(a). Lena L Call b. 4 Nov. 1882. 

c. Eddie M. b. 16 May 1858 ; d. 9 Mch. 1863. 

d. P^RANK G. b. 25 June 1861 ; d. 12 Mch. 1863. 

e. Rose N. b. 16 Aug. 1864; m. 28 Nov. 1889 Joseph Annis 
of Hartland. Resides with her mother in Plymouth, Me. 

f. John F. b. 2 Dec. 1872 ; m. 15 Sept. 1893 MilHe Payne of 

(a). Nelson U. b. 13 Mch. 1895. 

(b). Wainright b. 29 July 1898. 

H. Joseph Henry b. 13 May 1834 in Albion, Me.; m. (i) 
7 Dec. 1859 Harmony M. Hill of Pa.; (2) 16 May 1877 Mrs. M. 
J. Early of Pa. Res. Titusville, Pa. No ch. 

L Me'Hitabel b. 29 Dec. 1835; m. (i) James Gray; (2) 
Barker Baker. Deceased. 

a. Helen Gray b. 12 Oct. 1852. Deceased. 

b. Matilda Gray b. 28 May 1856; m. Clarence W. Miller b. 
27 May 1850. They have ch. Jason, Annie, Minnie, Grover, 
Bertha, Esther and Ernest. 

c. James Gray b. 12 Jan. i860. 

5. James, fifth child of Samuel and Mary (Spencer) Stack- 


pole, b. at Winslow, Me., 15 April 1791 ; m. in Albion, 19 June 
1818, Sophia Shedd, who was b. in Norridgewock, 28 March 
1798. He died in Portland, Me., 7 April 1862. She died 9 
Sept. 1880. Seven children. 

A. Alfred, b. in Albion, Me., 25 July 1819 ; m. at Norridge- 
wock 8 Nov. 1846 Phebe Hackett. She died 21 Sept. 1890. He 
lives in Portland, Me. No ch. 

B. Harriet Tirrell b. 23 Aug. 1821 in Albion ; d. in Port- 
land 23 April 1894. Unm. 

C. Cyrus, b. in Albion, 12 Oct. 1823; drowned at "the 
Forks" 31 May 1838. 

D. Emeline Warren, b. at Norridgewock, 28 July 1831 ; 
d. at Portland, 14 Feb. 1890. Unm. 

E. Delia Tarbell, b. at Norridgewock, 15 March 1834; 
m. 4 Oct. 1853 John Hale Longley of Norridgewock. He died 
at Macon, Ga., 10 July 1867. Children. 

a. James Nymphas Longley b. 9 Sept. 1854; d. 23 Dec. 1857. 

b. Marion Sophia Longley, b. in Portland, Me. 8 July 1857 ; 
m. Edwin Lyford Coding in Portland, 24 Aug. 1882. Their 
children are : 

(a). Florence Longley Coding, b. in Portland 16 July 1883. 
(b). Emily Tarbell Coding, b. in Portland 12 Aug. 1884. 
(c). Margaret Coding b. in Portland 29 May 1889. 

c. John Hale Longley, b. in Macon, Ca. 5 June 1867; m. at 
Rumford, Me., 17 July 1895 Susan Elizabeth Putnam. Their 
daughter Dorothy Longley b. at Rumford Falls, 23 Aug. 1896. 

F. Mary Frances, b. in Norridgewock, 10 Sept. 1838. Is 
a teacher in Portland, Me. 

C. Lucy Shedd, b. in Norridgewock 26 June 1842; d. m 
Portland, i Jan. 1896. Unm. 

6. William b. in Winslow, Me. 14 June 1794 ; m. in Still- 
water, Me., Abigail Follansbee, b. in Newbury, Mass.. 15 May 
1796, and died 17 Feb. 1861. He died 29 Sept. 1874. Farmer 
on the old homestead at Albion, Me. 

A. William Augustus, 25 Nov. 1825 ; m. 1848, Caroline 
Wiggin of Unity, Me. Soldier. Killed at Fair Oaks. See Mili- 
tary Record. Seven ch. 

a. Fremont, went to Cal. and Oregon. Died in Oregon 
1895, leaving two children Ralph and Abbik. 


b. Martha, lives in Waltham. Unm. 

c. Henry, went to Cal. ; m. and d. there, leaving one daugh- 
ter, Grace. 

d. Frank resides in state of Washington and has one son, 
Howard William. 

e. Fannie m. Fred Barnes of Waltham, Mass.; d. in 1891. 
2 ch. Marion and George Barnes. 

f. Clara, m. Fred Derbyshire of Waltham, Mass. 2 ch. 
Fred and Eleanor Derbyshire. 

g. Laura. Unm. Lives in Waltham, Mass. 

B. John Franklin, b. 11 Feb. 1827 in Albion, Me. ; m. (i) 
17 Nov. 1850 Lydia Farnum, who was b. 12 April 1828 and died 
31 Aug. 1852. He m. (2) Jane Abbott of Albion. Killed at 
Gettysburgh 4 July 1863. Farmer. See Military Record. No 
children. His widow m. William, son of Oliver Stackpole, of 

C. Clementine, b. 16 Sept. 1831 ; m. James Fowler Jr.; 
d. Dec. 1869. 

a. Arthur Fowler. Res. Neihant, Montana. 

b. Florence Fowler m. Aimer W. Pottle, Farmington, Me. 
4 ch. Vincent F., Helen L., Arthur W., Frances C. 

C. Abbie Fowler. Res. Farmington, Me. 

D. Mary Matilda, b. 7 Dec. 1833, m. Elias Craig Fowler 
of Unity. Lives at Albion, Me. 

7. Sophia, b. in Winslow, Me., 22 Sept. 1796 ; d. in Houlton, 
Me. 22 Feb. 1882. Unm. Buried at Bangor, Me. 

8. Hiram, b. in Winslow, 21 Jan. 1799; d. 18 Dec. 1821. 

9. JoTHAM, b. in Fairfax, 30 July 1802; m. 18 Dec. 1828, in 
Orrington, Me., Naomi S. Harding, who was born in Chatham, 
Mass., 2 Oct. 1806. He was drowned in the Penobscot River 6 
May 1 83 1, leaving one child Mary J. Stackpole, b. in Orono, Me. 
17 Sept. 1829, who m. 10 March 1855 in Orrington, Me., Warren 

. W. Hincks (b. in No. Bucksport, Me. 6 May 183 1, "lost at sea" 
on Nantucket Shoal 16 Oct. 1866). Mary married (2) in Orono, 
24 Oct. 1888, Alanson Kenney b. in Dixfield, Me., 19 Nov. 1812. 
They live in Orono. No ch. 

The widow of Jotham Stackpole, m. (2) 30 Aug. 1833 John 
Crowell Jr. (b. in Chatham, Mass. 21 Jan. 1806; d. in Orono, Me., 
6 Sept. 1853). She died in Orono 22 May 1891. 


10. Mary Goodwin b. in Fairfax 22 July 1804, iinm. d. in 
Houlton, Me., i June 1897. 

11. Isaac Spencer Stackpole b. in Fairfax 8 Jan. 1805. 
Physician, m. 3 Jan. 1835 Judith Anne Potter b. in Glenville, 
N. Y. 24 Aug. 1815; d. 31 May 1849. He died 5 April 1864. 
Their children were. 

A. IsADORE, b. in Glenville, N. Y. 26 Dec. 1835 ; d. 28 April 

B. Isabella Graham, b. in Charlotte, N. Y. 29 Sept. 1837; 
m. 25 Dec. 1862 Franklin G. Harriman of Bangor ; d. 3 April 
1893 in Bangor, leaving two children. 

C. Mary Lucinda, b. in Charlotte, N. Y. 9 Sept. 1839; m. 
24 Feb. 1863 Samuel W. Creigh ; m. (2) Frederick Hoffman. 

D. Olive Frances, b. in Bangor, Me. 28 April 1841 ; d. 26 
June 1842. 

E. Emily Melville Cox, fifth dau. of Isaac and Judith 
(Potter) Stackpole, b. in Bangor, 8 March 1843 '> "^- 21 May 1878 
Lewis Blake Johnson of Houlton, Me. 

F. Charles Edward, b. in Bangor 15 June 1845 ! m- Louisa 
Lake. Had a son and a daughter. When last heard from, was 
at Puget Sound. 

12. Jonah Crosby Stackpole, b. in Fairfax, Me., 27 Nov. 
1808; m. Hepsibah B. Roundy ; d. and buried at Butler, Ken- 
tucky, in 1895, Aug. 17. She was born in Clinton, Me. i Nov. 
18 1 5 and died at Sidney, Me., and was buried at Newbury, Mass., 
27 March 1892. They were married at Clinton 1833. He was a 
mechanic and resided forty years at Newburg, Me. She was 
dau. of Job and Hannah (Harriman) Roundy. 

A. Hannah Elizabeth b. at Clinton, Me. 4 Dec. 1834 ; m. 
John F. Marco; d. at Newburg, Me. 3 Nov. 1890. No ch. 

B. JoTHAM Hill b. at Clinton 25 March 1836 ; d. at Water- 
ville. Me. 2 Sept. 1839. 

C. Isadora D. b. in Winslow, Me. 26 April 1839; m. 
Charles H. Ring. They had a son Wm. E. Ring and a daughter 
Mamie L. Ring who m. Dr. Wm. Arthur Perrins of 1451 Tre- 
mont St., Boston, Mass. Mrs. Isadora D. Ring died at Charles- 
town, Mass., 1875. 

D. Martha Pettigrew b. in Newburg, Me. 12 Dec. 1843; 
m. Isaac Wendal McDonald who enlisted 8 Nov. 1861 in 13th 


Me. Vol., served two and a half years and was discharged for 
loss of right arm in battle. He was a constable of Boston many 
years. He died in Bangor, Me. 28 Aug. 1889. 

E. George Winslow b. in Newburg, Me. 25 Dec. 1845 ; 
m. Lizzie Kirby of Boston Station, Ky., and settled there. Lives 
at Covington, Ky. 

a. Leon R. 


c. Mary E. 

F. Melissa b. 22 April 1848; d. 20 May 1848. 

G. GusTAVus Franklin b. 14 Feb. 185 1 ; d. 6 Sept. 1861. 
H. Edward Everett, b. in Newburg, Me., 29 Dec. 1852; 

ni. Miss Kate Bradford of Boston Station, Ky. He lives at Cov- 
ington, Ky. 

a. Georgia. 

b. Ralph. 

c. Harold. 

d. Everett. 

e. Beatrice. 

L Effie, twin to Everett; died 3 Sept. 1861. 

V. Eunice, fifth child of James and Abiel (Hill) Stackpole, 
b. in Biddeford 7 May 1763 ; m. 3 Nov. 1799 Ephraim Towne, 
who was b. 23 Aug. 1754 and d. 20 May 1837 in Winslow, Me, 

1. Sally Towne, b. in Winslow, Me. 3 Feb. 1802; d. 10 May 

2. Ephraim Towne b. in Winslow 30 July 1804 ; m. Sarah 
P. Flagg (dau. of Gershom and Silence Flagg), b. in Clinton, 
Me. 23 March 1823 and d. 11 Nov. 1880 in Winslow. He died 
5 Jan. 1884. Children all b. in Winslow, Me. 

A. George Salem Towne, b. 13 Aug. 1833 ; d. Jan. 1841. 

B. Eliza Ann Towne, b. 17 July 1835 ; m. 22 Jan. 1870 
Albion Richardson, b. in Clinton, Me. 24 Sept. 1821. Their dau. 
Sadie E. Richardson was b. in Clinton 21 March 1874. 

C. Henry Towne, b. 25 June, 1837; d. 5 Sept. 1862. 

D. yUbert Towne, b. 18 Aug. 1839; d. Jan. 1841. 

E. Harriet Towne, b. 21 Nov. 1841 ; m. 14 June 1867 Silas 
A. Plummer, b. in Linneus, Me., 25 Dec. 1843. 

a. Mabel W. Plummer b. in Linneus 13 June 1869; m. 3 
June 1891 Charles H. Drake. 


b. Olin B. Plummer, b. in Benton, Me. i June 1874; d. 12 
Oct. 1874. 

c. Ollie J. Plummer b. in Fort Fairfield, Me., 20 June 1882. 

E. Edwin Towne, b. 28 Feb. 1844; m. 28 Feb. 1872 Lydia 
Ann, dau. of John F. and Martha (Osborn) Gerald, b. in Benton, 
Me. 23 March 1844. Residence, Waterville, Me. Ch. 

a. Eva M. Towne, b. in Lowell, Mass., 14 April 1873. 

b. Fred H. Towne, b. in Lowell, Mass., 11 March 1875. 

c. John Gerald Towne, b. in Waterville, Me. 26 May 1877. 

d. Alvah A. Towne, b. in Waterville, Me. 8 June 1880. 

e. Flora E. Towne, b. in Waterville, Me., 28 April 1882. 

F. Benjamin Franklin Towne, b. 29 May 1846; m. 7 Dec. 
1876 Charlotte D., dau. of Percival and Mary (Smith) Wheeler, 
b. in Fairfield 29 Oct. 1849. Treasurer and Selectman of Win- 
slow, Me. Farmer. Children. 

a. Charles Franklin Towne, b. 25 Aug. 1878. 

b. Alice Elmira Towne, b. 17 March 1881. 

c. Delia May Towne, b. 10 May 1885. 

d. Marion Wheeler Towne, b. 20 Oct. 1892. 

G. Elmira Towne, b. 15 May 1850; m. June 1869 Samuel 
Gibson ; d. Oct. 1877. No ch. 

VL Abiel Stackpole, b. 4 May 1765; m. in 1783 Henry, 
son of Henry and Elizabeth (Wyman) McCausland; d. in 1843. 
He served three years in the Revolutionary Army, became a 
religious maniac, and died 28 Aug. 1829, aged 70 years, after 36 
years of confinement for offences committed while insane. See 
Hanson's Hist, of Gardiner pp. 69, 248-50. Their children were : 

1. John McCausland, b. 19 Nov. 1784; m. (i) Jane Connor; 
(2) Martha Dill. Several ch. 

2. Hannah McCausland, b. 3 Feb. 1789; m. Benjamin Mars- 

3. Henry McCausland, b. 31 Dec. 1789: d. at sea. Unm. 

4. James McCausland, b. 22 April 1791 ; m. (i) Sally Web- 
ber ; (2) Love Jewett. Four children. 

5. Andrew McCausland, b. 13 June, 1793; m. Mary Bates. 
Seven children. 

VH. Sarah Stackpole b. 12 July, 1767; m. 30 Sept. 1793 
Timothy Wyman; d. 25 Dec. 1801. 

I. Sarah Wyman b. 6 June 1794. Unm. 


2. George Wyman, b. 20 June 1797; m. Phebe . 

3. Hannah Wyman, b. 24 Aug. 1800 ; m. Wm. Ham. Four 
ch. George and Maria, twins, James F., Hannah W. 

Vni. James Stackpole b. 28 May 1769 ; m. Mary McKeck- 
nie, dau. of Dr. John and Mary (North) McKecknie, born 3 Nov. 
1771 and died 2 Sept. 1814. (See North's Hist, of Augusta, pp. 
913-4). He died in Waterville, Me., 18 Sept. 1852. Their chil- 
dren were. 

1. Julia b. i Oct. 1791 ; d. 2 Sept. 1823. Unm. 

2. Harriet, b. 6 June 1796; m. 22 Oct. 1820, Capt. Arthur 
Berry of Gardiner, son of David and Mary (Bradstreet) Berry, 
b. 5 Nov. 1783. (See Hanson's Hist, of Gardiner, p. 79 for some 
account of his ancestry.) She d. Sept. 1826. 

A. Juha S. Berry, b. June 18, 1824; m. Josiah G. Macy of 
N. Y. 

B. Arthur C. Berry, b. 4 March 1826; m. Charlotte Lam- 
bert of London, Eng. Sea-captain. 

3. James, b. 19 Nov. 1798 in Waterville, Me. Entered Bow- 
doin College in June 1816 and graduated in class of 1819. Ad- 
mitted to the bar in 1822. Practiced law in Waterville. Was 
five years Treasurer of Waterville and seventeen years Treas- 
urer of Waterville College. State Representative in 1858. In a 
letter to Nehemiah Cleveland dated 2 July, 1859 he writes, "My 
life has been spent almost entirely on the place of my birth, a 
fact traditionally unfavorable to the success of the aspiring and 
more especially so to those lacking ambition." He m. 31 Oct. 
1825 Hannah Chase of Fryeburg, Me., and d. s. p. 18 July 1880. 
His wife died 11 Oct. 1880. (See Memorials of Bowdoin Col- 

4. Mary North, b. 13 March 1802 ; m. Jan. 1825 George 
Stickney, b. 26 March 1799 and died at Castine, Me. 2 Oct. 1830. 
She died in Waterville, Me. 23 March 1829. 2 ch. 

A. George Woodbridge Stickney, b. 20 March 1826. Grad- 
uated at Waterville College in 1844. Studied at Newton Theo. 
Seminary. Ordained minister at Camden, Me. Died at Water- 
ville, Me. Oct. 15, 1850. m. Harriet Marston. 

B. Harriet S. Stickney, b. 4 Aug. 1828; m. May 1852 Ed- 
ward A. Jenks. Three children. 

IX. Mary Anne b. 10 Feb. 1772 ; m. 3 Oct. 1793 Charles 


Dingley. Ch. William, Nancy, Mary, Barker, James, Sally, 
Sophia and Alfred. 

X. Infant b. and d. 30 Jan. 1774. 

XL Elizabeth b. 13 July 1776; drowned 28 July 1787. 

XII. John b. 11 Dec. 1779; m. Patty Ellis, b. 1774. He 
died I Aug. 1864. His wife died 31 Dec. 1855. 

1. Charles H. b. 16 Aug. 1804; m. 1848, Hannah Butter- 
field of Waterville, Me. ; d. 9 Aug. 1867. One son. 

A. George b. 10 Aug. 1850; m. 31 Dec. 1871 Mary Atwood 
of Fairfield, Me., b. 27 Jan. 1849. I^^s. Portland, Me. 

a. Grace Atwood b. 12 Mch. 1872. 

b. Alice Mabel b. 8 Jan. 1875 ; d. 7 Jan. 1892. 

2. Mary b. 6 Oct. 1806; d. 3 April 1807. 

3. George W. b. 25 Nov. 1807; d. i Nov. 1833. 

4. Caroline b. 16 May 1813; d. 2 Feb. 1892. 

XIII. Jotham Hill Stackpole b. in Winslow, Me. (now 
Waterville) 1 1 Oct. 1781 ; m. 24 Jan. 1819 Susan Parsons Getchell 
b. 15 Mch. 1796. He died 13 Dec. 1836. His wife died i May 


1. William Henry b. 5 Nov. 1819; m. 9 Sept. 1841 Mary 
Roby Linnell of Skowhegan, Me. He died at Chicago, 111., 20 
July 1854. 

A. Sarah Elizabeth b. 30 Mch. 1843 ; m. June 1875 D. C. 
Wood of Providence, R. I. ; d. 3 Mch. 1895. 

B. Frances Amelia b. 21 Mch. 1846; m. (i) 1863 Wm. 
Smith of Chelsea, Mass. There was one daughter, Marion 
Weston, who m. Charles Underbill, M.D. of Boston, Mass. 
Frances A. married (2) April 1876, John C. Knowles of Provi- 
dence, R. I. She died 17 June 1883. 

2. Harriet Berry b. 20 Aug. 1821 ; m. 14 Feb. 1844 Alfred 
W. Williams ; d. s. p. 15 Mch. 1852. 

3. Sarah Hill b. 14 Dec. 1822 ; d. 11 Sept. 1824. 

4. Elizabeth b. 14 Oct. 1825 ; m. 22 Feb. 1854 Marshall 
N. Soule b. in Waterville 12 Sept. 1833. 

A. Wm. Henry Soule b. 22 Feb. 1855; m. 15 Feb. 1874 
Annette Gulliver of Winslow, Me. 

B. Albert Nye Soule b. Feb. 1857 ; m. Aug. 1879 Georgianna 
Gulliver of Winslow, Me. 

C. Nellie Williams Soule b. 12 Nov. 1858; m. 2 Dec. 1875 
Samuel Albert Field of Waterville, Me. 


D. Julia Adele Soule b. 21 June i860; m. 2 Dec. 1878 John 
Warren Burr of Waterville, Me. 

E. Harriet Carroll Soule b. 20 Nov. 1862 ; m. 7 April 1888 
Wm. A. Carr of Waterville, Me. 

F. Mary Elizabeth Soule b. 19 Nov. 1864; m. 14 Feb. 1885 
Ralph L. Partridge of Waterville, Me. 

G. Porter Hall Soule, b. 13 July 1869 ; m. Gertrude Bragg of 
Vassalboro, Me. 

5. JuLiANNA b. 26 Mch. 1829. Teacher in Waterville, Me. 

6. Mary Fairfield b. 3 Jan. 1833 ; m. 23 Feb. 1853 Joseph 
M. Nudd of Waterville, Me. 

A. Frederick Dalton Nudd, b. 18 Jan. 1854; m. Mch. 1875 
Sarah Elizabeth Shaw of Albion, Me. 

B. Emma Lindley Nudd b. 10 Oct. 1858; m. April 1880 F. 
J. Connor of Sterling, Mass. Died 12 Jan. 1895. 

C. Susie Carroll Nudd b. 29 Aug. 1861 ; m. 9 May 1893 Jo^^n 
Walter Stuart of Waterville, Me. 

7. Charles Carroll Stackpole b. 7 Sept. 1836; m. 25 
Dec. 1861 Eliza A. Thompson b. at Winthrop, Me., 31 May 1844. 
Res. Winthrop, Me. 

A. Nettie Louise b. 16 Oct. 1864. 

B. Emma Fales b. 18 Aug. 1867. 

C. Samuel Hill b. 20 Feb. 1872; m. 15 Oct. 1892 Mary 
E>artlett Elvvell of Farmington. Res. Farmington, Me. 



Andrew Stackpole (John,'* John,- James) was born 28 Mch. 
1745; m. 29 April 1773 Sarah Fletcher; d. 4 May 1804. She 
died 8 March 181 7. 

I. EzEKiEL d. about 1839, aged over 60 yrs. Unm. 
II. Elizabeth d. in 1856. Unm. 
III. Andrew b. 1782; m. 20 July 1809 Abigail Emmons; d. 
10 Nov. 1855. Wife was born in 1791 and died 8 Dec. 1847. 
He was a sea-captain. Was taken prisoner in W^ar of 1812 and 
confined for some time in Dartmouth prison. 

1. Mary b. 22 Mch. 1810; m. James Ricker of Biddeford. 
Ch. Mary, Martha, James, Arthur, John, Charles and Joseph. 

2. Lydia b. 25 Feb. 1816; d. in infancy. 

3. Sally b. 16 Mch. 1814; d. in infancy. 

4. Sally b. 17 May 1816; m. 10 Nov. 1836 Samuel Ward of 
Kennebunkport. Their son, George Ward b. 26 Aug. 1849, 
lives at Cape Porpoise. She m. (2) a Mr. Rogers of Saco, and is 
still living. 

5. HuLDAH b. 15 April 1819; m. 1843, Stephen Seavey of 
Kennebunkport, b. 3 Sept. 1818 and d. 2 Nov. 1880. She lives 
in Kennelnmkport. 

A. Charles Seavey b. 17 Mch. 1844; m. 24 Nov. 1866 Olive 
E. Storcr. Two ch. 

B. John Seavey b. 30 Dec. 1845 : d. 1889. 

C. Georgie E. Seavey b. 27 May 1853; m. 30 Nov. 1871 
George Gooch ; d, 2 Mch. 1876. 

D. Howard M. Seavey b. 27 July 1855 ; m. Theresa Galvin. 
5 ch. 


E. Florence Seavey b. 8 Jan. 1859; "i- 30 Nov. 1887 Geo. 
W. Clough. 

6. Eliza b. 14 April 1821 ; d. young. 

7. Jane b. i June 1822; d. 17 Mch. 1879. Unm. 

8. George b. 23 Mch. 1824; d. 12 Mch. 1888. Unm. 

9. Jacob E. b. 13 Aug. 1826; m. and 1. in Gal., Milton, 
Calaveras Co. 

10. Lydia a. b. 6 June 1832; m. 20 July 1853 Rev. Kins- 
man Atkinson of the Maine Conf. of the M. E. Church, b. in 
Eaton, N. H. 26 Oct. 1829 and d. in Glenwood, Iowa 15 Feb. 
1894. She died in Glenwood 11 May 1895. See Minutes of 
Maine Conf. 1894 and 1896. 

A. Helen F. Atkinson m. Rev. Frank Hayward of Iowa 
C'onf. Res. 1897, Hamburg, Iowa. 

i[. Joseph M. b. 27 April 1833; d. 16 Nov. 1847. Unm. 

IV. Joseph b. 28 April 1796; m. 12 Aug. 1822 Betsey Fer- 
rin of Kennebunkport, b. i Jan. 1798 and d. 19 Jan. 1890. He 
died at sea 11 Feb. 1830. . 

1. James b. 17 Oct. 1823 ; d. 30 Aug. 1840. 

2. Charles P. b. 26 Jan. 1825 ; m. (i) Olive Holman b. 30 
Mch. 1827 and d. 5 Feb. 1855 ; m. (2) Olive Jane Smith, b. 5 Oct. 
183 1 and d. 26 April 1891. He died in Biddeford, Me. 30 Aug. 
1872. 3 ch. by first marriage ; 2 by second. 

A. James Henry b. 22 April 1848; m. Clara . 

Res. Lowell, Mass. 

a. Alice Clara m. 2 Dec. 1896 George W. Willis of New- 
ton Upper P^alls, Mass. 

b. Charles. Unm. 

c. Henry. 

d. Walter. 

B. Harriet b. i Sept. 1849; "i- Joh" Edgeley. Both de- 
ceased. Ch. Clarence, Everett, Minnie, Roscoe and Harold, of 
Biddeford, Me. 

C. Joseph A. b. in Biddeford, Me., 15 Oct. 1852; m. (i) 
Cora Felker and had dau. Phile ; m. (2) 31 May 1881 Mary C. 
Allan, b. at Corinna, Me., 21 Dec. 1855. Res. 60 Preston St., 
Somerville, Mass. Mason. 

a. Charles A. b. 4 May 1882. 

b. Edith C. b. 31 Mch. 1892. 


D. Irwin Cecil b. 9 Feb. i860; m. 4 Jan. 1883 Alma E. 
F"oss of Biddeford, b. 13 Nov. 1861. Res. 112 Forest Avenue, 
Woodfords, Me. 

a. Cecil Thomas b. 10 July 1885. 

b. Rena Murle b. 4 July 1887 ; d. 7 May 1892. 

c. Helen May b. 13 July 1889. 

d. Murle Marion b. 21 Sept. 1892. 

E. Olive b. 16 April 1864; m. Ernest P. Foss of Bidde- 
ford; d. 21 April 1895. 

a. Roy E. Foss b. 19 May 1883. 

b. Ralph C. Foss b. zy Feb. 1885. 

c. Edna E. Foss b. 3 Mch. 1887. 

3. Caroline D. b. 14 Oct. 1826 ; m. Thaddeus Perkins. 
No ch. 

4. Elizabeth F. b. 3 Feb. 1829; m. Charles Blaisdell. De- 
ceased. He resides at Winterport, Me. Several children. 

V. HuLDAH b. 6 Feb. 1799; m. 8 Nov. 1821 Richard Hewes 
of Saco; d. 30 Dec. 1839. He was born 9 Sept. 1799 and died 
17 Mch. 1838. Ch. 

1. Reuben Hewes b. 28 May 1822. 

2. Thoma's S. Hewes b. 29 Nov. 1825. 

3. Elizabeth C. Hewes b. 21 Feb. 1828. 

4. Joseph Richard Stackpole Hewes b. 4 June 1830. 

5. Robert Jameson Hewes b. 27 Oct. 1832. 

6. Andrew Stackpole Hewes b. 15 Nov. 1835. 

VI. Bethiah b. 30 Aug. 1801 ; m. 26 Sept. 182 1 Daniel 
Davis of Saco, b. 8 April 1797. 

1. Hannah Tucker Davis b. i Jan. 1822. 

2. Dominicus Davis b. 22 Jan. 1829. 

3. Sarah E. Davis b. 30 April 183 1. 

4. Betsey D. Davis b. i May 1835 ; m. Chas. Wakefield. 



Joseph Young Stackpole (John,'' John,- James) was born in 
Biddeford, Maine, 28 Aug. 1747; m. 12 May 1773 Anna, oldest 
child of Brian and Anna (Young) Fletcher. She was born 25 
Jan. 1750; bap. in Biddeford 8 Aug. 1750; d. in Augusta 2 Jan. 
T836. He died in Augusta, Maine, 26 Feb. 1823. 

He was in early life a sailor. He seems to have been with 
his brother James in Gardiner, Me., in 1775, for 25 July of that 
year he enlisted as a private from "Gardner's Town" in Capt. 
Oliver Colburn's Co., Col. Arnold's Regt. He served twenty 
days in a company of Militia Men, being discharged 14 Aug. 
1775. Later in life he was offered a pension, if he would take 
a poor man's oath, but this he could not do. He moved to 
Augusta about 1784, since he was taxed that year for fifty acres 
of land, two oxen and a cow. He lived on the east side of the 
Kennebec, about three miles from the Augusta bridge, on a farm 
now (1899) owned by William Hunt. Although he was the 
shortest of four brothers, tradition says that he measured six feet 
and four inches in height, the tallest, John, being six feet seven 
inches. He had black hair, large black eyes and prominent 
Roman nose. He was very muscular and a story is told of his 
holding out a neighbor at arm's length clear of the floor and 
whipping him with an ox-goad for wife-beating. His neighbors 
used to call him "Mightypole." He was a polite man, strict in 


family government, and a constant attendant at church, whither 
he used to ride three miles on horseback with his wife* on the 

Joseph Y. and Anna (Fletcher) Stackpole had, besides three 
who died in infancy, eight children, Joseph, Nahum, Elias, Rob- 
ert, Brian, Ann, Sarah and Hannah. 

I. Joseph Jr. b. 2 Sept. 1777; m. 20 March 1803 Vesta Pet- 
tengill; d. 15 Nov. 1815. She died 2 Feb. 1855. Six children. 

1. Caroline m. 27 June 1828 Mr. Major Higgins and lived 
in Pittsfield, Me. They had three children, Frank who d. young, 
Helen and Caroline Higgins. 

2. Benjamin d. in Augusta at age of 21, unm. 

3. Joseph, a sailor, d. young at sea ; knocked over by a 

4. Albert m. Almira Hardy of Bangor. Carpenter, d. in 
Boston. 3 ch. 

A. Winfield, lost at sea at age of 17 years. 

B. Almira Elizabeth d. at age of 4 months. 

C. Josephine b. April 1844; m. Nathan Elmore. No ch. 

*His wife was small, of very light complexion, with blue eyes and 
black hair. She was descended from William Fletcher, who was buried 
in Biddeford, 1668. His son, Rev. Seth Fletcher, was minister at Wells, 
Me., in 1655. He afterward preached in Saco, leaving there in 1675. 
Folsom's Hist, of Biddeford says that he married before 1655 Mary, 
only dau. of Major Brian Pendleton. An old Hist, of Arundel thinks 
it was another Seth Fletcher who married the dau. of Pendleton. This 
Pendleton was born 1578, was in Watertown, Mass., in 1634, moved to 
Portsmouth, N. H., in 1650, went to Saco in 1665, returned to Ports- 
mouth in 1676 and died in 1680. His only son James moved to Conn. 

The son of Seth and Mary Fletcher was adopted by Brian Pendleton 
and received an inheritance in his Will, viz., land at Winter Harbor, 
Biddeford. He lived on what was called first Pendleton's Neck, after- 
wards Fletcher's Neck. He m. Sarah, dau. of Roger Hill. Was cap- 
tured by the Indians and died in Canada, about 1698. His son. Pendle- 
ton Fletcher, was captured at the same time. He returned and was a 
prominent citizen of Biddeford; moved to Arundel (Kennebunkport) 
and was made a proprietor of that town. He conveyed, in 1746, his 
property to his sons, John, Joseph, Brian, Pendleton, Seth and Samuel. 
John and Joseph settled in Arundel. Pendleton died on the Neck 17 
April 1807, aged 100 years. Brian m. 4 April 1749 Anna Young of Bid- 
deford and moved to Augusta in 1780. He had children Anna, Robert, 
David, etc. 


He d. 1869. She is matron of an Old Ladies' Home in Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

5. Nahum b. 1821. See Military Record, d. 28 Sept. 1865, 
in Augusta. 

6. Catherine b. 18 Aug. 1813 ; m. 16 Aug. 1830, Amos 
Church of Augusta ; d. 30 April 1878. He was b. 2 April 1806 
and d. 6 March 1885. Besides four who died young they had 
six ch. 

A. Samuel Clifford Church b. 20 Sept. 1824; m. 29 March 
1862 Mary Merrill of Vassalboro, Me. d. 8 May 1886 in Balti- 
more, Md. Six children. 

a. Norah Church b. Dec. 1862; m. 1883 George W. O'Hara. 

b. Nathan Church b. 31 Oct. 1864; d. 30 Nov. 1879. 

c. Gertrude Church b. 27 June 1871. 

d. Mae M. Church b. 1882. 

e. Ethel Church b. 20 Feb. 1884. 

f. Walter Church b. 23 Feb. 1873 ; m. i June 1896 Carrie 
Meyer b. July 1871. Their son Clifford Whiting Church was 
born 12 May 1897. 

B. Julia Church b. 5 Sept. 183 1. Unm. Lives in Augusta, 

C. Annie Church b. 14 June 1843; ^- 22 Aug. 1865 Ro- 
manzo Washburn of Natick, Mass., who was b. 4 July 1845 ^"^ 
d. March 1887, leaving two sons. 

a. Lorenzo Parker Washburn b. 5 Nov. 1870. He is editor 
of the Salem (Mass.) News. 

b. M'alter Washburn b. 24 May 1872; d. 12 Feb. 1874. 
She lives with her son in Salem, Mass. 

D. Emma Church b. 6 Feb. 1848 ; m. 23 Sept. 1873 Wilson 
Leighton b. 2 Mch. 1843, d. s. p. 26 Aug. 1893. She carries on 
a Dry Goods business in Augusta, Me. 

E. Edith Langdon Church b. 12 Feb. i860; m. 29 Nov. 
1882 Wallace S. Weeks of Vassalboro, Me., and d. 12 June 1897. 
He was b. Nov. 1857. Two ch. 

a. Catherine Leighton Weeks b. 12 Feb. 1894. 

b. Ralph Church Weeks b. 31 May 1897. 

F. Amos Holt Church b. 13 Nov. 1837; m. (i) i Jan. i860 
Abbie Ingraham, who was b. 1835 and d. 9 Nov. 1880; m. (2) 
10 Oct. 1882 Sarah Stevens. Res. Augusta, Me. 


a. Ernest Church b. 2 Feb. 1864; d. Mch. 1890. 

b. Arthur Church b. 6 Sept. 1873 ; "i- Nov. 1895 . 

II. Nahum b. 30 Jan. 1780; m. 1805, Mary Babcock, 

dau. of Samuel and Tabitha (Savage) Babcock ; d. April 1834. 
Besides three ch. who d. young they had 

Joan b. 1806; m. Anson C. Church of Augusta; d. 19 Feb. 
1887. He d. Sept. 1873, aged 73 years. Three children, 

A. Mary Church b. 1848; d. 1868. 

B. Frances Deha Church b. 17 Dec. 1832; d. March 1865. 

C. Franklin Church b. 1826; d. 1882, unm. 

III. Elias b. 2 Sept. 1782; m. 1807 Nancy, dau. of Deacon 
John and Abigail Smith of Monmouth, Me., who was b. 1783 
and d. 10 May 1863. He died 17 Oct. 1832. He was six feet 
three inches in height and marvelous tales are told of his physi- 
cal strength. One son, Brian, was b. 1816, m. Pamelia L. 
Stevens 2 April 1845 ^"^l d. s. p. She died 20 Mch. 1892. 

IV. Robert b. 6 April 1783 ; m. 1823 in Biddeford, Me., 
Tabitha Babcock, sister to his brother Nahum 's wife, and d. 7 
May 1 86 1. She was born at Augusta 10 March 1794 and died 
10 Oct. 1875. H^ was a farmer and lumberman. Height six 
feet, two inches. 

1. Almeda Ellen b. 26 Oct. 1829; m. 28 Aug. 1856 David 
T^lcKinley Cowan, who was b. i Jan. 1825 and d. 7 April 1887. 
He was born in France of Scotch parents. Was twice Mayor 
of Lewiston, Me. and owner in mills there. Two daughters, 

A. Martha Ella Cowan b. 13 June 1857; m. Sept. 1877 
Jacob Roak Jr. of Auburn, Me. and d. 16 Nov. 1878. He was 
b. 27 June 1856. Their child, David Cowan Roak was b. and 
d. 1878. 

B. Almeda Anna Cowan b. 22 June 1863 ; d. 10 Aug. 1863. 

2. Ann Maria b. 1828; m. 23 Jan. 1862 at Portsmouth, 
N. H., David Newell Pierce of Augusta, Me., who was born in 
1826. They have one son, Andrew Newell Pierce b. 19 Sept. 
1865. Lives on Church Hill in Augusta, Me. She died 21 Feb. 

3. Samuel Babcock b. 26 Nov. 1830. Unm. Farmer, 

4. Andrew Jackson b. 1837; m. 26 Jan. 1877 Isabella Don- 


nelly of Lewiston, Me. Lives in Westbrook, Me. Overseer. 
No ch. 

5. Joseph Bolivar b. 22 Oct. 1827; m. 10 Oct. 1868 Ori- 
annali Nancy Blair, who v^as born i June 1840. He d. s. p. 8 
Sept. 1895. Was a farmer in Augusta, Me. 

6. George Washington b. 22 Feb. 1833; ^^- 3i Dec. 1869 
Mary Jane Blair, sister of his brother Joseph's wife, who was 
born in Richmond, Me. 16 Sept. 1843 ^-^d died in Augusta 14 
July 1897. He died 22 Sept. 1879, killed by a boiler explosion 
in Pioche, Nev., where he was engineer of a silver mine. 

A. George Blair b. 20 June 1871 in Augusta, Me. Is a 
retail druggist in Taunton, Mass. ; m. 14 June 1899, Mabel 
Sophia Trefethen. 

B. Eugene Brickett b. in Augusta, Me. i Jan. 1874. 
Lives as a farmer on the homestead at Church Hill, Augusta, 

V. Brian b. 9 July 1785 ; d. 4 July 1813 at Sackett's Har- 
bor, N. Y. Soldier in the War of 1812. m. int. rec. 27 June 
1810 Charlotte Pilsbury of Vassalboro. 

VL Ann b. 2 Sept. 1788; m. 1815 Stephen Low of Vassal- 
boro, Me. who was born in 1788 and died in 1853. She died 8 
Jan. 1880. 4 ch. 

1. Greenlief Low b. i Jan. 1817; m. 7 May 1844 Ann R. 
Smiley, who was born 10 April 1819. He is a farmer in Vassal- 

A. Asa S. Low b. 27 April 1848. Farmer, Vassalboro. 

B. George G. Low b. 26 Feb. 1853. 

2. Joseph B. Low m. (i) Susan Simpson. (2) Holt. 

Lived in Readfield, Me. d. s. p. 12 June 1897, aged yy. 

3. George S. Low, Owenton, Owen Co., Ky. 

4. Susan Low, m. (i) Buck. (2) Hawes. 

Died Oct. 1888. 

VH. Sarah b. 25 Nov. 1790; m. 3 Sept. 1818 James Bol- 
ton ; d. 12 Oct. 1826. 4 ch. 

1. Philemon Bolton d. at age of 36 years. Unm. 

2. Sarah Ann Bolton m. her cousin, George Bolton. 

A. Georgiana F. Bolton d. at age of 7 years. 

B. Frank Bolton died at age of 3 years. 

C. Sarah Bolton d. 2 June 1869 aged 20 years. 


3. Maria Bolton m. her cousin Edward Bolton. No ch. 

4. Libens Bolton b. 12 Oct. 1826; d. 21 Aug. 1830. 

VIII. Hannah b. 21 June 1798; m. 2 Nov. 1820 Libens 
Hayward and d. 4 Jan. 1872. He was born 17 Aug. 1795 and 
d. 13 July 1849. Their dau. Sarah Frances Hayward, b. 27 
March 1833; ^- 3^ July 1856 Calvin Taylor, who was born 15 
Jan. 1835. Farmer, South Vassalboro, Me. She died i June 
1869, leaving one daughter, Fannie Belle Taylor b. 2 Aug. 1859, 
a School Teacher. Residence, South Vassalboro, Me. 




James Stackpole was residing at or near Carlisle, Penn., in 
1756. He was a mason by trade, and his wife's name was Mar- 
garet. For a time we had hope of connecting him lineally with 
the Stackpoles of Maine and New Hampshire, but after long 
study we are unable to state the connection. He died in 1778. 
His widow survived him until 1834. They had four children, 

I. Barbara Stackpole m. about 1780 Patrick Weldon, 
who died in 1813. About 1819 she m. Michael McGuerrn, dying 
without issue to either husband. 

H. John Stackpole. Revolutionary soldier. Mason. 
Died in the Tuscarora valley, Pa., about 1814. Four ch., Bar- 
bara, Dortha, Margaret and John. 

1. Barbara Stackpole m. William McClure April 16, 
i860. Seven ch. 

A. John McClure served in Mexican war and participated 
in the capture of the City of Mexico. While returning from this 
service on ship was thrown overboard in some manner and 

B. William H. McClure d. unm. 27 Nov. 1867. 

C. Thomas McClure. 

D. Alexander McClure m. Anna McMeen. Ch., Efifie, 
Rebecca, Matilda, John, Charles, and Clara. 

E. Margaret McClure m. John Allen ; d. s. p. 

F. Rebecca J. McClure d. 18 May 1858. 

G. David McClure d. unm. 

2. DoRTHA Stackpole m. George Dorcey. Died at East 
Waterford, Pa., 26 June 1878. 


A. Margaret Dorcey died at Dry Run, Pa. Unm. 

3. Margaret Stackpole m. John Thornburg. Died Dec. 
29, 1849. Ch. Melinda m. Judge Christy, Tabitha, Charles and 

4. John Stackpole killed by being thrown from the back 
of a colt. 

III. Margaret Stackpole, born at Carlisle, Penn., in 
1770; m. Edward Daugherty of McVeytown, Penn., 9 Nov. 1796; 
d. I Aug. 1832. Six ch. Barbara, Rosanna, James, John, Nancy 
and Margaret B. 

IV. James Stackpole, born at CarHsle, Penn.; m. 1790 
Dorcas, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Holt, who was born 23 
March 1772. He was a Revolutionary soldier. Died 10 Nov. 
1804. His widow died 20 Aug. 1853. For some years he con- 
ducted a hotel or inn near McVeytown, Penn. Five children, 
Margaret, Mary, Thomas, James and John. 

1. Margaret b. 6 June 1791 ; m. John M. Barton. Ch. 
Harriet, Ellen, Jane, Matilda and Anson. 

2. Mary b. 8 April 1793 ; d. 9 Nov. 1804. 

3. Thomas Stackpole b. 3 Oct. 1795; m. EHzabeth Steese; 
d. 6 Nov. 1833. 

A. Margaret m. Levi Huber of Pottsville, Penn. 

B. Dorcas m. Philip B. Greenawalt of Dauphin Co., Pa. 

C. Amelia, 

4. James Stackpole b. 14 Oct. 1797; m. 2 Nov. 1820 Cath- 
erine Setzler; d. 17 May 1853. Resided in McVeytown, Penn. 
His wife was born in Chester Co., Pa., 2 Jan. 1797. Eight ch. 

A. Mary Stackpole b. 7 Feb. 1821 ; d. 5 Nov. 1821. 

B. John H. Stackpole b. 23 Mch. 1823 ; d. 27 Aug. 1829. 

C. William H. Stackpole b. 7 Aug. 1825 ; m. 16 May 
1854 Hannah L. Burlew of McVeytown, Pa. She was born in 
Dec. 1834. He was a soldier in the Mexican War. Died in 
Anglaise Co., Ohio 31 June 1857. No ch. 

D. Margaret b. 20 Nov. 1827; m. 29 Mch. 1849 David 
Corkle, b. 18 Nov. 1820. She died at Mapleton, Pa., 2 Oct. 

a. John H. Corkle b. at McVeytown, Pa., 6 March 185 1 ; d. 
16 March 1851. 

b. Benjamin N. Corkle b. at McVeytown 7 March 1853; m. 


Sarah B. McKendree 17 Dec. 1872. She was born in Wayne 
township, Alifflin county, Pa., 19 Sept. 1853. He is a passenger 
brakeman on the P. R. R. and resides at Harrisburg, Pa. Two 
children, WilHam D. and Bertha Ray. 

c. Wilham Harrison Corkle b. at McVeytown 21 Dec. 1854; 
m. Margaret McKinney at Ahoona, Pa., 28 Aug. 1878. She was 
born at Bellefonte, Pa., 22 Dec. 1857. Four children, Harry 
Thornton, Clyde, Gerald Francis and John David. 

d. Charles E. Corkle b. at McVeytown 23 April 1857; m. 
Louisa Lego. She was born in Blair county 14 Dec. 1856. He 
was killed in a railroad accident at Mifflintown, Pa., 21 Jan. 1887. 
His widow now resides at Harrisburg. Four children, Margaret 
Ellen, Charles Elmer, William Cross and Harry North. 

e. David Ellsworth Corkle b. at McVeytown 29 Jan. 1862 ; 
m. Jennie Gable at the same place 15 Oct. 1891. She was born 
at Eshel, Pa., Aug. 19 1867. One child, David F. Corkle. 

E. James Barton Stackpole b. i Mch. 183 1 at McVey- 
town, Pa.; m. 29 Nov. 1853 EHza Ard Switzer, b. 13 Jan. 1833 
near Lewistown, Pa., dau. of Daniel and Mary Switzer. See 
Military Record. He died 23 Mch. 1865. Four ch. 

a. George Frysinger Stackpole b. 31 Aug. 1854 at Lew- 
istown, Pa. ; m. 6 Nov. 1890 Sarah Elizabeth McClintic, b. 26 
June 1862. Publisher of the Lewistown (Pa.) Gazette. No ch. 

b. James Switzer Stackpole b. 27 Mch. 1857 ; m. 2^ Mch. 
1887 Blanche Rose Bell Chesney at Camden, N. J. She was 
born at Belleville, Pa. 19 April 1868. He is associated with his 
brother in the publication of the Lewistown Gazette. Four chil- 
dren, all born at Lewistown, Pa. Was ist lieut. Co. G, 5th 
Regt., P. V. L, Spanish-American war. 

(a). Mary Elizabeth b. 4 June 1887. 
(b). Catherine Eliza b. 10 Jan. 1891. 
(c). James FIolt b. 9 Feb. 1895. 
(d). George Thomas b. 12 Feb. 1897. 

c. Mary Catherine Stackpole b. 26 Aug. i860; m. 26 
May 1887 Lewis Napoleon Slagle, b. 11 Jan. 1861 at Patter- 
son, Pa. He was Captain Co. G, 5th Regt., P. V. L, Spanish- 
American war. 

d. Harriet Elizabeth Stackpole b. 26 Sept. 1863 ; m. 7 
Aug. 1888 Charles Edwin Woodruff, b. 26 Nov. 1863 at Eliz- 
abeth, N. J. One child, Mary Eliza Woodruff. 


F. Sarah Dorcas Stackpole b. 2 Feb. 1834; m. 24 Dec. 
1857 Lorenzo Dow Rambler, b. 11 Feb. 1834. He was a soldier 
in the Union Army. Res. Elyria, Ohio. Eight ch. 

a. Homer Frank Rambler b. 13 Oct. 1858; m. 20 June 1885 
Annie J. Griffiths, b. 17 Jan. 1865 at Pittsburg, Pa. 

b. Margaret C. Rambler, b. i Feb. i860. 

c. Mary Ellen Rambler b. i Feb. 1862; m. 14 Oct. 1886 
Edward R. Hoerle, b. 17 July 1863 at Johnstown, Pa. Res. 
Elyria, Ohio. Four ch. Dwight L., Franklin Lewis, Margaret 
H., and Mary M. 

d. Lorenzo David Rambler b. 2 Aug. 1864; m. 14 Mch. 
f892 Lottie Roberts, b. 23 Oct. 1873 at Phil, Pa. Res. St. 
Louis, Mo. 

e. James Stackpole Rambler b. 2 Sept. 1867 ; d. 19 Aug. 

f. Hettie E. Rambler b. 15 June 1870; m. 29 Jan. 1805 
Charles J. T. Mesta, b. 22 Feb. 1872 in Allegheny Co., Pa. They 
have one child Merrill A. Mesta. 

g. Rhetta J. Rambler b. 11 Feb. 1873. 

h. Sophia Grace Rambler b. 28 Nov. 1876. 

G. Edward Henry Harrison Stackpole b. 11 Aug. 1836 
at McVeytown, Pa. ; m. 22 Dec. 1859 Margaret Jane Glasgow, 
b. 29 June 1839 ^t Newton Hamilton, Pa. He died 5 Dec. 1890. 
Was Supt. of Public Grounds and Buildings at Harrisburg, Pa. 
He served with the 4th Pa. Militia at the battle of Antietam. 
In 1876 he was elected to the Legislature from Mifflin county. 
Eleven children. 

a. Edward James Stackpole b. 18 Jan. 1861 ; m. 10 Oct. 
1889 Maria Kate Hummel, b. 26 April i860 at Harrisburg, Pa. 
He is city editor of the Harrisburg Daily Telegraph and corres- 
pondent of several leading papers. He is Chairman of the Pub- 
Hshing Committee of the Board of Trade. Four ch. 

(a.) Catherine Hummel b. 11 Aug. 1890. 

(b). Margaret b. 4 July 1892. 

(c). Edward James b. 21 June 1894. 

(d). Albert Hummel b. 28 June 1897. 

b. Oscar Lincoln Stackpole b. 26 Nov. 1862. Res. Har- 
risburg, Pa. Sergt. Co. D, 8th P. V. L, in Spanish-American 



c. William Howard Stackpole b. 27 July 1864; d. 27 
Aug. 1894. 

d. Hannah Catherine Stackpole b. 10 April 1866; m. 4 
Mch. 1892 Charles Edward Schimmelfeng. Res. Warren, Pa. 
One child, Henry Schimmelfeng b. 14 Dec. 1893. 

e. Walker Woods Stackpole b. 8 Jan. 1868; d. i June 

f. Charles Bratton Stackpole b. 31 Oct. 1870. Res. 
San Francisco, Cal. 

g. Ella Clark Stackpole b. 10 Sept. 1872 ; m. 2 Oct. 1895 
Frank Ross Oyster, b. 14 Dec. 1868 at Helen Mills, Pa. Res. 
Marquette, Mich. 

h. Harry Clinton Stackpole b. 10 Nov. 1875 ; m. 11 Jan. 
1898 Sara Arlington Hall, dau. of J. P. Hall of Ridgeway, Pa., 
where they reside. 

i. Mark Holt Stackpole b. 3 May 1878 ; d. 4 Mch. 1896. 

j. Donald Cameron Stackpole b. 28 Aug. 1880. 

k. Jennie May Stackpole b. 27 Dec. 1881. 

H. Hannah Catherine Stackpole b. 7 April 1841 at 
McVeytown, Pa. ; m. 9 Jan. 1862 Edmund Conrad, b. 24 July 
1840 at Myerstown, Pa. He is publisher of the McVeytown 

a. Henry Harrison Conrad b. 4 April and d. 6 July 1863. 

b. William James Conrad b. 14 April 1867; m. 16 Sept. 
1891 JMargaret Anna Rothrock, b. 3 Feb. 1875. They have two 
ch. Gertrude Blanche and Harry Stackpole. 

c. Blanche B. M. Conrad b. 14 Mch. 1876; d. 29 Mch. 1890. 
V. John H. Stackpole b. i Jan. 1804 ; m. Hannah Wolf. 

Died at Alexandria, Va. 26 Feb. 1839. Three ch. Mary, Dorcas 
and Caroline. 



JoTHAM Stackpole is Said to have been rescued from 
shipwreck and landed at Biddeford, Me. He was hving at the 
mouth of the Saco River in 1801. His intentions of marriage 
with Phoebe Curtis were recorded 24 June 1804. Their only 
child, JoTHAM, was born 6 March 1805 and was brought up by 
his grandfather Curtis. Jotham Stackpole Sen. was lost at sea 
shortly after his marriage. The intentions of marriage of his 
widow with Samuel H. Smith were recorded in Biddeford 7 Jan. 

Since the above was in print I have seen a Diary kept by the 
James Stackpole of Waterville, Maine, who married Abiel Hill of 
Biddeford. Under date of Aug. 11, 1796, he writes, "I heard of 
the death of my brother John and one of his sons." This 
brother was the John Stackpole 3d of Biddeford, Maine, men- 
tioned on page 68 of this book. It was he, perhaps, who was 
Collector of Biddeford in 1794. The "one of his sons" who 
died about the same time was probably the Abner of page 68, 
since no account of him can be found. There was, according to 
the Diary cited, another son at least, and all evidences point to 
the above mentioned Jotham Stackpole as that son. 

Jotham Stackpole, Jr., married Elizabeth Emmons, sister to 
the wife of Andrew Stackpole of Biddeford, and died in May, 
1861. They had nine children. 

I. Julia A. b. 6 Aug. 1832; m. in 1872 Elias Foss of Bid- 
deford. Died in May 1881. 

n. Thomas b. 3 Nov. 1834; died unmarried in 1882. 

HI. Emily b. 7 Aug. 1836; died about 1850. Unm. 

IV. Lucinda b. about 1840; died in 1866. Unm. 


V. John b. 26 June 1842 ; m. Adelaide N. Montgomery of 
Dover, N. H. He is a builder and resides at 242 Broadway, 
Somerville, Mass. They have two children living, 

1. Nellie b. in July 1865. 

2. John Franklin b. in Aug. 1871 ; m. in April 1897 Jane 
Bardelle Haley of Somerville, Mass. 

VL Mary born in 1844 and died in 1859. 

VH. Obed F. b. 27 Feb. 1846; m. 25 June 1870 Edna E. 
Plaisted, who was born 30 Dec. 1849. He is a Sheriff and lives 
in Biddeford, Maine. Four ch. 

1. Walter Raymond b. 25 May 1871 ; m. i Aug. 1898 
Emma Florence Bird of Albany, Maine. She was born 29 Dec. 


2. Roy Huntress b. 19 Jan. 1873. He is now in Alaska. 

3. Julian b. 18 Jan. 1880; died in 1891. 

4. Nelson Black b. 25 May 1890. 

VHI. Orin b. Aug. 1850; m. Jane Halbert and lives in 
Biddeford, Me. They have children, Elizabeth, Frank, Howard, 
Rose and Morris. 

IX. Edward L. b. 10 Jan. 1854; m. 10 Sept. 1880 Mary 
Doyle of Biddeford, Me. She was born 27 March i860. Resi- 
dence, Biddeford, Me. Three ch. 

1. Howard b. 7 July 1883. 

2. Edward, Jr., b. 14 Dec. 1886. 

3. Fred G. b. 10 June 1893. 

John Stacpole was born in White Church, Ireland, 31 
Dec. 1806. He came to America when a young man and mar- 
ried Maria Lansing of Watervliet, N. Y. Died in 1863. His 
son is Major Horatio P. Stacpole of Albany, N. Y. 

William Stackpole and brother, makers of Mathematical 
Instruments, came from Ireland and lived long in New York 
city. They had a great reputation in their line of business. 
Both died without issue. 

For over half a century there has been a Stackpole Street in 
Lowell, Mass., named for a branch of the family that came 
directly from Ireland. It has not been possible to get definite 
information concerning this branch. 


Martin Stackpole, son of Michael and Mary (demons) of 
Ennistymon, Ireland, is living in Brockton, Mass., and has 
brothers Michael and Thomas. Martin was born i6 Nov. 1866 
in County Clare, Ireland, married 23 June 1892 Bridget Ring, 
born in Cork, Ireland, 10 Oct. 1869. Their children are Michael 
F. b. 16 May 1893 ; Mary Ellen b. 10 July 1895 ; and Lizzie Agnes 
b. 18 Dec. 1897. 

Nathaniel Stackpoi.e, organ-builder, son of Nathaniel of 
Ireland, born in 1830, married in Boston, Mass., 25 Aug. 1851, 
Rosanna DeLacy. 

Married at Boston, Mass., 8 Dec. 1846 Joseph Stackpole of 
Marshfield and Julia Ann Staples of Charlestown. 

Married at Boston, 4 Dec. 1847, George W. Stackpole and 
Martha A. M. Falls. 

Married at Boston 9 Aug. 1840 John Stackpole and Dorcas 
J. Key. 



The Revolution. 

Aaron Stackpole was 2d Lieut, of 6th Co., 2d Regt. of 
York Co. Commissioned 21 Mch. 1780. He was made ist 
Lieut. I July 1781, and was Capt. of Militia 23 Oct. 1788. 

Absolom Stackpole enlisted 13 June 1775 in Capt. Went- 
worth's Co., Col. Poor's Regt. of N. H. Reenlisted from Ber- 
wick, Me., in Capt. Samuel Grant's Co., Col. Jonathan Titcomb's 
Regt. Served 2 mos. 14 days, preceding 18 July 1777. Re- 
enlisted 14 Aug. 1777 in Col. Storer's Regt. Discharged 23 Oct. 
1777. Reenlisted 8 Aug. 1778 for one month in Capt. Yeaton's 
Co. of Somersworth, N. H. in Gen. Sullivan's command. Pen- 
sioned 15 April 1833. See p. 158. 

Charles Stackpole enlisted 13 June 1775 in Capt. Went- 
worth's Co., Col. Poor's Regt., "the second Regiment of foot." 
Age, 30. Was still in service i Aug. 1775. 

Ebenezer Stackpole enlisted 24 June 1775 in Capt. Richard 
Shortridge's Co., Col. Poor's Regt. 

Henry Stackpole, age 19, enlisted 13 June 1775 in Capt. 
Wentworth's Co., Col. Poor's Regt. Was on the pay-roll i Aug. 


John Stackpole enlisted 23 Sept. 1779 in Capt. George 
Rogers' Co., Col. Nathaniel Jordan's Regt. Discharged 23 Oct. 
1779. Service at Falmouth, Me. 

Joseph Stackpole enlisted 25 July 1775 in Capt. Oliver Col- 
burn's Co., Col. Arnold's Regt. Company of minute men from 
"Gardner's Town." Discharged 14 Aug. 1775. He assisted in 
Arnold's expedition against Quebec. 


Joshua Stackpole, Jr. enlisted 8 Aug. 1778 in Capt. Yeat- 
on's Co., for one month, to join Gen. Sullivan in "an expedition 
against Rhode Island." He received ten pounds, town bounty. 
July 8, 1779 he was appointed Lieut, on ship Hampden for expe- 
dition against Penobscot. 

Otis Stackpole enlisted 3 July 1780 from Somersworth, 
N. H. Age 19. 

Philip Stackpole was in Moses Yeaton's Co., on Pierce's 
Island, 5 Nov. 1775. Reenlisted 8 Aug. 1778 in Capt. Yeaton's 
Co., Gen. Sullivan's command. 

Samuel Stackpole enlisted for one year, 23 Aug 1776, in 
Capt. Caleb Hodgdon's Co., Col. Long's Regt., stationed at New 
Castle, N. H. Was a Lieutenant Jan. 1777. Reenlisted July 
1779 at Dover, N. H., for one year. Reenlisted in 1780 in Col. 
Evans' Regt. Received sixty pounds as State bounty. Was 
pensioned by N. H. in 1818. 

Douglass Stackpole, son of Samuel just mentioned, en- 
listed 24 May 1 78 1 (age 17, stature 5 ft., dark complexion), for 
three years in the 7th Co. of 2d Regt. of N. H., commanded by 
Col. Reid. 

John Stackpole was a private in the 3d Penn. Regt. of the 
Continental Line, 1777-1781. — See Penn. Archives, Second 
Series, Vol. x. p. 486. 

James Stackpole was a private in Capt. George Hay's Co. 
of Cumberland County (Penn.) Militia in actual service from 12 
Sept. 1782 till 14 Nov. 1782. — See Penn. Archives, Second Series, 
Vol. XIV. p. 453- 

Stackpoles in the War of 1812. 

Andrew Stackpole was private in Capt. Dinsmore's Co., 33d 
Regt. of U. S. Inf. April to June 1813. 

Benjamin Stackpole was Sergt. in Capt. Benj. Adams' Co., 
33d Regt. U. S. Inf., April 1813 to April 1814. He served at 
Pittsburgh, N. Y. 

Samuel Stackpole was corporal in same Co. as Benjamin, 
and was killed in the battle of Plattsburgh. 

Stephen and Absalom Stackpole of Berwick, brothers, were 
privates in the Drafted Militia of Capt. Bartholomew Thompson, 


in service at Kittery from Oct. to Nov. 1814. Both served as 
substitutes for their sons. See pp. 165 and 158. 

Andrew and Ezekiel Stackpole of Biddeford, brothers, were 
privates in Thomas Benson's Co., Lieut. -Col. Spring's Regt., in 
service at Saco June 18 14. 

John Stackpole of Waterville was private in Capt. Joseph 
Hitchings' Co., Lieut. -Col. Elnathan Sherwin's Regt., in service 
at Augusta, Sept. 14-25, 1814. 

Joseph, William and Samuel Stackpole of Albion were in 
Capt. Joel Wellington's Co., Lieut. -Col. Herbert Moore's Regt., 
in service at Wiscasset Sept. 12-27, 1814. 

William Stackpole of Thomaston was corporal in Capt. 
Nathaniel Morse's Co. of Artillery, Col. Ebenezer Thatcher's 
Regt., in service at Wiscasset Sept. 10-29, 1814. 

John Stackpole Jr. was Sergt., and his brother, Samuel Stack- 
pole, both of Durham, Me., were privates in Capt. William Web- 
ster's Co., Lieut.-Col. Charles Thomas' Regt., in service at Bath 
Sept. 13-27, 1814. See pp. 134 and 150. 

Civil War of 1861-5. 

maine regiments. 

Aaron Stackpole of Gardiner, Co. B. i6th Regt. Inf. Mustered 

in Aug. 14, 1862, age 24. Transferred to Invalid Corps. 
Adelbert A. Stackpole of Monticello, Co. G. 22d Regt. Inf. Age 

21. Musician. Returned to ranks. Left sick at Brasheor 

City, La., May 26, 1863. Died in the Hospital at New 

Orleans 24 Aug. 1863. 
Alton M. Stackpole of Manchester, Sergeant, Co. B. 14th Inf. 

Clustered in Dec. 10, 1861. Age 21. Discharged, April 

II, 1862. 
Alexander Stackpole, Co. A. 32d Inf. — Kitter) — Mustered 

March 3, 1864. Age 43 (?) Paroled prisoner. Died Oct. 

28, 1865. 
Alexander D. Stackpole of Ellsworth, Co. D. 14th Inf. Mus- 
tered in Feb. 16, 1865, age 19. Mustered out Aug. 28, 1865. 
Augustus J. Stackpole of Gorham, Co. A. 5th Inf. Mustered in 

June 24 1861. Promoted corporal. Mustered out, July 27, 

Amos A. Stackpole, 14th Regt. Inf. 


Cornelius Stackpole of Auburn, Co. F. Coast guards. Mustered 
in Jan. 6, 1865. Age 41. Mustered out July 7, 1865. 

Daniel W. Stackpole of Portland, Co. C. loth Inf. Mustered in 
March 21, 1862. Age 24. Transferred to Co. D. 29th Regt. 
Inf. Discharged March 24, 1865. Term expired. 

Eugene Stackpole of N. Yarmouth, Co. I. 17th Inf. Mustered 
in Aug. 12, 1863. Age 21. Died of disease Aug. 24, 1864. 

Frederic A. H. Stackpole of Kenduskeag, Co. A. 6th Inf. Mus- 
tered in Oct. 15, 1861. Age 18. Wounded at Fredericks- 
burg. Discharged for disability June 18, 1864. 

John F. Stackpole of Albion. Sergeant Co. H. 19th Inf. Mus- 
tered in Aug. 25, 1862. Age 36. Promoted ist Serg. 
Killed July 12, 1863 at Gettysburg. 

Lowell B. Stackpole of Portland, Co. I. 17th Inf. Mustered in 
Jan. 4, 1864. Age 18. Wounded May 23, 1864. Trans- 
ferred to Co. I. 1st Maine Heavy Artillery. Discharged 
May 30, 1865. 

Nahum Stackpole of Augusta, Co. E, 31st Inf. Mustered in 
March ii, 1864. Age 43. Died in Hospital at Augusta, 
Me., Sept. 28, 1865. 

Sharrington P. Stackpole of Ellsworth, Co. H. 26th Inf. Mus- 
tered in Oct. II, 1862. Age 20. Reenlisted in Co. D. 19th 
Inf. Feb. 16, 1865. Transferred to ist Maine Heavy Artil- 
lery. Promoted corporal. Mustered out Sept. 11, 1865. 
See letter. 

William Stackpole of Biddeford, Co. I. ist Regt. Cavalry. Mus- 
tered in Oct. 31, 1 86 1. Age 44. Transferred to Regt. band, 
Aug. 26, 1862. Discharged Feb. 1863. 

William A. Stackpole of Albion, Sergeant Co. B. nth Inf. Mus- 
tered in Nov. 8, 1 86 1. Age 36. Dropped from the rolls. 
Reported dead. 

William H. Stackpole of Gardiner, 2d Regt. Cavalry. Mustered 
in Dec. 3, 1863. Age 33. Discharged for disability June 
17, 1864. 

William H. H. Stackpole of Kenduskeag, Co. A. 31st Inf. Mus- 
tered in March i, 1864. Age 24. Wounded Sept. 29, 1864 
at Poplar Grove Church. Discharged Feb. 6, 1865. 

William R. Stackpole of Hallowell, Co. F. 19th Inf. Mustered 
in Aug. 25, 1862. Age 19. In hospital in 1863. Dis- 
charged by order June 6, 1865. 


Charles A. Stackpole of Thomaston enlisted in 1862 in U. S. 

James D. Stackpole of Biddeford enlisted at Boston, 18 July 
1861, in U. S. Navy. Discharged 28 Mch. 1862, at Brooklyn, 
N. Y. for disability, on account of injury received to left knee 
Aug. 1861. He had been in the Navy in the Mexican War and 
was present at the bombardment of Vera Cruz. 


Albert F. Stackpole of Dover, Co. C. i8th Inf. Enlisted Sept. 
14; mustered in Sept. 20, 1864. Age 16. Musician. Mus- 
tered out June 10, 1865. He was at age of 15 in the Straf- 
ford Guards as musician. 

Charles H. Stackpole of Dover, Co. K. 7th Inf. Enl. Aug. 14. 
Mustered in Aug. 18, 1861. Age 19. Wounded May 13, 
1864 at Dmry's Bluff, Va. Promoted corporal. Dis- 
charged May 9, 1865. 

George K. Stackpole of Dover, Co. F. 7th Inf. Enl. Oct. 15; 
mustered in Nov. 7, 1861. Age 25. Drummer. Mustered 
out Dec. 27, 1864. 

Andrew J. Stackpole of New Castle, Co. C. 13th Inf. Enl. Aug. 
22 ; mustered in Sept. 19, 1862. Age 29. 

George L. Stackpole of Tuftonborough, Co. L. ist Regt. Heavy 
Artillery. Mustered in Sept. 20, 1864. Age 20. Mustered 
out June 15, 1865. 

John T. Stackpole of Portsmouth. See page 177. Enlisted 
Jan. 21, 1862 as fireman. Served on U. S. S. "Kearsarge." 
Discharged Nov. 30, 1864. 

Josiah Stackpole of Dover, Co. K. 7th Inf. Enl. Dec. 3, 1861. 
Age 27. Promoted ist Sergeant May 20, 1864. Dis- 
charged Dec. 13, 1864. Term ex. 


Joseph Lewis Stackpole, of Boston, commissioned Capt. in 24 
Mass. Regt. Sept. 2, 1861 ; major and judge advocate July 
10, 1863; brevet lieutenant-colonel March 13, 1865. Re- 
signed April 20, 1865. 

Oliver B. Stackpole of Weymouth, Mass., born in Thomaston, 
Me. Enlisted in Co. A. 42d Mass. Regt. Sept. 3, 1862. 


Discharged Aug. 20, 1863. Time expired. Died Aug. 23, 
1863. Age 30. 

William Stackpole of Ipswich enlisted in 4th Mass. Regt. in 1863 
at age of 16, being the youngest in the Regt. 

Charles A. Stackpole of Boston, Co. G. 57th Regt. Vol. Inf. 
Mustered in 4 March, 1864. Age 31. Mustered out 30 
July 1865. 

Albert Stackpole, 20th Regt. Inf. Co. I. from Nantucket. Age 
18. Mustered in 18 July, 1861. Died of wounds at Ball's 
Bluff, Va. 21 Oct. 1861. 

Samuel Stackpole of Lynn, Co. I. 8th Regt. Inf. Mustered in 
25 Sept. 1862. Age 23. Transferred to Co. D. 22 Oct. 
1862. Term expired 7 Aug. 1863. 

Timothy Stackpole of Lynn, Co. B. 4th Regt. of Heavy Artil- 
lery. Mustered in 18 Aug. 1864. Age 42. Term Exp. 17 
June 1865. 

George H. Stackpole of Lynn, Co. B. 4th Regt. of Heavy Ar- 
tillery. Mustered in 18 Aug. 1864. Age 21. Term Exp. 
17 June 1865. 

Albert A. Stackpole of Boston, Co. D. 3d Regt. of Heavy Artil- 
lery. Mustered in 14 Aug. 1863. Age 28. Term Exp. 18 
Sept. 1865. 

Stephen Stackpole of Saugus, Co. A. 40th Regt. Inf. Mustered 
in 23 Aug. 1862. Age 21. Transferred 15 Dec. 1864 to 
V. R. C. 

Daniel Stackpole of Haverhill, Co. G. 30th Regt. Inf. Mus- 
tered in 2 Nov. 1 86 1. Age 45. Discharged for disability 
2 Jan. 1862. 

Edwin A. Stackpole of Watertown, Co. K. 5th Regt. Inf. Mus- 
tered in 19 Sept. 1862. Age 21. Term Exp. 2 July 1863. 

Edwin A. Stackpole of Newburyport, Co. A. 2d Regt. Cav. 
Mustered in 14 Feb. 1865. Age 21. Term Exp. 20 July 

Frederick W. Stackpole of Roxbury, Co. G. 45th Regt. Inf. 

Mustered in 26 Sept. 1862. Age 21. Term Exp. 7 July 

James W. Stackpole of Chicopee, Corporal. Co. D. 46th Regt. 

Inf. Mustered in 25 Sept. 1862. Age 20. Term Exp. 29 

June 1863. 


Joseph Stackpole of Chicopee, Co. F. ist Regt. Cav. Age 26. 

Mustered in 6 Aug. 1862. Reenlisted 20 Dec. 1863. Term 

Exp. 26 June 1865. 
Tobias Stackpole of Lawrence, Co. K. ist Regt. Heavy Artillery. 

Mustered in 5 July 1861. Age 35. Reenlisted 27 Nov. 

James B. Stackpole of Boston, Co. C. ist Regt. Heavy Artillery. 

Mustered in 24 July 1862. Age 21. Term Exp. 8 July 

Benjamin F. Stackpole, Lowell, Co. A. First Battalion of Fron- 
tier Cav. Mustered in 30 Dec. 1864. Age 18. Term Exp. 

30 July 1865. 
John Stackpole of Lowell, Co. C. 50th Inf. Mustered in 15 Nov. 

1862. Age 25. Term Exp. 24 March '63. Reenlisted in 
1st Battalion of Heavy Artillery, Co. D. Mustered in 16 
Dec. 1863. Age 26. Term Exp. 12 Sept. 1865. 

Albert S. Stackpole of Lowell, Co. G. 6th Inf. Mustered in 31 
Aug. 1862. Age 20. Term Exp. 3 June 1863. Was in 
five engagements, including the siege of Suffolk, where he 
was under fire every day for over three weeks. 

William T. Stackpole of Lowell, Co. B. 6th Inf. Mustered in 31 
Aug. 1862. Age 18. Term Exp. 3 June 1863. Reenlisted 
in 15th Battery of Light Artillery. Mustered in 28 Dec. 

1863. Age 18. Term Exp. 4 Aug. 1865. 

James A. Stackpole of Lowell, 7th Battery of Light Artillery. 

Mustered in 14 June 1862. Age 18. Term Exp. 13 June 

William A. Stackpole of Lowell, Co. C. 5th Inf. Mustered in 23 

July 1864. Age 18. Term Exp. 16 Nov. 1864. 
Emilus Stackpole of Lowell, Co. C. 6th Inf. Mustered in 22 

April 1 86 1. Age 37. Term Exp. 2 Aug. 1861. 
George Stackpole of Greenwich, ist Regt. Cav. Mustered in 

25 March 1864. Age 21. "Never joined for service." 


Obed SxACKroLE was in Co. D. i8th Penn. Cavalry. Fought 
at Gettysburgh. Died of starvation in the prison of Belle Isle. 

Charles Augustus Stackpole (p. ']'/) enlisted in a Penn. 


William Stackpole, i8th Penn. Regt. Died 6 Nov. 1863 
of typhoid fever. Buried in Richmond National Cemetery. 

Charles Stackpole (p. 75) served during the Rebellion in 
the 22d Ohio Inf. and 5th Ohio Cavalry. 

Thomas Stackpole (p. 76) was Captain of Co. D. 19th Ohio 
Regt., having raised the company. 

William Stackpole enlisted Sept. 1862 in the 75th 111. Regt. 
Died in the Hospital at Louisville, Ky., 4 Dec. 1862. 

Charles F. Stackpole of Rockingham, Vt., enHsted 30 Dec. 
1864. Discharged at New Haven, Conn., 26 Jan. 1865. Un- 
assigned recruit. 

Paul Stackpole of Colchester, Vt., enlisted 5 May 1864 in 
I2th U. S. Inf. Discharged 3 Dec. 1864. 

Henry Stackpole of Stockbridge, Vt., enlisted Dec. 1864. 
Served on board the "Connecticut" and the "Shamokin." Dis- 
charged 29 Jan. 1868. 

Thomas Stackpole was private in Co. F. ist Heavy Artil- 
lery of R. I. Mustered in 21 July 1862. Mustered out at Rich- 
mond, Va., 7 June 1865. 

Richard Stackpole was ist Sergeant in 15th U. S. Inf. of 
R. I., Co. B. from 25 Oct. 1865 till 25 Oct. 1868. 

George Stackpole, born in Ireland 21 Sept. 1835, wheel- 
wright, enlisted in 1861 in Co. E. 9th N. Y. Regt. Wounded 
at Cold Harbor 3 June 1864. Discharged Sept. 1864. Died at 
the Military Home at Togus, Me., 10 Mch. 1893. 

James Barton Stackpole enlisted in Co. C. 78th Penn. 
Vols. Died of small-pox in the Military Hospital at Nashville, 
Tenn. 23 Mch. 1865. 



Oxford University. 

Andrew Douglass Stacpoole, ist son of John Massy, Brighton, 
Sussex, arm. New Coll. Matric. 23 March, 1825, aged 
18. B.A. 1829. M.A. 1832 ; fellow 1825-52 ; dean of divin- 
ity 1832; of arts, 1843; bussar, 1844; subwarden, 1847; 
proctor, 1843. Vicar of Writtle Essex, 185 1 until his death, 

15 March, 1884. See p. 41. 

Francis Alexander Stacpoole, 3d son of George Bosworth of 
Langharne, Carmarthen, gent. Worcester Coll. Matric. 

16 March 1843. Aged 19. 

George Stacpoole, son of Francis of Cork (city) Ireland, arm. 

Christ Church. Matric. 27 Feb. 1753, aged 15. 
William Wentworth Stacpoole, son of William of Southampton, 

Hants, arm. Worcester Coll. Matric. 17 July, 1817, 

aged 18. 

Trinity College, Dublin. 

William Stacpoole, B.A., 1766. 

George William Stacpoole, B.A. 1792, LL.B. 1795, LL.D. 

William Henry Stacpoole B.A. 1809, M.A. 181 5, D.D. 1826. 

George Marshall Stacpoole, B.A. 1834. 

William Church Stacpoole B.A. 1842, LL.B. & LL.D. 1849, 
B.D. & D.D. 1869. 

W^iUiam Henry Stacpoole B.A. 1870, LL.B. & LL.D. 1880. 


Harvard University. 

William Stackpole 1798. 
Joseph Lewis Stackpole 1824. 
Joseph Lewis Stackpole 1857. 
William Stackpole 1863. 
Stephen Henry Stackpole 1866. 
Frederick Dabney Stackpole 1873. 
Joseph Lewis Stackpole 1895. 
George Edmund Stackpole 1866, M.D. 
Pierpont Langley Stackpole 1897. 
William Stackpole 2d 1898. 

Colgate LTniversity. 
Markham Winslow Stackpole 1895, A.B. Harvard 1896. 


Paul A. Stackpole 1843, M.D. A.M. honorary. 
George Frank Stackpole 1872. 

Columbia Law School. 

Henry W. Stackpole 1877. 
R. Augustine Stacpoole 1887. 

BowDoiN College. 

James Stackpole 1819. 
Everett S. Stackpole 1871. 
William Henry Stackpole 1886. 
Everett Birney Stackpole, 1900. 

Wesleyan University. 
Charles Henry Stackpole 1886. 

Alleghany College. 
Elbridge Greer Stackpole. 

College of Montana. 
Morrell Dow Stackpole 1895, p. 76. j 



In response to invitation sent by printed circular to as many 
of the Stackpole family as could be reached about seventy-five 
persons assembled, August 24, 1898, on the original Stackpole 
farm in Rollinsford, N. H. The house, now owned by the heirs 
of the late Samuel Hale, was thrown open, and a caterer had pre- 
pared a bounteous lunch under the shade of trees on the lawn. 
The day was extremely warm, yet everybody was in good humor. 
The site of the house first built by James Stackpole, the emi- 
grant, was visited, and then the burial-ground on the hill-top 
overgrown by trees and bushes. There was a committee of the 
whole on introductions. If any person did not get somewhat 
acquainted with all the rest, it was his own fault. Rev. Everett 
S. Stackpole, who had assumed the responsibility of issuing the 
invitations, gave some account of his visit to the cradle of the 
family in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and briefly rehearsed its migra- 
tions, illustrating his informal talk by many photographs. 

After lunch the company gathered about the "old oaken 
bucket that hung in the well" and with Rev. Charles Henry 
Stackpole of Dorchester, Mass., for toastmaster, listened to 
impromptu speeches by Dr. Paul A. Stackpole of Dover, N. H., 
Judge George F. Stackpole of Riverhead, N. Y., and others. 

A Stackpole Association was formed with the following 
officers : Judge George F. Stackpole, President ; Mrs. Annie 
W. Baer of Rollinsford, N. H., \^ice President : Rev. Everett S. 
Stackpole, Secretary; Mr. Charles S. Stackpole of Lawrence, 
Mass., Rev. Charles Henry Stackpole of Dorchester, Mass., and 
Mr. Martin P. Bennett of Dover, N. H., Executive Committee. 


It was voted to hold the next Reunion the last Wednesday of 
August, 1899, the place of meeting to be decided by the Execu- 
tive Committee. 

After much social chat and the singing of Auld Lang Syne 
and America the company separated, feeling well paid for the 
efforts made to attend this first Reunion after a lapse of over two 
centuries from the landing of the emigrant ancestor. The fol- 
lowing names were registered as present. 

F. A. Dorr, Southville, Mass. 
William T. Stackpole, S. Wayne, Wis. 

G. A. Stackpole, Lanesville, Mass. 
Mrs. John A. Mehlig, Natick, Mass. 
Mrs. Herbert Ferguson, S. Berwick, Me. 
Abbie M. Dorr, Southville, Mass. 

Mrs. Mary A. Peterson, Portsmouth, N. H. 

Mrs. Philo Emery, Dover, N. H. 

Mrs. Mary E. Rowe, Woburn, Mass. 

Mrs. W. G. McCune, W. Medford, Mass. 

A. F. Stackpole, Newmarket, N. H. 

Frederick W. Stackpole, Roxbury, Mass. 

Bertha Stackpole, Thomaston, Me. 

Mrs. Anna W. Lancaster, Boston, Mass. 

Mrs. Annie L. Wentworth, Somersworth, N. H. 

Mrs. Annie W. Baer, Rollinsford, N. H. 

George F. Stackpole, Riverhead, N. Y. 

Frank E. Stackpole, Warren, Mass. 

Mrs. Elvira C. Stackpole, Dover, N. H. 

Rebecca Ann Wentworth, Dover, N. H. 

Sallie Wentworth, Dover, N. H. 

Charles Stackpole, Auburn, Me. 

Caroline D. Stackpole, Auburn, Me. 

Charles Henry Stackpole, Dorchester, Mass. 

Maude Rolfe Stackpole, Dorchester, Mass. 

Mrs. Charles Stackpole, Lowell, Mass. 

Master Charles F. Stackpole, Lowell, Mass. 

Sadie K. Kelley, Dover, N. H. 

Mrs. Sarah F. Scam man, Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Dr. Paul A. Stackpole, Dover, N. H. 

Albert S. Stackpole, W. Lebanon, Me. 


Mrs. C. H. Goodwin, S. Berwick, Me. 

Charles S. Stackpole, Lawrence, Mass. 

Mrs. E. T. Stackpole, Lawrence, Mass. 

Nellie Storer Stackpole, Lawrence, Mass. 

Mrs. Maria L. Christenson, Kennebunk, Me. 

Emma Stackpole Christenson, Kennebunk, Me. 

William T. Stackpole, Somerville, Mass. 

Mrs. Wm. T. Stackpole, Somerville, Mass. 

Everett S. Stackpole, Augusta, Me. 

Everett Birney Stackpole, Augusta, Me. 

Mary B. Stackpole, Augusta, Me. 

M. B. Bennett, Dover, N. H. 

Hattie Willey, Dover, N. H. 

Mrs. Albert E. Stevens, Somersworth, N. H. 

Mrs. George Chivers, Rochester, N. H. 

Dr. Frederick W. Stackpole and wife, Roxbury, Mass. 


Persons surnamed Stackpole, Stacpoole, and Stacpole. 


Adaline 38 
Andrew 39 
Andrew D. 41, 223 
Annie 38 
Charlotte 39 
Christopher y] 
Christopher 38 
Eliza 38 
Ellen 38 
Ellison 38 
Florence 2>5 
Francis 2>7 
Frances 38 
Francis A. 223 
Frank B. 38 
George, Count 17, 20, 

32, ZZ, 34, 223 
George H. 39 
George H. 39, 223 
George W. 38 
Guilford 39 
Henry D. 34 
Henry J. 38 
Jane 39 

John Esq. 16, ZZ, 34 
John 38 
Lizzie 38 
Mary 38 
Massy 40 
Michael 39 
Richard 38 
Richard A. 38, 224 
Richard J. yj 
Richard J. D. 39 
William z^ 
William C. 34, 223 
William H. 34, 223 
William zy, 223 
William 39 
William H. 39. 223 
William W. 223 
Wilhelmina 39 
Diagrams ZZ^ Z(>^ Z% 

40, 42 


Horatio 213 
John 213 
Philip 43 


Aaron 60, 215 
Aaron 83 
Aaron no 
Aaron 134 
Aaron 135, 217 
Aaron 162 
Abbie 71 
Abbie M. 71 
Abbie L. 142 
Abbie 190 
Abiel 194 
Abigail no 
Abigail 164 
Abigail 168 
Abner 68 
Abraham 27 
Absalom 61, 69, 158, 

215, 216 
Absalom 114 
Addie 107 
Addison 144 
Ada A. 90 
Ada F. 97 
Adelaide 79 
Adelia 187 
Agnes 27 
Albert 108 
Albert 202 
Albert A. 102 
Albert A. 187 
Albert A. 220 
Albert D. 161, 220 
Albert F. 169. 219 
All^ert H. 210 
Albert J. 104 
Albert L. 97 

Albert O. 85 

Albert S. 107, 221, 226 

Albert S. 107 

Albert T. 178 

Albert W. 169 

Albion 91 

Albretta 107 

Alden i6r 

Alexander 70 

Alexander Jr. 70 

Alexander "jz, 217 

Alexander 107, 217 

Alfred 190 

Alfred L. 171 

Alfred T. 145 

Algernon 182 

Alice 124 

Alice 164 

Alice C. 129 

Alice D. 142 

Alice E. 85 

Alice M. 196 

Alice M. 71 

Almeda 204 

Almira 202 

Almon 160 

Alonzo 88 

Alonzo 95 

Alonzo 108 

Alton 76. 217 

.Amanda 90 

Amelia 208 

Amelia H. 162 

Amos '/2, 217 

Amos 81 

Andrew 27 

Andrew 68. 69. 198. 

Andrew 64 
Andrew 60, 69 
Andrew J. ?^2. 219 
Andrew J. 100 
Andrew J. 204 
Andrew N. 98 
Andrew S. 71 



Angela 145 
Angelia 143 
Ann 215 
Ann E. 74 
Ann M. 75 
Ann M. 159 
Ann M. 204 
Anna E. 72 
Anna E. 174 
Anna S. 116 
Anna W. 162 
Anna M. 174 
Anne E. 116 
Anne E. 71 
Annette 96 
Annie 86 
Annie D. 177 
Annie 186 
Annie E. 181 
Annie F. 80 
Annie L. 107 
Annie L. 171 
Annie M. 164 
Annie W. 106 
Armina 174 
Arthur 29, 33 
Arthur 106 
Arthur B. 91 
Arthur C. 159 
Arthur H. 107 
Arthur J. in 
Arthur J. 171 
Arthur T. 115 
Atwood 186 
Augustus 82 
Augustus 102 
Augustus D. 83 
Augustus J. 102, 217 
Augustus M. 185 
Augustus M. 186 
Austin 107 
Azuba 89 
Barbara 33 
Barbara 207 
Barry 164 
Bartholomew 28, 29, 

33. 35. 42. 43 
Beatrice in 
Beatrice 193 
Belle III 
Benjamin 170 
Beniamin 172, 173, 216 
Benjamin 202 
Benjamin C. 173 
Benjamin F. 156 
Benjamin F. 221 
Benjamin H. 100 
Benjamin W. 175 

Bernice 160 
Bertha 80 
Bertha 89 
Bejtha 96 
Bertha 161, 226 
Bertha E. 90 
Bertha L. 166 
Bertha M. 112 
Bertie M. 174 
Bethiah 66 
Bethiah 68 
Bethiah 200 
Betsey 60 
Betsey 91 
Betsey no 
Betsey 115 
Betsey 186 
Betsey 187 
Beulah 89 
Blanche in 
Bradbury 91 
Brian 204 
Brian 295 
Burleigh 97 
Burton 114 
Caroline 160 
Caroline 196 
Caroline 202 
Caroline D. 200 
Caroline E. 173 
Carrie B. 83 
Carrie B. 93 
Carrie M. 100 
Carrie M. I77 
Carrie R. 93 
Carrie W. 112 
Catherine yi 
Catherine 103 
Catherine 161 
Catherine 203 
Catherine E. 209 
Catherine H. 210 
Cecil 72, 
Cecil T. 200 
Charity no 
Charlotte 102 
Charlotte 186 
Charlotte E. 81 
Charlotte M. 173 
Charles 59, 69, 87, 215 
Charles 7^, 
Cliarles 77 
Charles 79 
Charles 75, 222 
Charles 84 
Charles 95 
Charles loi 
Charles 154, 226 

Charles 164 
Charles 181 
Charles 199 
Charles A. 77, 221 
Charles A. 88 
Charles A. 97 
Charles A. 115 
Charles A. 140 
Charles A. 142 
Charles A. 145 
Charles A. 161, 219 
Charles A. 199 
Charles A. 220 
Charles B. 211 
Charles C. 166 
Charles C. 197 
Charles C. 72, 
Charles E. 72 
Charles E. 95 
Charles E. 112 
Charles E. 180 
Charles E. 192 
Charles F. 71 
Charles F. 104, 226 
Charles F. 171 
Charles F. 188 
Charles F. 222 
Charles H. 7:^ 
Charles H. 81 
Charles H. 87 
Charles H. 90 
Charles H. 102 
Charles H. 107 
Charles H. 153 
Charles H. 159 
Charles H. 164 
Charles H. 169, 219 
Charles H. 172 
Charles H. 196 
Rev. Chas. H. 155, 

224, 225, 226 
Charles L. 169 
Charles L. 174 
Charles M. 162 
Charles O. 88 
Charles O. 90 
Charles P. 176 
Charles P. 199 
Charles S. 71 
Charles S. 173 
Charles S. 176, 225 

Charles T. 80 
Charles T. 135 
Charles T. 177 
Charles V. 171 
Chester 160 
Christopher 2>7 



Clara yT, 
Clara 84 
Clara 85 
Clara 191 
Clara E. 115 
Clarence 85 
Clement 29, 2>2 
Clementine 191 
Clyde J. 115 
Cora 188 
Cora B. 114 
Cora E. 114 
Cornelius 114 
Cornelius 115, 218 
Cynthia 178 
Cyrus 114 
Cyrus 190 
Daniel 82 
Daniel 181 
Daniel 220 
Daniel W. 77, 218 
David 92 
David 154 
David A. 93 
David D. 139 
David D. 142 
David P. 93 
Dayton 172 
Deborah 134 
Delbert A. 185, 217 
Delbert A. 186 
Delia T. 190 
Dominicus 181 
Donald C. 211 
Dorcas 208 
Dortha 207 
Douglass 70, 216 
Dymphna 29, 2>2 
Earl 174 
Eber 174 
Ebenezer 103 
Ebenezer 57 
Ebenezer 59. 69, 98, 

Edith 124 
Edith C. 199 
Eddie 189 
Edgar 112 
Edgar C. 106 
Edgar L. 171 
Edmond 87 
Edmond 88 
Edna L. iii 
Edward 142 
Edward 143 
Edward 213 
Edward E. 193 
Edward J. 210 

Edward H. H. 219 
Edward L. 145 
Edward L. 213 
Edward P. 161 
Edward S. 76 
Edward T. 76 
Edward W. 177 
Edwin 113 
Edwin A. 89. 220 
Edwin E. 182 
Eawin J. 169 
Edwin L. 181 
Edwin M. 166 
Effie 193 
Eifie R. 188 
Elias 26 
Elias 204 
Elidyr 13, 14, 15, 21, 

Elisha 82 
Elisha 58, 62 
Eliza 79 
Eliza 83 
Eliza 113 
Eliza 135 
Eliza 179 
Eliza A. 82 
Eliza J. 93 
Eliza J. 168 
Elizabeth 6:3, 66 
Elizabeth 68, 69 
Elizabeth iii 
Elizabeth 112 
Elizabeth 153 
Elizabeth 213 
Elizabeth 196 
Elizabeth 198 
Elizabeth A. 162 
Elizabeth A. 173 
Elizabeth B. 95 
Elizabeth D. 156 
Elizabeth F. 200 
Elizabeth J. 189 
Elizabeth L. 102 
Elizabeth M. 91 
Elizabeth V. 124 
Elkanah 112 
Elkanah 113 
Elbridge G. 187 
Elbridge G. 187, 224 
Elijah 165 
Ella C. 211 
Ella J. 92, 94 
Ella M. 94 
Ella M. 174 
Ellis 29 
Ellis M. 144 
Ellis M. 145 

Ellen A. 91 
Ellen A. 177 
Ellen E. 173 
Ellen F. 171 
Ellen L. 159 
Ellora 181 
Ellsworth 91 
Elmer E. 170 
Elmira L. 76 
Elsie A. 89 
Elton 88 
Emeline 126 
Emeline W. 190 
Emily 185 
Emily 212 
Emily 74 
Emily M. C. 192 
Emma 88 
Emma E. 86 
Emma E. 94 
Emma E. 177 
Emma F. 197 
Emma G. 104 
Emma N. 112 
Emulus 89 221 
Emulus 185 
Emulus N. 189 
Ernest 187 
Ernest E. 97 
Esther 170 . 
Esther 180 
Esther A. 167 
Esther A. 178 
Ethel C. 160 
Ethel F. 104 
Ethel L. 115 
Etta B. 160 
Etta L. 188 
Eugene 113, 218 
Eugene B. 205 
Eunice 82 
Eunice 85 
Eunice 104 
Eunice 108 
Eunice 193 
Eunice C. 89 
Eunice G. 164 
Everett 193 
Everett B. 157, 224, 

Everett S. 156, 224, 

225, 227 
Everlyn 160 
Evie 73 

Ezekiel 198, 217 
Ezra r66 
Fannie 191 
Fannie A. 154 



Fannie L. 172 
Florence 107 
Florence 85 
Florence B. 160 
Florence E. 71 
Florence M. 74 
Florence M. 169 
Florence O. 85 
Floriana 85 
Frances 102 
Frances A. 186 
Frances A. 196 
Frances B. 140 
Frances H. 143 
Frances I. 115 
Frances J. 134 
Francis Z7 
Frank "jy 
Frank 104 
Frank 135 
Frank 164 
Frank 170 
Frank 171 
Frank 191 
Frank A. 93 
Frank A. 163 
Frank C. 104 
Frank C. 185 
Frank 213 
Frank E. 115 
Frank E. 153 
Frank E. 178, 226 
Frank G. 189 
Frank T. 106 
Frank V. 115 
Frank W. 71 
Franklin 95 
Franklin R. 159 
Fred 79 
Fred 169 
Fred A. 97 
Fred E. 115 
Fred G. 213 
Fred H. 91 
Fred H. 104 
Fred N. 89 
Fred P. 167 
Fred R. ^z 
Fred R. 174 
Frederic T. 114 
Frederic W. 113 
Frederick A. H. 166, 

Frederick D. 124 
Frederick D. 126. 224, 

Frederick H. 174 
Frederick L. 164 

Frederick W. 163, 

220, 227 
Freedom C. 167 
Freeland 181 
Fremont 190 
George 79 
George 84 
George 85 
George 86 
George 94 
George 142 
George 179 
George 180 
George 196 
George 199 
George 221 
George 222 
George A. 88 
George A. 173 
George A. 174 
George B. 205 
George D. 74 
George E. 84 
George E. 89 
George E 91, 224 
George E. 104 
George E. 167 
George E. 181 
George F. 159, 224, 

225, 226 
George F. 209 
George H. 135 
George H. 169 
George H. 171, 220 
George H. 177 
George I. 169 
George L. 89 
George L. 115 
George L. 159 
George L. 96. 219 
George M. 73 
George K. 83, 219 
George R. 163 
George S. 171 
George T. 209 
George W. 11 1 
George W. 193 
George W. 196 
George W. 205 
George W. 214 
Georgia 196 
Georgie A. 170 
Gcorgiana 85 
Gcorgiana 112 
Georgiana H. 172 
Gertrude 171 
Gertrude G. 186 
Gilman 104 

Gladys 89 
Grace 115 
Grace 124 
Grace A. 196 
Grace E. 171 
Grace H. 122 
Grace H. 126 
Grace I. 91 
Grace L. 90 
Grace M. 174 
Grace T. 135 
Greenleaf 72 
Gustavus F. 193 
Hallie 115 
Halsey 174 
Hannah 68, 69 
Hannah 84 
Hannah no 
Hannah iii 
Hannah 116 
Hannah 136 
Hannah 153 
Hannah 170 
Hannah 184 
Hannah 206 
Hannah C. 211 
Hannah E. 134 
Hannah E. 172 
Hannah E. 192 
Harold 193 
Hanson 161 
Harriet 199 
Harriet 194 
Harriet 187 
Harriet 114 
Harriet 135 
Harriet A. 72 
Harriet B. 196 
Harriet E. 114 
Harriet E. 188 
Harriet E. 209 
Harriet M. 160 
Harriet S. 163 
Harriet T. 190 
Harris 113 
Harris G. 185 
Harris G. 186 
Harry C. 211 
Harry E. 92 
Harry F. 104 
Harry W. 178 
Harvey 76 
Hattie 80 
Hattie M. 115 
Hazel 154 
Helen 187 
Helen B. 145 
Helen C. 91 



Helen D. 92 
Helen E. '186 
Helen L. 144 
Helen M. 74 
Helen M. 162 
Helen M. 200 
Henriett 145 
Henriett M. 145 
Henrietta 89 
Henry 59, 215 
Henry loi 
Henry 114 
Henry 124 
Henry 191 
Henry 199 
Henry 222 
Henry A. 166 
Henry C. 161 
Henry H. 81 
Henry H. 88 
Henry H. 163 
Henry H. 187 
Henry N. 153 
Henry R. 153 
Henry R. 157 
Henry W. 72, 224 
Herman H. 100 
Herman N. 100 
Hill 188 
Hiram 186 
Hiram 191 
Hiram H. 163 
Honor 54 
Horace 188 
Horace M. 162 
Horace W. 71 
Howard 213 
Howard A. 85 
Howard E. 92 
Howard V. 157 
Howland 193 
Huldah 198 
Huldah 200 
Ichabod 180 
Ida 164 
Ida F. 104 
Ida L. 189 
Ida M. 160 
Ida M. 182 
Ida M. 185 
Ina 188 
Irving 73 
Irwin 200 
Isaac 158 
Isaac 181 
Isaac G. 191 
Isaac R. 93 
Isabel 18 

Isabella 116 
Isabella 192 
Isabella P. 161 
Isadora 192 
Isadore 192 
Ivory 83 
Ivory 164 
Jacob 199 
James 28 
James 33 
James 42, 44, 45-53, 

James Jr. 46, 54, 35 
James 51 
James $7, 60, 69 
James 61, 69, 109 
James 68, 69, 183 
James 96 
James no 
James 112 
James 135 
James 165 
James 167 
James 171 
James 175 
James 189 
James 207 
James 208, 216 
James 208 
James 195 
James 195, 224 
James 199 
James A. 171, 221 
James B. 171 
James B. 209, 222 
James B. 221 
James D. 84, 219 
James D. 150 
James F. 71 
James H. in 
James H. 115 
James H. 209 
James H. 199 
James F. 115 
James S. 209 
James W. 72, 220 
James W. 134 
Jane 85 
Jane no 
Jane 199 
Jane D. 150 
Jane L. 102 
Jane W. 176 
Jemima 96 
Jennie 95 
Jennie D. 115 
Jennie L. 135 
Jennie M. 211 

Jennie W. 100 

Jennie W. 177 

Jeremiah 107 

Jessie 76 

Joan 12, 18, 20 

Joan 204 

Joanna 74 

Joanna 108 

John 46, 52, 33, 54, j3. 

67, 69 
John 66-69 
John 26 
John 27 
John 28 

John 61, 69, 132, 215 
John 68, 69, 212 
John 75 
John 79, 104 
John 81 
John 83 
John 86 
John 102 
John 161 
John 68 
John 207, 21 6 
John 208 
John 213 
John 215 
John 196, 217 
John 221 
John A. 97 
John A. 107 
John B. 117 
John B. F. 167 
John C. 80 
John D. 134, 217 
John D. 73 
John F. 95 
John F. 889 
John F. 191, 218 
John F. 213 
John G. 172 
John H. 182 
John H. 208 
John H. 211 
John J. 160 
John M. 161 
John M. 175 
John P. 74 
John Q. 97 
John R. Ill 
John S. 112 
John S. 168 
John T. 177, 219 
John W. 86 
John W. G. 125 
Jonathan 71 



Joseph 71 
Joseph yz 
Joseph 74 
Joseph 79 
Joseph 85 
Joseph 94 
Joseph 112 
Joseph 184 
Joseph 187 
Joseph 202 
Joseph 214 
Joseph 199 
Joseph A. 108 
Joseph A. 199 
Joseph B. 205 
Joseph E. 72, 220 
Joseph F. 85 
Joseph H. 171 
Joseph H. 188 
Joseph H. 189 
Joseph X- 122, 224 
Joseph L. 123. 219. 

Joseph L. 124, 224 
Joseph J. 187, 217 
Joseph M. 199 
Joseph S. 80 
Joseph Y. 68. 201, 215 
Josephine 202 
Josephine B. 135 
Joshua 49, 56, 5T, 58. 

Joshua Jr. 59, 69. 82, 

Joshua 84 
Joshua 95 
Joshua 97 
Joshua 98 
Joshua B. 98 
Josiah loi 
Josiah 169 
Josiah 169, 219 
Josie L. 181 
Jonah 192 
jotham 191 
Jotham 212 
Jotham H. 196 
Judith 116 
Judith 135 
Judith A. 172 
JuHa 66 
JuHa 81 
Julia 195 
Julia A. 156 
Julia A. 212 
Julia E. 112 
Julian 213 
Julianna 197 

Kate C. 153 
Kate M. 177 
Katherine 29 
Kathleen 115 
Laura 115 
Laura 189 
Laura 191 
Lavina 103 
Lavina ^^ 
Lavina A. 97 
Leander 134 
Lee J. 74 
Lena 187 
Leon E. 169 
Leon R. 193 
Leonard 28 
Leonard 82 
Leroy 89 
Lester 114 
Lettie 189 
Lewis 93 
Lillian 116 
Lillie 90 
Lindus 174 
Lizzie A. 154 
Lizzie A. 214 
Lizzie O. 135 
Leva 72 
Lorenzo 97 
Lorenzo 105 
Lorenzo B. 88 
Lott 174 
Lotta 90 
Louise 161 
Lowell 167. 218 
Lucien 185 
Lucinda 212 
Lucy 59 
Lucy loi 
Lucy 168 
Lucy A. 79 
Lucy P. 161 
Lucy S. 190 
Luella 181 


a 58, 62 
ia 61 


a 83 

la 97 

A. 160 

Lydia M. 76 
Lydia W. 113 
Mamie 115 
Mabel E. 171 
Mabel G. 104 
Mabel J. 135 
Mabel L. 176 
Mabel N. 115 
Maggie 143 
Margaret 49, 5Z< .56 
Margaret 59 
Margaret 113 
Margaret 175 
Margaret 208 
Margaret 210 
Margaret A. 140 
Margaret C. 128 
Marion 74 
Marion C. 92 
Marion H. 173 
Mariette 11 1 
Maria 78 
Maria L. 154 
Maria L. 182 
Mark H. 211 
Markham 163, 224 
Martha 56, 58 
Martha 68 
Martha 86 
Martha 105 
Martha 191 
Martha A. 166 
Martha A. 169 
Martha A. 171 
Martha D. 172 
Martha P. 192 
Martin 214 
Matilda 107 
Mary 19 
Mary 61 
Mary 89 
Mary 102 
Mary 114 
Mary 135 
Mary 146 
Mary 162 
Mary 170 
Mary 181 
Mary 186 
Mary 208 
Mary 213 
Mary 196 
Mary 198 
Mary A. "jt 
Mary A. 83 
Mary A. 93 
Mary A. 97 
Mary A. 98 



Mary A. 167 
Mary A. 169 
Mary A. 179 
Mary A. 196 
Mary B. 144 
Mary B. 145 
Mary B. 156, 22^ 
Mary C. 209 
Mary E. 96 
Mary E. 166 
Mary E. 178 
Mary E. 181 
Mary E. 186 
Mary E. 193 
Mary E. 209 
Mary E. 214 
Mary F. 92 
Mary F. 170 
Mary F. 190 
Mary F. 197 
Mary G. 192 
Mary H. 76 
Mary J. 106 
Mary J. 113 
Mary J. 154 
Mary J. 158 
Mary L. 112 
Mary L. 115 
Mary L. 116 
Mary L. 167 
Mary L. 192 
Mary M. 106 
Mary M. 135 
Mary M. 191 
Mary N. 195 
Maryann 102 
Maud R. 197 
Maud V. 135 
Maude 112 
Maurice 27, 28 
Maurice 112 
Max G. 174 
May B. ^2, 
Mehitabel 189 
Melissa 193 
Melville 90 
Mercy 56 
Mercy 59 
Merton G. 154 
Michael 214 
Miles S. 173 
Millie F. 91 
Miner 89 
Minnie 89 
Minerva 180 
Miriam 76 
Morrell 76, 224 
Morris 213 

Mortimer 91 

Molly 60 

Moses 84 

Moses 104 

Moses 105 

Murle 200 

Myra 186 

Myra 188 

Nahum 203, 218 

Nahum 204 

Nancy 73 

Nancy 116 

Nancy 162 

Nancy B. 161 

Nancy D. 118 

Nathan 176 

Nathan 177 

Nathaniel 214 

Nellie 107 

Nellie 213 

Nellie G. 172 

Nellie S. 176, 227 

Nelson 189 

Nelson B. 213 

Nelson U. 189 

Nettie 197 

Nicholas 28 

Noah 81 

Obed 213 

Obed W. 188, 221 

Olive no 

Olive 200 

Olive F. 192 

Oliver 94 

Oliver B. 114 

Ona 188 

Oria 181 

Orin 91 

Orin 213 

Oscar L. 88 

Oscar L. 210 

Otis 60, 69, 101, 216 

Otis 62 

Otis 79 

Otis 81 

Pamelia 70 

Parmelia 97 

Patrick 27, 28 

Paul 178 

Paul 179 

Paul 222 

Paul A. 80, 224, 225. 

Pearl 113 
Perry 104 
Peter 96 
Peter M. 76 
Philip 26 

Philip 27 

Philip 43, 51, 52, -,s, 

57, 58 
Philip 58, 216 
Philip W. 159 
Philomela 169 
Philomela 172 
Phoebe 68 
Phoebe 69 
Phoebe no 
Phoebe 173 
Phoebe 184 
Pierpont 163, 224 
Polly 83 
Polly no 
Priscilla 124 
Rachel 94 
Rachel 102 
Rachel M. 169 
Ralph 64 
Ralph 154 
Ralph 190 
Ralph 193 
Ralph D. 76 
Ralph R. 71 
Rebecca 82 
Rebecca 102 
Redmond 27 
Rena M. 200 
Reuben 178 
Reuben M. 162 
Richard Kt. 9, 1.5, 17, 

Richard Kt. 16, 18, 19, 

Richard 26 
Richard 28 
Richard 222 
Richard B. ni 
Robert Kt. 15, 17. 26 
Robert 16, 18, 20. 21 
Robert 21 
Robert 26 
Robert 28 
Robert 33 
Robert 204 
Robert B. 100 
Robert F. C. 145 
Robert V. 107 
Rodney W. 160 
Rosa 85 
Roscoe F. 163 
Roscoe H. 186 
Rose 213 
Rose N. 189 
Roxana 124 
Roxana 126 
Roxana 163 



Roy H. 213 

Roy L. 187 

Rufus 145 

Ruth 88 

Ruth 94 

Ruth A. 174 

Ruth E. 112 

Sabra 105 

Sabra A. 88 

Sadie M. 177 

Sally 83 

Sally 84 

Sally 198 

Samuel 49, 59, 70, 216 

Samuel 54, 55 

Samuel 61, 216 

Samuel 74 

Samuel 78 

Samuel 79 

Samuel 153 

Samuel 158 

Samuel 184 

Samuel 184, 217 

Samuel 220 

Samuel A. 100 

Samuel B. 113 

Samuel B. 204 

Samuel G. 167 

Samuel H. 197 

Samuel O. 150, 155, 

Sarah 58, 61 
Sarah 68, 69 
Sarah 72 
Sarah 84 
Sarah 95 ^ 

Sarah 102 
Sarah 152 
Sarah 160 
Sarah 161 
Sarah 164 
Sarah 179 
Sarah 188 
Sarah 205 
Sarah 194 
Sarah A. 187 
Sarah B. 76 
Sarah B. 135 
Sarah B. 167, 173 
Sarah C. 104 
Sarah C. 118 
Sarah D. 210 
Sarah E. 71 
Sarah E. 78 
Sarah E. 196 
Sarah F. 71 
Sarah F. 113 

Sarah H. 196 

Sarah J. 83 

Sarah J. 104 

Sarah M. 76 

Sarah S. 178 

Sarah W. 114 

Sebastiana 73 

Serene 186 

Seth 80 

Sharrington 71 

Sharrington P. 71. 218 

Simon 26 

Simon 89 

Simon 97 

Simon 104 

Simon L. 97 

Sobriety 95 

Sophia 80 

Sophia 95 

Sophia 189 

Sophia 191 

Stella 160 

Stephen 61, 165, 180, 

Stephen 168 
Stephen 172 
Stephen A. 92 
Stephen G. 93 
Stephen G. 168, 220 
Stephen H. 163, 224 
Stephen T. 163 
Stephen W. 94 
Susan 81 
Susan 83 
Susan M. 92 
Susan M. 124 
Susan P. 116 
Susan R. 143 
Susan W. 144 
Susan W. 145 
Sylvia F. 154 
Sylvia N. 156 
Syrena 159 
Tamsen 81 
Theo F. 76 
Theodate 77 
Theodore 87 
Theodore 88 
Theodosia 162 
Thomas 28 
Thomas 74 
Thomas 75 
Thomas 76, 222 
Thomas 80 
Thomas 106 
Thomas 112 
Thomas 167, 173 

Thomas 208 
Thomas 212 
Thomas 222 
Thomas F. 80 
Thomas W. 71 
Thomas W. 77 
Thomas W. 72 
Timothy 171, 220 
Timothy J. 172 
Tobias 60, 69, 103 
Tobias 103, 221 
Tobias 107 
Ulysses 169 
Virgil 159 
Wainwright 189 
Walter 199 
Walker 211 
Wallace 85 
Walter 26, 28 
Walter 86 
Walter 199 
Walter H. 171 
Walter R. 213 
Walter T. 112 
Warren 174 
Washburn 114 
Wesley 73 
William 16 
William 26 
William 27 
William 54, 56 
William 37, 58, 62 
William 61, 69, 117 
William 84 
William 90, 218 
William 91 
William 94 
William 95 
William 102 
William 107 
William 116, 217 
William 122, 125, 224 
William 124, 224 
William 154 
William 160 
William 167 
William 170, 220 
William 190, 217 
William 213 
William A. 89, 221 
William A. 122 
William A. 190, 218 
William B. 170 
William B. 174 
William C. C. Ill 
William E. 100 
William E. 166 


iam F. 85, 222 
am F. 186 
iam G. 116 
am H. 91 
am H. 112 
iam H. 134, 218 
iam H. 140 
iam H. 145 
iam H. 163, 224 


William H. 211 
William H. H. 166, 

William H. 208 
William 196 
William L. 91 
William R. 100, 218 
William S. 163 
William T. 107, 226 


William T. 107, 227 
William T. 116 
William W. 174 
Willie 93 
Wilmont 182 
Wilmot 115 
Winfield 202 
Winnifred 154 
Wise 102 


Abbot 60, 69 
Abbott 77, 87,82,95, 

120-21, 160, 180 
Adams 144, 121, 175 
Albee 147 
Alders 98 
Allan 199 
Allen 97, 207 
Amory 128 
Anderson 153 
Andrews 83, 137, 173 
Annis 171, 189 
Ash 60 
Atkinson 122, 170, 

Atwater 140 
Atwood 72, 76, 77, 

Austin 50, 95, 106, 

Autry 145 
Ayer 159 
Babcock 204 
Bacon 84 
Baer 106 
Baily 75 
Bain 187 
Baird 172 

Baker 49, 59, 70, 189 
Ballard 172 
Banks 68 
Barbrick 189 
Barnard 97 
Barnes 191 
Barrons 59 
Bartlett 78, 143, 178 
Barton 208 
Batchelder 88, 177 
Bates 163, 166, 194 
Baxter 174 

Bebe 108 
Belcher 184 
Bellomont 51 
Benjamin 122 
Bennett 37, 89, 105, 

Berkrowls 17, 19 
Berry 89, 134, 195 
Bickford 105 

BiGELOW 125 

Bird 213 
BiRON 49 
Bishop 38 
Black 73 
Blagden 130 
Blair 205 
Blaisdell 106, 200 
Blake 119, 156 
Blanchard 174 
Blethen 154 
Blodgett 73, 148 
Blood 164 
Blumann 167 
boardman 130 
Bolton 205 
Bond 132, 140 
Boone 78 
BOOTT 130 
BosTwiCK 95 
Bowers 111 
Bowie 135 
Bowlby 170 
Bowles 84 
Bowman 111 
BoYCE 82 
Boyd 75, 83 
Boyle 121 
Boynton 83 
Brackett 142 
Bradburn 140 

Bradbury 56, 80, 186 
Bradford 193 
Bradstreet 195 
Bragdon 93 
Bragg 197 
Bready 45 
Bright 162 
Brison 161 
Britton 88 
Broadbent 104 
Brock 158, 165 
Brooks 99 
Brown 63, 76, 79, 

113, 119, 128, 139, 

156, 161, 188 
Bruce 170 
BucKius 76 
BUKER 149 
Burleigh 91 
Burr 197 
Burrows 110 
Butler 108 
butterfield 196 
Byron 88 
Call 74, 189 
Callahan 156 
Calley 74 
Camp 145 
Campbell 16, 21 
Carpenter 78 
Canney 96 
Carr 197 
Carter 169 
Cecill 15, 17, 18 
Chadbourne 47 
Chadwick 91, 181, 

Chamberlain 110 



Champney 19 
Chandler 135, 172 
Chase 71, 75, 195 
Chesbrow 173 
Chesney 209 
Chick 90, 178 
Childs 162 
Chivers 102 
Choate 172 
Christenson 182 
Church 164, 203-4 
Clanage 170 
Clark 89, 90, 151, 

Clay 169 
Clement 60 
Clifford 144, 149, 

Cobb 155 
Coffin 59 
Colby 93 



Condon 110 
Conrad 211 
Conner 139 
Connor 169, 194, 197 
copeland 162 
Cook 95 

Cooper 117, 160, 161 
CORKLE 208-9 

Corson 82 
Cotton 90 


Cowan 204 
Cox 134, 184 
Craich 173 
Cram 176-7 
Creigh 192 
Croad 55 
Crosby 85 
Crowell 191 

Crozier 144 

Cruger 140, 145-6 
Crunnett 89 
culbertson 92 
Currier 80, 96 
Curry 107 
Curtis 112, 157, 212 


Cushman 146, 148 
Dabney 125 
Damon 188 
Danforth 92 
Darrah 173 
Daugherty 208 
Davis 66, 98, 103, 

180, 200 
Day 170, 154, 176 
Dearborn 167, 176 
Debeck 73 
Deering 68 
Delano 145 
Demeritt 134 
DeMunn 111 
Denman 137 
Dennett 83 
Derby 120 
Derbyshire 191 
Deshon 83, 142 
Devine 84 
Devolin 83 
Dill 194 
Dingley 112, 115, 

154, 196 
Dix 70 
Dixon 97 
Dodge 134 
Domett 93 
Donnelly 204 
DoRSEY 207-8 
Dore 180 
Dorr 179, 180 
Doughty 154 
Douglass 144, 166 
Dow 76 
Downes 150 
Downing 168 
Downs 89 
Doyle 145, 154, 157, 

Drake 193 

Dresser 78 
Drew 160, 163 
Drinkwater 66, 150, 

Drown 88 
Drummond 75 
Dummer 64 
Dunbar 114 
Dunham 152 
Dunning 132-3 

Dyer 153 
Earle 107 
Early 189 
Eastman 70, 169 
Eaton 109, 133 
Edgeley 199 
Edson 153 
Eliot 122 
Ellis 110, 196 
Elmo 110 
Ells 115 
Elmore 202 
Elwell 197 
Emery 83, 133, 146, 

169, 182 
Emmons 198, 212 
Everett 154 
Fales 110 
Falls 214 
Farnum 191 
Farrar 150 
Faunce 163 
Fay 93, 121 
Felker 199 
Felton 174 
Ferguson 84, 177 
Fernald 85 
Ferrin 199 

FiCKETT 153 

Field 196 
Fielding 149 
Fillmore 150 
Fish 137 
FiTz 138 
Flagg 193 



Fletcher 63, 68, 69, 

198, 201, 202 
Florence «3 
Fogg 97, 135 
follansbee 190 
Ford 154 
Foss 107, 166, 177, 

200, 212 
Foster 72 
Fowler 191 
Fox 72 
Frazier 171 
Freeman 118 
French 113, 114 
Frost 50, 57, 62, 169 
Frye 109, 148 
Fuller 84 
Furber 46, 181 
FuRBUSH 148-9, 170, 

Furnald 97 
Gable 209 
Gage 105, 169 
Galvin 198 
Gardner 84 
Garnsey 89 
Gaspar 73 
Gatyens 177 
Gentil 111 
Gerald 194 
Gerkins 52 
Gerow 187, 188 
Gerrish 94, 154 
Gerry 71 
Gersdorff 130 
Getchell 196 
Gibson 194 
Gill 136 

GiLMAN 90 
GiLMORE 187 

GiLPA TRICK 68, 69, 83 
Glasgow 210 


Godfrey 144 
Gooch 198 


Goodwin 49, 55, 90, 
158, 180, 184 

Gould 181-2 


GowEN 89 
Grace 104 
Grafton 127-8 
Graham 71 
Granden 111 
Granney 148 

138, 168, 169 
Gray 169, 189, 168 
Gregg 119 
Greeley 166 
Greenawalt 208 
Griffin 93 
Griffith 178 
Griffiths 210 
Griggs 90 
Grover 152 
Gulliver 136, 196 
GuppY 91 
GuPTiLL 94, 167 
GURLEY 126-7 
Hackett 190 
Haines 56 


Hale 50, 138 
Haley 83, 213 
Hall 57, 60, 61, 62, 

77, 129, 211 
Halsted 162 
Ham 59, 98, 181, 195 
Hamilton 60 
Hamlin 140, 141 
Hummel 210 
Hancock 184 
Hanson 45, 50, 61 
Harding 191 
Hardison 87, 94 
Hardy 144, 152, 202 
Harlow 116 
Harmon 84, 159 
Harriman 148, 192 
Harris 147-8 
Harrison 112 
Harvey 166 
Harwood 171 
Haskell 84 
Hatch 139 

Hathaway 164 
Haven 98 
Hawkins 179 
Hayes 159, 161 
Hayfokd )s8 
Hayward 178, 199, 

Heald 187 
Heard 48, 171 
Hearl 48 
Heath 64, 171 
Hehir 84 

Henderson 77, 187 
Hennessey 148 
Henry 96 
Hersom 107 
Hewes 200 
HiGGINS 202 
Hill 64, 68-9, 183, 

Hills 80 
HiNCKS 191 
HiNKLEY 134 

HoBBS 59, 101 


Hodge 158 
Hodges 174 
Hoerle 210 
hoesengton 85 
Hoffman 192 

Holmes 122, 148 
Holt 115, 208 
Hopkins 134, 136 
Horn 59, 96, 97, 104, 

HoRNE 158, 159 
Homer 121 


Houghton 92, 181 
Howes 100 

How LAND 124 

Hoyt90, 134, 136 
Hubbard 180 
HUBER 208 

Hudson 97 
Humphrey 128 



Hunt 70 
HuRD 79 
HussEY 55, 166 
Hdtchings 83 
hutchins 94 
Ingraham 203 
Inman 79 
Ireton 28 
James 148 
Jellison 72 
Jenkins 177 
Jenks 95, 180 
Jennerson 139 
Jenness 85 
Jenney 163 
Jepson 160, 178 
Jewett 194 
Johnson 82, 83, 162, 

187, 192, 138 
Jones 66, 85, 94, 101 
Jordan 64, 112, 137, 

138, 151, 159, 167 
Joy 69, 180 
Keays 95 
Keene 171 
Keith 164 
Kelley 79, 113 
Kellogg 116 
Kempton 135 
Kennedy 155 
Kjenney 191 
Ketchum 185 
Key 214 
Keyes 97 

KiLBORN 104 

Kimball 74, 116, 169 

KiMBER 38 

Kinney 186 
KiRBY 193 
Klouse 78 
Knapp 71 
Knight 86, 113 
Knowland 172 
Knowles 196 
Knowlton 156 
Knox 74 
Lackey 110 
Lake 192 

Lamb 139 
Lambert 195 
Lame 106 

Lancaster 135, 163 
Lane 167, 180 
Lang 74-5 
Lansing 213 
Larkin 125, 142 
Larrabee 152-3 
Lassell 63 
Leach 102 
Leary 96 
Lea THE 77 
Leavitt 188 
LeBeau 49 
Lees 115 
Lego 209 
Leigh 105 
Leighton 105, 203 
Lenaghen 173 
Lewis 104, 125, 187 
LiBBY 112, 138 
Lincoln 58, 139 
Linnell 196 
LiNscoTT 107, 165, 

Litchfield 138 
Little 70, 136, 149 
Lithgow 67 

LiVERMORE 118-121 

Llewellyn 169 
Locke 105 
Low 83, 205 
LocKwooD 126 


Lord 70, 91, 103 
LORT 21 
Lucas 95 
Luce 186 
Luke 180 
Lycett 75 
Mace 174 
Mack ay 93 
Macomber 155, 174 
Macy 195 
Maddox 115 
Mahon 32, 39, 43 
Mansfield 168 
Marco 192 

Marcy 187 
Markham 158 
Marr 107 
Marshall 72 
Marston 158, 194, 

Martin 166 
Mason 91, 140 
Mathews 77 
Maynard 85 
McCallum 113 
McCausland135, 194 
McClintic 209 
McClure 207 
McCune 137 
McDaniel 81 
McDonald 193 


McGowN 72 


McIntire 159 
McKecknie 195 
McKendree 209 
McKinney 209 
McKinstry 76 
McKusiCK 91 
McMahon 37 
McMeen 207 
Meader 72 
Melanson 105 
Mellen 106 
Merrill 141, 152, 

179, 203 
Mesta 210 
Metzler 85 
Meyer 203 
Miller 137-8, 147, 

151, 185, 189 
Mills 97 
Minot 127 
Mitchell 113 
Montgomery 213 
Morgan 85 
Moore 146, 149, 179, 

Morrell 74, 81 
Morrill 81 
Morrow 103 
Morse 154 



Motley 122 
MOTT 100 
MouLTON 56, 168 


MuRCH 83 

Murphy 116, 175, 180 
Murray 169 
Nelson 113, 118, 162 
Newhall 166 
Nichols 174 
Nief 182 
NoRCROss 172-3 
North 195 
Norton 153 
Noyes 150 
NuDD 197 
NuTE 78-9 
Nutter 51 
Ober 72, 170 
O'Hara 203 
O'Hare 78 
Oliver 150 
Orcutt 104 

Osborne 75 
Osgood 103, 126 
Otis 48. 49, 170 
Owen 147 
Oyster 211 
Page 181 
Palmer 82, 170 
Park 123 
Parker 69, 93, 117, 

118, 143 
Parsons 124 
Partridge 110, 197 
Patterson 126, 188 
Paul 101 
Payne 189 
Peart 94 
Pease 91 
Peck 38 

Pendleton 96, 202 
Penney 168 
Pennock 93 
Perrins 192 
Perkins 83, 165, 175, 

176, 200 
Pery 29 

Peterson 169, 186 
Pettengill 202 
Philbrick 87 
Phillips 129-30, 185 
Pierce 60, 101, 105, 

Pike 48, 52, 84, 90, 

102, 105 

PiLLSBURY 162, 178, 

Pinkham 161, 175 
Pitts 88 
Pix 145 
Plaisted 213 
Plummer 59, 82, 193, 

Plympton 142 
Polk 83 
Pope 77, 78 
Potter 192 
Pottle 191 
Powell 18, 20, 89 
Powers 167 
Pray 59, 87, 88, 96, 

Preble 98 
Prentiss 144 
Prime 60 
Proctor 147 
purington 117 
Pushor 188 
Putnam 190 
Quint 46, 107, 108 
Rambler 210 
Randall 61 
Reed 99, 100 
Remsen 127 
Remick 92, 94 
Reynolds 81 
Rice 72, 152 
Rich 153 
Richards 59, 112 
Richardson 114, 164, 

189, 193 
RiCKER 61, 88, 135, 

147, 198 

RiDLON 91 

Riley 77 
Ring 192, 214 

Riordan 136 

RoAK 204 

Roberts 55, 60, 160, 

173, 210, 62, 69, 

71, 103, 
Robeson 129 
Robinson 137, 151, 

181, 151, 162, 178, 

185, 189 
Rogers 74, 98, 172, 

Robitaile 49 
Rolfe 155 
Rollins 129 
RoNiMus 162 
Rose 136 
Rouse 38 
RowE 136, 137 


Rue 110 


Russell 71 
Ryan 81, 150 
Sanborn 108, 149, 

Sanderson 136 
Sargent 81, 113 ^ 
Saunders 101, 121 
Savage 166, 204 
Sawyer 66, 84, 93 
Saxton 137 
SCAMMAN 63, 71 
sciiimmelfeng 211 
Sears 125, 128 
Seaward 82 
Seavey 79, 198, 199 
Sewall 184 
Sewell 188 
Setzler 208 


Siiaw 114, 147, 148 

Shedd 190 
Shepherd 68, 146 
Sherman 178 
Shields 186 
Shirley 66 



Shurtleff 138 
Sibley 86 
SroES 80 

SiGNOR 174 

Simpson 205 

Sims 101 

Sinclair 72 

Slagle 209 

Slater 174-5 

Small 147 

Smart 88, 178 

Smiley 205 

Smith 75, 77, 100, 
109, 110, 134, 144, 
145, 164, 170, 177, 
179, 181, 194, 196, 
199, 204, 212 

Snow 110, 116, 188 

SouLE 196-7 
Southard 152 
southwick 75 
Spear 112, 113 
Spencer 184 
Spiller 85 
Spinney 84, 89, 181 


Stafford 173 
Standish 172 
Staples 85, 110, 214 
Starr 161, 162 
Steese 208 
Stetson 149 
Stevens 107,203,204 
Stickney 195 
Stiles 51, 79 
Stillman 118 
Stockbridge 48 
Stone 112, 172 
Storer 175-6, 88,198 
Stoughton 48 
Stowe 140 
Strand 178 
Straw 105 
Strong 174 
Strout 137, 156 
Stuart 197 

Sumner 122 

SWETT 155 

Switzer 111, 209 
Sylvester 78 
Tabor 153 
Taggard 77 
Talbot 129 
Tarbox 64, 68, 184 
Tate 58, 59 
Tatterson 121 
Taylor 47, 163, 181, 

Thayer 94, 130 
Thomas 112, 114 
Thompson 48, 51, 69, 


179, 197 
Thorn 88 
Thornburg 208 
Thurlow 167 
Tibbetts 50, 57-58, 

79, 80 
TiLTON 75, 102 
ToBEY 113, 135, 169 
TooGOOD 46 
Toothaker 117 
TowLE 134 
Town 184 
TowNE 193-4 
townsend 135 
Trefethen 82, 205 
Treworgy 73 
Trufant 154 
Tucker 129 
turberville 15, 18 
Turner 128, 134, 179, 

TuTTLE 46, 76, 102 
Twitchell 111, 113 
TwoMBLY 50, 95, 171 
Underhill 196 
Value 124 
Varney 75, 95, 105 
Vernon 12, 16, 18, 

19, 20 
Vesin 125 
ViNAL 178 
VosE 115 

Wade 47 

Waite 171 
Wakefield 200 
Wallace 96, 104 
Wallingford 51-58 
Ward 177, 198 
Ware 134 
Warren 47-9, 55, 57, 

69, 165 
Washburn 174, 203 
Waterhouse 152-3 
Watson 59, 69, 70, 

Weaver 137, 177 
Webb 111, 113 
Webber 188, 194 
Webster 136-9, 146-7 
Wedgwood 138 
Weeks 78, 99, 203 
Welch 128-31, 89, 

118, 181, 186 
Weldon 207 
Wellington 185 
Wells 158 
Went WORTH 58, 61-2, 

71, 105, 106, 108, 

160, 165, 226 
Westbrook 64 
Weston 134 • 
Westropp 26, 39 
Wetherby 68 
Weymouth 51, 90 
Wheaton 116 
Wheeler 194 
Whipple 77 
Whitcomb 162 
White83, 88, 97, 128 
Whitehouse 101 
Whittier 70 
Whittemore 177 
Whitten 175 
Whittier 144 
Whitney 178 

WlBIRD 58 

WiGGiN 96, 187, 190 
Wiggins 89 
Wilkey 116 

WiLLARD 66-8 

Willey 105 



Williams 89, 111, 129, 

138, 180, 196 
Willie 97 
Willis 199 
Wilson 135, 187 
Winchester 111 
Wing 188 


WiTHAM 73 

Wolf 211 
wolhaupter 185 
Wood 75, 120, 149, 

Woodman 72, 73, 100 

Woodruff 209 


Wyllie 83 
Wyman 194, 195 
Young 56, 66, 68,110, 

134, 170, 202 
ZoucHE 20, 21, 26